More intense

Sunday, June 1, 2014
Me: Good morning hot stuff! 9:44 AM
Kris: Morning sexy Sass! Sat in church fantasizing more adventures…like early morning breakfast at your fave place in Laconia…then long, SLOW ride in boat around whole shoreline of all of Lake W….and of course….somehow/somewhere (in boat? room? TENT?)…..”try again”. (“Oh my, Mr. Kris,” she says ever so sultry and coyly…”Whatever r u talking about?”) 11:43 AM
Me: Fantasies in church? Naughty! I’m hiding in the bathroom at the barbecue, peopled out, hope to go home soon. Hope you’re having a nice Sunday! 3:27 PM
Kris: Kind of like Michael Corleone at Baptism in church…while people were simultaneously being murdered by his orders. But I’m only plotting adultery. Good thing I don’t live in ancient Israel… where adultery was a sin punishable by stoning to death. Off to get my bike…to ride to gym to work out…then little more gardening. Pretty active for an old man, yeah?! 😉 4:46 PM
Me: Just got home. Need to do stuff but nap is calling… you are pretty spritely for a man in his dotage. 4:48 PM
Kris: have to look up dotage. guess is old guy? lol. if u nap….let me in a dream… 🙂 4:53 PM
Kris: u up? 9:49 PM
Me: Yes. 9:50 PM
Kris: watchupto? 9:50 PM
Me: Bopping around the net. You? 9:52 PM
Kris: watchin movie…”Labor Day” with Kate Winslet…not usual “flesh and fucking” she usually does in movies….but sensual in subtle way…. u gonna b up for a while? 9:56 PM
Me: You know it is very tough to be with someone for 27 hours and then not be with them again for days. 9:57 PM
Kris: r u talking bout me?!? 9:59 PM
Me: I hope to stay up until sometime between 11 pm and midnight. But bed is calling me… 10:00 PM
Kris: can’t chat now, but could when movie is over. not sure how much longer though – would think hour at most, but not sure. 10:03 PM
Me: that’s fine. Check in when you can. I’ll leave my Yahoo chat open. If I go off to bed I will text you. 10:15 PM
Kris: k. curious about what u meant about spending 27 hours…then hard not to see for days. understand “sort of”…want to understand better. don’t try to explain here. save for chat. tomorrow if need b. let u know when movie ends. if you’re still up. sleep if u need to. hug & kiss….Kris 10:25 PM

