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April 12, 2018 Thursday

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The Army in London – HQ London District

The famous mascot of The Royal Regiment of Scotland has arrived at Hyde Park Barracks to get acquainted with London life. 
Cruachan IV, who is a nine hands high Shetland Pony, is set to lead out the Fifth Battalion of Royal Regiment of Scotland at Buckingham Palace on The Queen’s Guard later this month. 
For now the feisty equine is making friends with his The Household Cavalry contemporaries.
The nine-year-old has taken up a stable next to Adamas, a 17.1 hands high drum horse, and they have struck up a friendly relationship. 
Pony Major Mark Wilkinson, of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, said: “Cruachan and Adamas have been good together. The big guy keeps looking over to see what’s going on but they’re getting on well.” 
The soldier added: “It’s an honour and a privilege to come down for Queen’s Guard. 
“Cruachan IV is an old sweat on parades – he’s done five Edinburgh Tattoos, Royal Visits at Balmoral and the Royal Windsor Horse Show. 
“But he’s never been to Buckingham Palace to parade for The Queen, so he will be on his best behaviour and will represent the Army well.”

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