Superbowl prep

Thursday February 2
Good morning! 39 and staying there.  Scrambling to be ready for our cleaners.  Have a good Thursday kid.
8:50am Phil
about the same here.  Making superbowl preps and getting ready to head to out on another trip.


Year 2 -Week 25
Wednesday, February 1, 2012
Good morning! 36, headed to 55!  So odd but wonderful!  Eye doctor @ 10 am.  Yippee.  Hope you have a swell Wednesday!
Survived the blasted dilation… ick.  Eyes are good to go for another year.  Very quiet in the office today.  Getting ahead on stuff!  Hope you’re rockin the office!

Job musing

Tuesday January 31
7:43am Phil
There is no way to join me. My neighbor is there, is not much free time. Work from six to six, hit the gym, grab a bite, sleep and repeat. We can certainly chat though.
7:50am Phil
Good morning,  learned yesterday, I may be out of here earlier than I thought which would suck but is the way things work some times. I have an option to stick around the military another couple years. They want me to take a job back on the East Coast. I don’t know, tough decision. It is close to the beach, I like that area and what it has to offer and it’s much closer to my family which I also like. Ah well, choices, choices, have a great day!
Nutty Tuesday – survived staff meeting!  Lunch from the Chinese truck – sesame chicken with lotsa cabbage… yum. Chats- YES!  Call?  I could whisper and moan in your ear… or watch a video together?  Will try to get something special.  East Coast again?  Interesting.  I knew they’d entice you.
Hiya sweet man.  Had dinner with my Marine pal and Hubby!  He’s home!  Done with the National Guard!  Woot!  So great to see him safe and raring to get back to civilian life.   Hope you’re having a calm evening.  Thinking of you.. a lot.

Late lunch

Monday January 30
Good morning!  34 clouds for this Monday.  Hope yours is marvelous!
8:44am Phil
Good morning.  Had a quiet weekend. Supposed to hit 50 today.  Weird weather. One week home and then off again.  That’s some very long grueling days but its a very rewarding experience.  Off to work I go.  Have a great one!
Crazy Monday morning – I’m just getting to lunch.  Hope your day is quieter.  I’ve been daydreaming about joining you… know it probably can’t work but if there’s any chance, let me know.  If not, I’ll hope to brighten your time there somehow.  Maybe I can find some new photo or video. 

Alone and Peaceful

Saturday January 28
10:09am  Phil
Good morning. Hope your Saturday is fabulous.
Hiya kid!  Thanks for starting my day off right, you sweet man.  It made me smile.  Tough day.  Alone and peaceful now, having a blast cruising the net!  Tell me something about your day. 


Friday January 27

Good morning! 43 foggy, rainy start.  Making my own sunshine today!  Have a fabulous Friday!
10:16am  Phil
Good morning.  Got a meeting at 11 am and then off to the airport. Heading to the gym first. Have a good one.
I’m rocking my desk and daydreaming about a handsome military man.  off at 2 pm to hold Hubby’s hand during a heart ultrasound.  Yippee.  Safe travels!
Good day?  Hope you made it home easily… I am home alone, full of Chinese food! 

FFF – Light

                          Flash Fiction Friday Challenge from Advizor54
                          Word = Dark or light (but not both in the same piece)
                          Word Length = 300 for 1, 150 for 2, or 75 for 3
                          Extra Credit = Where did she go to college?

I was late for work… took too long in the shower fantasizing about that sexy blogger… again. Ooof… his posts set me off every time!  This time it was about light bondage… not my thing but still hot to read about.  Thank goodness for pulsating shower heads!  

I usually leave before the sun comes up, but light was pouring in through the bedroom window as I threw on my clothes and searched for my boots.  

There were muffled voices from the room next door.  My roommate was usually long gone to the office.  Hunh.  She wasn’t in when I got home last night… maybe she had company?  She was meeting a guy she’d found online… I was very curious to hear how that went.  The sounds were a sort of answer if he was still here.  How wonderful!  

I had a steady boyfriend and wanted her to find someone so we could double-date and she could be as happy as I am!  Greg had been so good to me lately… I think he’s going to ask me to marry him.  She hadn’t been on a date since we graduated from Rhode Island School of Design three years ago.  She said she was too busy getting over that graphic artist from Charlestown and starting her own interior design business.  Our friends fixed her up but she didn’t like any of them.  I wonder what made this guy different?  

I picked up my boots and planned to tiptoe past her door, but it was open!  I was transfixed by the sight of my room mate blindfolded… nearly naked and… my boyfriend sitting on her back!  Tying her ankles!  WTF?  I hurried down the hall and out to my car.  I sat shaking… Everything began to make much more sense!  


Thursday January 26
Good morning! 32 here -hope you’re seeing twice that!
Hiya, kid.  I had lunch out… boss paid!  Staring across the courtyard at Legal Seafood.  Thinking of a cold December night

Hazelnut cheesecake w/ warm pear compote 
@ Henrietta’s Table, Charles Hotel, Cambridge

12:29am [he posted a photo of palm trees on his FB wall]
I could make you happier than a palm tree…
make your knees go weak… sway in the breeze just like they do.