Staying home

February 28, 2019 Thursday

7:39 AM Phil
Happy Thursday! Hope your day is great!
8:28 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!
I’m staying home again so it can be an excellent day!
8:29 AM Sassy
Storm Ryan is still snowing but the plows have been busy!

[photo taken out my balcony window of piles of snow but cleared roads]

Storm Ryan

February 27, 2019 Wednesday
7:13 AM Phil
Happy Hump Day! Hope its a good one!

7:44 AM Sassy
Here’s to a wicked good Wednesday!
I’m staying home today and rest.

10:26 PM Sassy
Storm Ryan has started!

[photo taken out my balcony window with a dusting of snow]
12:00 AM Sassy

Storm Ryan snow is gently covering everything!

[photo taken out my balcony window with more snow and a plow working to pile it up]

Fruity Pebbles Rice Krispies Treats

February 25, 2019 Monday

9:54 AM Sassy

Someone must need to make these? So many colors!

From: Laura Hodos’s Greenroom Brownies and Home of #UglyCakes

Fruity Pebbles Rice Krispies Treats!

All the sensible, marshmallowy joy of Rice Krispies Treats, with the added bonus of fruity sweetness and wacky colors!

Casino Adventure

February 24, 2019 Sunday

10:02 AM Sassy
Good morning kid! 
I’m off to Foxwoods today!
11:48 AM Phil
Win your fortune

11:48 AM Sassy
Ha! I usually get enough to cover dinner…

12:27 PM Phil
I know the food is good. 

Gonna see a show or just hanging out?

12:27 PM Sassy
Jim Gaffigan’s comedy

12:28 PM Phil
I like him! Enjoy!

12:30 PM Sassy
David Burke’s Prime Steakhouse

12:30 PM Phil
Oh yummy! Making lamb chops tonight

Walked by Legal which is across the street and thought of you

12:31 PM Sassy
That was such a special night!

1:15 PM Phil
Yes ma’am

3:30 PM Sassy
We made it to the Hilton about 1/4 mile from the casino – I got a free night using points we accrued from a trip south last year.  They have a free van to the casino! We hopped on the 4 pm shuttle and made our way to an early dinner.


5:51 PM Sassy
Decadent dinner at David Burke Prime at Foxwoods for Hubby’s birthday

Gin Collins and a strawberry basil lemonade
Popover and butter
Clothesline bacon
Cranberry mint fauxhito
Hubby’s sirloin au poivre with a shrimp scampi top hat
My Surf & turf special with lobster tail and petite filet mignon, 
cheesy cauliflower and beef short rib risotto
Complimentary dessert for the birthday boy – chocolate mousse cake 
with whipped cream and coffee gelato and 
a white & milk chocolate profiterole
Complimentary cotton candy

6:55 PM Sassy
Jim Gaffigan’s Fixer Upper Tour – Foxwoods Grand Theater orchestra row P!

8:45 PM
There was beverage service in our section! We got a couple of Cokes to combat the food coma. We listened to the warm up act – Ted Alexandro – for about 15 minutes. He was a low key chatter about life in NYC with a new (much younger) wife.

Jim Gaffigan came on about 7:20 pm and talked for 75 minutes. It was all new material with long sketches about horses, traveling with his kids, and not running the NYC marathon. We laughed and groaned where appropriate.

9:15 PM Sassy
I got to watch the rest of the Oscars!  Haven’t been around a TV to do that in years. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s duet at the piano was smoking hot, and I was excited to see Rami Malek win best actor! I usually don’t see many of the nominated movies but I got to Bohemian Rhapsody, The Favourite, and Black Panther.

Hot Tub Threesome

February 23, 2019 Saturday
8:09 AM Sassy
Good morning kid!

8:10 AM Phil
Good Morning!

8:11 AM Sassy
Promise – no “massages” in FL. What a mess Bob Kraft is in!

8:14 AM Phil
Ha ha! I actually feel for the guy! 

Everyone knows about those places. 
Seems like the dude could have paid an escort or something smarter than a happy ending place!
8:16 AM Sassy
It is puzzling
Is it making news down there?

