Sulmona and a shell

September 1, 2018 Saturday

8:20 AM Phil
Good morning! Hope your day is fabulous.

9:55 AM Sassy
Good morning kid! It’s beautiful and cool today! I get to see Sis and my niece for brunch – they’re finally home!

10:51 AM Phil

12:26 PM Sassy
Family brunch at Sulmona in Cambridge

Shirley Temple
Bloody Mary without alcohol
Greek yogurt with fresh berries
My Sunday sauce with meatball, sausage 
and mini osso bucco (beef)
Soup du jour – chicken and farro

1:08 PM Sassy
My sister went to New Zealand and brought me a beautiful shell from Chatham Island

3:10 PM Phil
Visiting my favorite brewery! It’s a good day!

3:13 PM Sassy
Yay! My friends visiting down there ran some race on the sand this morning and are now at the [redacted] brewery! The flight looks tasty.

3:34 PM Phil
Love that brewery. It’s downtown. We had lunch at a winery and now home to hang with the poochies

3:45 PM Sassy
They also went to [redacted] another bar and a [redacted]! They’re with locals. Seem like your kind of places.

4:26 PM Sassy
We put together two storage bin/seats and sat out on the balcony. So gorgeous out!

4:28 PM Phil
I have been to both of those. Both fun places.

4:31 PM Sassy
Are they near your usual haunts or the other end of things?

7:08 PM Phil
They are mixed in. We go down there quite a bit

Meet #25 The Northerner – The Board Room

August 31, 2018 Friday

I saw The Northerner today!

This week was crazy at work with events and record-breaking heat. Every time it got bad, I took deep breaths and looked forward to Friday. On Friday I would be off from work. I would be with The Northerner.

I slept late on Friday morning, then showered and dressed and rolled out early around noon as Hubby was having friends over. Traffic was backed up so I was glad to have extra time and be out in the burbs before it got any worse with holiday weekend travelers.

I went to the Bamboo Restaurant for the Chinese buffet. It was not crowded, so I could get to my favorite foods easily.

I had a tasty mix including of a crab rangoon, a peking ravioli, half an egg roll, chicken fingers, General Gao’s chicken over white rice, beef & zucchini, sauteed shrimp, spicy green beans, lo mein noodles with veggies, a slice of watermelon, sushi and shumai! I sat in a quiet corner reading Facebook and email from work.

I left the restaurant about 2 pm and drove to the hotel. I sat in my car in the parking lot reading FB some more until it was time to check in. There was no one around so that went quickly. I sat down in the lobby and looked up and there was The Northerner!

I walked up the ramp to him and we smiled at each other.  My first impulse is always to grab him, then I remember it’s a bad idea in public.  He nods and I know he is thinking the same thing. 

We strolled down and around and over to the far elevator! We had a quick smooch as we rose one floor, then went down and around to room 3081 facing the inner courtyard. I gave him the key card to press on the lock – it turned green and he opened the door for me to enter! I set my watch and glasses and purse on the desk and stepped out of my shoes, mentioning to him that I bought Crocs for the first time and I know they’re ugly but they’re so comfortable and easy to slip off!

He closed the curtains and commented on the garden view. It looked overgrown. He turned off the lights except the entrance area. He wrapped his arms around me from behind and hugged me back against him. I rubbed my ass against his hard cock and sighed. He nibbled my neck and massaged my breasts. Mmm…

I reached back and played with his hair, then ran my hands down his sides to his legs. My knees always start to go when he touches me, but I used the desk for support and was able to stand there relishing his touch for longer than usual.

I finally broke away and took off my clothes while he took off his. I stared at his body and fixated on his cock sticking straight out at me. He’s not usually much for being tasted, but I could not resist. I bent at the waist and took him deep in my mouth, sucking and making slurping noises. I pumped him deeper inside and he moaned. He spread his legs to stay steady while I bobbed up and down on him. Oh man, I adore doing that and he is just the right size to fit deep in my mouth.

He pulled me off and gave me a little shove toward the bed. I pulled back the comforter and sheets. They are so white! I like dark-colored linens better. We collapsed next to each other, and cuddled close, kissing and touching. Mmm…

He deviated from his usual course, and started playing with my clit (instead of my breasts). He commented on my already wet status. I told him I’d been thinking about this all day! He played a bit more then moved me around to grab a condom from the nightstand and roll it on.  He moved me so I was perpendicular and entered me! He plunged in and came out to tease my clit with his cock and his finger at the same time. Wow… that made my body tingle!

He went in and out and played with my clit on and on and on… I opened my legs and put the left leg all along his chest with my heel on his shoulder, with the other between his legs. He kept on sliding in and out. I got so turned on… I started talking really dirty to him. He moaned. He sighed.

