Small world

2012 Year 2 -Week 51

Wednesday, August 1, 2012
8:17 am 
Good morning! Hope your Wednesday is wonderful!           
So sorry about last night… sat down on my bed to change clothes at 8 pm, woke at 7:30 am! Oops!
You, hot tub…mmmm
The idea of that jazzed up my morning shower…
9:43am  Phil 
Good morning! No worries.  Enjoy the day!
10:35 am Phil 
[beautiful sunset over the ocean photo]
Another busy day for you?
11:38am Phil 
Always! Wouldn’t have it any other way.
6:09 pm Phil
Ahhhhhh — at Downtown Disney.
6:31 pm Phil 
Margaritas — at Tortilla Jo’s.
Ooh!  Disney Land!  You lucky duck! 
7:34pm Phil 
Ha ha ha It’s a small world after all
7:40 pm Phil 
[photo of him outside in shorts]
Whoo Hooo. Disney Land!
8:38 pm Phil 
Good New Orleans chow — at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen.
My goodness you do flit about!  
Adored seeing your legs… couldn’t help but think about how they’d feel in my hands when I was making you feel good.
9:14pm Phil
Ha ha
You full of jambalaya or étouffée?
Or gumbo? 
1:20 am Phil
Blackened chicken carbonara, gumbo and bread pudding.
1:20 am
with beer?
1:23 am Phil
Margaritas, hurricanes, more margaritas and then beer
1:23 am
oh my!
Is this all on expense account?
1:26 am Phil
Of course! Your tax dollars at work. 
Off tomorrow for a round of golf and steaks on the grill!
1:27 am
Yay!  I’m off to bed… sweet dreams, Kid.
1:29 am Phil
Nite Sass, sweet dreams
1:44 am Phil 
Soaking in the Jacuzzi
2:31 am Phil 
[cock shot #1]
2:32 am Phil 
[cock shot #2]
2:33 am Phil
[cock shot #3]
2:43 am Phil
[ass shot]
2:44 am Phil
What would you do with that?
Laying here stroking. Need to cum. Mmmm

Favorite sexy video

Monday, July 30 2012
Good morning!  Hope your week is off to a grand start.
Perfect here – 70 and clear and dry!  Have fun!

6:35 pm
Tried a new barbecue restaurant

6:49 pm Phil
For those who think I didn’t bring a uniform.  [photo of him in uniform in a meeting]
We are working 7 days a week but there is always time to play a little. 🙂
11:42 pm Phil
Calamari steaks. Taste just like lobster.

11:46pm Phil
Fun day. Great weather. Great food.
Amazing calamari steaks. Dipped in lemon butter, taste like lobster
Oh my… *drool*
11:50pm Phil
Best I ever had. Place next door had $2.50 margaritas.
Girl sat next to me at the bar told me the waitresses tits were fake but hers were Kentucky Fried Chicken. Yikes. She was sweet. When we left I told her I’d take Kentucky Fried over fake any day. She had a huge smile when we left. Never hurts to be nice.
I think yours are lobster grown and I do love lobster.
Yowza!  Thank you, sweetie!
11:57pm Phil
Ha ha!
Was someone with you for this flirt fest?
12:03am Phil
Yea, buddy, the guy in the pick.
He was no help
12:05am Phil
He was laughing as I tried to extricate myself gracefully
Shit bag
Hee hee
Did it make you frisky?
12:13am Phil
Not really but I’m always frisky
Ah… if only.
But you do alright.  
12:17am Phil
Gonna have a cigar with my pal and then lay down and get off
Call me.
12:17am Phil
Gonna be an hour or so
That ok?
Yes.  I wanna help.  And hear you.
12:18am Phil
Ah, cool!
Get your toy out.
Want pictures of wet pussy, fingers
Get your pants and panties off. Free the titties
Keep this up and I will cum before you get back…
12:32am Phil
That’s ok. You can cum twice.
Can’t wait to lube up my cock and ass ready to play
Pussy, assholes, coxks, tits, mouths and tongues all being used and enjoyed
Off for a drink and then I need to cum. Looking forwards to it.
Showered and ready. Help me cum babe.
Back in a few, naked, ready to fuck and be fucked.
1:52 am
I thought I could stay up… but I am fading.
So sorry!!! Find me tomorrow…
1:54 am
can’t remember if I sent this before…
but here’s a very hot video, one of my favorites
5 minutes that might help in my absence…
2:18 am Phil
Finally back
Good nite girl
Tomorrow then. I can wait