Kris: movie’s over…going on chat 10:55 PM
·       Jun 01 11:00 PM Kris: Hi!
·       Jun 01 11:00 PM Sassy: Hiya!
·       Jun 01 11:00 PM Kris: Tired?
·       Jun 01 11:02 PM Sassy: Not too bad
·       Jun 01 11:02 PM Sassy: You?
·       Jun 01 11:02 PM Kris: Same…glad to be chatting with you… : )
·       Jun 01 11:03 PM Sassy: : )
·       Jun 01 11:04 PM Kris: So what did you mean by hard to be with someone 27 hours…then not see for days? Sorry you did? Or wish you could see me sooner than “days”?
·       Jun 01 11:04 PM Sassy: Tough to be so connected and then… disconnected.
·       Jun 01 11:06 PM Kris: So would you rather not be “so connected”? Not spend so much time together at once?
·       Jun 01 11:07 PM Sassy: Oh no… not at all.
·       Jun 01 11:07 PM Sassy: Just a bit of emotional whiplash
·       Jun 01 11:07 PM Sassy: to be so close and then so far
·       Jun 01 11:07 PM Kris: is that new/different…than other relationships?
·       Jun 01 11:08 PM Sassy: Seems more intense… and I haven’t spent the night with other AM men… probably something to do with that
·       Jun 01 11:09 PM Kris: but not something you don’t want to do again….just a different experience…not used to?
·       Jun 01 11:10 PM Sassy: Yes
·       Jun 01 11:10 PM Sassy: A bit of a roller coaster
·       Jun 01 11:10 PM Sassy: You feeling anything like that?
·       Jun 01 11:11 PM Kris: no. not any sense of disconnectedness or it being too intense- only positive feelings of being close to you and getting to spend a lot of time with you. I do “intense” a lot in general anyhow (case you haven’t noticed). lol
·       Jun 01 11:12 PM Kris: but it can scare people. I understand that. or cause strange feelings after. I understand that but I don’t experience it that way.
·       Jun 01 11:13 PM Sassy: It was so fun, so spoiled and now I am back to having to shoulder everything
·       Jun 01 11:13 PM Kris: and not to bring up a sore subject….but facing work tomorrow is a big downer for you sure.
·       Jun 01 11:15 PM Sassy: I am mostly holding it off, telling myself it won’t be as bad as I thought
·       Jun 01 11:17 PM Kris: maybe it won’t be. I’m glad you experienced our time together as fun and being spoiled. for me that means “mission accomplished” : D hope you’ll let me do it more. and not “protect yourself” against the “back to reality” part by not letting me cook up other ways I hope we can have fun and I can try to spoil you.
·       Jun 01 11:18 PM Kris: I’m a little surprised you enjoyed it as much as you say. I believe you…just a little surprised….thought it might have all been
·       Jun 01 11:18 PM Kris: might have been “a bit much”
·       Jun 01 11:20 PM Sassy: I was surprised you didn’t get sick of me, and wanted to do all that mundane stuff… but it seemed quite intimate in a fun way
·       Jun 01 11:26 PM Kris: why would I get sick of you? “intimate in a fun way” can be to me what “fast, casual sex” is to many people – turns me on. it’s kind of “slow extended foreplay” because when I get to fuck YOU, I’m fucking a real person I’m getting to know more intimately and the fucking is better for me that way. that’s when I get turned on. not just “use you” like when you fucked me for the first time. that was very intimate and real and brought the “trust thing” to a different level… but mundane stuff puts sex with you on a “different level” for me. that might make me a little “weird” or “different” or “whatever”. sometimes I like “fast and casual”…but honestly probably more in fantasy sex than real sex.
·       Jun 01 11:30 PM Sassy: Wow… you explained that really well. I get it.
·       Jun 01 11:32 PM Sassy: I really needed it this week. I can’t get over how you are here now…
·       Jun 01 11:33 PM Kris: what do you mean “how I am here now”?
·       Jun 01 11:33 PM Sassy: When other stuff in my life is so heavy, you are giving me breaks and helping me bear it
·       Jun 01 11:34 PM Kris: good! glad to help! I’m having plenty of fun myself! : D
·       Jun 01 11:35 PM Kris: have some more “intense” fantasies/ plans I was thinking of for spending more time together during the week if you want to….after my wife starts working and is gone most of the time.
