Storm chasing

July 29, 2019 Monday
4:24 PM Sassy
Happy hour half-price treats at the Yard House in the Fenway
Carnivore pizza
Arnold Palmer (iced tea and lemonade mix) for me
Pineapple cider for Hubby
Deviled Eggs with bacon
Ahi tuna sashimi
Buffalo cauliflower
Moo shu egg rolls
Onion ring tower

5:31 PM Sassy
This is how storm chasing works, right?

Robot umpire

July 14, 2019 Sunday

11:51 AM Sassy
Fascinating article about a computer calling pitches and a lot of other rule changes being tested in the minor leagues of baseball to keep the gaming moving.

‘Robot’ umpire calls first professional baseball game with one hitch and no controversy

YORK, Pa. — Professional baseball allowed a glimpse at its future Wednesday night for keen-eyed observers of the home plate umpire’s right ear and back pocket.
A computer officially called balls and strikes in regular competition for the first time in the game’s history in the United States at a minor league all-star game.

12:43 PM Sassy
Good afternoon!
Off to the annual project BBQ! Saw this and thought of you…

2:14 PM Phil

Retirement Day 2

June 23, 2019 Sunday

6:14 AM Sassy
Retirement Day 2

12:18 PM Sassy
Fabulous French brunch at Gaslight Brasserie du Coin in Boston’s South End with the family

The entry
Shrimp cocktail
Pastries including Julia Child’s raspberry shortbread
French onion soup
Crepes parisienne for me – with ham and cheese 
and a fried egg on top 
Fruit and granola for me 
with strawberries, blueberries and blackberries 
Truffled eggs with asparagus on toast
Salmon omelette on toast
Croque madam with fries for Hubby

4:23 PM Phil

[photo of the view off his back balcony with trees and blue sky, and a glass of Scotch on the side table]

Gorgeous day

4:23 PM Sassy
I was just thinking of you…

Oh yes – 89 and breezy here

4:24 PM Phil
Sunny and hot
Sprinklers watering the plants

[photo of the view off his back balcony with trees and blue sky and water jetting out of the ground]

I’m supervising

4:36 PM Phil
Off to the beach tomorrow.
Dinner with my pal and off on vacation Wed

4:49 PM Sassy
Wow! Sounds fun!
I have to remember not to go to the office.

4:58 PM Phil
Ha! Just roll over

4:59 PM Sassy
I want to go do things but not sure what

5:34 PM Phil
Relax, the rest will come

5:36 PM Sassy
I definitely want to come!

5:36 PM Phil
Ha! You did a couple times yesterday

5:47 PM Phil
Me too!

5:55 PM Sassy
Italian supper at East Side Bar & Grille in East Cambridge

The back dining room
Tropical sunset martini
Caesar salad
Mixed grill of steak, turkey and chicken with rice pilaf

Retirement Day 1

June 22, 2019 Saturday

6:33 AM Sassy
Retirement Day 1

7:19 AM Sassy
Happy Saturday!

11:44 AM Sassy
An apple a day makes retirement go okay!

[photo of a dark blue plate with a silver fork, half a small bacon quiche, English muffins with raspberry jam and 7 apple slices, with a glass of iced chai latte and a glass of orange juice]
12:40 PM Phil
Happy Saturday cutie. Happy retirement!

12:41 PM Sassy
Thank you kid! It’s been delightful so far!

4:24 PM Phil

[photo of his hand holding a glass of Scotch and a cigar, with his feet up, outside]

Gorgeous day

4:25 PM Sassy
Here too!

[photo of the view off my balcony]

[photo of my smiling face and top of my light blue nightshirt]

4:34 PM Phil

4:37 PM Sassy

[photo of a silver bullet vibrator between my legs, some pubic hair and dark blue panties]

4:57 PM Phil

[photo of his naked legs outside]

Mmmm sweet wet pussy

Pull it out, show me

5:01 PM Sassy
Show what?