I went away in my mind, determined to rev up with a hot nasty fantasy until I could explode all over him. My brain produced a very odd board meeting around a fancy table in a high rise office building, with men in suits around the outside of the table sitting in the chairs, and naked women sitting in front of them on the table. There was a woman standing, walking around the table, coaching the men about what to do with the women – touch their breasts, put a finger on their clit, suck on their clit, bend them over the table and fuck them. Then it got even further from my usual fantasies, with me getting the men to fuck each other while woman jerked off the man being fucked! I rarely think of gay action but this was super hot! 

I tuned back in and focused on his finger on my clit, his rock hard cock moving in and out, and started to tremble! I pressed toward him more and my inner muscles clenched around him.  He went faster as he felt me climaxing! Wow wow wow!

I asked him to turn me over and do some doggy. He nodded and I moved onto my hands and knees. He was back inside me in a flash. I asked if he was watching his cock go in and out and he moaned and said it was not going to be long. He shuddered and stayed inside, and I could feel the cum pouring out of him into the condom as it heated up everything.  Success! 

He collapsed next to me and I grabbed a hand towel he’d set out for me on the nightstand, and carefully rolled the condom off and dried his cock.  I scooted up a bit to kiss him on the lips then spooned close to him and let him rest.

Eventually he perked up, squeezed me and pressed me back flat on the bed so he could see my face as we talked. He told me about his adventures on vacation.  I told him a little about my crazy week at work, and my community project and the latest on Hubby. I talked about my sister’s trip to Europe and the other sister’s trip to Australia and New Zealand. He told me about a breakthrough in Alzheimer’s Research he’d read about that involved gamma light making plaque in the brain dissolve and memory returning in mice!

I went off to the bathroom to heed nature’s call and returned with a cold washcloth to wipe down his face and chest and legs. I got a cup of water and drank half, then offered him the rest but he refused. I popped onto the bed on the other side of him. He turned to face me and kissed me for quite awhile. He sucked on my breast. I reached down to play with his flaccid cock and stroke his balls. His cock rose to the occasion! He climbed over me and pressed inside me again! He rocked back and forth a bit, then pulled my legs up and pounded in and out of me. Oh my oh my! 

He collapsed next to me and gathered me into his arms. We kissed some more, then he looked at the clock and told me it was time for him to shower and go. I washed my hands while he was in the shower, then tossed on my clothes, straightened up the bed so it looks like only one person was there… I don’t know why I feel compelled to do that but I do.

He dried off and dressed. He gave me cash for the cost of the room and left money for the maid. We looked around to be sure we had everything, then strolled down and around to the elevator, enjoyed a quick kiss, then went on to the lobby. I squeezed his butt as we walked. He raised an eyebrow and pointed to the security camera. I waved at it and he giggled as he shook his head.

I told him I was going to stop at the little store by the front desk to get a bottle of water. He bid me farewell and took off.   I watched him walk to his car and drive away. 

I got my water, went to my car, drank the entire bottle and ate the free cookie they gave me at check-in. I texted Hubby and headed off down the road. I made it home in record time! I was so relieved not to be stuck in traffic. I sat in my car in my garage to write him a quick email and smiled at the wonderful time we had!


From: Sassy
To: Brett
Sent: Aug 31, 2018 at 6:27 PM
Subject: Fast Friday

Hiya Brett! Hope you had an easy ride home. I made it in record time!

Thanks again for an awesome afternoon.

Have a lovely long weekend!


Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

Florentine cannoli

August 31, 2018 Friday

5:43 AM Sassy
Happy Friday kid!
No office for me today!!
Off to see The Northerner this afternoon!

6:48 AM Phil
Enjoy your day!
Sounds like a good way to start the weekend!

2:05 PM Sassy
Got some lunch at the Asian buffet while I wait for him.

8:27 PM Sassy
Picked up a lobster roll and fried shrimp from Kelly’s Roast Beef.  So tasty!

8:47 PM Sassy
A Florentine cannoli from Mike’s Pastry. 

Need something tubular with cream in it!  

So tough to wait

August 30, 2018 Thursday

From: Brett
To: Sassy
Sent: Aug 30, 2018 at 10:07 PM
Subject: Re: Tuesday melts


It would be great to do lunch, but for a number of reasons we should probably meet at 2:30ish in the usual spot.

Can’t wait…see you tomorrow!



From: Sassy
To: Brett
Sent: Aug 30, 2018 at 10:35 PM
Subject: Re: Tuesday melts

Hiya Brett!