·       Jun 01 11:36 PM Sassy: I had to giggle at you cooking up stuff like that in church!
·       Jun 01 11:37 PM Sassy: I’ve been watching naughty videos… but thinking of us doing the stuff
·       Jun 01 11:37 PM Kris: Oh good! we should watch it together sometime.  here are some more “fantasy plans” I could pick you up when you get out of work… since I’m not that far away in the course of my work anyhow. then bring you to my house and fuck you. sleep with you and bring you to work in the morning.
·       Jun 01 11:38 PM Kris: after my wife starts work in a couple of weeks
·       Jun 01 11:38 PM Kris: when she’s gone 24/7 with only one day home.
·       Jun 01 11:41 PM Kris: don’t have to answer… got time to think about it…but you’re more adventurous than you let on to be, so I’m getting VERY HOPEFUL. with all my crazy schemes! LOL
·       Jun 01 11:41 PM Sassy: I think about each one you tell me about
·       Jun 01 11:41 PM Sassy: Try to imagine doing them
·       Jun 01 11:43 PM Kris: ok….so “in general” do they seem “scary?” or “not that fun” or “might be fun” or”fun or “not sure what I think”?
·       Jun 01 11:44 PM Sassy: It varies.  : )
·       Jun 01 11:45 PM Kris: makes sense. let’s find the one(s) with the best shot at being really fun. you’ll have to tell me what you prefer.
·       Jun 01 11:45 PM Sassy: Sure.
·       Jun 01 11:46 PM Kris: anything else on your mind as we approach “turning into pumpkins” time?
·       Jun 01 11:46 PM Sassy: sex.
·       Jun 01 11:46 PM Kris: be specific
·       Jun 01 11:47 PM Kris: what was on the naughty videos you were watching?
·       Jun 01 11:48 PM Sassy: I was thinking about 4 am Friday
·       Jun 01 11:49 PM Kris: what about it?
·       Jun 01 11:49 PM Sassy: Feeling the rhythm of your tongue on my nipple, matching the movement of your fingers and then your cock inside me… with it dark I was focusing on the feeling… the sounds.
·       Jun 01 11:50 PM Kris: did it feel good?
·       Jun 01 11:50 PM Sassy: Very.
·       Jun 01 11:50 PM Kris: for me too
·       Jun 01 11:51 PM Sassy: Makes my inside woggle thinking about it now
·       Jun 01 11:51 PM Kris: good!
·       Jun 01 11:51 PM Kris: we’ll have to do it again sometime!
·       Jun 01 11:52 PM Kris: what sounds in particular?
·       Jun 01 11:52 PM Sassy: your moans
·       Jun 01 11:52 PM Kris: just before cumming and during?
·       Jun 01 11:52 PM Sassy: yes
·       Jun 01 11:54 PM Kris: I know you want me to talk more during sex….but you should be encouraged to know that I am much more expressive with you when I cum than “other times” I feel free to make sounds and that you’ll like it too… so that’s VERY different for me…and very fun!
·       Jun 01 11:56 PM Sassy: I find it odd that you are so talkative and then just shut down… I suppose you are focusing on what’s going on, harder to think, talk?
·       Jun 01 11:58 PM Kris: yes. I’m focusing on feeling…talking distracts me rather than turns me on. but that’s not to say I don’t want to try new things and need to find what turns you on. I’m willing to experiment and learn and do different things. part of it is that when you’ve been doing the same thing for so long in the same way there’s a bit of a “learning curve” but I’m willing to be a teachable student if you’ll keep being a patient teacher. : D
·       Jun 01 11:59 PM Sassy: Sounds perfect!
·       Jun 01 11:59 PM Sassy: I am so happy that you get that it isn’t perfect right off the bat, that it is worth working on
·       Jun 02 12:00 AM Kris: I just hope it keeps moving in the right direction. I worry a lot about you not being satisfied, not cumming, giving up.
·       Jun 02 12:02 AM Sassy: Not likely
·       Jun 02 12:03 AM Kris: you seem to have a great capacity for “relishing what you DO get pleasure out of” and making that “enough” {for the moment)
·       Jun 02 12:03 AM Kris: enough to keep going, trying new things… not giving up.
·       Jun 02 12:04 AM Sassy: I get zilch at home, so it all seems to good to me!