5:02 PM Phil
Whatever you like

[photo of his erect cock sticking out of his shorts, his naked leg]

5:02 PM Sassy

[photo of the tip of the silver bullet vibrator almost touching my erect left nipple]

5:04 PM Phil
There we go, yummy

Like to rub my dripping cock on that nipple

Slip it into your mouth

5:06 PM Sassy
I’d adore that!

5:06 PM Phil
Suck it while you work your clit

Swollen sensitive clit. Swollen sensitive cock

Good pair

5:07 PM Sassy

[photo of me licking the silver bullet vibrator]

5:08 PM Phil
There you go. Lick those sweet juices
So hot

[photo of his erect cock sticking out of his shorts and his legs, standing outside]

[another photo of his erect cock sticking out of his shorts and his legs standing outside]

Lick it babe, swallow this hard cock

5:11 PM Sassy
Give it to me
I’ll take good care of it

5:14 PM Phil
Lick it, suck it

VIDEO – 23 seconds of him stroking his cock standing outside with his dog wandering around at his feet

5:16 PM Sassy

5:16 PM Phil
Jerking off outside to your sweet pussy and delightful tits, imaging my cock in your mouth

Lick those drops of cum up

Sweet, just tasted

Play with that delightful pussy

Get it ready for my cock to pound it deep and hard

Spread those legs, let me get deep, grab my ass and pull me in

Let me make you cum, shifting up so I am rubbing your clit with each thrust

Want to hear you moan, feel you clench around my cock

And then roll over and let’s do it from behind, deeper, harder, ass spread wide in front of me

Take it Sass, deep and hard

First shots of cum inside. The rest all over your ass

[another photo of his erect cock sticking out of his shorts, and his legs, sitting outside]

[yet another photo of his erect cock sticking out of his shorts, and his legs, sitting outside]

So sweet, delicious drops of cum

5:27 PM Sassy
You know how to make me drip

5:27 PM Phil
I like to make you drip

You are not sharing
Show me
Let me see

My cock is flowing, delicious slippery pre cum

Coating my cock and balls, running down to my ass

Sweet smell of cum

5:32 PM Sassy

[photo of the silver bullet vibrator sticking between my legs, with a bit of pubic hair and dark blue panties and my legs, lying on the bed]

Think of your cock there

5:33 PM Phil
Yes, I’d tear those panties off and shove it deep

5:34 PM Sassy

[photo of my left breast, tummy and legs, lying on the bed]

5:34 PM Phil
There we go, love that view

Oh Yeah

Like to be between those legs

With my balls slapping your ass

5:36 PM Sassy
Want you there
Doing that

5:36 PM Phil
Fuck me Sass, give me your sweet tight pussy

My cock coated with your juices

Slick and red and slippery

Throbbing, long hard thrusts, your body rocking as my balls slap your ass, tits swaying

5:40 PM Sassy

5:44 PM Phil

[photo of his erect cock dripping pre-cum, and his legs, standing outside]

[photo of his open palm with cum all over it]

5:44 PM Sassy
Oh my
So hot

5:45 PM Phil

[photo of the view from his back deck]

Next door, no idea

5:47 PM Sassy

5:47 PM Phil
That was fun

5:47 PM Sassy
You are so fun!

5:48 PM Phil
Hope you got off sweet girl

5:48 PM Sassy
Oh yeah

5:48 PM Phil
Oh fabulous!

I’m going to have a cigar and scotch, pretty relaxed now

5:49 PM Sassy
I’m trying for round 2

5:50 PM Phil
Loved the pics

Oh Yeah? Send me more, I’ll slip down and start licking our juices up

Let me flick my tongue over you clit



Cum ran down between your legs, following with my tongue, you jumped when my tongue flicked over your ass

I like it, perhaps I should spend more time there

Flicking, probing, I feel the buzz

5:56 PM Sassy

[photo of two vibrators between my legs, a little pubic hair and dark blue panties]

Got 2 buzzing

5:58 PM Phil
That’s why I feel it, shift your hips, give me room.
Two toys and a tongue flicking across your ass
So hot
Cock rising to the occasion

