Meet #23 Brett Friday Fun

April 20, 2018 Friday

Report #23 The Northerner 

Friday fun
Two months.  I can’t believe it’s been so long since we managed to get together!  I didn’t hear from him for over a month after our Feb. 23 frolic… worried that the “wild woman” had scared him away.  But he reappeared as usual, just as eager to see me. Phew. 
I took this Friday off.  I had a leisurely morning – slept late, took a long shower, did a little work online. I put on my blue patterned panties, sky blue bra, black leggings, black top with fireworks and black socks and shoes.  I smiled at the black exterior and the sunny blue underneath! I took off about 1:30 pm and headed west to meet him. I made it quickly and sat in my car catching up on Facebook until it was time to go and check in.  
There was no one around so I got checked in easily.  I sat at a table at the back of the lobby and watched the people come and go, hoping each one was him.  Our meeting time passed and I marveled at the fact that I’d never had to wait on him before… hoped he was okay, checked my phone to be sure there wasn’t a text or email from him.  I looked up and there he was, smiling, striding across the lobby, only 5 minutes late at 2:35 pm. He sat down at my table and grinned at me. We chatted a bit, then I pushed the key cards and maps at him to lead us to the room.  
We had a room quite close to the front desk – 2011.  I said it was a good year, and he said we’d make it a good number for today.  He made the key card work and let us into the room which looks like all their rooms.  He said it looked familiar and we giggled. I put down my purse and glasses and phone and watch on the desk while he shucked his shoes.  I sat on the ottoman and took off my shoes. Before I could get any further, he was sitting in the chair behind me, nibbling on my neck, cupping my breasts in his hands, then rubbing my shoulders.  Oh man… that feels so good!  For someone who is so starved for touch, it is wonderful to be caressed so quickly and feel like he can’t wait to get his hands on me!  
I reached around to rub his legs… couldn’t reach anything else – he was so close. He slowly took off my top, then shed his shirt and pressed him skin on mine.  I moved back and forth against him, felt the wonderful bulge and rubbed back against that. He took off my bra and played with my breasts, then came around and pulled me up to hug and we kissed for a long time.  
He led me over to the bed and helped me get my leggings, socks and panties off.  I tossed them onto the chair in the corner. He pulled back the covers and turned up the air-conditioning.  He sprawled across the bed. I looked at the clock as I joined him – 3:03 pm – and we cuddled and kissed some more.  He flattened me out next to him and used one hand to play with my right breast, and the other flicked my clit! I ruffled his hair and stroked his cheek, shoulder and down one arm before his touch made me lose my mind and squirm and squeak!  His hair was longer than usual – he knows I like that. I caught my breath and paid attention to his touch… sucking on my nipple, slowly stroking my clit… then started to spin out a story in my mind. 
I closed my eyes and imagined being out in the hall naked and him asking me to pose in various ways to expose different parts of my body to my camera phone!  I thought of all the photos I’ve seen on Tumblr of women in hotel hallways and imagined myself in those poses. The combination of his attention to my chest and slit with the exhibition fantasy pushed me higher and higher!  
I scooted around and put my leg over his hip, and he pressed up against me.  This is usually a second or third position for us so I was surprised when he didn’t shift around to another position, but he reached over onto the night stand and rolled on a condom in record time, then moved right along to press his rock hard cock into me!  I moved to get to almost a right angle and spread my legs wide to make it easier and he got much deeper. We both moaned as he slipped in and out… I was so wet there was that super-sexy squishing sound. Mmmm… 
He pressed in and out, with his fingers on my clit and his mouth on my left breast, speeding up and then slowly down… pulling out and then pressing back in… over and over and over.  I marveled at his stamina, his creativity, his tenacity. I told him how good it felt. He smiled. I marveled at how we were entwined – legs, arms, bodies moving. I was much calmer than last time, lying back and letting him run things, relishing his touch and how it made me feel so amazing! 
My legs started to cramp and I was just about to move when he told me he needed to change positions.  I asked what he’d like and he said doggy, which meant he was ready to cum. I shifted onto my stomach and got up on my knees while he pulled my hips to align with his body and was inside me in a flash, moving in and out wildly as I slammed back to meet his thrusts.  He told me he was going to finish and I encouraged him and he picked up the pace and then stopped deep inside me. I could feel the twitches as his cock unloaded! 
He collapsed to my left and I rolled to my right.  I took several deep breaths then rolled to glance at the clock – 4:05 pm!  I rolled onto my right side to look at him. I never get tired of admiring his body.  He told me he felt so relaxed, so mellow, that being with me made all the stresses go away.  He said he hoped he didn’t fall asleep. I told him he could if he needed to. He shook his head and started asking me questions about my life, my husband, my work.  I asked about his health, his travels, his family, his work. I adore talking with him! 
I reached over to kiss him now and then, see if he wanted to go again, but he seemed content.  I checked the clock – it was 5:07 pm. I asked when he needed to go. He said 5:15 or 5:30 pm and asked what time it was.  I told him and he sighed… pulled me over to kiss and fondled my chest a bit more. 
I had to heed nature’s call so I rolled out of bed.  He followed soon and hopped into the shower. I dashed to throw on my clothes so I’d be ready to leave when he came out.  I watched him dress and enjoyed seeing parts of his body as he covered them. He left money on the bed for the maid, then handed money to me to cover the hotel room.  He is so good to take care of that every time!  I offer to treat him but he never lets me.  
He kissed me once more, careful not to touch me other than on the lips so my scent didn’t get on him.  I longed for more but was happy with that last show of affection. He checked around to be sure we had everything, then we strolled out to our cars.  I thanked him and he thanked me and said he’d see me soon. I smiled and split off to my part of the parking lot. I waved as I got to me car – he always watches to be sure I get in and the car starts!  I saw him drive away. 
I texted Hubby at 5:30 pm to let him know I was on my way and make dinner plans.  I ate the chocolate chip cookie the hotel had given me and drank their bottled water.  I checked the traffic to decide which route to take home, then rolled out of the parking lot, smiling from ear to ear, driving home calm and happy with a pile of new sexy memories.  


From: Sassy

To: Brett
Date: Fri Apr 20, 2018 at 10:47 PM
Subject: Friday thanks

Hiya Brett,

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon! I had an easy drive home, smiling all the way as I replayed this moment and that story.

I survived a dinner that was too spicy and an event that poorly done. Thank goodness I had lovely memories to escape to!

Home now smiling again. Have a warmer weekend! Mwah!


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The Blogger Visits!

March 21, 2018 Wednesday


I got to meet a sexy blogger tonight! I adore it when business meetings bring a man to Boston and he asks me out for dinner!


Some of you may recall Liam, who wrote the best sexy blog I ever read, which told the story of an Ashley Madison traveling man and the lovely lady he met far away. Their adventure enthralled me about 7 years ago. It was so sexy and sweet with a lot of humor! The author was part of the community that surrounded Riff Dawg’s blog, commenting on his blog posts and chatting in his forum. I started blogging so I could join in! He was kind to me in the early days when I had very little clue what I was doing or why. When Riff’s blog and forum disappeared, he made sure we stayed in touch. This was so reassuring at a tumultuous time.

Sadly, he shut down his blog in the midst of the great blogger diaspora of February 2012 after Riff was outed, so I can’t send you to read it. I offered to let him guest post on my blog with his view of our meet, but he declined, said his writing days in our sexy corner of the internet are over. So you’ll have to go with my perspective!

Wacky weather forecast

The weather made waiting to see him rather nerve-wracking. We had a lot of discussions about what to do in case there was a blizzard and I couldn’t get to the restaurant or he couldn’t get here, and I puzzled over whether to drive or take a Lyft or the subway. The forecast kept changing until I had no idea how much snow we’d get or when! The weather guessers finally decided on a 4 pm start and 8-10 inches.

I was working at home due to the impending storm, so I took a break around noon to take a long shower. I debated whether to shave my armpits and legs in case I ended up in bed with him. I had no indication that would happen, but decided it couldn’t hurt to have smooth skin to offer if it did. I put on my lucky black bra and black panties, my current favorite leggings – the dark blue paisley – and a dark blue soft sweater. I tried my silk scarf but it didn’t seem right.

