Red beauty

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May 31, 2018 Thursday
7:51 AM Sassy
Red beauty at my place on a beautiful Thursday!

7:52 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!  Have a terrific Thursday!  
I’m heading out early to let the cleaners do their thing.
8:30 AM Phil
Good morning! You too! 
Working from home today which is lovely
8:31 AM Sassy

7:31 PM Sassy
Sushi supper at Yoshi in Powder House Square Somerville

 Shrimp shumai

Thai iced tea and Shirley Temple
Is this a thing? Hello Kitty soy sauce
Soft-shell crab tempura
My sushi – egg, shrimp tempura, eel and salmon skin maki
Hubby’s sushi
Hubby’s pork gyoza

White rhodo Wednesday!

May 30, 2018 Wednesday
9:00 AM Sassy
Good morning!  Have a wicked good Wednesday!

9:30 AM Sassy
Have a wicked wonderful white rhodo Wednesday!

9:43 AM Phil
Good morning! You too!

8:05 PM Sassy
Awesome dinner at Article 24 in Allston

$1 oysters
Deviled eggs with bacon bits
Hubby’s steak Caesar salad
My short rib over truffled polenta 
with spinach and parmesan cream
Salmon arugula salad

My left hand

May 29, 2018 Tuesday

8:43 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!  
Have a super Tuesday!  Mwah!

9:53 AM Sassy
Happy Rhodo Tuesday! 

9:56 AM Phil
Good morning Sassy! You too!

7:44 PM Sassy
Spectacular spring supper at C.K. Pearl in Essex
The screened-in porch along the Essex River
The Essex River from their screened-in porch
The Essex River
Lobster traps going out to sea
Shrimp cocktail
Island Creek, malbec, raspberry point from PEI and a 4th
Clam chowder with a fried clam and pork belly
Beet salad with radishes, pistachios and goat cheese 
My shrimp risotto with porcetta and pea puree
Hubby’s steak tips and French fries
Dessert – Cannoli with cardamom laced ricotta mascarpone filling, 
pistachios and pear caramel sauce
7:53 PM Phil

Such a pretty place

8:57 PM Phil
Just thinking about you.  
You were naked for every thought.
9:00 PM Sassy
Wow!  Good thoughts.
I just got home from Essex.  Such a beautiful evening!
9:24 PM Phil
So pretty there! Yeah, very good thoughts
9:25 PM Sassy
It was the perfect combo of weather, place, food…was wondering what you’d make of it
9:25 PM Phil
Made me think of you and burying my face in you.
Seafood looks great, I thought about eating you
9:28 PM Sassy
Mmm…hope that helped you feel good?
9:29 PM Phil
Made me want more
[photo of his patio with the moon on the sky]
Pretty moon tonight
9:30 PM Sassy
Oh yes…I watched it driving home
[photo of me in my bedroom sitting on my bed naked]
9:34 PM Phil
That’s exactly what I was thinking of, damn Sassy
9:35 PM Sassy
I could lean back, spread my legs and you could help us both have fun!
9:36 PM Phil
[photo of him naked and hard sitting on his patio]
9:36 PM Sassy

9:36 PM Phil
Back at you babe.
Fits in your parts nicely
9:37 PM Sassy
[photo of me in my bedroom naked with a hand between my legs]
9:38 PM Phil
Oh yeah! Love seeing you naked
Hope those fingers are rubbing your clit
9:40 PM Sassy
Gonna get out Gigi and buzz it
9:40 PM Phil

[photo of him smiling outside on his patio naked from the waist up]
9:41 PM Sassy
Oh my.  How’s the new chair?
9:41 PM Phil
Love it!
9:42 PM Sassy
Sexy shoulders…mmmm
9:42 PM Phil
Buzz that pretty pussy
9:44 PM Sassy
You’ve given me great inspiration!
[photo of my naked chest and tummy with my left breast in my hand]
9:46 PM Phil
Good! Wish I was watching and participating! Oh yeah…..
[VIDEO: him stroking]
9:48 PM Sassy
Oooh…so wish that was my hand.
9:49 PM Phil
Me too!
9:49 PM Sassy

[photo of my left hand with my thumb pointed up]
9:50 PM Phil
Wrap those fingers around my cock
I know it fits in your hand
9:54 PM Sassy
Oh yes… nice squeeze and twist
9:55 PM Phil

