Prince named Louis

April 27, 2018 Friday

7:09 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip! Happy Friday!!
7:15 AM Phil
Good morning! Hard drive failed – can only get better!
7:16 AM Sassy
Ugh.  Mine died this week too!  That’s bizarre.

7:36 AM Sassy

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to announce that they have named their son Louis Arthur Charles.
The baby will be known as His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge.

from the Majesty Magazine Facebook page[0]=68.ARCk5SKNX7djYm-8nkehvWjlHgw2rkuGslzTvAg3GfrfzueV_2TgdDFplQ6RI6DubOD8ZF9flCh9C2QvvqQ6nANE9dgvgYUlMrhBq5-JKjA4UElC5VF09syRH3p-M_B8jKq–04s7y4VoUmyYouEc9V7yysOJvS2LtiXxt8PoC6mlSbRQvXfyEh2nzrT1q_d-x5MqR3HMW-HUJkNrSiGrN_nOJ2VOVCJdcFr2z8YoSmMZo2rbQwB0xI2ZzaRFHeb5FaakBFnpuM3v_G-kVQnfafd4CvbBbDKF5MiTuQ8b6ZzZ7CZ2cGzc9s8MrttM9pyaX2q5m8YFohSz8J-&__tn__=C-R

Back to fantasizing

April 24, 2018 Tuesday

8:38 AM Sassy
What better way to mark the arrival of her latest great-grandson yesterday than for the Queen to ride on horseback on the grounds of Windsor Castle? It was only two days after she turned 92, and she was in great form, as ever, riding her Fell pony, accompanied by her head groom, Terry Pendry.

from Sally Bedell Smith’s Facebook page[0]=68.ARDqvbvbSS08XiXWuKdujVvulGsY6JnZa6wUeaVkOopkOq2sTDuwz05aRObo8AMJUiu968zMok-cDGyByLQ550SVDcsa5_gxqtshvEIwb2e9TQSjef8f9k3gM3tK54yP4phjCYK2oec77hfE4KlgCeUHG-2nKTQ1vyLIFVBCtplK0Jen2VYdw2xcMQ9ttsTQzFSeJjCgSmwqu4SVCyUIFP1cKKv76vct3yr9HtLg9tOO8FerIT2E-IZHdo7peTEQdk-_eQC2t2mGqngL3F4YwhQDZCnq3MqVG_9EuV-qJDzWcqIcH3cfpt17hlErU_h5Agzv3fsEJEm-E_WwM7_D&__tn__=C-R

8:44 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!   I’m off to the office.  Have a super Tuesday!
9:33 AM Phil
Good morning! You too!
12:19 PM Sassy
Warning!  I’m going to be in Rockville and Bethesda 5/4 and 5/5.  You probably can’t meet on a weekend, but if you might and want to explore possibilities, let me know!
3:12 PM Phil
Well damn!  I will be away.  
4:26 PM Sassy
Figured.  Ah well.  I’ll go back to fantasizing.  ; )
7:26 PM Phil
What brings you south?
7:27 PM Sassy
Visiting with friends of Hubby, hope it will perk him up
7:41 PM Phil
Ahhhh, that’s cool
8:15 PM Sassy
They have a big annual gathering and we used to go every year but haven’t been in 8 years.  Will be fun to catch up with them. 
8:15 PM Phil
That’s neat!
8:27 PM Sassy
Where will you be? 
8:43 PM Phil
Going to a cigar festival – a buddy and I bought tickets to go
8:44 PM Sassy

8:48 PM Sassy
Addicted to All Seasons Table in Malden
Shrimp and veggies tempura appetizer
House special pan-fried noodles with chicken, shrimp, beef and vegetables 

A new prince

April 23, 2018 Monday

9:00 AM Sassy
from the Majesty Magazine Facebook page[0]=68.ARC_13tsz6XhPnTNKaKFK6dpg7oE-Rhu7qHCFDZ_lsY-NjJ3x86Q-il_RGwxzta—yeri409PDZtdrR6083eg_xsy4Qg2P20dvCQnwaEqs3189j4iYu0M5bP8vwekqwrAGPkhUHKDcjv8dhmzngG5FCtoeAJXG0acryUEcNutJnQxyviTg2ChypGeRmc2YwA_c2JyH44bCPQNYDBM6vE66Sy8UZZCVz7qeE24RBc938krX6SpYG4qaJoMPUkE2ppdng9D2E-rHRf9Vd1bhU6kWlTYlCr-sbUTm9St9ojgApzSN-qxOiaBarEFkw7lFFHJuzGTuYIWj6XIbV&__tn__=C-R

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a son at 1101hrs. 
The baby weighs 8lbs 7oz. 
The Duke of Cambridge was present for the birth. 
The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry and members of both families have been informed and are delighted with the news.
Her Royal Highness and her child are both doing well.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have left St Mary’s Hospital in London with their new arrival, a baby boy.

