Super Bowl Sass

February 2015
February 1, 2015 Super Bowl Sunday
8:13 am
Amazing photos of people we rarely see glorified. Made me smile!

Good morning!  Cold and clear but another foot of snow on the way… whee!  You partying for the big game today?  GO PATS!  : )
9:23am Phil 
Staying home but excited about the game!  Actually rooting for the Pats

Oh wow… this feels like a sign of the apocalypse!  Why?
9:27am Phil
Tired of Seattle. I don’t like Brady but I have tremendous respect. He deserves a fourth ring
I am stunned.  What do you make of the new football coach?

Loved looking at those photos from your link

5:00pm Phil
I love the new coach! That picture’s hot as hell. I was hard as a rock flipping through them. My my my
Yay for new coach!  Should be fun figuring out his style and surprises.
5:03pm Phil
Oh yeah and they are gonna bring in some players!
I had three reactions to the photos… wow!  I’m smaller than these women (that rarely happens when I look at photos), wow – society trained me to think these people are ugly and they are NOT.  And… look at that smile.  They are having so much fun!

5:04pm Phil 
Sexy as hell
As are you

Awww… thanks kid.

Did you cook?
We spent an hour thinking about where to go out for dinner, then gave up and ordered Asian delivered.  Heh.

I was looking at your photos from yesterday and thinking you are looking so hot these days.. hope you are feeling good!

5:06pm Phil 
I made some dips, got great beer

I feel great! Thank u
Liking the job better
Sipping scotch by the fire
5:08pm Phil
Losing weight, working out
My evil boss returns from leave tomorrow.  But I fixed it so she has her own office now… won’t be sitting three feet from me micro managing!
5:09pm Phil 
Oh cool. We move into our new building soon, very excited

We got new furniture on Friday… ugly but at least I have desk drawers again
Still in the same area?
5:10pm Phil
Our building has been completely redone. Looks amazing

Hope it’s a great place to get things done. 
5:11pm Phil
We have been working out of cramped space

With Mom’s condo sold, I am hoping for some calmer days.
5:14pm Phil
That’s a good thing!
I’ve been getting ready to go to Mexico. 
was dreaming of you being there.  Heh

Oh wow! Enjoy! Topless beaches there. Go for it!
Something about sex on the beach. Good God!
So odd to be trying on swimsuits and turquoise gauze pants when it 10 degrees and two feet of snow.  I’m not used to bopping around to the beach in the winter like you do!

Just enjoy!

Oh I will… after four snowstorms in a week I’m ready to go!

Ha! All you need is a thong
5:32pm Phil
Rock it girl

Hey… you know I know how to have fun there.
5:38pm Phil 
I do!
I’d make love to you in the surf!
Ha! Then go have drinks at the tiki bar with a shit eating grin

5:49pm Phil 
Only if you were interested of course


You are so good at making me interested!  After 4 months on the shelf I am starting to wonder if I will ever get back in the pool!
5:58pm Phil 
I’d do you there too

10:10pm Phil
Congrats on the Pats win!

Thanks.  Good game?
10:39pm Phil
Oh hell yeah

Wine cures

January 31, 2015 Saturday
It’s snowing again.  And blowing!  And COLD!!  11 degrees…brrrr.


Good Morning hot stuff!  Wish I had you here to warm me up!

8:30am Phil

Wow! You are making me cold! 
Off to wineries with friends. 
Think I am catching cold. Yuk

Have fun.  Wine cures that stuff, right?

9:06am Phil
It does!

At the Great Mandarin Chinese buffet with Mom.  Hot & sour soup is perfect for this weather! 

Running the car through the wash, getting off all the road salt!  I worried about doing it when it’s so cold, but there was a big line of cars so it must be okay.

Aha!  Jimmy Kimmel found out who deflated the footballs!  Hee!

Gas is only $2.05/gallon!  I wonder if it will ever get below $2.00 again?