·       Jun 02 12:05 AM Kris: what do you mean by “zilch?”
·       Jun 02 12:05 AM Sassy: I get nothing physical from Hubby
·       Jun 02 12:06 AM Sassy: So holding your hand in Uno’s sticks out to me
·       Jun 02 12:06 AM Kris: yes I know it means nothing…but with who? hubby….or “anyone for that matter”…..?
·       Jun 02 12:07 AM Sassy: I am getting nothing from no one
·       Jun 02 12:07 AM Sassy: Except all the wonderful attention from you!
·       Jun 02 12:09 AM Kris: ok. just gotta get that sex thing really hot and satisfying for you. all my “extra-curricular” fantasies are all well and good….but need to keep the “main thing the main thing”… which I know for a fact YOU will not let us slip too far away from (even if it escapes me temporarily in my “dotage”). ; )
·       Jun 02 12:10 AM Kris: tell me what you watched in the naughty video then I should let you go to sleep…as fun as it is to talk about sex with you.
·       Jun 02 12:11 AM Sassy: They were pretty gross actually… if I find a good one, I will send it to you.
·       Jun 02 12:11 AM Sassy: About squirting mostly
·       Jun 02 12:12 AM Kris: I know we talked about this a little…but is that really squirting “v” juice? just find that hard to believe/imagine. think they’re actually pissing and saying it v-juice. LOL
·       Jun 02 12:13 AM Sassy: I don’t know… was not pee from me!
·       Jun 02 12:13 AM Kris: you’ve squirted?
·       Jun 02 12:13 AM Sassy: Yes… you made it happen twice in the hotel in Salem
·       Jun 02 12:14 AM Kris: that was squirting? I thought it was like an actual gush of v-juice that came out in a stream. did you experience it that way in Salem?
·       Jun 02 12:15 AM Sassy: yes
·       Jun 02 12:15 AM Kris: I don’t remember it in Salem. was that when the sheets were really wet? I though that was the first time in the hotel in Woburn after first lunch at the 99. but don’
·       Jun 02 12:16 AM Kris: don’t trust my memory (I’m not keeping a journal)
·       Jun 02 12:16 AM Sassy: The hotel in Woburn was where I got carried away and made it tough for you to sit down for awhile.
·       Jun 02 12:17 AM Kris: not the sheets being drenching wet after?
·       Jun 02 12:17 AM Sassy: No. that was Salem
·       Jun 02 12:17 AM Sassy: with shrimp
·       Jun 02 12:17 AM Sassy: it was an S day…Salem.  Shrimp.  Squirting!
·       Jun 02 12:17 AM Kris: hee hee (as you would say)!
·       Jun 02 12:18 AM Sassy: I should go to bed. But I don’t want to. Don’t want to leave you… and if I go to sleep I have to wake up and go to work. : (
·       Jun 02 12:19 AM Kris: ok….but first tell me one thing you want me to do that we haven’t yet and then we’ll say goodnight.
·       Jun 02 12:20 AM Sassy: mark me
·       Jun 02 12:21 AM Kris: other than pee with the bathroom door open… or send you a pic of my feet.
·       Jun 02 12:21 AM Kris: explain “mark me”
·       Jun 02 12:21 AM Sassy: leave a mark on my breast
·       Jun 02 12:21 AM Kris: how?
·       Jun 02 12:21 AM Sassy: with your mouth
·       Jun 02 12:21 AM Kris: bite you and suck hard enough to leave a mark?
·       Jun 02 12:21 AM Sassy: Or you could draw it with a pen, I suppose
·       Jun 02 12:22 AM Sassy: yes
·       Jun 02 12:22 AM Sassy: something I can feel at the time, then look at when you’re gone and smile
·       Jun 02 12:23 AM Kris: ok. I can do that…and will! hopefully soon. invite me to “cordially fuck you” when hubby has a date some time. if I can, i’ll be there.
·       Jun 02 12:23 AM Sassy: Yes… I am working with him on this week’s calendar.
·       Jun 02 12:23 AM Sassy: I am busy Tu with Mom and project meeting Thursday
·       Jun 02 12:24 AM Sassy: More info as I get it!
·       Jun 02 12:25 AM Kris: ok. Whenever.  I’ll look forward to it. in the meantime can still bug you with texts and chatting. now time to say goodnight. Nite SEXY SASSY!!!
·       Jun 02 12:25 AM Sassy: Good night dear man.
·       Jun 02 12:25 AM Sassy: I may be quiet during work hours. Do not take it personally.
·       Jun 02 12:26 AM Kris: Won’t. thanks for heads up….may restrain myself knowing that. understand. Nite!

