Meet #1 Mark at the Mall

January 16, 2017 Monday


I got an email from Ashley Madison on Saturday telling me a man from Australia had written to me. What use is that? Why would someone so far away write? Maybe he’s interested in cyber only? I was busy setting up a meet with Randy, and seeing a friend for afternoon tea and my sister for movie, so I didn’t go to Ashley Madison’s website to look until the next day.

By Sunday I was curious enough to look at what he had to say. Aha! He’s in Boston! A Traveling Man.

I have sworn off meeting the traveling men. I did it once but I really want to focus on someone I can see more than once! But he’s here for longer… hmmm… and an Aussie! I could just listen to him talk. I adore their accent!

Something about him intrigued me. But I am about to see Randy. I decided to wait before agreeing to meet… see if I think better of it and if Randy could be the one to enthrall me.

I couldn’t stop thinking about him. It could be really fun! It could be really dangerous. *sigh

Randy and I had fun on Sunday morning (he’s a sweet, cuddly guy) – but not enough to make me stop thinking the Aussie. So I wrote back.  And set up a meet.  Whee!

Meet at the Mall

I drove over to the mall, parked on the street a couple of blocks away and dashed to meet him at Starbucks. I found him right at 4:30 pm. He was sitting on a bench on the concourse. I walked over, stood right in front of him and he looked up and smiled! There was a marvelous sparkle in his eye!

He looks a bit like an older Russell Crowe – quite handsome and a little rough, with broad shoulders  and face. 

Russell Crowe

He offered his hand for me to shake and I gave him a big hug! Mmm…. he put his hand on my back and led me into Starbucks, asking what I’d like to drink. I asked him to get me a small iced chai. He said he’d stand in line, that I should find a seat. There was nothing open, so I stayed with him and kept an eye out. Just as we got to order, two seats in the window opened up! They are the perfect seats, in a little alcove where we can sit close together on high stools and no one can listen to us talk.

I checked my email as I waited, and he eventually appeared with two cups and a straw! He said he guessed I’d need the straw. Perfect!

Talking at Starbucks

We settled in and he asked questions. We had a wonderful discussion for TWO HOURS! He told me about coming to town on business, his traveling adventures in the snow (missed a connecting flight, luggage got delayed), having to buy clothes at this mall to tide him over, not having a warm enough coat… He talked about his city and traveling adventures and medical travails. I told him about my cancer treatment and my old flame getting me started on stepping out. We talked about places we’ve traveled and favorite foods and beaches he could get to close by. I asked if he still has sex with his wife and he said he does. I explained a little about Hubby, no sex, poly etc. We talked sports – he told me about learning to watch American football and going see baseball in Chicago. And how he is not interested in cricket at all!

Talking at dinner

He finally decided he was hungry and it was time to walk next door to the Cheesecake Factory. There were people waiting but I walked right up to the host and asked for a quiet table for two and they seated us in a great booth at the back! It took a couple of minutes to get it set up, so I made good use of the time by standing close to him and rubbing his back. He gave me a very hot look and winked. Ha!

We settled into the booth. He marveled at the huge menu. I checked to see if they still had my favorites and then concentrated on him. I ordered an iced tea. He asked what I drink when I want something harder. I admitted I can’t drink liquor. He said he only drinks beer and rarely. He ordered a Coke Zero. He was super polite to the waitress! She was charmed. So was I!

I ordered the French Country Salad with greens, beets, goat cheese and walnuts, then the pasta carbonara with chicken.

 He ordered the Cajun chicken littles with corn and mashed potatoes.

We went on talking for another two hours! He is so interesting! We even managed to talk about politics here and there without any problems. I didn’t have any trouble understanding him, either the accent or the vocabulary.

I offered to drive him back to his lodgings. He was very surprised and pleased that I’d do that.

We perused the dessert menu but admitted we were too full to try anything. He said he still had to try a Boston Creme Pie, though he already knows it’s not a pie. I told him about Dunkin Donuts Boston Creme donut and couldn’t help mentioning it’s sexual connotation for me. Maybe have ruined that treat for him!

He insisted on paying the bill. I told him he didn’t have to always pay for me… that I have money.  He said he could expense it through work.  We got into talking about my mom’s last days and he told me about his mom breaking her hip and how it signaled the beginning of the end.

Kissing in the car

I took a quick trip to the bathroom, then we strolled through the brisk night air to my car. We climbed in and I cranked the heat and he grabbed me for a long kiss! Yummy! I caressed his cheeks, played with his ear, grabbed his upper arm. He played with my left breast, then asked me to slip my jeans down a bit. He rubbed his way down my tummy then pressed his fingers down to my slit. Oh my… He found my clit and had a wonderful way of slowly sliding up and down it. I stopped being able to think! I enjoyed his touch and let the heat flow through me until I was shaking and shrieking!