I decided to go downtown in a Lyft around 4:45 pm to avoid rush hour and sit at the bar until he could appear, probably around 6:15 pm.

At the bar

The Legal Sea Foods restaurant at Park Square in Boston is beautiful! It’s in the corner of a nondescript office buildings, but once you go inside it has big windows, dark wood and leather chairs, with a two-story waterfall in the center of the circular stairs at the entrance! I sat at the far end of the bar and asked the bartender for a special non-alcoholic mixture. He asked what I like, and when I told him iced tea, he fashioned a souped-up Arnold Palmer with iced tea, lemonade, cranberry and pineapple juices over ice! It was delicious! I ate one of their tasty dinner rolls with butter, and buffalo popcorn shrimp. I read Facebook on my phone. I watched men from out of town eat steaks. I felt so sophisticated!  I kept looking out the windows behind me – it wasn’t snowing! He emailed me with progress reports as he made his way into the city. The weather was not going to keep us apart!

I settled my bar tab about 6 pm. I went to check on our 6:15 pm reservation and they told me not to worry – it was not going to be a busy night due to the storm – they would hold the table. I went back to my perch at the bar and willed him to appear.

Meeting the man

About 6:30 pm, I heard a sexy male voice behind me say something flip to the bartender, and turned to see a tall, thin, bespectacled older man with a big grin. I smiled and he grabbed me for a hug! I felt a lot of comfort and a bit of excitement. Perfect! So wonderful to meet at last!

I decided he looks a bit like Clark Kent, mostly due to the business man glasses and clean cut appearance, but it makes a lot of sense when you consider this completely buttoned-down businessman is one of the best sexy blog writers anonymously!

Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent 
from the Superman movies


We went to the host desk and were escorted to the best spot in the dining room – a table for two by the big windows overlooking the Park Plaza! He politely had me walk ahead of him and I swear he was checking out my ass! I’ve been told the leggings do wonders at showing off my shape – hope he thought so!

We sat and stared and grinned at each other. He offered me his hand to shake and told me his real first name. I took a deep breath and told him mine! There. A big line crossed. I felt like I was in the inner circle now and his look of satisfaction said he felt the same. He seemed to consider whether it fit me, tilting his head to look at me and say my name, and deciding it was right for me. I looked at his hand and imagined us naked and him touching me. Bad Sassy.

He told me about his trip into town and I shared how I got there. I poured over the menu looking for something easy to eat. I desperately wanted lobster, but it is crazy expensive and too much of a hassle. I decided on the famous clam chowder and the baked cod. He had the lite chowder and a beautiful tuna steak! I drank a regular Arnold Palmer and he had a glass of wine.


We ate slowly and appreciated the delicious food! We told each other stories about books and musicals and movies and travels. We shared our impressions of other bloggers we’ve met. We spoke of our families and pets, sharing photos from our phones. I felt like I could talk with him forever. He is a raconteur extraordinaire!

At one point his lifted his pullover sweater to show me his t-shirt, making the point that he is a casual dresser when it’s up to him. I lowered my sweater neckline slightly to show off my black bra and ample cleavage to assure him I was really Sassy, since I use that photo on my blog. He chuckled and raised an eyebrow at the salacious display!

He took my hand again and thanked me for advice and resources I gave him for dealing with a family matter. I was so happy my experience could help him.


I ordered dessert to keep us in the good graces of the waiter for a while longer. I had their distinctive Boston Creme Pie. He had a bourbon and we chuckled when the waiter brought two forks – obviously thinking we were going to share the pie – but he pondered how to use a fork with the bourbon! I giggled. The waiter took it away. Which somehow made me giggle more. This man is so fun!

Here’s a quick look at my meal:

The special non-alcoholic drink the bartender made me.

My baked cod with spinach

Legal Sea Foods version of Boston Creme Pie

Wrapping up and groping

At 10 pm he suggested we call it a night. I nodded reluctantly. We talked for 3.5 hours! I marveled that the snow never started! I thanked the universe for smiling on me, allowing me to get there and back home without the challenge of a blizzard!

He paid the bill and I thanked him profusely.

I had been fantasizing about making my way back to his hotel room, but it was not to be and that was okay. There were two hugs – one without groping and then another one with my hands taking measure of his lovely backside! Bad Sassy! He laughed in a good way and walked away. I stood there watching until he turned the corner and indulged in a few moments of wondering what it would have been like to go with him and… I’d better get going!

I walked over to the Park Plaza Hotel and summoned a Lyft. I had a lovely driver – a school teacher. We chatted about the bizarre weather and how it had kept him busy. I made it home in quickly and wrote to my dinner companion to thank him again.

It is such a treat to be able to talk openly about both sides of my life, blogging and meeting special people – a benefit of blogging that I did not anticipate but it has brought me several interesting adventures. What a delightful evening!

Meet #3 Trainer: Over the garage

March 5, 2018 Monday
From: TimmyTim
To: Sassy
Sent: Mon Mar 5, 2018 at 6:47 AM
Subject: Ready to see Sassy
Can’t wait!!!
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From: Sassy
To: TimmyTim
Sent: Mon Mar 5, 2018 at 9:42 AM
Subject: Heading out
See you soon!  Mmm
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From: Sassy
To: TimmyTim
Sent: Mon Mar 5, 2018 at 10:45 AM
Subject: Here
Hiya!  I’m here. I made it! 
My [car description redacted] is parked facing the fence on the far right if you’re facing the store.
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From: TimmyTim
To: Sassy
Sent: Mon Mar 5, 2018 at 10:47 AM
RE: Heading out
I am here!
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Meet #3 The Trainer
Over the garage
I have been waiting for this day since February 15… or if you want me to be really clear, I’ve been waiting since March 18, 2017!  I did not believe it would ever happen. But I am a big believer in second chances, and I am off to see if that policy would benefit me yet again! 
I got up at my usual time but smiled a lot because I was not going to the office!  I prepped in every way I know how – showered and shaved and plucked and dressed in clothes that make me feel sexy – dark blue paisley leggings, a soft blue sweater, a sky blue bra and panties that almost match.  I pulled a map and directions up on my phone, grabbed a bottle of water and a granola bar and headed off into the suburbs! 

I made really good time. I was early! I pulled in to the grocery store parking lot and parked to the right as instructed.  I checked my email – no last minute cancellation. Phew. At the appointed time, I emailed to let him know I made it. 
10:45 am Meet at the store
He pulled up 2 spaces over from me, and used his phone to answer my email.  Ha! 
He got out of his car and tapped on the passenger side window of my car.  I pressed the button to lower it and he smiled. He asked if I was doing okay and told me to follow him to his place, giving me the simple directions and where to park in case we got separated.  

Going to his place
He got back in his car and pulled out and I followed him.  It was easy – not sure why he thought I couldn’t find it by myself.  I pulled into his driveway and then he showed me where to park on the street a little ways away. 
I was breaking one of my main rules – never got to the guy’s place!  After the disaster at Kris Kringle’s place (nothing like hiding in a closet while the guy’s wife screams at him!) I swore I  would never take that risk again. 

Over the garage

But it turned out to be slightly better, as I did not go into his house.  He led me up the stairs to the second floor of the garage that he uses as an office and reminded me that his wife never goes there.  It still felt risky but less so. 
He gave me a quick hug then scooted off to the bathroom so I had a chance to look around.  There was a main living room area, and two smaller rooms and a bathroom. I think it was bigger than my condo!  The place looks about how you think a man’s office would look if no one else goes there! There were papers thrown all over, an old couch with unmatched pillows and a throw tossed on it, bookcases with a lot of books shelved haphazardly, and a single bed!  The art on the walls and furnishings had that early Colonial, post-college eclectic style to them.  I looked out the window and wondered if he had any nosey neighbors who would mention the morning visitor to his wife.  *sigh 
He returned and apologized for the mess, said time had gotten away from him.  I shrugged. It really didn’t matter. I was alone with him! 


