Join a Holiday Treats Exchange!

Dear Readers who are Bloggers!

It’s almost time for the fifth annual holiday recipe exchange in this sexy corner of the blog world!  Join in!  Invite your blogger pals!

Here’s the link to the announcement with the details.  All you have to do is

1) Email Jz by Monday, December 7 to let her know your blogger name and the URL of your blog

2) Post a recipe for cookies or any holiday treat on Wednesday, December 9 that includes a link to JZ’s post with all the recipe links

Then sit back and watch the hits roll in!  And go look and comment on other posts for even more hits and wonderful recipes!  

Here’s my post from last year with the list of all the participants, so you can see what the posts look like.

I don’t bake at all, but I manage to do this exchange and have fun!  Dooo it!  I am eager to see what you cook up!


Close but no cigar

November 29, 2014 Saturday

In an unusual happenstance, I’ve already blogged about what happened this morning!  I had one of the best breakfasts of my life and took a tour of the hometown of the blogging wizard himself, the amazing and talented Ryan Beaumont!  He is the best tour guide!  He knows the best spots and the history and just the right way to make me want to go back there!  Pop back in time to see food photos and read that entry.

I spent the rest of the day in the car, desperately trying to get home.  The traffic was awful, my back hurt, Hubby was cranky… when we got stuck behind an accident I finally gave up and stopped in Danbury, CT – 150 miles from home.  I was scared of driving the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, but just could not go any further.  We found a lovely Courtyard by Marriott near the highway, picked up Chinese food, and collapsed.

Keep smiling

November 29, 2014 Saturday

Didn’t make it home. Traffic was a mess when we got to CT due to an accident, so we got off in search of dinner and ended up finding a hotel to stay in Danbury! Hope the traffic tomorrow is not too bad… 150 mi to go!

10:13pm Philip
Danbury. I sang in Danbury years ago. Hope it’s a restful evening

That big singing group?

It is quiet… you doing okay?

10:15pm Philip
Yup! Yeah, I’m good.

I’m a bit of a mess, too much time in the car.  Back is killing me.  But should recover overnight!

10:17pm Philip
Hear that, only three hours driving for me in the morning and then a little time on the bike


10:21pm Philip
Keep smiling Sass.

Wheeling along

November 28, 2014 Friday

Heading east!

Quick lunch on Cabela Rd near Wheeling WV!   

Autumn Squash soup and half a turkey bravo sandwich!

A chocolate outlet?  Why yes!  

In an unusual happenstance, I’ve already blogged about what happened this evening!  I had one of the best meals of my life and met the blogging wizard himself, the great and powerful Ryan Beaumont!  Pop back in time to see food photos and read that entry.  

Driving day

November 28, 2014 Friday

1:03pm Philip
Having fun? Beers with military pals.

Hiya kid! If you think driving for 13 hrs thru the wilds of four states heading east is fun, then I’m having it! But I don’t think it’s so great.  Hoping to make it to the hotel for a delicious dinner by 7 pm. Smooch the pals for me!

2:01pm Philip
Enjoy! Let me know how it is!

3:14pm Philip
Stop three, great bar, having a good time

Made it to the hotel! It’s so gorgeous! Dinner at 8 pm!

7:05pm Philip
Oh wonderful! Enjoy!

Thanksgiving thoughts

November 27, 2014 THANKSGIVING

Happy Thanksgiving to you! I’m away from family and friends for the first time ever on this holiday, far away in the land of in-laws, so I miss you and appreciate you more than ever! Hope the food is delicious and the company convivial!

Finally a day I don’t have to drive!  I had breakfast for lunch @Denny’s
 Country fried steak and eggs with bacon
 Red velvet pancake pups!

Stuff me

November 27, 2014 THANKSGIVING

3:59am Philip
Happy Thanksgiving Sweet Girl! Have a fabulous day!

Happy Thanksgiving kid! I’m so thankful for you in my life! Hope your food is tasty, the family behaves and your friends are fantastic!

Wish you could stuff me today! ; )

9:04am Philip

Sausage stuffing…

2:03pm Philip
I got a sausage for you.
It’s juicy too.
Tends to the hard side
Swells when it gets hot
I’m making oyster dressing

More miles, friends and food

November 26, 2014 Wednesday
Another day of driving, old friends and delicious food!  
 Basil chicken $6.99 lunch special 
at Thai Chan in Fishers IN

 The Irish Lion Restaurant & Pub in Bloomington, IN

 Hubby’s Kilarney Kolada!  Yes…it’s very green! 
Potato puffs with garlic and cheese

Lamb stew and Coddle (onion, sausage, bacon stew)

Filet mignon and a baked potato
Irish apple walnut cake