The Confidante

“When you love someone deeply, you know secrets they haven’t told you yet. Or secrets they aren’t even aware of themselves. … She was the person I wanted to share the trivia of my life with, because that too is part of the magic of concern: Whatever you live is important to them and they will help you through it. Perhaps even more importantly, they will help you to understand it.”
American author b. 1949


Sunday, July 29, 2012
5:11 pm Phil
5:20 pm
Hiya kid. You found another gorgeous spot! Quiet day for me. I had a massage at older sister’s – I pulled a hamstring and she paid for her massage therapist to work on me. Feels much better!
6:00 pm Phil
Pulled Hammie hurts. Done that a couple times.
Still out riding. Rode down the shore, stopped for hydration at my favorite spot.
6:14 pm
Thanks for all the photos… great to see your smiling face and the beautiful scenery around you! Quite a contrast to the overcast and 68 we have here!
6:18 pm Phil
This is paradise. Wish it was not so expensive to live here. Having a lot of fun. Headed off to another assignment tomorrow for the week and then a final couple of days back here. This has been nice.
6:20 pm
Wow! What a big trip this is!

8:55 pm Phil
Lot of work
8:56 pm
It’s great how you make the best of it, though… getting out and about
8:57 pm Phil
Foolish not to.
8:57 pm
I just balanced my checkbook. Whee!
8:57 pm Phil
People still do that?
8:58 pm
Well, it’s a spreadsheet.
And I haven’t written a check in… ages
8:59 pm Phil
Oh. I just try to make sure I have more than I spend
9:00 pm
Well… those of us with less have to mess with it more.
Where are you now?

9:03pm Phil
[gorgeous photo of the skyline]
Wow!  Spectacular!  More fish tacos?
9:04pm Phil
Sitting outside enjoying the view reading
Whatcha reading?
9:05pm Phil
No had a hot pastramie samich
Spy adventure
The view to the left
[another gorgeous landscape photo]

Boats!  Looks so beautiful…
9:08pm Phil
As far as you can see, nothing but boats
And people aren’t out in them, on a gorgeous summer Sunday afternoon!
Did you used to live around there?
9:11pm Phil
Lots of them out. Yeah lived just up the hill
When was that?
9:17pm Phil
[said the years]
But you were away a lot?
Not that much.  Had baseball season tickets.
Did a ton of stuff. Enjoyed it here
There!  Bills are paid.  Now I can play.  
9:44pm Phil
Got cold. Time to put on pants considering getting tacos
Wish I was there to… help you change clothes.

Sweaty tipsy pooped

Saturday, July 28, 2012
5:24 pm
Hiya, kid. You found another great spot! I had a super project mtg – training new lady to do publicity! Fed Hubby hot dogs before his project, and sat w/ pal from CT to catch up during intermissions. Nice crowd > almost 50! Home now… quiet evening ahead. Enjoy!

5:56 pm Phil
Having a blast. Great food and view.
Sounds like a busy day. I am off on the bike to explore
8:07 pm Phil
Great drinks and food.  
8:09 pm Phil
Oh yeah!
8:35 pm
You do that on purpose, don’t you? Post photo of you all sweaty? Ooof… that takes my brain places and then my body follows and mmmm…. thanks, kid.
9:05 pm Phil
Just finished riding the bike.
9:06 pm
Figured… but you know… my brain saw you doing… something else!
9:24 pm
Probably because I was watching a certain type of video when you posted that photo! 😉
9:25 pm Phil
9:26 pm
First one I’ve seen with a condom… she put it on him with her mouth!
9:27 pm Phil
Seen that before. Neat trick
9:35 pm
It’s one of the better ones I’ve seen… looks like normal people, possible situation. Good for a lonely Sassy on a Saturday night! 😉
10:28 pm Phil
Yeah this is hard to take
11:08 pm Phil
Family pose
11:47 pm Phil
12:04 am Phil
12:31 am Phil
Having dinner looking across the water, top shelf margaritas, swordfish tacos, life is pretty good
1:03 am
Are you getting tipsy?  was thinking I’d take advantage of you!
2:25 am Phil
Tipsy and pooped 🙁