He gave me a lovely, long hug… just held me and told me how glad he was we were finally together again.  He asked if I’d like to sit on the couch awhile – a nice gesture to get us reacquainted. He said he was desperate to kiss me and asked if it was okay.  I assured him it was. I had been worried about feeling strange after a year apart, but I didn’t feel it now. I was ready to roll! 
He gathered me in his arms and kissed me, softly at first, then deeper and deeper.  He put his tongue slowly into my mouth and I used my tongue to play a bit in his. Mmm… so good!  He leaned me over and put some of his weight on me and we stretched out on the couch next to each other.  It felt so right! We kissed and kissed!  
He squeezed my breast then asked if he could take off my sweater.  I nodded and raised my arms to make it easy. I helped him take off his tie and very classy metallic purple dress shirt.  He leaned back over me… mmm… skin to skin! He moved down to suck on my right nipple and teased the left one. My back arched and my hips popped toward his.  

Getting naked

He took my hand and helped me stand up.  He unhooked my bra, and pulled it off, then rolled my leggings and panties off.  I watched as he shed his dress pants – he had on super sexy black Tommy Hilfiger underwear!  With a huge bulge! I said hello to his cock. Heh. He took off his underwear and pressed his front to my back.  I could feel his hard cock against my ass. He took my breasts in his hands and squeezed while he nibbled on my neck.  I trembled as the excitement coursed through me! 
He led me over to the single bed under a window and pushed the covers aside.  He pressed me down on my back and settled in next to me on his left side, cuddled up on my right side.  We looked at each other and grinned. 

Touching and tasting

He reached between my legs with his right hand and flicked my clit with his index finger.  That sent a jolt throughout my body!  He moved his finger back and forth slowly, pressing slightly, in just the right way.  I told him that it was perfect and I felt so good.  He smiled and wiggled his eyebrows, then kissed his way down my chest, sucking on each nipple and squeezing each one for a few moments, then continued down my tummy licking and kissing as he passed my belly button.  He spread my legs wider and got in between them, putting his mouth on my clit!  He licked and sucked and used a couple of fingers inside me to drive me crazy!  He is so talented!  My hips were popping toward his mouth and I was moaning and shrieking as he made me soar! 

Doggy pounding

He told me how much he wanted me and asked if I was ready for his cock to be inside me and I replied with enthusiasm, “Absolutely!” 

He reached to the window sill for a condom and I heard the ripping of the foil and smiled as he rolled it onto his rock hard cock.  He rolled me over onto my tummy and teased my slit with his cock, then slid inside in one quick move, being very still deep inside me, while he told me how good it felt and how it was worth the wait and how tight I am, and then he started to move… in and out… slowly are first but getting faster with each stroke.  I slammed back against him, meeting his thrusts and he moaned beautifully.  I focused on the sound of body sliding into me and his breathing, and how full he made me feel. 


He rolled me over and leaned over me, kissing my lips quickly, then pulling my heels up against his shoulders, sliding back inside.  He looked into my eyes and grinned, then began to move again.  I watched his face and felt his cock deep inside, sliding and filling and pleasuring us both!  He was moving so well, I thought he was about to finish, but he surprised me and stopped suddenly. 

Oral for him

He asked if he could take a break and get some oral action.  I nodded.  He rolled away, disposed of the condom and flattened out on the bed.  I moved over him and kissed him deeply, putting my tongue in and out of his mouth, nibbling on his lower lip at the corner, and sliding my chest on his.  I nibbled my way down his body, tasting a nipple, kissing his belly button, then his hip, and made my way to the center, lying between his legs. 

I kissed his cock and blew on it.  He trembled.  I looked it over dramatically. It is so sexy – long and wide and classically shaped.  He was rock hard in a way I rarely see.  I licked the tip, then licked down one side and up the other, getting it nice and wet.  I put my thumb and index finger into a circle and stroked him up and down, stroking his balls gently with my other hand.  I looked up and smiled and he grinned back and rolled his eyes a bit.  I got serious and sucked him down my throat, pushing his skin up and then pulling it back.  I sucked and slurped and his hips rolled toward me.  He put his hands in my hair and helped me establish a rhythm, moving him in and out of my mouth.  He moaned and sighed and told me I was the best he had ever had sucking on him!  I focused on taking him deeper into my throat and swallowing around him, then slowing down a bit, then doing it again.  Just as I thought I might be able to help him cum, he pulled me off and up to kiss me, said he needed a little break. 

Side entrance

We cuddled close and I reveled in his skin on mine from him to shoulder, our legs intertwined.  He touched my breast and tweaked the nipple slowly.  I shifted my legs over his hip and pressed my ass against his cock.  He smiled and reached over me to grab another condom from the window sill.  He rolled it on expertly, then wiggled until he was in position.  He asked me if it was okay to do this new position and I encouraged him.  He slid inside and smiled as his cock sunk deep inside.  He moved slowly, getting the hang of this action in a way that told me it was not a common position for him.  He watched my face as he played with my breast, then reached down and flicked my clit as he moved.  Oh man… that makes my mind shut down and my body come alive!  I moved against him, pushing him deeper and he sighed and moaned, then closed his eyes, concentrating, pumping in and out, his breathing going crazy…. he warned me that he was close and he couldn’t hold back much longer. I told him to do it… fill me… let it flow… and he shuddered and was still. 

Sharing stories

I smiled and he smiled.  He stayed inside me and cuddled a little closer.  He closed his eyes and his breathing got more regular again.  I looked at the ceiling and enjoyed being close to him and still.  

He asked me to tell him certain stories I had mentioned and told him would be best told in person.  I was pleased he remembered!  I told him about the foursome I got into in Mexico years ago.  He asked good questions that brought out the juicy details that adventure!  He told me about his first affair and meeting his current wife.  I told him about meeting my husband.  He told me about a couple of his trips abroad and I told him about my trips to Lake Winnipesaukee.  It was glorious to tell the stories and hear his and listen to each other as cuddled in bed! 

We had another long kissing time.  Mmm…

Time to go

Way too soon it was time to go.  He pulled me up from the bed and hugged me once more, adding a deep kiss and squeezing my ass with both hands.  Good groping!  He helped me find my clothes, then asked if it was okay if he didn’t walk me out to the car, as that could be dangerous and he’d need a shower to get dressed again.  I told him that made a lot of sense.  I tossed on my clothes then popped into the bathroom to wash my face and hands and relieve myself before the long ride home.  I hugged him close and kissed him once more, then dashed down the stairs, up the driveway and back to my car down the road.  I pulled away quickly and listened carefully as my phone gave me directions.

1:40 pm Headed home 

I checked the time and realized I was starving!  I was so glad I had thought to bring a granola bar!  I snarfed it and drank half a bottle of water as I drove the country roads back to the highway.  I rolled along grinning great big, then drove on to the highway and concentrated on driving.  I heard my phone ping with the special Yahoo email sound, and decided to pull off at a rest stop to read it.  I went in for a bathroom break and read his sweet message.  Wow.  So fantastic not be left wondering if he wants to see me again! Such a class act!  My grin got even bigger.  

What a fun meet!  I adore this man!  He seems like the perfect combo of correspondent, confidant and caring sex partner!  

From: TimmyTim
To: Sassy
Sent: Mon Mar 5, 2018 at 2:01 PM
Re: Here

I promised myself I wouldn’t stalk and let you get home so you didn’t read messages on your cell phone while driving and run off the road in a fiery crash, ….. BUT I had such a great time with you I had to tell you!!!  You are awesome!  

Can’t wait to talk or chat or just screw around with you again!  All equally fun (my cock votes for the screw around), but I have a smile on my face that will take some time to erase!
Take care with kisses, hugs and fond memories of groping!

From: Sassy
To: TimmyTim
Sent: Mon Mar 5, 2018 at 3:11 PM
Re: Here
Hiya T!  
I made it home easily!  
Thank you ever so much for a wonderful morning, and for this message.  It is so comforting to hear from you right away, to know you are smiling.  Writing is a classy thing to do!  

