Shower stall

Year 2 -Week 37
Tuesday, May 1, 2012
8:04 am
Good morning! 47 gray rainy. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!
3:39 pm Phil
Cool and foggy here too. Another lovely day. Hope your Tuesday has been good!
3:47 pm
Someone said on radio “March was May, so it figures that May is March.” HA! I’m doing okay. Everyone is out at an event. My boss is going on a 3-day trip starting mid-afternoon tomorrow and freaking out so I am doing my best to take things off his plate. When do you head out?
3:51 pm Phil
Taking off soon. I’ve decided to just enjoy myself. Days are so packed it does not matter who you are with.

3:56 pm
4:00 pm Phil
Leave Sunday. May be good for me. Been angry, sad, depressed all of April. Need a change.

4:09 pm
I do hope you have a grand time. And that May will be different!
8:20 pm
Looks like you had fun today!  Great photos on Facebook. 

10:22 pm Phil
Thank you.  Good event.  Do my best to show up, have fun with the folks.
Oh, that’s wicked cool.  You are a good egg.

Your thought for tonight is me in the shower with you.  Making you very clean… then dirty!  And clean again.  🙂 

LOL, love it!


Monday, April 30

7:21am Phil
Good morning.  An interesting weekend to say the least. I did get to sit out and enjoy the evening. Had to chase my wife back in. I just wanted me time, tunes and quiet.  Did not want to chat. Thankfully it was a little cool out and she left me to it. It is so hard to get me time. Drives me crazy. At least early in the morning, I have this time in the office with a cup of coffee.

A week to vacation. I’m sure it will be fun. Romantic, not so much. Just simply not there. I’ve tried so hard to make it be there but it’s not. Sucks. I have a dear friend going through so much right now and I am trying to be there and that is hard as well. She could have had my heart and soul but for my stupidity and life. Ah well, all I can do is be there to try to help.

I am finally down a few more pounds, waist is down. The loss has slowed down as expected but still steady. I’m determined to lose another 20 and try to maintain.  I get that tall, lean look with muscles at that size. I’m never going be thin, too much muscle mass for that. I’m just a big guy but I can look lean. Amazing what stress, diet and exercise can do for you. Hope you have a great day and a wonderful week.

Good morning! Clear Chilly 41. Off to the office for a busy day! 
8:05am Phil
Enjoy girl. Hope it’s not too busy!
Glad you get your me moments.  So sorry you have tough ones.  I don’t want to add bad moments to your life!  I want to make you smile and tingle, and work w/ you to have a great life.  Let go of the regrets, move forward -lots of years left!  Thought about a local solution – but no one has the chemistry, the mind, the romance, the comfort. As the old song goes “You’re the one that I want!”  Rock your Monday!
8:35am Phil
We all have our moments, our regrets. Some you can let go of, others not so much. Chemistry is instant. You feel it everywhere. I’ve felt it a handful of times. I know I could have spent life with any of them. We clicked at every level. Were intuitive, felt each others pain, joys. Chemistry is amazing.
Does chemistry have value?  Is it worth making changes for?
Another work day over!  Yay!  Rode the bus home. Eating dinner from the freezer. Did not spend any money on restaurants again!  Feeling so virtuous!  Hope you have a nice evening.  Think of me naked on my bed with busy hands, thinking of you.  
6:11pm Phil
That’s a nice thought.  Thank you!
Can you imagine it? 
Or you could listen in…
11:56 pm
Headed to bed. Wish you were here to tuck me in. And something that rhymes with that… sweet dreams, kid.


Sunday, April 29
Good morning! 48 clear.  Home today for laundry, bills, plants…whee! 
Hope you had a good day.  I was very productive! Chores aren’t fun, but feels so good when they’re done.  And I cooked both lunch and dinner, so I didn’t spend any money in restaurants for two days!  Whee! 
Looking at those photos again… want to jump in and touch!  Sleep well, sweet man.