Hot and juicy

Sunday, June 1, 2014
Happy June!  Hope it’s off to a grand start for you.
10:28am Phil 

[Photo of his naked chest, stunning shoulders, tussled hair and smiling face fresh out of the shower]
10:29am Phil 
Happy June!

8:28 pm
We had a gourmet supper.  Hubby wanted something “hot and juicy.”  : )

9:58pm Phil 
[photo of fireworks over the water]
9:58pm Phil 
[photo of city lights and water]
11:22pm Phil

[more city lights and water]

Prescription Coffee Mug

Saturday, May 31, 2014
On Wednesday, May 28, 2014 3:45 PM, Sassy wrote:
Subject: The coffee cup for you

Big Mouth Toys 

The Prescription Coffee Mug

From: Kris
To: Sassy
Sent: May 31, 2014 10:56 AM
Re: The coffee cup for you
You’re funny!  I was expecting some kind of sex joke.  Gave me a chuckle and put a smile on my face (though I have no idea why you think it might apply to me!) (Just because I drink coffee ALL THE TIME!!!!!) 


From: Sassy
To: Kris
Sent: May 31, 2014 11:20 AM
Re: The coffee cup for you
Glad you got a giggle out of it!  It’s fun to make you laugh.  
Should I be miffed that you expect everything from me to be a sex joke?  Geesh!  Just because some high percentage of what I send might be construed as sexy and I am the very definition of sexy?  I suppose if I have to be associated with some human activity, it is pretty good for it to be SEX!  
Here are your suggestions for today: 
1) Remember fucking at 4 am… 
2) Take deep breaths.  
3) Be intentional about where you put your phone, your wallet and your credit cards!  
From: Kris
To: Sassy
Sent: Saturday, May 31, 2014 11:33 AM
Hi Sass!
Hope the project event was fun last night.  Here’s what I texted you yesterday–that you say you didn’t get.  It seems you don’t get texts I try to send when they reach close to a maximum number of characters allowed on my phone (which I should probably send in emails anyhow).  
Anyhow…here what I wrote.  No big earth shaking thoughts….just some “random” ones I had yesterday.  I’ll start a few texts before it–to put in in context:
Kris:  careful some man doesn’t sneak into your dreams….and u wake to find he snuck out of your head…right into your bed!…. 😉
S:  That’s what happened last night!  And it was marvelous!  How’s work going?
(Then here’s the long text I wrote that you say you didn’t get):
B:  Hoped you’d get it…u did!…Sassy AND smart!  Didn’t work…will try to do early tomorrow (now today!).  Worked out at gym…rode bike (even in rain, music blasting, makes me feel alive!).  Thought of you all day–remembering special moments–things u worry about and hide make me closer when u trust me and disclose them (didn’t text this, but meant like medical stuff, etc.)  Thrusting my cock in u and coming at 4:00 am didn’t seem to be hindered by you being totally asleep and waking slowly. that fuck was fantastic!  Liked the side position for comfort and deep thrusting.  Want to do again…with harder cock…for longer time.  Maybe I’ll get you off that way (SOMEDAY!).  Thought about you getting me off twice.  Thought about how to get you there too.  Thought about some sad parts of your life…but glad you tell me.  Your nose in phone is worse than a “texting teen”…but you DID manage some self-control considering our “marathon of a meet”
(Next text):
B:  Teasing!  I really like you…I hope you know that…Mwah!
That was it!  As I say, nothing too “earth-shattering”…but hopefully a little fun for you to read.  Hope the project was fun last night….know you have something to do today and tomorrow.  Hope there’s some fun in those for you today and tomorrow too.
Slept in late this morning…which now puts pressure on me to do work I put off.  Have to leave here by 2:00 pm to go to a family party.  I’m close to all my extended family–and their kids.  So it’s kind of “obligatory.”  It will be “ok.”  Lots of family there from all over.
I probably won’t have work all done before I go—-so probably be forced to do it into late night again tonight.  Ugh!  Oh well, life goes on.  
And you’re one of my favorite “diversions” —-hope I’m one of yours.
Mwah! Again, and again, and again!

Kris: I did sleep well!…and too long. Now under pressure to do work till 2:00 when leaving for party that starts at 3:00. Won’t get finished and will be doing tonight late again after returning home. Ugh! Oh well…some parts of email might be memories serve as little “twinge triggers”…and with your rich imagination…morph it into anything you like…which reminds me of a joke I heard on radio… 11:42 AM

Kris: before i tell joke…i meant to text that I sent u an email…to make sense of above statement “some parts of email”…now joke 11:45 AM

Kris: “Did you know that life is not really about having fantastic experiences…but having mediocre ones that you write about on Facebook as IF they were fantastic?” 11:50 AM