For the record, I did not read it while driving.  I heard the special Yahoo ping and smiled, but waited to read it until I stopped briefly at the rest stop.  And then I grinned great big!  
I hope your evening goes well and you can keep on smiling whenever you need to.  

Meet #21 The Northerner in my bed

January 12, 2018 Friday

From: Sassy
To: Brett
Sent: Fri Jan 12, 2018 at 9:18 AM
Re: MLK day

Happy Friday! Aim for 1 pm. Thanks! Mwah!

There will be kissing! And more!

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Report #21 The Northerner in my bed
I got to see The Northerner today! 
I took off from work to help Hubby prep to go to a convention over the long weekend and drive him to the hotel.  He was in an awful mood so I offered to help, got rebuffed and stayed out of his way. *sigh 
I showered and put on my dark blue paisley leggings, a dark blue top, a floral bra and blue and white patterned panties!  I felt so hip in the leggings. 
We loaded up the car, went to get him breakfast and pick up medicine.  We were supposed to head downtown and were right on schedule when he got diarrhea and we had to go back home.  I sat in the car for 40 minutes watching any hope of getting back on time to meet Brett vanish. I texted him to let him know I’d be late and asked him to wait for me.  
Hubby finally came out at 12:48 pm when I was supposed to be back at 1 pm.  I asked if he could drive and he said no. Ugh. I had an easy drive down and back in record time and was only 30 minutes later.  *sigh
Then my day turned around completely!  I parked on the street and let Brett into my garage.  The moment we were alone in the elevator we grabbed each other and kissed with a longing that surprised me. Mmm… he is such a good kisser!  He kept kissing and hugging me until the doors opened, then jumped back and smiled his magic grin with a big twinkle in his eyes. 
We went to my condo.  He hung up his coat on the peg on the back of the front door, then we enjoyed more kissing and hugging in my front hall.  We started toward the bedroom, but he grabbed me from behind, pressed his very hard cock against my ass and nibbled on my neck.  I rubbed my ass back and forth and mentioned that someone must have been thinking about me. He affirmed that! 
I asked if he needed water or a bathroom or a snack but he said, “Nope!  All I want is you!” Awww! 
He took off his shoes and glasses, and kissed me some more.  He had on a teal blue striped golfing shirt and black pants. We went into my bedroom.  He kissed and hugged me again for a very long time. 
I sat on the edge of the bed to take off my shoes.  He took off his shirt and pants. I played with his cock through his black briefs.  He pressed me down and touched me – my cheek, my breast, my slit, my knees. He helped me out of my top and bra.  He pressed me back down onto the bed and squeezed my left breast, sucked on the nipple awhile. Then he sat me up again and took off the rest of my clothes.  He shed his black socks and briefs. 
I rolled over onto the bed.  Time for some skin on skin! He rolled half over me and kissed me more.  He’s really in a kissing mood! His fingers trailed down my body to my clit, which he flicked and pressed and circled until I was wiggling like crazy!  Mmmm…. 
He pressed a finger inside me to check the wetness level and smiled.  He asked me if I was ready and I nodded and smiled back. He reached over to the night stand to grab a condom, ripped the foil and rolled it onto his hard cock. He moved over me, went up on his knees and guided his cock inside me.  Mmm…. He settled in on me and moved in and out while kissing me. He slipped out and got back on his knees to press his cock inside. He pulled my legs up until my heels were on his shoulders and moved in and out, smiling. I closed my eyes and relished the feel of him sliding in and out… in and out.  He went on for a longer time than usual… then asked me to roll over so he could finish deeper with doggy style. Yes please! 
I got onto my elbows and knees and he slid inside me, pulling my ass until he was buried balls deep inside.  He pounded me, going in and out quickly and then shuddered as he came. He collapsed to my left and we were on our sides, gazing at each other and smiling.  
I got up to pee and then cuddled with him.  We rested for a bit, then I asked him to tell me about his visit to the Duck of Justice at the Bangor (pronounced Bang Or) Maine Police Department.  He spun a tale of his adventure visiting the famous mascot of the marginally famous Facebook page. I told him about a series of five posts they’d posted about cops dealing with mental illness in criminals, and the writer falling on black ice yesterday to show the wide variety of posts.  He told me about his holiday trip north. I told him about afternoon tea with Sis. It was so comfortable and wonderful to share. 
After about an hour, he pulled me up and half over him to kiss me again.  We kissed and kissed. He guided my hand down to his cock. I circled it, pulled it, squeezed it, stroked his balls and returned to pump it!  It got harder and harder. He pushed me away a bit and set himself up and under me so my legs were over his hips at a 90 degree angle, and I backed up into him until I could feel his cock.  He reached down to slide it inside me. It went really deep… I had a different feeling, like perhaps he was hitting my g-spot! That really got me going! Then he pressed his left fingers into my slit to pay attention to my clit.  Oh my, oh my! And he added his right hand to worshipping my left breast. That triple attention sent me soaring! My hips would not stay still! My inner muscles started contracting around him and he moved faster, pulling my left leg up and over so he could get even deeper!  I don’t know what to call this position but I am going to want to do it again soon! 
He was an Energizer bunny today… just kept going and going.  In and out, squeezing my breast, fingering my clit… so good! He finally got worn out and stopping moving, but stayed inside me.  I could’ve stayed like that forever. 
We talked a little more… about pizza!  And turkey dinners. And other tasty treats.  I rolled over to kiss him a bit more. He talked about what he’d like to do in retirement but doubts he ever will because his wife wouldn’t like the idea.  *sigh 
Then it was time for him to go.  I sat on the edge of bed and chatted and he dressed.  He said today was the best ever and I agreed heartily.  We marveled that we manage to find new ways to make each other smile every time.  He gave me one last hug, then disappeared out my front door.

I stood in the hall for several moments, remembering and smiling!  Every time I see him seems better than before and it was true today too! 


From: Sassy
To: Brett
Sent: Fri Jan 12, 2018 at 6:43 PM
Re: MLK day

Hiya Brett!

Thanks again for a glorious afternoon! I am smiling and remembering. I feel like I am floating… mmm.

I forgot I had to go move my car! Duh. Should’ve gone out with you!

I did get a $25 ticket but it was worth it. I went out to Court House Seafood for an fabulous pile of fish, shrimp, scallops and clam strips. And made it back to my car before the heavens opened up.

Hope your drive home was not too terrible.

Have a wonderful weekend! Mwah!


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Meet #20 – Brett being creative

December 15, 2017 Friday
From: Brett
To: Sassy 
Date: Fri Dec 15, 2017 at 11:46 AM
Re: December delights
It looks like I won’t be able to make it for lunch.  Too much to do in order to get out this afternoon.
Will see you around 2:30 as usual….and we are going to have fun.
Report #20 Brett being creative
December 15, 2017 Friday
After waiting seven weeks, and for almost two weeks after we started trying to find a date to meet, this special Friday finally arrived!  I was especially excited to see him… not sure why, just rolled with it. 
Busy morning

I got up early, checked email for work and did a little payroll adjusting.  I took a shower and tossed on some casual clothes – dark blue sweater, blue paisley leggings, royal blue panties and my famous black bra.  I ran errands with Hubby then dropped him off at therapy and made my way out to the burbs. There was no traffic – made it in less than half an hour! 
Lunch alone

He had a doctor’s appointment in the morning and had to go back to work, so I was on my own for lunch. I went to our spot alone – the Bamboo, the stellar Chinese restaurant near the hotel.  It was super-busy but they found a small table for me in the back near the buffet! There was a lot of fresh food and some new choices – I filled a plate and munched along while reading news articles and Facebook on my phone.  I went back for another half plate of my favorites – mostly appetizers – shumai, crab rangoon, half an egg roll, chicken fingers. I watched the people around me, mostly tables of three or four businessmen. I texted back and forth on kik with The Pup, who wanted to give me interesting ideas of things to try with Brett.  Heh. I made a quick trip to the women’s room then drove over to the hotel. 
Meeting at the hotel