8:18 AM Phil
As a football fan, I belong to all of the Facebook fans groups so it was instantly splashed everywhere. They were not very sympathetic. I think he is a good guy that got caught in a bad situation

Never did get my jollies out of others discomfort

8:19 AM Sassy
5 of the top 10 read articles in the Boston globe

Including one about an endowed professor at Brandeis under Kraft’s name who studies sex slavery and in theory has to put his name on everything she does

8:21 AM Phil
I believe it. I don’t like his football team but I don’t wish any of them anything bad. It’s a shame that people are so giddy about the rich guy getting caught.

8:23 AM Sassy
It’s also partly because he’s a supporter of the President

8:23 AM Phil
oh nice. Those places really are all about sex slavery. They move those girls from place to place and there is nothing legal about the activities. They get busted in DC and Maryland all the time and there are always articles about them.

crazy times

8:24 AM Sassy
The police have been working that here too, in hotels

8:25 AM Phil
the oldest profession is still very much alive and well and the old Combat Zone was some kind of place

There are plenty of ways for consenting adults to hook up that are perfectly legal.

8:28 AM Sassy
Hope they didn’t snare a gaggle of military men

8:41 AM Phil
No actually, it tends to be truckers and business men. Apparently there were other high profile people picked up in that raid.

8:43 AM Sassy
Yeah, heard on the radio there are “bigger names” to be announced

8:48 AM Phil
geez, everyone wants to see the mighty fall. Just makes me sad. Work your entire life, considered to be a great all around guy and then fall into this mess. I see this every single day. Good people who didn’t do something they should have done or did something they should not have done and it costs them everything.. Some days it’s just depressing to see

8:49 AM Sassy
Have to hope it blows over I suppose, and the women get a better life
Though sports fans have long memories

9:40 AM Phil
Yep! Off on an adventure! Enjoy the day sweet girl 

[Kissing emoji with a heart]
4:41 PM Sassy
Reminds me of your hot tub

[photo of two men and a woman in a hot tub having sex]

5:01 PM Phil
Mmmmm, why thank you!

5:02 PM Sassy
You are most welcome!
Definitely sparked my imagination

5:04 PM Phil
Looks like great fun!

I love your imagination

 : )

5:08 PM Sassy
I was focusing on where your cock and his hands were

5:09 PM Phil
I like both!

5:10 PM Sassy
Nothing like a meaty sandwich

5:11 PM Phil
Never done that but sure looks like fun

5:12 PM Sassy
Heard it’s tricky but works if the men are friends

5:14 PM Phil
You would have to get in rhythm and you can’t be weird about touching the other guy.

5:16 PM Sassy
FB won’t let me paste the tumbler link…prudes

5:16 PM Phil

5:16 PM Sassy
It’s – 
couple4 fun . Tumblr. Com

Take out spaces.

   : )

5:17 PM Phil
I’ll look. Sounds like fun

Made me hard thinking about it.
Actually it was you thinking about it that got me hard

5:19 PM Sassy
That photo and my big silver bullet and thoughts of you sent me over the edge

Can’t decide if we planned it, or we were having fun and he stumbled in by accident

5:21 PM Phil
Ummmmm, I hoped you were playing.
Need to go do myself

I’ll dig up a photo of you, always works!

Glad I had some part

   : )

Found a quiet spot and some lotion

5:28 PM Sassy
Wish I could touch

5:31 PM Phil



February 22, 2019 Friday
9:00 AM Sassy
Happy Friday kid!

9:02 AM Phil
Happy Friday!

9:48 AM Sassy
Demure business lady says hi!

[photo of my face and upper chest dressed in business clothes in my office] 

3:52 PM Phil
Well hi there!
4:03 PM Sassy

4:58 PM Sassy
I’m not quite 82 years old, but I found a lot in this article that made me smile and gives me hope!

At What Age Is Love Enthralling? 82

A confession of attraction from a man 30 years younger causes an octogenarian to reflect on desire, sensuality and aging.