4:25 PM Sassy
“Prince George and Princess Charlotte arrive at St Mary’s to meet their little brother.”

6:33 PM Sassy

Outstanding dinner at Outback steakhouse in Assembly Row Somerville

Hubby’s French onion soup
Hubby’s seasoned prime rib and fries
My sirloin steak with coconut shrimp and a baked potato
Baked potato soup

7:40 PM Sassy
The flavorful Florentine cannoli from Mike’s Pastry in Assembly Row Somerville

North Shore Tour

April 21, 2018 Saturday

1:28 PM Phil
Happy Saturday Sass!  Hope your day is fabulous!
1:30 PM Sassy
Hiya kid!  Friends here from Rochester.  Took them to Gloucester, Rockport and now Essex for lunch!
You enjoying the old stomping grounds?
1:32 PM Phil
I am! Always good to be home! Taking Mom out tonight to dinner up in the mountains.  Have a great day!

2:22 PM Sassy
Day trip to Gloucester, Rockport and Essex with lunch at C.K. Pearl!

The famous Gloucester fisherman statue 
on the harbor front at the fishermen’s memorial 
 Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Memorial 
 Clam chowder with fried clams and pork belly 
 Baked stuffed clams
 Shrimp cocktail
 Hubby’s steak tips with fries and asparagus 
 Fish and chips with slaw
Lobster roll with fries and salad
3:49 PM Sassy
Dessert at DownRiver Ice Cream in Essex.  Salty C – salted caramel ice cream!
9:21 PM Sassy
from Majesty Magazine’s Facebook page

The Queen took to the stage at her own star-studded 92nd birthday during an action-packed showbiz extravaganza at the Royal Albert Hall.

Equine Summit

April 12, 2018 Thursday

5:18 PM Sassy

The Army in London – HQ London District

The famous mascot of The Royal Regiment of Scotland has arrived at Hyde Park Barracks to get acquainted with London life. 
Cruachan IV, who is a nine hands high Shetland Pony, is set to lead out the Fifth Battalion of Royal Regiment of Scotland at Buckingham Palace on The Queen’s Guard later this month. 
For now the feisty equine is making friends with his The Household Cavalry contemporaries.
The nine-year-old has taken up a stable next to Adamas, a 17.1 hands high drum horse, and they have struck up a friendly relationship. 
Pony Major Mark Wilkinson, of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, said: “Cruachan and Adamas have been good together. The big guy keeps looking over to see what’s going on but they’re getting on well.” 
The soldier added: “It’s an honour and a privilege to come down for Queen’s Guard. 
“Cruachan IV is an old sweat on parades – he’s done five Edinburgh Tattoos, Royal Visits at Balmoral and the Royal Windsor Horse Show. 
“But he’s never been to Buckingham Palace to parade for The Queen, so he will be on his best behaviour and will represent the Army well.”

New hip for a Duke

April 4, 2018 Wednesday
8:16 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!   
It’s Wednesday again!  Whee!
8:56 AM Phil
Good morning! Hump Day!

8:00 PM Sassy
First you have me licking the screen and now I am trying to grab that shrimp dinner you posted!

8:15 PM Phil
Some lobsters in there too! They wanted seafood
8:15 PM Sassy
You are an excellent host!

8:15 PM Phil
Now old fashioneds and maybe a soak in the tub
8:16 PM Sassy

8:16 PM Phil
With a swim suit
8:16 PM Sassy
Is it safe to tub after eating?

8:17 PM Phil
Yep! We are drinking in between. 
I’m getting sick too. Cough cough 
: )

8:18 PM Sassy
Oh no!  About half of everyone I know is getting that mess…

Who’s visiting?

Sis is sick,  Gal pal is sick, co-worker had flu that turned into pneumonia!

8:33 PM Phil
My brother’s oldest. 
I’m not really sick, I’m just calling into work sick 
[Devil emoticon]

8:33 PM Sassy
Ah… I see.  Good for you!
9:22 PM Sassy
Queen Elizabeth’s husband has a hip replacement today at age 96!  Majesty Magazine’s Facebook page reprinted the palace’s statement: 

Wednesday 4th April 2018
The Duke of Edinburgh has undergone a successful hip replacement operation. He is progressing satisfactorily at this early stage.
His Royal Highness is likely to remain in hospital for several days. He is comfortable and in good spirits.
Further updates will be issued when appropriate.

Pretty in purple

March 7, 2018 Wednesday

8:30 AM Sassy
The Queen looking pretty in purple!