Saturday, April 28
Good morning! Clear, chilly 38! Off to Mom’s church for the rummage sale!  When my life sucks, I go make someone else happy!  Hope your Saturday rolls along.
9:33am Phil
At the gym. Got up early. clears my head and I feel good for awhile. No coffee in the house. Had to hold back from dropping the useless pot on someone. I swear
Survived the sale w/o buying.  Got gas and groceries, IMd w/ a chat denizen in crisis…guy she’s been cheating with offered her a job, said they’d have to stop fooling around, tough choice!  Hope you found coffee!
1:30pm Phil
Wow. Tough call there I guess. I did find coffee.
2:57 pm Phil: Looking my age  [sent me a photo]
2:58 pm Wanna kiss that!
3:01 pm Phil: I feel old.  Do I look old?  Do you see any difference?
3:03 pm You are not old!  Geesh.  You are the most youthful, active, funny, sexy man I know!
3:04 pm What’s going on?!
3:12 pm Phil: well thank you very much!
3:12 pm Brat.
3:12 pm Phil: trying to shave the fat off
3:13 pm I’m going to spank you… remind me.
3:14 pm Phil: long, long way to go but progress I think
3:14 pm It’s awesome and you know it.
3:16 pm Now if you could just make one other change…
3:16 pm Phil: I don’t know it.  Big nose, droopy eyes, greying hair
3:18 pm Gorgeous.  Trust me.  I know about such things!
3:20 pm Phil: ha ha ha
3:20 pm Phil: what’s the other change?
3:35 pm Phil: ok so don’t tell me
3:36 pm 🙂
3:36 pm Trying to be good.
3:37 pm Phil: oh why?
3:47 pm Don’t want to be a downer.  Want to be cheerful and fun!  Wheee!
3:50 pm Phil: ok.
3:51 pm Trying not to say “Leave your wife and marry me!” too much…
3:52 pm Ya know?
3:53 pm Phil: oh, ok.  🙂
3:54 pm Phil: No worries.  Many issues, it’s ok.
3:54 pm Phil: Sorry for the inappropriate photo
3:54 pm Where?
3:56 pm But I do want you in my bed.
3:57 pm Phil: Still sending
3:57 pm Phil: You horny thing you.
3:59 pm 7 months, no sex, kid
4:00 pm Phil: you need to get laid
4:01 pm Any suggestions on how to do that?
4:02 pm Phil: Slowly but surely

4:02 pm Phil: not at the moment.
4:03 pm Damn…your ass is so hot
4:03 pm Phil: does this help?
4:04 pm Wow!  YES!
4:07 pm Want!
4:13 pm Distance sucks
4:16 pm How will you feel if I find someone else?  Relieved?  Mad?  Jealous?  Not that anyone else would want gray chubby me…
Headed out for sushi in the burbs and to see a show.  Later, babe. 
4:54pm Phil
Have fun!
5:09 pm Too tough a question?
6:13 pm Phil: none of the above.  I’m not like that. Just not me.  I am here, you are there.  I have many issues.  I am not available at this point.  You might be surprised who would want you
6:28 pm Phil: I’ll give you a call and explain all that.  Maybe tomorrow.  I’m not a jealous man and I rarely get angry. I get hurt easily but that’s a different issue.  I think everyone should be happy, however that happens. That philosophy has bitten me in the ass but I still believe it.
11:14 pm Phil: how was the sushi?
11:16 pm Delightful!  Got a hug from the lead actor! And Sis paid!
11:17 pm Phil: awesome!  Checking up on the kids at the bar
11:18 pm Phil: country band
11:19 pm Driving home
11:20 pm Phil: drive carefully girl
11:35 pm Home now
12:42 am Phil: good. Sweet dreams Sass

FFF – Appointment

Here’s the Flash Fiction Friday challenge from Advizor54’s blog
Key Word – “Appointment”
Word Limit – 264
Extra Credit – Leave her boots on
Bonus Words – 25 each for aliens, park rangers, crock pots, or a dinosaur
“Mary Ellen!  Wake up!” I heard as he shook my shoulder.  
“Waaht… Brian…” I managed to mumble.  
“A woman.  Wearing boots,” he whispered. 
“So?” my morning brain could not grasp the emergency. 
“JUST BOOTS!” he shouted.  Ouch.  So excitable, my Brian. 
“Are you dreaming?  Maybe you shouldn’t drink scotch before bed…remember that time you saw an alien in the Wilsons’ yard?” 
“LOOK!” he insisted, pulling back the curtain on his parents’ RV window.  I kissed him and rolled over to gaze out at the desert.  There was a buck-naked backside of a brunette beauty, standing like a statue about 30 feet away!
I turned off the crock pot with our steel cuts oats.  He grabbed his phone.  This ought to make for an exciting photo for our vacation album on Facebook.  
She waved.  He opened the side door and waved back.  I shook my head… he was naked.  Ah well… things are different in the desert.  
“Gorgeous morning!” she hailed him.  
He gasped and answered, “Yes indeed!”  I marveled at her perfect breasts and trimmed bush.  
“Want oatmeal?” I offered.  Brian shot me a strange look, then smiled as she strolled toward us.