5:59 PM Sassy
I’m so revved up

6:01 PM Phil
Would you like to be fucked?
Hands on your hips, rubbing just inside feeling the vibrations, waiting for you to tell me

6:03 PM Sassy
I want it so bad

6:03 PM Phil
What do you want so bad

6:05 PM Sassy
Your cock
Your hands
Your mouth

6:05 PM Phil
Ah there we go

6:05 PM Sassy
Your voice

6:05 PM Phil
So hot

6:05 PM Sassy
Your eyes

6:05 PM Phil
Looking into yours
Barely inside, wet, hot, waiting

6:07 PM Sassy
Looking at all of me

6:07 PM Phil

6:08 PM Sassy
Taking photos

6:08 PM Phil
Your hips rising, I’m teasing, waiting

Snapping pics

6:08 PM Sassy
Telling me how to pose for you
Put your hand on me

6:09 PM Phil
Mmmm, touch your pussy

6:09 PM Sassy
Put your cock between my breasts

6:10 PM Phil
Cup your tits

Slipping my cock between your tits

Squeeze them around my cock, snapping the pick, feels so good

6:10 PM Sassy
Oh yes

6:11 PM Phil
Fucking your tits

6:11 PM Sassy
A little video of me licking you

6:11 PM Phil
Ohh Yeah, stick that tongue out, lick it, click

Mmmm, take the head in your mouth

My cock in your mouth, video running

Very hot

6:13 PM Sassy
My eyes looking up
On fire

6:13 PM Phil
Yeah, look at me, take a little more
Damn, feel your tongue gliding over my cock
Suck it, suck my cock
Your sweet mouth full of cock
Balls on your chin

6:17 PM Sassy
Could watch it over and over

6:17 PM Phil
Laying next to you. Your hands glide over my cock
Fingers over my balls
A finger slipping up my ass, I moan, my cock gets harder
You are using pre cum for lube

6:21 PM Sassy
So hot

6:21 PM Phil
My hips thrusting
Your toys vibrating
You smile and tell me you have something for my ass

6:23 PM Sassy

6:23 PM Phil
My cock jumps

6:23 PM Sassy
Throbbing here

6:23 PM Phil
What do you have for my ass?

6:24 PM Sassy
What do you want?

6:24 PM Phil
Your hand stroking my cock
Feels so good
Press something to my ass
I’m pressing back, moaning
My cock is jumping, juices flowing, you smile
You show me a toy and ask if this is what I want
I roll over and slip inside you, wet, hot
So warm, slippery

6:32 PM Sassy
Mmm hnmm

6:32 PM Phil
Your hips rise to meet me

6:36 PM Sassy
Oh yes…my body would go wild!

6:36 PM Phil
Not gonna last, so hard, throbbing, moving faster
You whisper fuck me Philip
You feel the first spurt, followed by others

6:39 PM Sassy
Do it! Fill me!

6:42 PM Phil
Oh Yeah, your body writhing, clenching, milking my cock

6:56 PM Phil
Gotta do dinner after I wash my hands

6:57 PM Sassy
What’s the menu?

6:57 PM Phil
Barbecue chicken, corn on the cob

6:57 PM Sassy
I’m getting thai food delivery

6:58 PM Phil
Fabulous! Fun afternoon!

6:58 PM Sassy
Oh yes
Thank you dear man

6:59 PM Phil
Thank you! Hot hot hot

Dik dik pic

May 17, 2019 Friday

8:34 AM Sassy
Some days I need a dik dik pic!

12:59 PM Phil
Good morning!

[Gorgeous photo of sunset over a bay with a far off bridge]

1:01 PM Sassy
Wow! What a beautiful view! Thank you for sharing it with me.
Happy Friday!

5:53 PM Phil

[photo of his legs and feet, lying in a chaise on the deck of a cruise ship in front of a pool]


6:14 PM Sassy

Purrfect Cat Show

April 27, 2019 Saturday

7:24 AM Sassy
Here’s a Saturday giggle!

From the Great Minds Think Alike Facebook page

7:58 AM Phil

3:44 PM Sassy
Steak & cheese sub from Alfredo’s!  So nice to sit down for awhile. 