Opening Ceremony

Friday, July 27, 2012
Good morning! Starting off w/ scary heat pump leak, hoping it gets better!  Hope you have a fabulous Friday! 
11:50am Phil
Thank you. So far so good. Hope the leak gets fixed. Have a great Friday!
HVAC folks on the way, praying it’s easy, cheap fix.  Figures this happens day Hubby’s project starts…whee!  What’re you up to?
Meetings all day.
Burrito for dinner and watching the Olympics tonight
Ooh!  Wish I could watch but I get to keep Hubby sane, so that’ll be different!  Enjoy!
You are a brat.   Go Red Sox!
Favor – if you’re watching as NBC shows lighting the Olympic flame, please text the name and some indication of why, like “famous runner”?  Thanks! 
Sure! I’ll be watching the entire event
Thanks!  I wish I could!
A pal was at the dress rehearsal in London and said it is spectacular!
Hiya, kid.  Hope you enjoyed the Olympics.
Hubby’s project had biggest audience ever!  Great performances.
Saw a bunch of nice folks.  Fun evening.
1:58 am Phil
Still watching. Waiting for US to enter.
Sounds like a great project!
Exhausted but determined to see the end.
1:59 am
Wow! Seeing good stuff?
2:05 am Phil
Americans just coming in.
Brits now
2:09 am
Yay USA! Hooray UK!
I have to sleep.. 10 am project meting.
Don’t think about my mouth on you.  Nite, kid.
2:39 am Phil

FFF Suspicion

Here’s this week’s Flash Fiction Friday prompt from Advizor54’s blog.  Click over there to see what he and other bloggers saw in this sexy photo.  My thoughts are below.  Enjoy!

Word Length = 356
Required word = suspicion
Forbidden words = Soap, hard, officer, effigy
Bonus words (25) = Tell us, who’s the sexiest cop on TV?
Extra Credit (25) = Confess to a crime you committed (or want to commit)


Partners. Two years – longer than he’d put up with anyone – from green rookie to one of the guys.  She’s better than I am at a lot of it now.  Our desks faced each other in the squad room.  We’ve watched each other’s backs, saved each other’s skins, laughed, cried and drank together and… I get to read her big news in a frickin email?! 
FBI.  Congratulations.  Hoist one after work at the bar.  Blah blah.  I look up – she’s watching me, as usual. 
“I meant to tell you,” she whispered and sighed.  “But the Harrison thing and… never found the right moment.” 
“Yeah.  Sure.  Whatever.  Congratulations.” I huffed.  
“Be happy for me,” she pleaded softly. 
“Oh I am.  Great news.  But I am miserable for me!” I whined.  I knew I should be a grown-up about this but it was too hard.  I’d had a suspicion but… never thought she’d leave me. 
“You’re missing the point,” she said, shutting off her light and stomping off.   I was stunned… could not grasp that I won’t see her every day.  I’ve never felt such loss.  How am I going to survive?  Seeing her at the bar now and then, maybe a wedding or heaven forbid a funeral?  Or on some Federal case when she shows up to second guess me? 
Wait… what was that last thing she said?  The point?  What is the point?  
It hit me like a ton of bricks.  We won’t be working together anymore!  I can turn on all those feelings for her I worked so hard to turn off!  Does she want that?  Is that the point?  I allowed myself to think about what that meant… unbuttoning, touching her gorgeous tits, kissing those lips, hearing her moan when I… 
Where’d she go?  Her tote’s on her chair; she’s still here.  I checked the break room, the boss’ office.  Other cops shouted about the news – I plastered on a smile and threw them a thumbs-up.  Finally Carla, the evidence room clerk who seems to know everything, pointed me to the locker room.  
I thought no one was in there but then I heard the water and headed to the showers and saw her.  Naked.  Wet.  Waiting.    
“What took you so long?” she said.  
BONUS WORDS: I haven’t watched TV in almost three years, but two cops-types are sexy enough to make me catch up with their series on the DVR – Mark Harmon of “NCIS” and Simon Baker as “The Mentalist.”  My favorite from recent years is Damian Lewis from “Life.”  So there’s my redhead, blonde and silver-haired sexiest men!