There was no one in lobby.  I took a quick photo of their beautiful Christmas tree, then checked in.  They gave me two bottles of water and a warm chocolate chip cookie. Yum. I sat in the lower lobby and 4 minutes later, Brett came skipping in with a twinkle in his eye!  He looked so handsome in his leather jacket, yellow plaid dress shirt, khakis and dress shoes. He’d let his hair grow a bit. I imagined messing it up and pulling on it! I gave him my most salacious smile and winked. 
Getting started

I handed him the room key and map.  I asked him how the doctor went. He said it was quick and painless.  We had an easy room to find this time – just up in the elevator one floor and down the hall to Room 3011.  He opened the door. I set down my stuff and turned… he was just about to grab me for a hug when he stopped, smelled his hands and said he had just put gas into his car and needed to wash his hands.  He dashed off to the bathroom. I sat in the big chair and took off my shoes. I sat on the end of the bed. He joined me there, snuggling up beside me. 
He put his hands on my face and we kissed and kissed.  Yum. I unbuttoned his shirt and he tossed it across the room.  I rubbed his chest and we kept kissing. He got up and took off the rest of his clothes, saying he’d better do that before I got my hair and smells all over them.  Very smart! I stared at his beautiful body and hard cock. 
He got behind me on the bed and massaged my shoulders, then pulled off my sweater.  He looked over my shoulder at my cleavage and made nice noises. He undid my bra and massaged my breasts.  I reached behind me to stroke his balls and hard cock. He moaned. 
Something new

He peeled my bra off, then sat back down beside me for a lovely skin-to-skin hug.  He pushed me down on the bed and kissed his way down my body, lingering over sucking my right nipple, then moving on down until he was kneeling on the rug between my knees with my legs hanging over the end of the bed.  He’s never done that before. Nice! 
He peeled down my leggings a bit, kissing and touching the exposed skin.  Then peeled them down a little further and kissed and touched some more. He’s not usually much of a tantalizer, so this was new and exciting!  I started tingling. He pulled the leggings down to my knees and kissed my inner thighs. Oh man… 
He rolled my leggings and panties off and tossed them over onto the big chair.  He pressed his face into my slit and licked my clit. That caused a big jolt! My hips popped up!  He pressed a finger inside me and went in and out while his tongue flicked my clit. Wowzers… that is the hottest thing!  
Then it got hotter – he ran another finger around my rim and pressed inside a little.  Oh my… the triple play of tongue on clit, finger inside and another finder inside lower?  I was shaking! And twisting! I began to wonder if he’d watched some new porn or something.  This was a whole new level of creativity! 
He pressed two fingers inside me and found my G spot.  Whee! I was wiggling all over! He stood up a bit, and teased my clit with his cock, got it nice and wet, then pressed it inside me just a little.  He moved in and out, and I sat up slightly to watch his face. His expression defines the word “ecstasy!” He stopped and said it was time to pull back the comforter and get onto the sheets.  I shimmied up the bed and he rolled down the covers, and I rolled over onto the sheets on my tummy. He grabbed a condom off the nightstand and I heard him rip the foil and put it on. 
Deep, wet, tight

He pulled my ass up and shoved his cock deep inside me.  That is the best feeling! I murmured… “So deep…” and he moaned.  He pounded in and out. I asked if it was wet? He whispered, “Oh yes.”  I asked if it was tight? He moaned again and whispered, “Mmm… hmmm.” I lost the ability to talk, just shrieked and took deep breaths as he pounded me into the mattress!  After a much longer time than usual, he warned me that he couldn’t hold back anymore, that he was going to fill me up. I replied, “DO IT!” and he came hard, shaking and staying inside.  Mmm… mmm… mmm.
I looked over at the clock as I rolled over onto my back – we had been at it for over an hour!  That may have been the best hour of my year. I had such a glow! I told him how glorious it was to be with him.  He grinned. 
Cuddling and talking

He usually rests or even sleeps for a few minutes but when I turned back to him, his eyes were open and he was smiling and he pulled me back to him for more kissing!  I cuddled up against him, entwining my legs with his, rubbing his arm and shoulder, and kissing him. 
My cold medicine started to wear off and I had a little coughing fit.  Ugh. He asked if I was coming down with something and I reminded him I’ve been sick for 5 weeks and keep hoping I am over it, but apparently not.  He wondered if he’d catch it. I said I can’t still be contagious. He said there’s contagious and then there’s the “oh so close, sharing saliva and stuff” contagious!  I giggled. “And… stuff. Mmm…” I kissed him again. He asked about the symptoms so he’d know if he got the same thing, so I briefly described my progression from sore throat through drippy nose (not congested) and then after about a week, the coughing.  And how I keep thinking I was better and it would start again! I told him I’d been to the doctor at the 2-week point, and they told me it was a virus. Nothing to done except rest and hydrate. Ugh. 
He told me about his plans to travel north over the holiday.  I told him more about my favorite Facebook page – The Bangor Maine Police Department – and we smiled over their latest adventure to Arlington National Cemetery to place wreaths on graves, then picking up a puppy to bring home to a lady in Maine.  We talked about our work. I talked about my latest community project. 
I played with his cock a bit, and kissed him some more, but he didn’t seem to want to ramp up.  He asked me about Hubby’s health and I told him that sad tale of mental issues. I asked about his health and he said he’s been doing especially well.  
I looked at the clock and it was almost 5 pm.  I asked when he needed to go. He replied, “ soon… but not yet” and pulled me back to spoon against him with my ass tucked nicely onto his cock.  He rubbed my left breast and told me about his work in a way that mentioned his profession – he’s never done that before. I knew already from some serious internet sleuthing, but it was nice to think he trusts me enough now to talk freely after 2.5 years! 
I had considered staying over at the hotel for the night and had asked if he could join me again in the morning.  I checked in to get an answer. He said he might be able to, but it was very risky. I stopped him there and said never mind.  I do not want him getting caught! Not ever, but most especially not the week before Christmas. 
I asked about his parents.  He said they are doing amazing well.  I told him about a blogger pal whose dad died, and he is the executor of his estate and asked me for my notes about dealing with all that, so I finally got around to writing up my advice and editing my Google sheet so it might be useful.  He said he doesn’t have to be the executor for his parents, due to an older sibling who can handle it. Lucky man. 
Heading out

Our time ran out.  He got up to take a shower.  I went to the bathroom to relieve myself and chatted while he washed off all the evidence of our adventures.  I threw on my clothes and collected my belongings as he dressed. I took more Dayquil. I checked my phone – Hubby’s date was cancelled, so I could go home.  I decided that was best.  He gave me the cash for the room – he’s so good about that.  We looked around to double-check for anything we’d left then headed out. 
He walked me to my car and stood there while I made sure it would start, then waved, wished me a wonderful Happy Christmas and New Year and was gone. That man is so sweet!  
Going home

I sat waiting for my car to warm up, ate my cookie and drank a bottle a water, texted Hubby and talked over ordering dinner.  I wanted to give the Dayquil a chance to kick in so I didn’t cough while driving. I headed off toward home. The traffic was the worst I’ve ever seen returning from a meet!  I sat on the highway not moving for minutes at a time… took me 20 minutes to go 4 miles to the next highway entrance and then it was packed and slow. It took me less than 30 minutes to get out there, and over an hour to get back!  I was rather worn out when I left the hotel and completely wiped by the time I made it home.
Luckily Hubby had dinner waiting – a tasty bowl of pozole soup to soothe my scratchy throat and beef nachos to fill my tummy.  Yum. I had a rare evening texting sessions with The Pup, who wanted to hear the details of my meet. He is so curious! It was fun to relive the highlights while telling him.  I collapsed into bed about 9 pm with a big smile on my face! 

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WrySmile meet #2 – My event

November 18, 2017 Saturday

from: WrySmile 
to: Sassy
date: Sat, Nov 18, 2017 at 12:47 PM
subject: You asked me to write this, and I did…


It’s clear that you don’t want to keep in touch, and that’s OK. But a few weeks ago you asked me if I could write an erotic story from the woman’s point of view. I’ve been working on it ever since and wanted to share the results with you and get your comments. (And to thank you for giving me the challenge.)

