Jammie Dodgers

April 25, 2017 Tuesday

7:42AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!

7:48 AM Phil
[image of a dancing coffee cup]

7:49 AM Phil
Good morning!

7:54 AM Sassy
Another reception to run today!

7:55 AM Phil
Working hard

7:55 AM Sassy
And a lunch for 25 people and interviewing a new staffer!

7:55 AM Phil
I’m doing my usual

7:55 AM Sassy

7:55 AM Phil
Busy day! The best kind! Have fun.

7:57 AM Sassy
Can you check on the President?!

7:58 AM Phil
Down 35lbs and dropping.
My goal is 220.
Have not seen that in 20 years.
Belly is flat again though

The Prez?  Ha ha. That’s funny as hell!

7:59 AM Sassy
Must feel great!
Glad you’re doing your thing.

8:00 AM Phil
Feeling pretty light on my feet.
Doubled what I was lifting in the gym.
I like good food but I like being in shape better.

8:00 AM Sassy
I like your shape!

8:03 PM Sassy
Snowy scenes at Balmoral Castle this afternoon!

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