“Oh!  That sounds delicious!” she exclaimed as she got close enough to smell the breakfast treat. “And healthy!”  He pulled out a chair for her.  He went back to grab the tray with the bowls, mugs, brown sugar, maple syrup, raisins, dried apple bits and chocolate chips.  I grabbed the milk and the coffee pot.  
“Going to be a hot day,” she said, as she ladled spoonfuls of oatmeal and condiments into her bowl.  “This is such a treat!  Much better than the cereal bar in my tent! Sorry if I woke you… thought I heard the park ranger’s truck… ” 
“No worries,” Brian said.   “It’s nice to see a new face out here after a week,” he assured her. 
“I was looking for dinosaur tracks… but I think I took a wrong turn,” she explained.  “Can we have sex after breakfast?  You have a gorgeous cock.  I am so frisky! I have a couple of hours until my appointment with the herbalist.”  Brian spit his coffee all over the sand.
(364 words)

Slam and suck

Friday, April 27
7:40 am
Good morning! 49 and high clouds.  TGIF baby!
7:43am Phil
Weekends, bah humbug.  Off to medical for my physical. Fasting for 12 hours, no coffee. Grrrrr.  A toasty 39 degrees out. I hate the weather here. I miss the beach so much.
I tremble in fear of writing before you’ve had coffee, but feel brave today!  Doc should be thrilled w/ your svelte self!  Maybe I can take your mind off the weather and warm you up inside? 
9:03am Phil
yeah yeah yeah 
9:16am Phil
working it pretty hard. Nice thing is the belly is so much flatter. Belly fat is melting away and face is thinner. Once the gut is flat, can work the six pack and really toning. Arms, chest, shoulders all firmed up, starting to look good again. Another 20lbs and I’ll be close to where I want to be. I feel better too.
I am so proud of you!  This is HARD work and you are mastering it!  I can definitely see it in the photos!  Though I need a better look w/o a uniform.  
10:03am Phil
I was always good at this. Able to shape my body. I all of a sudden care again. I’ll tell you about all this some time.
How’d the physical go?  I’d love to hear whatever you can tell me.  Call me?  But right now I have the vapors from reading about your new body and have to go!
5:10pm Phil
The physical was ok. Apparently, I am healthy.  BP was 109 over 69 and pulse 45. Dr says I look trim and fit. I guess that’s all good. The day is over. Going to go work out for a couple of hours and then the weekend begins.  Got no plans, not really looking forward to the weekend. At least during the week, I am busy from 0530 – 1830 or so. I have no lawn to play with, no household chores to mess around with. Maybe I can clean out the garage.
7:04 pm Phil
How you doing
Good… home alone.
7:06pm Phil
Is that a bad thing?
Well… yes and no.
7:07pm Phil
Ah, Finished my workout and just sitting in the office. Gotta go home at some point
Is that a bad thing?
7:08pm Phil
Just not feeling it

I hear you
I wish you could walk in my door…
I’d give you a special welcome
7:10pm Phil
I really don’t want to be around anyone. Just like to pour a drink, turn some music on and sit, alone in my thoughts.
I’d let you do that…
7:11pm Phil
Instead, there will be mindless prattle
you know I can sit quietly… rub your feet
or go off to my computer!
7:11pm Phil
I just need some time, maybe a lot of time.
Can you “have a headache” and go off alone?
7:13pm Phil
I don’t want to be touched, weird for me. Normally at a time like this, I’d just like a hug, a long one, gotta go and get there
Nah, does not work. She has been alone all day cause she does nothing and I am the entertainment when I get home and I don’t want to be.
I’m sorry… you know I wish I could fix it.
7:15pm Phil
No one can fix it. Just is what it is
I know.  Me, too.
I needed so much this week and got nothing from him…
But you made me smile.
and breathe a little heavy.  Thanks for that!!
7:29pm Phil
Always a pleasure.
7:33pm Phil
I’m good. An old friend made me smile a bit and made it all seem not so bad.
Damn it, you make me want to slam you up against the wall and suck you…. go away before I say too much!
7:34pm Phil
Gonna go have a nice home brew beer and relax.
I’m off. Later girl! LOL

Free sushi

Thursday, April 26
7:18 am Phil
The show was fabulous. Such amazing voices. Brings tears to my eyes. They sang Sherri and I just had tears streaming down my face. Not sure what that was all about but it sounded so good. I just lost myself in the amazing music for a few hours and it was fabulous. I’m sure I have a busy calendar today. Had amazing ramen at a noodle bar downtown. Exactly like it’s made in Japan, it was to die for. All made up fresh in front of you and oh my lord. Was in the Macy’s food court. Lot of sodium in that stuff but I wanted it and I enjoyed it. I’ll run 15 minutes longer today. Enjoy your day.
7:34 am
Good morning! 43 sun. Dashing to prep for cleaners! You are so lucky to see these shows!
10:21 om
Hey, kid. Busy day? Things finally got back to normal at work… thank goodness. Got free sushi tonight – had a gift card leftover from my chemo gifts calendar. Yay!

Hope you had a good evening. Sleep dreams.

Your smile

Year 2 Week 37

Wednesday, April 25, 2012
Good morning! 46 pretty start.  Woke up smiling with you behind me.    Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Come here and watch a threesome video?
10:00pm Phil
Hope your day was good. Jersey boys was fabulous!
Good music?
Crazy day but better… got to do triple duty at staff meeting – moderate, take notes and present!  Whee!
Thinking of you… about your smile.  Sleep well, sweet man.