Me: Absolutely! 11:54 AM

Kris: Absolutely what…that you think the joke is TRUE? 11:55 AM

Me: Totally! 11:57 AM

Me: Did you re-send that long text? 11:58 AM

Kris: So instead of “Another fun meet of mediocre sex with Kris”…you write something “less painful” in your journal? TEASING…(sort of) 😉 12:00 PM

Kris: Yes…resent it in email 12:00 PM

Kris: Oops! sent to mispelled email of yours…returned to me “undeliverable”…just forwarded to correct address…should be there… 12:06 PM


From: Kris
To: Sassy
Sent: May 31, 2014 12:16 PM
Re: The coffee cup for you
Hey Sass!
If you WERE miffed how would I know it–since you’re always so “well-behaved”?  But I hear a little “annoyance”–which even that makes me laugh a little–since you’re so “well-behaved” all the time.  You ARE sexy—but much more that that to me.  You’re witty, smart, really fun to be with, have lots of common sense, care deeply about people, take care of people, are creative, hard-working, responsible…I could go on and on.  Sorry if I go “overboard” and make you feel like that’s “all” I think of you—FAR from it–trust me.
Sometimes I’m not sure when you’re teasing me.  Like “take deep breaths”—-seems so “random”.  Like you telling me you wanted a pic of my feet.  Just to keep me “off balance”—it’s fun!

Kris: Did u get email with resent, long text ok? 12:43 PM

Me: Got it! Liked it. Sitting outside Mom’s, waiting for her to come out. Off to lunch! Have fun at the party! Relax!12:45 PM

Kris: Thanks! You too! 12:47 PM

Kris: wife just showed me a cartoon a high school friend just sent her…Woman is sitting at bar with guy. She looks early forties, blonde, attractive… 2:28 PM

Kris: guy next to her is about six inches shorter, pot belly, bald with just a little hair on sides… 2:30 PM

Kris: balloon over woman says: “Umm…I thought your profile said you had long, wavy dark hair.” 2:33 PM

Kris: guy’s smiling happily and replies: 2:34 PM

Kris: “I do! It’s on my back.”… 🙂 2:35 PM

Me: Hee hee! 4:05 PM

Kris: still at party…waiting for main catered food to come out…”socialized” enough to afford sneaking away to a room to do some work…then eat…then leave… to add to my list (coffee cup reply–ehi 5:46 PM

Kris: …to add to my list (coffee cup reply…which btw feel free to buy me for my b-day on June 21st)…more ressons I like you… 5:48 PM

Kris: pretty eyes 5:49 PM

Kris: stick your tongue out at me 5:49 PM

Kris: soft, pretty hands (skillfully used in “sensitive places”… 😉 5:50 PM

Kris: great kissah 5:51 PM

Kris: make me laugh…not “silly laugh…happy…joyful…sometimes amused but more “surprised”… in very fun/enjoying way… 5:54 PM

Kris: very soft skin…ALL over…and so nice to touch…ALL over… 5:55 PM

Kris: AND… 5:55 PM

Kris: SEXY… (and yes that’s also a wonderful thing to be too)… 5:57 PM

Kris: AND… 5:57 PM

Kris: other things I’ll tell you later…gotta stop and do some work… later…hope your day’s going well…Kris. 5:59 PM


Me: Heading to bed. Thinking of you. And your twelve texts. 🙂 11:56 PM

Kris: Hope you’re not overwhelmed by Gabby Kris. 12:09 AM

Me: Not so far! 12:10 AM

Kris: You’re so sweet…and patient. Nite…sleep tight…don’t let the bed bugs bite! 12:11 AM

Vacation waves

Saturday, May 31
5/31, 8:06am Phil
Post workout soak

[photo of his naked chest and shoulders in the hot tub outdoors]
5/31, 8:17am
Oh my… what a treat!  I’d slide in there with you!
5/31, 8:18am Phil
Make some waves

5/31, 1:35pm
Took Mom to The Chateau in Burlington.  Not good.  Weird service, blah food.  Not doing that again!  The chicken parm looks good but it was dry and the spaghetti wasn’t cooked!  I don’t like crunchy pasta.  Bleh.