It’s based on a real relationship from senior year in college. Of course the details of the scene are imagined except one that I’ll never forget: her saying “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!???” (She and I occasionally email each other 40 years later.)

Let me know what you think of the story and please suggest any changes.

I hope you’re doing very well and that Hubby is holding up OK. Let me know if you’d like to keep in touch. But either way, I wish you joy.


Attachment: Erotic Story


from: Sassy
to: WrySmile 
date: Sat, Nov 18, 2017 at 1:44 PM
subject: Join me at an event?

Wanna see an event at 3 pm? I can get you in for free. Email back for details if you can dash out to join me.  🙂

Thank you for writing! Email and story. I promise to read it and comment soon.




from: WrySmile 
to: Sassy
date: Sat, Nov 18, 2017 at 2:01 PM
subject: Re: Join me at an event?

what’s event? 3;00 might be tight


from: Sassy
to: WrySmile 
date: Sat, Nov 18, 2017 at 2:08 PM
subject: Re: Join me at an event?

Hop a Lyft?

[more on the event]

I will meet you at the entrance to get you in.  And save you a seat.


from: WrySmile 
to: Sassy
date: Sat, Nov 18, 2017 at 2:11 PM
subject: Re: Join me at an event?

I’ll be late, but I’ll be there


from: Sassy
to: WrySmile 
date: Sat, Nov 18, 2017 at 2:23 PM
subject: Re: Join me at an event?

Ok, see you soon! Hooray!


What is the matter with me?!  I am such an idiot. 

It wasn’t until he had confirmed and I replied that it occurred to me – what did I do?  Why did I invite him to a public event with most of my community project people?  Argh!  

I have talked for years with various men about them attending these community events I work on, sitting with me in the dark, seeing the results of my efforts. I didn’t occur to me how risky that could be until after I did it.  Duh.  

He doesn’t know my real name or my role in these events.  How am I going to stay anonymous in the midst of my friends?  Is it still a priority?  Am I going to introduce him to people?  “This is Darrin.”  What will they think?  

Why am I continuing to communicate with someone who doesn’t want me as a lover?  Who would be a high-maintenance friend.  *sigh  I suppose because I was so proud of this event and wanted to share it, wanted his feedback, wanted him to have a nice afternoon out.  

I told Hubby that Darrin was going to appear.  He raised his eyebrows but didn’t say anything.  I went about my usual routine and waited, trying to put it out of my mind.  The event started and I concentrated on it.  

He showed up about half way through.  I happened to look over at the entrance as he came wandering in.  I dashed over to greet him, gave him a big hug and he hugged me back, holding on extra long.  I had saved him a seat and pointed in that direction.  He went along with me.  I wondered if he could gather enough about what was happening to make sense of it, having missed the first part, but he quickly got engrossed in the goings-on.  It was marvelous to see him paying attention, nodding, smiling over at me.  I worried that he’d get overly familiar and people would notice, but he didn’t. 

Then it was over.  He leaned in close and told me how much he had enjoyed it and how impressed he was and that he was so glad he’d made the effort to get there.  We stood up and I talked to several people as they departed, accepting their positive feedback.  Several of my friends asked questions about cleaning up and he listened as I answered.  I could feel him trying to figure out what my role was, but he couldn’t ask as people kept coming by.  

Finally, the crowd thinned and I turned to him.  He said more wonderful things, seemed astonished at the quality of the event and the comments from others, so happy to have seen it.  I was very nervous as another friend stopped by to chat, and started chatting with him, but the conversation stayed on the topic of the event and then he said he really should be going, it was obvious I had things to do, that we’d talk more next week!  He thanked me.  

I walked him out to the curb and we chatted while he waited for a Lyft.  When it pulled up, he hugged me, grinned, slid into the back seat and was gone.  

Wow… I can’t believe I got away with that!  I will think a lot more about it before I do it again, if I ever do!  

Meeting LOLBob

November 9, 2017 Thursday
From: Sassy
Good morning hot stuff! 
I’m dressed in dark blue with a light floral silk scarf and so excited to see you!
From: ogs1967
Very excited to see you too! I have blue shirt, tan pants, brown jacket. 
2:30 still good for you?
From: Sassy
Yes indeed! See you at John Harvard’s! Mwah!
From: ogs1967
Awesome! See you there
From: ogs1967
I’m here at the bar whenever you get here!
Report #1 Bob 11/9/17
November 9, 2017 Thursday 
Put in AM messages from Nov 6 on
I made it to the bar at John Harvard’s at exactly at 2:30 pm.  I walked slowly down the stairs, looking around.  A man seated about halfway down the bar looked up and smiled.  I checked his clothing and it was him!  He stood up to greet me and opened his arms for a lovely hug!  He’s cute!  He is tall and skinny and has a shock of reddish hair!  
He asked if I wanted to join him at the bar or get a table- he had a beer half-drunk and a glass of water, and a glass of water for me!  Very thoughtful! I said it was fine to sit at the bar and thought “that way I can touch you more easily” but I didn’t say it.  I hopped up on the bar stool and pulled closer to him.  He stared at me and smiled.  There was no one close to us so we could talk freely.  
The bartender came by and I ordered a diet coke with lime.  Bob asked me if I didn’t want something stronger?  I told him I can’t drink.  He seemed a little startled, but I assured him it was fine that he was.  
He said he’d gotten there early and nervously looked up every three seconds hoping I’d arrive.  I told him I was so glad he was there first so I didn’t have to do that!  He said every time his phone pinged he thought it would be me flaking out.  I told I don’t do that.  He said he didn’t mean me, just him being nervous.  I patted him on the arm and told him I understand.  
He asked me where I live and when I moved there, so I got to talk about my condo a little. 
He told me about his history on AM – he’s been on and off twice in the past two years, met four women, none of which seemed worth following up with.  He said it’s a big step and he didn’t feel ready to take the risk for any of them.  I said it’s true, and you have to be careful, but it should be fun!  It’s not a huge deal… it’s… scratching an itch.  It doesn’t “go anywhere” except a few hours of amazing physical contact and someone to listen and appreciate him.  He smiled and said he was way overdue for that!  
I told him that my husband and I are open, so I don’t need to worry about stealth, but that I know how to help men keep themselves safe, and I try to stay anonymous.  He nodded.  He said he wanted to keep using the AM interface – no texts or emails – to keep himself safer.  Probably a good idea but… yuck. 
He asked how my meets usually go – where, when.  I said mostly hotels or after awhile, maybe at my place.  And that I can pay and he can give me cash.  He nodded but seemed daunted at the idea of paying for hotels.  He said he has kids in college. *sigh
I got him talking about his work.  He had some great stories.  He talked about the sports he likes to participate in – hockey, basketball, skiing.  I told him I am only athletic in bed.  He grinned.  He said he is really out a practice in bed but hopes to get up to speed quickly.  I told him about how I’ve learned so much in the last few years.  Like what?  He asked.  So I got to tell him about how I used to think blow jobs were just sucking but I’ve learned they are more.  “Oh?”  he asked.  I said they are about licking and touching, and he trembled.  Heh.  I am so sassy! 
I mentioned I might retire in a couple of years.  He said he could never retire – he has kids in college and other expenses that will keep him working and he likes it, so he’ll keep at it.  
We talked about tumblr and my toys.  He said the internet is very helpful for “inspiration.”  
It got to be an hour and I decided this was enough for a first meet.  He seemed surprised but said he hoped we could see each other again soon for “more adult activities.” I offered to take him into the handicapped-accessible bathroom right now for some kissing and groping.  His eyes went wide but he declined.  He said there would be time and a bed soon.  He said he wanted me to know right away that he was interested.  That was sweet.  
I stood to leave and he got up and hugged me again.  I felt good in his arms.  He pulled back a little and kissed me quickly on the lips.  So chaste.  This guy has not been with a woman in a long time.  And maybe never with one who likes sex.  
He smiled and asked if he could do it again.  I grinned and nodded, and he pecked my lips again and looked very pleased, like he had crossed some line and not gotten hit by lightning and was emboldened.  Heh.