The 91-year-old monarch wore royal purple on a visit to celebrate the International Maritime Organization in London and celebrate its 70th anniversary. Doesn’t she look lovely? 

3:39 PM Phil

Hope all is good with you. So busy I don’t have time to look up! 
3:40 PM Sassy
Hiya!  Crammed in a bunch of work early and came home before the storm hit.  Hope it’s not bad down there.
4:03 PM Phil
Just cold. Had a weird but busy day. 

Heard from an old friend whose Neanderthal husband is slapping her around. Gets he is angry and violent when he drinks. I told her to file a police report and get a restraining order. Of course she won’t do that cause he’s a good guy when not drinking. My comment that he’s never a good guy if he hit her even once fell on deaf ears. Really bums me out to hear. Last husband was abusive too. She’s got a smart mouth and I think she pushes it too hard but no excuse for laying a hand on her and he’s a brute. She isn’t going to leave and all you can do is hope he doesn’t hurt her too badly cause he’s gonna hurt her. I always feel helpless in this type of situation because they won’t call the cops and she isn’t leaving cause the house is hers and he basically mows grass occasionally. Ughhhhh
4:05 PM Sassy
Oh no!  So sorry to hear that… sucks.  Good that she can talk with you at least.
4:12 PM Sassy
Talked with a gal pal in VA – her power was out for 5 days, so you got lucky!
4:26 PM Phil
Yeah, no lie. 2 days was long enough

Another royal engaged!

January 22, 2018 Monday

7:56 AM Sassy
Good morning Phil!  Thinking of you…wondering what the shutdown means.

My Monday is gross so far – hoping for better soon.  

  • It’s pouring rain, 
  • have the stomach flu and 
  • I get to go with Hubby as he starts a 2-month intensive psychiatric day program.  


9:13 AM Phil
Oh boy! None of that sounds like any fun! 

I am off for a doctor visit, feeding the homeless this afternoon and riding my bike on a pretty day. 

The govt shutdown does not really affect me as I am an exempt employee. Just means less people to deal with!

10:44 AM Sassy
Fergie and Andrew’s daughter is engaged!  

From the Duke of York’s Facebook page

Princess Eugenie and Mr. Jack Brooksbank were photographed earlier today following the announcement of their engagement.

Record cold

December 29, 2017 Friday

1:31 AM Sassy
Set a record low temp yesterday of 12 and it’s 4 degrees now!  Brrr….

8:39 AM Sassy
Happy Friday!
9:06 AM Phil
Hey there! : D Happy Friday!
9:15 AM Sassy
Colder than usual down there?
9:15 AM Phil
Yeah, it’s pretty damn cold!
9:23 AM Sassy
We’re stuck around 2 degrees! 
I looked up the 10 day forecast – no temps above freezing.  Wacky
10:33 AM Phil
Welcome Mr. Winter

11:37 AM Sassy
Busy Royals! Here’s the list of all their activities in 2017. 

Tim O’Donovan’s annual letter to The Times newspaper 

from Majesty Magazine’s Facebook page

11:40 AM Sassy
Vacation breakfast of fried eggs on toast with toast, kielbasa and iced chai latte!

6:13 PM Sassy
Chili cheese dog dinner!

Christmas joys

December 25, 2017 Monday
6:51AM Phil
[Cute little emoji with a mouse holding a present that says “Merry Christmas!”

7:04 PM Sassy

Christmas tree 
Tenor GIF Keyboard
7:05 AM Phil
Merry Christmas! Hope it’s a beautiful family filled day
7:06 AM Sassy
Thanks! You cooking?

7:07 AM Phil
Ham, Turkey, oh yeah
7:08 AM Sassy
Yummm…Sis is making roast beef.

9:02 AM Sassy
from Sally Bedell Smith’s Facebook page

All together on Christmas Day: the Royal Family attended services at St.Mary Magdalene Church at the Queen’s Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. Front and center in the ever-growing crowd was Meghan Markle, the first royal fiancée to be invited to join the celebrations. The Duchess of Cambridge has fully recovered from her morning sickness, and her baby bump was clearly visible beneath her smart tartan coat. The 91-year-old Queen dazzled in her eye-catching orange outfit as she and sprightly 96-year-old Prince Philip led the procession out of the church. They were all greeted warmly by a large gathering of onlookers.

9:37 AM Sassy
White Christmas? We’ve got that!

[photo of the complete white-out of the snowstorm out my balcony window]

12:47 PM Sassy

Present exchange at my sister’s house

[10 photos of various people with their favorite presents]

5:08 PM Sassy
Christmas dinner 

Olives and grapes
Smoked trout
Pear spinach salad, Yorkshire pudding, stuffed mushrooms 
and dutchess baked potatoes
Roast beef and gravy
Green beans made by my young niece! 
My plate