5/31, 4:07pm Phil
    [photo of his naked chest and shoulders in sunglasses]         

5/31, 4:22pm
Whew!  Looks hot there, or maybe it’s you?
5/31, 4:35pm Phil
It sure isn’t me

Meet #10 Part 2 – Cum for Breakfast

Friday, May 30, 2014
Meet #10 continues….

Best breakfast 
I woke up again at 5:30 am with him nibbling on my shoulder.  I glanced over – he has such a sweet smile.  I have spent my first night with an AM man!  Whee!  He nibbled his way down my chest, kissed each hip then licked me slowly and carefully while he slid a couple of fingers inside me.  Mmm… that is so good!  I squirmed and moaned for awhile.  Then I rolled over and took him in my mouth and sucked and pumped until he exploded! I swallowed all around him. Best breakfast I’ve had in a long time.  
We cuddled and talked.  He did some work on his laptop at the desk.  We each showered and packed and took off.  
There’s a Panera in the mall, so we went there for a quick, fast and cheap meal about 11 am.  I had their French onion soup and half a turkey sandwich.  He tried one of their salads with an apple.  He was surprised how healthy and delicious it was!  
He drove me back into the city and dropped me off with a huge hug.  He offered to carry my bags upstairs, but I could easily do it.  I strolled into my place at 1 pm.  I was worn out and meant to go right on to bed, but I ended up sitting at my desk, writing down everything I could recall about my incredible boat trip and the first overnight with a man from Ashley Madison.  I got on a roll and did some work, paid bills, and ran errands!  


Kris: got a flat tire on boat trailer 15 minutes from home!  left spare at home…on way to get to change tire…no big deal…just glad didn’t happen on our “adventure”…think u had enough for one outing! I had a great time!  thanks for being such a sport…especially spending the night. you say “NO!” now…but never say never…u may go for a bike ride yet! Alfalfa. Mwah! 2:32 PM

Me: Oh no! So sorry to hear this! I’ve done payroll for work, paid bills online, ran to the bank, picked up meds, going to nap! 3:28 PM

Kris: careful some man doesn’t sneak into your dreams…and u wake to find he snuck out of your head…right into your bed!… 😉 3:48 PM

Me: That’s what happened last night! And it was marvelous! How’s work going?  Here are the best photos from yesterday!  10:55 PM

Heading down the Charles River past Mount Auburn Hospital
Harvard University 
Boston skyline
The Museum of Science 
Following Duck Boats through the canal at the Museum of Science 
The Zakim Bridge 
The lock from the Charles River into Boston Harbor 
Boston’s Harbor front – Rowes Wharf, Boston Harbor Hotel, International Place
Spectacle Island with the Boston skyline in the distance 
The National Parks building on Spectacle Island
Our picnic table on Spectacle Island
A pretty tree 
The empty docks with the Boston skyline
Lunch he grilled for us! 
Dessert he made
The paddle wheeler in the harbor
Old Ironsides – the USS Constitution moored in Charlestown 
TD Bank Garden – the big sports arena in Boston 
Back through the lock after the Zakim Bridge 
Boston’s Back Bay and the Charles River 


Kris: My last really long text ended with words: “considering our ‘marathon of a meet'”…if u didn’t get it i’ll resend it…in shorter “chunks”…and wanted to follow up with… 1:19 AM

Kris: Teasing! I really like you…I hope you know that. Mwah! 1:23 AM

Me: Oops! Never saw that. Email? Mwah! 1:27 AM

Kris: You’re still up?!? LOL! I’ll send it later this morning…going to bed now…you make me laugh and smile…like right now…Sassy “sexternet junkie”…smack on mouth with tongue…Nite! 1:32 AM

Me: I took a 3-hr nap before going out. I am writing about you, silly. Sleep well dear man. 1:40 AM

Workout swim

Friday, May 30, 2013
5/30, 8:16am Phil
Starting with a workout swim. Have a great day

[photo of him soaking wet standing by the pool smiling]
5/30, 8:17am Phil
[photo of his naked chest and shoulders by the pool smiling]

5/30, 1:50pm
Thanks for the gorgeous shoulder photos!
You are so good to me.  Having fun?
5/30, 2:55pm Phil
Yeah I guess. Nice place, great weather, hard to not have fun

5/30, 6:13pm Phil
This does not suck

[photo of the view from his hotel window… pool, lake, palm trees, big hotel]

5/30, 7:03pm

5/30, 7:04pm  Phil
This is not hard to deal with

Meet #10 Boating! First Overnight!