Calmer ahead

January 30, 2015 Friday

New furniture arriving in our office this morning!  It will be so nice to have a desk and drawers again!

Heard from Mom’s real estate lawyer – the closing is done!  Life can be calmer now…right?

Snow’s over

January 28, 2015 Wednesday

[Photo of snow piled up two stories high across the street, but the parking lot is plowed and a few cars are there.]

The morning after – it finally stopped snowing!  The latest National Weather Service figures said 22.3 in at 3 am before it stopped about 5am. So let’s say “Almost TWO FEET!” Whee!

10:45 pm
Back to work for me!  Almost everywhere else is closed, but we have to go!

Almost two feet

January 27, 2015 Tuesday

[photo out my window of the white world covered in snow]


[photo with even more snow. No cars.  No people.]

Yup. It snowed. A lot. And it’s still snowing.

8:35am Phil

Good morning snow bunny!


Good morning!  You get any weather?

10:08am Phil
Just a touch of snow.


We have over a foot with more coming down, and wicked winds in the 60 mph range.

10:16am Phil

Wow!  Not so bad here but it shouldn’t be. I don’t miss the snow. It was fifty on Sunday


You at work today?

[another photo of snow, the big plow trying to keep up, not really doing it]

The plow at work. Still snowing.

1:24 pm
Snow day brunch – 
ham & cheese omelet, raspberry jam on an English muffin, 
a sliver of raspberry danish and OJ!


Could you see your dog in the snow?

As a “historic” snowstorm hits the north-east of the US, the BBC uses an unconventional chart to measure the accumulation of snow.

We’re at 20 inches and it’s still snowing… record is 27 inches.  Whee!

[another photo… so much snow!]
Still snowing!  The record is 27 inches… may not make that but it will be close! Already the most ever during January.  Not forecast to let up for another 9 hours!

Hussy points

January 26, 2015 Monday
10:26am Phil
How is the weather?!
Visited a few wineries Saturday.

Enjoying a quiet day at home.  Cleaning out my closets and office.

Good morning!  It’s fine here so far… supposed to start snowing late afternoon and go until Wednesday morning!  Don’t you love the “possibly historic blizzard” phrase?  Looks like I get a snow day tomorrow.  I’m busy moving meetings and feeding weather data to the boss.

I was a bad bad girl this weekend… had one gentleman help me out on the phone Friday night, and I helped another guy on Saturday!  Definitely earned my hussy points!


You been having any sexy fun?

Office closing at 4 pm today!  And closed tomorrow!  Wow! 


Oh cool! Hussy away! No fun for me. 
Been looking at houses online


If you find a moment when you want some fun, don’t hesitate to ping me!

We’re home! Traffic was beastly. This is where condo life gets really good – underground parking, someone else to shovel, power generator if the city fails – “Working from home” Tuesday… We’re fine!

Out and about

January 25, 2015 Sunday

Prospect Hill Tower on a sunny winter Sunday! Where the first American flag was raised by George Washington in 1776.

Last visit to Mom’s condo.  Took one last walk around, checked the closets and drawers then left the keys and garage door opener.  It was a good place for years but it’s time to go.

3:54pm Phil

A late lunch @ Shanghai Village Arlington – they have great lunch combos for cheap.

 Wonton soup, Shirley Temple
Kansho shrimp lunch special 
with an egg roll and veggies lo mein, crab Rangoon and boneless spareribs.  

An easy supper at home –

Rotisserie chicken, stuffing and 
mashed potatoes from the buffet and voila!
And so it begins… SNOW EMERGENCY DECLARED effective 1 pm Monday.  Parking ban imposed by 5 pm on the even side of minor streets and both sides of major arteries.  This storm looks huge.  Whee! 

You know sometimes you are driving along a street you’ve driven a million times before and suddenly the scene cries out… PRETTY AS A PICTURE! TAKE A PICTURE? So I pulled over and I did and wow…the tower looks so majestic in the snow.