3:50 PM Sassy
The Cat Show was purrfect! Spent a delightful afternoon at the Second Annual Catsachussetts International Cat Show. So many kitties, so little time!

Therapy cats from Pennsylvania
Felt fish Catnip toys that our cats adore!
Money tale house cat. Look at that curl! The friendliest cat there.
Judging area
Maine Coon
Bengal judging
Silver bengal 
Array of cat toys for sale – clerk told Hubby “They work on cats, too” 
Extensive program

I Go To Sing

April 21, 2019 Sunday – EASTER

7:14 AM Sassy
Happy Easter kid!

7:18 AM Phil
You too! Enjoy your day!

7:25 AM Sassy
Thanks! I’m going back to bed and dream of you and me ravishing each other!

7:33 AM Sassy
Today is Queen Elizabeth II’s 93rd birthday! 

9:13 AM Phil

9:13 AM Sassy
I didn’t get back to sleep but I fantasized!

9:21 AM Phil
Lovely !

9:22 AM Sassy
Pat your lap for me.

11:45 AM Sassy

I Go to Sing
by Lindy Thompson

I might be exhausted and the children might be cranky,
but I will be going to church on Sunday.
Don’t know who is preaching, doesn’t matter –
the sermon may be helpful or not, holds my attention or doesn’t –
it’s the singing.
I go to sing.

I get up,
get clean,
get dressed,
possibly get mad (at not-ready kids, at empty coffee pot, at traffic)
get going,
get there,
get seated,
get comfortable,
get focused
and when the music starts,
get saved.
It’s the singing.
I go to sing.

It’s the willingness to stand if you are able,
the common agreement on page number,
the voluntary sharing of songbooks with people on your row,
even ones you rode there with –
but most of all,
it’s the collective in-breath before the first sound is made,
the collective drawing upon the grace of God,
the collective, if inadvertent, admission
that we are all human,
all fragile,
all in need of the sustaining air, freely dispensed,
all in need of each other to get the key right and not sound discordant –-
it’s the hidden life-celebration
in the act of making a joyful noise,
all together.

We don’t even have to sound that good.
Singing together still brings home
the we-ness of worship,
the not-alone-ness of life in God,
the best of all we have to offer each other.

When we are singing, I think that I might actually be able to forgive you
for being so terribly human,
and you might be able to forgive me
for being so terribly not there yet,
and we might be able to find peace now,
not postpone it for some heavenly hereafter
but live and breathe it today,
drawing in the grace of God,
voicing out our need and hope and gratitude and longing.

When we are singing, I can feel the better world coming,
and if I get to be a part of it, you do too . . .
so sing with me,
and we’ll make our way down that blessed road together,
collectively better
than we ever thought

12:02 PM Sassy
Microsermon #4 by Jon Wortmann:
Some stories don’t make sense.
Resurrection doesn’t make sense.
Love does though.
Love that can reach beyond the bounds of what we expect–past death, past grief, past pain–is what we need every day.
Easter is about loving through the hardest moments and always knowing that what doesn’t make sense is the beginning of your world changing for good.

12:09 PM Sassy
Have an Easter Island Bunny!

2:32 PM Sassy
Easter dinner!

Cheese and dried fruit
Dessert pastries
Beet pomegranate goat cheese salad, 
roasted potatoes and vegetables
Rolls and butter
Moroccan chicken tagine with sweet potatoes, 
apricots, nuts and raisins
Roast lamb

Sad scratch

March 12, 2019 Tuesday

7:17 AM Sassy The musher I was hoping would win has scratched. 

10:16 AM Sassy

An Iditarod meme!

8:13 PM Sassy
Dinner at All Seasons Table in Malden!  I enjoyed the Pineapple Shrimp with walnuts and forget to take a photo!  
10:13 PM Sassy

The two teams in the lead at the Iditarod are on the last leg of the race with only 77 miles to the finish line! Here’s mountains, mushers and canine athletes! Dig the Northern Lights! And the current leader – Peter Kaiser from Bethel, Alaska.