Memory dinner

February 21, 2019 Thursday

From: Sassy 

To: Brett
Sent: Feb 21, 2019 at 9:23 PM
Subject: Memory dinner

Hiya Brett! Hope your week has gone well and the snow wasn’t too much of a nuisance.

I had dinner with Hubby at PF Chang’s tonight… another bout of memories about a summer day and a nice man and walking across the street with you!

Any fun weekend plans? I’m taking Hubby to Foxwoods for the Jim Gaffigan show and a big steak! Hope that will make his birthday special!

Hugs with groping and a long French kiss!


Early bird specials

February 21, 2019 Thursday
10:12 AM Sassy
Good morning! You home again?

10:24 AM Phil
Not today but I’m off tomorrow.

My pal is rolling in for cigars this evening.

Think we are going to go on an adventure over the weekend and then a hockey game with my kid on Sunday. Woo Hoo!

Hope your day is wonderful!

10:39 AM Sassy
I’m rolling along at the office like a good little employee. Whee.

7:24 PM Sassy
Early bird specials at PF Chang’s in the Cambridge Side Galleria

Hot and sour soup
Strawberry cucumber limeade – festive non-alcoholic option
Ginger beer – one of the tasty non-alcoholic options
Pork egg rolls
Pork dumplings 
Coconut cooler – another non-alcoholic option
Dynamite shrimp with Asian slaw

Lake George House

February 20, 2019 Wednesday
7:49 AM Sassy
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
9:23 AM Phil
You too! Happy snow day!

12:53 PM Sassy
Beautiful place on Lake George in upstate NY – reminds me of a family home I visited with a friend from college. So fun to see inside! So many hardwood floors.  So much wallpaper!  And lake views! 

[42 photos from For the Love of Old Houses Facebook page]
10:39 PM Sassy
Storm Petra has started dusting us with snow!
[photo from my balcony window of the snowy ground at night]

40 Odd Things

February 19, 2019 Tuesday

40 odd things about me . . .

1. Do you like blue cheese?
Dressing yes, cheese itself not so much

2. Coke or Pepsi?
Neither much but if I do, diet Coke
3. Do you own a gun?
4. What flavor of Kool-aid?
No clue
5. Do you like hot dogs?
Yes. With chili, onions and cheese!
7. Do you believe in ghosts?
8. What do you drink in the morning? 
Iced chai latte
9. Can you do a push-up?
Probably not.  Have not tried since gym class in high school. 
10. Favorite jewelry?
Gold earrings from St Thomas trip
11. Favorite hobby? 
Talking to a nice man
12. Do you have ADD? 
13. Do you wear glasses?
14. Favorite cartoon character?
Winnie the Pooh
15. Three things you did yesterday? 
Worked, read Facebook and went out to PF Chang for a tasty supper
16. Three drinks you drink regularly? Iced tea, water and orange juice
17. Current worries?
For our country
18. Do you believe in magic?
Absolutely – only thing that explains some things
19. Favorite place to be?
Having dinner at CK Pearl along the Essex River
20. How did you ring in the New Year? 
Coughing due to the cold from hell
21. Where would you like to go?
The 5 states I have yet to visit – ND, SD, WY, NV, AZ
22. Name a few people who you hope will do this? 
23. Favorite movie?
Room with a View or Hunt for Red October
24. Favorite color?
Navy Blue
25. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets?
Nope. Too slippery and cold.  Soft old cotton 
26. Can you whistle? 
27. Where are you?
At my desk in my living room
30. Least favorite chore?
31. Best job you can imagine?
Food blogger
32 What’s in your pocket?
33. Last thing that made you laugh?
Jim Gaffigan’s YouTube comedy sketch about bacon
34. Favorite Animal?
Cats and elephants 
35. What’s your most recent injury? 
Mammogram mishap torn skin
36. How many TV’s are in your house? 
There is one but I never turn it on.
37. Worst pain you’ve ever been in?
Gall bladder attack. 
38. Do you like to dance?
Yes. Boogie!
39. Are your parents still alive? 
Only in my heart and mind.
40. Do you enjoy camping?