I survived the big event! So hot and humid. Eh. No brain… lots of angry body parts, hoping to heal overnight.

See you very soon! It is so tough to wait.  So looking forward to it!


Done and done

August 30, 2018 Thursday

6:39 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip! Big event Day 2. Whee. Last one!

7:57 AM Phil
Good morning! Good luck!

9:05 AM Sassy
Breakfast is done. 
Don’t think I have ever been so warm in my life.  It is brutal out here!  Just have to watch over the clean up and then I can go inside and chill until lunch. 

1:13 PM Sassy
Done! Lyfting back to the office to run a farewell party! 

1:37 PM Sassy
If my retirement theory pans out, this was my last time working this event!

3:09 PM Phil
Excellent! Enjoy the evening!

5:10 PM
Thanks kid.  Home… pizza ordered.  So done… zzzz

As usual

August 29, 20018 Wednesday

From: Brett

To: Sassy
Sent: Aug 29, 2018 at 11:27 PM
Subject: Re: Tuesday melts


Looking forward so much to Friday. Plans are the same as usual I presume.



From: Sassy

To: Brett
Sent: Aug 29, 2018 at 11:33 PM
Subject: Re: Tuesday melts

Hiya Brett!

I was just thinking of you and smiling.

Only question is whether to meet for lunch at about 1:30 or later at the usual spot at 2:30ish?

I survived Day 1 of the biggest event of the year. One more day and then it’s our day! So ready!


Busy hot day

August 29, 2018 Wednesday

6:24 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip! Day 1 of big event at work! Whee!

7:56 AM Phil
Enjoy! Hope it’s cooler

8:15 AM Sassy
Already 86…they’re saying 100 again, all time record. Whee.
Pray for me please!

10:17 AM Phil
You got it!

10:17 AM Sassy
Made it through registration and breakfast!
That’s the worst of it done!  I can go inside to the a/c now!

1:12 PM Sassy
Made it through lunch inside! Just cookies to go…

How’s your day going?

2:51 PM Sassy
I’m done! I survived! Heading home!

3:19 PM Phil

3:42 PM Phil
Busy busy busy

3:42 PM Sassy
Just the way you like it!

I’m home. Laundry started, dinner ordered, nap time!

3:47 PM Phil

[I adore how he stuck with me and gave me someone to talk with as I made my way through this crazy hot day. It helps more than I can say.]

Thought of you

August 28, 2018 Tuesday

From: Sassy

To: Brett
Sent: Aug 28, 2018 at 8:41 PM
Subject: Tuesday melts

Hiya Brett! Hope your Tuesday is ending well and you are staying cool.

Work was nutty again… we spent time canceling or moving parts of the big event that had beebn scheduled to be outside. And ordering more water. I had to tell the ice cream guy we don’t want ice cream for 100 people. *sigh

Thought of you and your sexy body… mmm. Can’t wait to touch you!


Beer ramen

August 28, 2018 Tuesday

8:34 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!
Got a heat emergency today. Whee! Stay cool man.

4:08 PM Phil
Hot hot hot here

4:10 PM Sassy
We just got to 101!

We’re moving or cancelling parts of our big event that were supposed to be outside

5:02 PM Phil

7:17 PM Sassy
Supper at S & S Deli in Inman Square Cambridge

Pina colada
Shrimp cocktail
Boneless wings
Caesar salad
Hubby’s sirloin with rice pilaf
Baked stuffed chicken with supreme sauce 
and mashed potatoes
8:18 PM Sassy
Beer with…ramen? 
INSIDER Presents
This place serves beer ramen. 🍺
8:51 PM Phil
9:15 PM Phil
Rather have beer on you
9:16 PM Sassy
I’d rather be on you
9:20 PM Phil
I’ll take in you
9:23 PM Sassy
Wanna taste you
9:25 PM Phil
[photo of his cock in his hand with a perfect drop of pre-cum at the tip]
9:26 PM Sassy
Mmmm….pre fun for me?
9:26 PM Phil
Taste away babe
You caused that
Thank you 

Keep breathing mode

August 27, 2018 Monday

8:42 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip! Have a marvelous Monday!

8:53 AM Phil
Good morning! You too!

11:35 AM Sassy
This is crazy week at work with five events! In full “just keep breathing mode!”

12:13 PM Phil
All of my weeks are pretty much like that!
Just take it all in stride. Breath in, Breath out, move on

4:36 PM Phil
[photo of a car in his driveway]

New toy

4:36 PM Sassy
Wow! What’s that?

Cool car!

5:50 PM Phil
New [car model redacted]

5:52 PM Sassy
What happened to the old car?

6:03 PM Phil
Drove by the lot and looked and took this one home