I smiled and took off up the stairs, wondering if I’d hear from him but not really caring either way.  Which is probably good so I don’t get my hopes up but am pleasantly surprised if he writes.  He does not seem to have thought this out, the cheating thing.  Wonder if he will? 

Meet #19 Brett bliss

October 27, 2017 Friday
From: Brett
To: Sassy
Sent: Friday, October 27, 2017 6:49 AM
Subject: RE: Wonderful fall

sounds yummy!


Report #19 The Canadian All Kinds of Bliss
October 27, 2017 Friday
I was off work today but still managed to have a crazy day!  I had scheduled two items:
11:30 am Do a good deed by giving an old phone to a friend whose phone bricked earlier this week
2:30 pm Meet Brett 
I was also supposed to do a little work on the payroll.  
Then one of my gal pals got laid off at 10:15 am.  I read her texts about that. She’d had warning from her boss, who also got laid off, so she had a chance to take all her stuff home from the office and start to think about her options before the official word came, but it is never easy! 

I offered to take her to lunch and give her a ride home to the suburbs, so she wouldn’t have to stick around the office or somewhere until the commuter trains ran later in the day.  
So I showered and dressed in a hurry, throwing on my black floral top and yoga leggings that make me feel so trendy!  I drove and found an easy parking space and handed off my phone, then dashed to pick up my pal. I took her to lunch, took her home, then scurried off to meet Brett.  Whee! I was about 15 minutes late, but managed to text him before he left the office so he wouldn’t be stuck waiting around at the hotel. 
I waltzed into the hotel at 2:45 pm.  There was no one waiting to check in, so I made quick work of that. Just as I turned away from the front desk, Brett came walking down the hall toward me!  He got the biggest smile when he saw me. It makes me melt! 
He took the map to the room from me and gave me a quick kiss and a squeeze as he navigated to room 2031 on the first floor, down one hallway and around the corner and down to the end!  I used the keycard to open the door and we are alone! 
There were lawn service workers just outside the window, so I closed the curtains tightly.  He was behind me and put his arms around me, massaging my breasts and nibbling on my neck. I relished that for a long time, then sat on the ottoman to take off my shoes.  He pulled off my socks and my top, sitting behind me on the chair. He played with my breasts and my bra, then discarded it as well. He cupped my naked breasts and sighed, nibbling on my ear and moaning a bit.  Mmmm…. He turned me a bit so we could kiss. There was a fierceness to it today, likely born of it being more than two months since our last meet. So delicious! 
He finally pulled off my leggings and panties, then went to the bathroom to grab a “cum towel” and led me to the bed.  
He pulled me to him for a glorious horizontal hug and cuddle.  I said this was bliss and he murmured that it was a first kind of bliss but we were going to have many more!  
We kissed some more, for a longer time than usual.  He played with his tongue, and nibbled on my lips. Yummy. 
He moved down to suck on my right breast and rolled my left nipple between his fingers.  That got me squirming! He fingered my clit until I was shaking. Oh my! 
He rolled over to grab a condom from the nightstand and rolled it on.  He got on top and was inside me in no time.  He pounded in and out… I enjoyed being filled by his rock hard cock and watching the blissful look on his face.  He rolled me over onto my hands and knees and entered me again. I adore how deep he can get in that position! He pounded me… in and out… pulling my ass on and off his cock.  So so good! I told him he made me feel fantastic! He agreed that he was feeling fantastic too! He sped up a bit, then warned me that he was going to over the edge and did. He kept moving even after he came… prolonging the bliss, he said.  Yes indeed! 
He finally rolled off to my right and cuddled me onto his chest again.  He started talking after a short rest, asking how my work was going, how my community project work was, how my husband was, whether I had gone to my high school reunion.  I told him a pithy story about each item. I am so impressed with his memory and taking the time to listen. I asked him about his work and his family. He told me about a wonderful golf outing he’d had with a pal from work a couple of weekends back.  
I had to go to the bathroom.  I tried not to… I hate being away from him and wasting time.  But sometimes nature calls and I have to heed it! I apologized, said I might asphyxiate him.  He said I could do a “courtesy flush.” I asked what that was, and he said, “You know, like on Seinfeld.”  I told him I had never watched it. He was aghast! I said it was too NYC and they were too mean to each other for me to find it funny.  He said it was so classic and he enjoyed the irony. 
I rushed to the bathroom and back into his arms.  He got talking about another comedy TV series, “The Big Bang Theory.”  He said it makes him laugh a lot and I really should try watching it. He gave me examples of fun plot twists and guest stars.  
He started squeezing my breast again, then kissed me for awhile more, and sucked on my left breast.  I backed up against him and threw my leg over his hip. He reached to the nightstand for another condom and rolled it on in a hurry, then was able to slide inside me and finger my clit at the same time.  Oof… that position got me going! He came again and we cuddled until I noticed it was time for him to shower and go. 
I threw on my clothes.  He gave me money to cover the room.  I left money for the maid. He thanked me for GRRRREAT time, a la Tony the Tiger, the Frosted Flakes cereal mascot.  We walked out together. I groped his butt on the way down the hallway. He had on these silky black slacks that felt amazing under my hands.
He had parked at the other end of the hotel, said he wanted to explore the areas we never walk through.  So we parted in the lobby with a smile.  

I went on to my car alone and drove home in heavy traffic, reliving the blissful moments in my mind!  

From: Sassy
To: Brett
Sent: Fri, Oct 27, 2017 at 9:49 PM
Re: Wonderful fall

Hiya Brett! Thank you for a lovely afternoon! It was so many kinds of bliss!

Hope you had an easy trip home. It took my nearly an hour but I kept moving and thinking of you and smiling.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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Meeting WrySmile

September 17, 2017 Sunday

from: Sassy
to: WrySmile 
date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 9:13 AM
subject: Meet

Good morning hot stuff!

2 pm at Tosci’s works! If I get out of brunch earlier should I ping you or should we plan on 2 pm?

Are you nervous? Excited?

Mmm… your stories are sexy and sensual! I can see myself in most of the moments. Tingling. Do you really drink bourbon? I’m so happy for another way to know you. Thank you for sharing!

Much more later!



from: WrySmile 
to: Sassy
date: Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 10:25 AM
subject: Re: Meet

2:00 it is!

Bourbon? Sometimes


Report #1

Meeting WrySmile @ Toscanini’s

I had a lovely leisurely Sunday morning – got up late and had time to shower and dress and catch up on my Facebook reading!  
My older sister and her beau took me out for a belated birthday brunch. I was home for about an hour, then headed out to meet a new guy! 
He had chosen to meet at Toscanini’s Ice Cream in Central Square in Cambridge.  Such an original idea! Much better than coffee or a bar, where I can’t partake of the central beverages offered.  Hubby dropped me off a block away, and I walked in right at 2 pm. 
The new guy was sitting at a high table on a stool facing the door.  He smiled beautifully when I arrived. My first thought was “what a lovely smile!”  My second thought was, “Wow… his online photo must be at least 10 years old!” In the photo he is robust-looking with reddish-brown hair and beard.  This man is frail, with completely gray hair and beard.  I can’t find a photo that looks much like him but David Bradley of Harry Potter’s Mr. Filch fame can give you some idea. 

David Bradley, actor

I noticed a cane folded on the table, and he was rather unsteady when he rose to give me a hug.  He had on a typical blue polo shirt with an open collar and worn blue jeans with expensive running shoes. I had on blue gauze pants and a blue t-shirt with red, white and blue designs at the top – casual and comfortable for a warm, late summer day.  

