Tuesday, August 2

7:27 am 
Good morning! 75 and beautiful. Off to zap #31 and doc chat, then work. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!
7:51 am Phil
You too! So far, so good but off to an early start with a 7:30 finish tonight. 
Yesterday did not end till nearly 10. It’s been hot as hell here. I did go for a 20 mile bike
which was probably ill advised but worked out fine. I enjoyed the ride. Off to work with
me. Have a fabulous day.
4:55 pm 
20 mi? You athlete! It’s storming – big booms, lotsa rain-need it. Work’s busy – prep for
huge conference month-end.  Zaps cause raw skin underneath – I hurt fierce but
ignore it, keep my mind on other things.

Happy August

Monday, August 1, 2011

11:57 am 
Good morning! 86 here, hot and breezy and fabulous! Happy August!

2:07 pm 
Lobster for lunch!  I snagged a yummy lobster salad sandwich from Au Bon Pain on my way in to work from today’s zappage.


Thai too

Sunday, July 31

2:46 pm 
Amazing lunch at another thai place!  Friend in from Western MA took us out for a wonderful meal. 

Tom Kar Gui (chicken coconut milk soup)

Golden bags (ground chicken, shrimp, onion and corn deep-fried in wonton wrapper) with Thai sweet dipping sauce.

Soft-shell crab tempura with a spicy remoulade sauce

Som Tum (Shredded green papaya and carrots with shrimp, tomatoes, string beans, chili, and crushed peanuts in spicy lime dressing)

Pad Thai combo (with a curry puff and thai rolls)

Productive in pain

Saturday, July 30

8:06 am 
Good morning! 73 gorgeous start! Feeling productive – already started laundry, counted money from Thurs. event. Breast hurts but ignoring it! Ha! Off to shower and bank! Hope the concert rocked. Have a great day!

2:30 pm 
Mom took me out for an Italian lunch at a new place in Lexington.  Overpriced, poor service,  but edible.  Won’t go back!  

Thai treat

Thursday, July 28
7:33 am 
Good morning! 70, looks perfect out. Busy day – zap #28, work w/ all staff mtg, then a project event tonite. Whee! Hope your Thursday is thoroughly great!

5:30 pm Tried a new Thai place.  Yum.

6:56 pm 
At the event – setting up. Hope you’re having a great evening!
11:28 pm 
Wow! What a night! Great event. Saw lots of kissing. Reminded me of… you know.
Sweet dreams kid.

Circuitous path

Dear readers,

Sometimes, a picture is way better than my words!

I found this nifty graphic in the wilds of Facebook so I don’t know where it originated, but it
can apply to so many things!  But since I write about… what it is I write about?  Oh yeah… the path to true love and happiness!  (What?  Don’t give me that face!) I’m going to say that it makes a lot of sense to me on that front.  I feel lost in the squiggles right now, but I hope to get to that happily ever after part up by the arrow head soon!


Ocean calls

Wednesday, July 27

7:22 am 
Good morning! Such a beautiful morning… the ocean calls me. But I’m off to zap #27, nutritionist and work. Have a wonderful Wednesday!
8:52 am 
Morning! Gonna storm here. Good luck. Enjoy the day, after the zap that is.