[VIDEO: Him stroking]
Following directions
9:56 PM Sassy
That looks like such fun!
9:57 PM Phil
An image to buzz your pussy with. 
Be much more fun with you
9:57 PM Sassy
Imagining that beautiful cock buried balls deep in me!
10:00 PM Phil
Oh yeah, that’s where I would be too
Fucking you deep and hard as my balls slap against your ass
10:02 PM Sassy
Mmmm hmmm
I want you to
So bad
So good
10:03 PM Phil
Take my cock Sassy, take it deep, fuck me baby, ride that hard cock
So wet and tight. Kiss me, as we cum together for the first time of the evening
10:06 PM Sassy
That sounds perfect. mmm
10:11 AM Phil
Show me your pussy baby.
I got turned on by your hand
10:13 PM Sassy
[photo of my cat lying on the rug showing his tummy]
I thought you might.
10:13 PM Phil
That’s a beautiful pussy
Thank you!
: ) 
10:19 PM Sassy

[photo of my legs spread wide with hand holding my Gigi toy inside me and some pubic hair]
10:19 PM Phil
Thanks! I’m happy to see that angle again. I’ll take that image to bed. <3
10:20 PM Sassy
Sleep well dear man!

Mass Ave Diner

May 28, 2018 Monday

5:04 AM Sassy

10:32 AM Phil

The ride was a ton of fun!
Thank you!

10:47 AM Sassy
Breakfast at Mass Ave Diner in Cambridge
Dave’s Banana nut pancakes with bacon
Reuben sandwich with fries and a pickle
10:59 AM Sassy
Plants I saw today in the rain

7:51 PM Sassy
Chinese supper at Mary Chung’s in Central Square in Cambridge – had their chicken velvet! 

A dozen and done

May 26, 2018 Saturday

I am done.  *sigh

Last time I heard from The Trainer was more than a month ago – April 14.  I’ve sent twelve messages – forwarding fun articles or jokes I saw that reminded me of him.  No pressure… just short snippets of humor.  I tried to make it clear that whenever he is ready, I am here.  No answers.  *sigh

I adore this man.  He seemed so perfect for me!  But I can only take so much silence. I promised myself after the first time he disappeared last year that I wouldn’t keep writing more than 3 or 4 times without an answer, but the universe kept showing me stuff I could not resist sending him.  But a dozen messages is enough, right?  Even though I am itching to hear what is going on with his travels and work and cock.  *sigh

Time to make a list of the reasons he wasn’t perfect.  Maybe that will keep me from writing. 

Done.  Must not email him anymore.  Must not.  *sigh

A fine day

May 26, 2018 Saturday
8:31 AM Sassy
Good morning!  Hope you have a fine day! Mwah!

10:38 AM Phil
You too! Hanging out with my buddy
9:24 AM Sassy
Good morning!  How was the vets ride?  Great photos! 
Thank you for your service!!

Hot afternoon

May 25, 2018 Friday

From: Sassy
To: Brett
Sent: Fri May 25, 2018 at 11:58 AM
Subject: Happy Friday
Hiya Brett!  Hope your week is ending well and you have some fun planned for the long weekend!! 
My work was wacky this week but I managed to get 5 days worth done in 3 days and am enjoying a 5-day break!  
I had fun yesterday with a NC cousin in town for her niece’s (my 2nd cousin) college graduation.  We sat in the ArtBar on the first floor at the Royal Sonesta Hotel looking out over the Charles River and I thought of another time I got to see that view from higher up and smiled. 

Now I’m headed to the new Star Wars movie.  Hope it will be a good way to spend a hot afternoon.  Though I will be thinking of how we sometimes spend an afternoon, which is much hotter. 😉

Solo: A Star Wars Story

May 25, 2018 Friday

5:58 AM Sassy
Happy Friday!
9:14 AM Phil
3:45 PM Phil
[photo of a drink sitting on a bar]

I so needed a weekend!
4:04 PM Sassy
What the heck is that?
4:20 PM Phil
That is a Star Hill New England IPA
4:20 PM Sassy
You at the beach?
4:22 PM Phil
Nope – my town. 
Stopped for a beer on the way home
5:04 PM Sassy
We saw the new Solo: Star Wars movie.  Lots fun! Out for dinner now.

6:04 PM Sassy
Awesome supper at All Seasons Table in Malden
Mango duck and eggplant
Filet mignon with pepper sauce
House special fried noodles 
with shrimp, chicken, beef and vegetables
Fried banana with coconut ice cream
6:06 PM Sassy
Folks I saw this afternoon at Assembly Row