He unbuttoned my sweater and grabbed my left breast out from my bra. He pulled on my nipple and cupped my breast. Very nice!

I wanted to touch him… I pressed my hand between his legs. He said it was too public, even though we were parked on a quiet street next to a big empty field, but whatever. We kissed some more, then he said he should be getting back to his place.


He said he’d like to be where he could flatten me out on a bed… maybe I could help him find a place? I said that sounded like a great idea! He said he would email me and we’d figure it out.

I pulled myself together and drove him back. He asked about various buildings we passed and rubbed my leg. Mmm…

He had me stop in the middle of a block, obviously didn’t want me to know exactly where he was staying.  Good risk management, I suppose. 

He kissed me once more, got out of the car, said, “Thank you ma’am!” ever so politely, and was gone. 
 I suddenly had this feeling that I would never see him again. I replayed our conversations, his reactions… trying to figure out when he had decided, and why I thought that. Nothing specific popped out. Ugh.

I drove home replaying his stories, his touches. It was a fun evening! I so hope I am wrong! But if I am right, he showed me a lovely time, I got a free iced chai and dinner and some amazing kisses. And I got to listen to that amazing Aussie accent! I would do it again!

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An Aussie appears

January 14, 2017 Saturday
Date: Jan 14th – 1:09pm
From: Mark
To: Sassy
I’m fortunate to have travelled to Boston and Cambridge previously but now find myself staying at Cambridge longer and want to share some special time with a local Lady. 
My profile is accurate as are my photos. I consider myself a polite and respectful Australian gentleman who appreciates the company of a beautiful woman who would enjoy a casual NSA relationship whilst I’m in town. 
If that is you then I’d love to hear from you. 

I got an email from Ashley Madison that I had a message.  I was so busy setting up the meet with Randy that I didn’t look until Sunday morning while I was waiting for Randy to appear.  

I looked at the profile first – he’s in Australia?!  Why would someone on the other side of the planet write to me?  Hunh.  He’s about my age, tall, sounds nice… worth seeing what he said in the message.  Aha!  He’s here!  I could use a diversion.  And if he has an Aussie accent?  Worth meeting him just to listen to him talk!  

January 15, 2017 Sunday
Date: Jan 15th – 7:58am
From: Sassy
To: Mark
HIya Mark, 
Thanks for your message and the handsome photos! You have a great smile. 
Hope you’re having a super Monday and staying warm. 
I’m interested in exploring whether we could have fun. Want to ask me anything? Or meet for a drink or dinner? 
I’m a bit skeptical of meeting a traveling man, but feel like I should give you a chance to convince me it’s a wonderful idea. 
Hugs with groping! 
Date: Jan 15th – 11:04am
From: Mark
To: Sassy
Hi Sassy 
Understand the hesitance completely that why it’s always good to catch up for a coffee/drink somewhere mutually comfortable. 
I’m here for awhile – less scary? 
I’m free tomorrow, Monday, after 3 pm. I acknowledge that discretion is an important principle for you too. The wireless where I am staying is hopeless so messages take a little longer to get through so I apologies if I’m a little slow to respond. 
I’m always amazed at how arousing it can be meeting someone for the first time. Not sure where is a good spot for to to catch up but let me know when you’d like to catch up for a coffee and when. 
Date: Jan 15th – 2:58pm
From: Sassy
To: Mark
Hiya Mark! Wonderful to hear from you! Thanks for understanding. 
Can we meet at a Starbucks where there are options for dinner close by if we click? The CambridgeSide Galleria Mall works for me – near the Lechmere T station. They also have a big parking garage. The mall has a PF Chang’s or Cheesecake Factory, or Thai and Afghan places across the street if you prefer. 
Late afternoon? 4 or 5 pm? If that is not good and safe for you, let me know where and when would better and I can probably go there. Looking forward to meeting you! 
Date: Jan 15th – 3:11pm
From: Mark
To: Sassy
I know where that is, the Mall that is. I’ve been to a Cheesecake Factory before and found them pretty good. I’m sure I could find it and meet you there. I’ll split the time and meet you at 4:30 PM. Email me if there’s any dramas. Mark
Date: Jan 15th – 5:07pm
From: Sassy
To:  Mark
Wow! That was easy! Hope it’s a good sign. I’ll see you at Starbucks at 4:30 pm tomorrow. 
Sweet sexy dreams!