I waited for the line to wane, and got up to get an iced chai. I was still full from brunch so I passed up the ice cream.  He requested a decaf cappuccino and said he should pay but I waved him off. 
We talked for two hours.  He told me one story after another – he is a wonderful storyteller!  He made me laugh. He said it was such a treat to have someone he could talk with about Ashley Madison and sex and whatever came into his mind.  I told him a little about the (sadly extinct) IRC chat room and how I saw that reaction over and over when new people found it. He told me how he met his wife at a party in grad school and I told him how I met Hubby online.
He was very upfront about his health.  It’s a mess. He has ALS, depression, ADHD, and ED.  Oh my. His legs are weak but he can still walk with the cane.  The depression is controlled with medication. He has success with viagra when he masturbates.  He is able to work.  He said he has a marvelous boss. I told him mine is not and I am envious!  
A woman went by with an odd phrase on her t-shirt and I wondered aloud as to what it might mean.  He got up, tapped her on the shoulder and asked! That is bold! He said he talks to strangers a lot.  He asked me why I don’t. It made me feel like such a New Englander! And it made me know how lonely he is.  Or how outgoing? Or some combination. 
The shop got quite crowded, so he suggested a change of venue.  We went for a walk to a gorgeous park a few blocks away, and sat in the shade on a wooden bench. I sat on one end and he sat next to me at arms-length.  I asked about any traveling he’s done, and he told me of several “failed trips” because he travels alone and can’t walk far and gets sad. It occurred to me that his wife has given up on him. 
When it got to his announced time to leave, I mentioned it.  He talked a little more and then rose. I got up and he offered me his arms.  We had a nice hug and a single kiss. He felt small and fragile in my arms. I fear I’d squish him!  Not a pleasant moment. Made me sad. 
I asked if I could walk him to the T.  He took me on a stroll through an area where he used to live and we ran into a couple of his old neighbors.  It was awkward but they were so pleasant to him, made me know he’s a good guy. He showed me lots of interesting buildings and told me stories.  It was marvelous!  We finally walked back to the T stop.  He gave me another quick hug at the entrance and we parted ways. 
I took a Lyft home and pondered this meet and what I want.  I could easily keep talking with him. I could probably cuddle and have vanilla sex with him.  I don’t see myself being able to satisfy his urge for regular anal sex. And I don’t think we are compatible physically.  I mostly feel sorry for him and have to fight my urge to help him. I am interested in how his life goes, but sadly, the last thing I need is another disabled, depressed man to support emotionally without sex!  I am sad… for him and for me. I wonder what he will want to do next.  *sigh

Meet #17 Spontaneous Brett

June 30, 2017 Friday

I had the day off from work to go in for my annual breast exam. I try not to be nervous but there’s always the specter of cancer and craziness… so I think about something else. I was remembering last year and seeing The Canadian and wishing I could see him today. But I haven’t heard from him in almost two months. *sigh

The breast exam went well and I had a celebratory ham & cheese croissant at Au Bon Pain. I had hoped to go off on an adventure with Hubby but he wasn’t feeling like going anywhere, so we headed home. I sat at my desk, deciding whether to nap or read Facebook. Yahoo Mail announced a new message. I only use that for men from Ashley Madison so I got a tingle and clicked over to see who had written.


From: Brett
To: Sassy
Sent: Friday, June 30, 2017 1:19 PM
Subject: Re: June jewel

I replied once to this email but it looks like it didn’t go through. If this is the second time, sorry bout that!

I been real busy lately, project at work is in crunch time, boss left and the new boss and I have history. Home is nuts too with contractors doing fixups. I haven’t even looked at this email account in quite some time. Sorry, and I’m happy for your patience.

I sure wish we had set up a date today. Somehow, it seems like the right kind of Friday for meeting.

Talk to you soon,



From: Sassy
To: Brett
Sent: Jun 30, 2017 at 1:25 PM
Re: June jewel

Hiya Brett! 

So happy to hear from you. This is the first time.

I could still pop out to see you if you like? Or we could plan for next week? Would be so good to feel your arms around me.



From: Brett
To: Sassy
Sent: Friday, June 30, 2017 1:27 PM
Subject: Re: June jewel

I could do today. Let me know when you could make it.


I popped on to the Hilton site, made a room reservation at our favorite place and wrote right back to Brett! 

From: Sassy
To: Brett
Sent: Jun 30, 2017 at 1:32 PM
Re: June jewel

Hi Brett! 

Hooray! I am so excited!

I am leaving now. Google Maps says 40 minutes, but it will likely be a little longer. Let’s say 2:30 pm or whenever you can make it after that?



From: Brett
To: Sassy
Sent: Fri, Jun 30, 2017 at 1:44 PM
Re: June jewel

See you soon. I’ve just got to finish up some things quickly.



I brushed my hair and put it up so I’d be cooler in the humid, hot afternoon air. I brushed my teeth. I put on lip balm. I wished I had shaved recently but there was no time now! I dashed to my car and drove out into the burbs! The traffic was beastly but I made it less than an hour.

I checked in… they didn’t have a reservation for me! The desk clerk asked how I made it… I said I made it online about an hour ago. She asked to see the confirm – I dug it up on my phone. She said it was for another hotel 5 miles down the road! Oh no! It was too late to cancel! Argh! I asked if she had a room – she did! She checked me in and then said she could cancel the other reservation! Phew. She gave me the key card. I checked the bar – no sign of Brett. I sat in the lobby. Three minutes later he appeared!

He offered me his arm and cuddled up to me as we walked down and around and over to our room – 2087 this time. It was so wonderful to see him and touch him!

The minute the door was closed, he took me in his arms in front of the window and hugged me! He nibbled on my neck. I sat down on the ottoman to take off my shoes and he did the same. He sat behind me in the chair and hugged and nibbled some more. He pulled me up, saying he needed a hug and a kiss! I was eager to do that! He makes me feel so wanted!!

We smooched and groped and hugged… mmm. He helped me take off my top and bra and pants. He got out of his clothes before I could get to them. I ogled his lovely body. He had on white underwear today. Interesting to see that he usually wears black to see me but white when he didn’t know he would. He has lost weight!

We kissed and hugged some more… ah… skin-on-skin. Yum. I pulled him onto the bed and we hugged horizontally. Mmmm…

He worshipped my right breast for a long while and put his finger on my clit. I savored both sensations then went a little crazy. I told him he makes me smile. He said he really wanted to make me quake! Ha! He did a pretty good job with that.

He rolled over to grab a condom from the nightstand, rolled it on in record time and was on top of me! He shimmied down until he could slip inside me. Mmmm… I usually can’t do missionary because of my sexy tummy but he makes it work! I talked to him, a little naughty… about how it felt to have him inside me… so hot, so hard, so full, so deep. He smiled and closed his eyes… the look of bliss. So hot! He moved faster and then slower… then faster again and warned me he was not going to last long because he had been wanting me for such a long time. He came hard and collapsed next to me. Wow!

He fell asleep cuddled around me. I listened to him breathe and snore softly. I rubbed his arm and waited. After about 10 minutes he started talking. We caught up on work and home and family and politics. He said he’d lost 25 pounds! He could definitely feel it, and his shirts and pants were getting loose. I told him I noticed it right off.

He kissed me some more. I pressed back against him, thought he might go up and under and in, but he rolled me over to go in doggy style! Oh my… he can get so deep that way. He slid in and out… his stamina is something! I finally started to get sore and rolled away, apologizing but he said it was fine, he was wearing out too and it was time to go.

He showered. I tossed on my clothes and looked around to be sure we had everything. We walked out together, groping and kissing just a little more! I thanked him for a lovely afternoon, told him it would make me calm for another month. But if he wanted to see me again next week, I’d be around! He smiled and chuckled.  I told him I mean it! 

We went out into the heat and he thanked me as he branched off to his car. I threw him a kiss and got into my car. I ate the free chocolate chip cookie the hotel gave me when I checked in, drank a lot of water, texted Hubby and was on my way.


Hubby wanted Chinese food, so we went right on out to eat and I didn’t get home until after 8 pm. I wrote to Brett first thing.


From: Sassy
To: Brett
Sent: Jun 30, 2017 at 8:33 PM
Re: June jewel

Hiya Brett,

Thanks again for a special afternoon! Hope your trip home wasn’t too slow. There was heavy traffic but it rolled along and I made it in 40 minutes.

Have a lovely evening! Mwah!


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