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January 25, 2015 Sunday

Prospect Hill Tower on a sunny winter Sunday! Where the first American flag was raised by George Washington in 1776.

Last visit to Mom’s condo.  Took one last walk around, checked the closets and drawers then left the keys and garage door opener.  It was a good place for years but it’s time to go.

3:54pm Phil

A late lunch @ Shanghai Village Arlington – they have great lunch combos for cheap.

 Wonton soup, Shirley Temple
Kansho shrimp lunch special 
with an egg roll and veggies lo mein, crab Rangoon and boneless spareribs.  

An easy supper at home –

Rotisserie chicken, stuffing and 
mashed potatoes from the buffet and voila!
And so it begins… SNOW EMERGENCY DECLARED effective 1 pm Monday.  Parking ban imposed by 5 pm on the even side of minor streets and both sides of major arteries.  This storm looks huge.  Whee! 

You know sometimes you are driving along a street you’ve driven a million times before and suddenly the scene cries out… PRETTY AS A PICTURE! TAKE A PICTURE? So I pulled over and I did and wow…the tower looks so majestic in the snow.

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