Thursday, May 29, 2014 
Kris: If u like hot tea bring tea bags. I have a tea kettle and portable burner to boil water…on my way…beautiful day! Any better or still feeling crappy? 7:40 AM

Me: Feeling better! See you soon! 7:41 AM

Kris: Great!…Mwah! 7:42 AM

Kris: Heavy traffic…eta: 8:45 8:15 AM

Me: Ok. Just got out of shower, tossing stuff into my tote! 8:21 AM

Kris: I’m gonna park across street in shopping parking lot…can u take pic from ur balcony? 8:26 AM

Me: Sure 8:27 AM

Kris: K…i’ll b standing on back of boat holding up sign…u wont b able to miss me…feeling very “mischievous”… 😉 8:32 AM

Kris: Gotts pee like a race horse…stopping to…new eta: 9 am  8:39 AM

Kris: Just getting off 93…ugh 8:56 AM

Kris: Feels like taking forever…not used to heavy city traffic…but less than mile away 9:15 AM

Me: Yay! I am ready and waiting with my camera phone at hand! 9:15 AM

Kris: Dont freak out…Alfalfa… 😉 9:17 AM

Me: Why would I freak out? 9:18 AM

Kris: Here…you’ll see! 9:20 AM


He is so funny!  When I went out on the balcony, he was standing on the back of his boat holding up a huge handmade sign that said, “HI SEXY!”


Kris: i can pull in around back if its easier 9:25 AM

Me: Okay. I have to get stuff from my car. Park just past garage door? 9:27 AM

Kris: k 9:28 AM

Kris: here 9:32 AM


The Boating Plan
He had been telling me for weeks that he wanted to take me out on his boat.  He told me about his fantasy about being on the water with me and showing me his favorite places and… I did not want to go.  My brain could not shut up about all the things that could go wrong.  I try never to ride in the same car with an AM guy… the potential for disaster on the water seemed ever scarier.  What if there is some mechanical difficulty?  What if we have an accident?  or I get seasick?  And I haven’t been outside in the sun for a long period for… over three years.  How do I protect myself from all that sun?  I don’t know what brand of sunblock to buy!  I don’t have any “boating clothes!”  Eeek!  
I told him I was taking a week of vacation, so he honed in on a date and made a specific plan – renting a truck, mapping the trip, renting a hotel room!  He patiently answered all my questions.  He made it sound so fun.  and possible.  My friends helped me figure out the sunblock options.  It was forecast to be a cool day, so I could get away with long pants and a hoodie and a hat and… okay.  I’ll go. 
Then I got sick. With a cold!  Three days before we were supposed to go, while I was on vacation!  The sore throat, the sniffles, the coughing… argh!  I drank tons of water and slept and prayed hard to be better.  I missed a meet with him.  Ugh. 
He had rented a truck through a vehicle-sharing program, but it fell through.  I was half-hoping he wouldn’t find another way.  But a friend loaned him a truck so we were back on track. 
Boston Boating 
Finally the day dawned and I felt better!  I told him I could be ready at 8:30 am.  It was a beautiful day – clear, 60 degrees – the best day of the week weather-wise! 
He got caught in terrible traffic and didn’t appear until after 9 am, but he kept me updated via texts as he sat in the truck.  He told me he’d pull up out front and asked me to take a photo from my balcony.  He told me not to freak out.  What?  
He finally texted that he was out there.  I go out on my balcony to look and he is standing on the back of the boat with a huge cardboard sign that says “Hi Sexy!” 
Whoa!  What a sweet silly man!  I took a couple of photos of the truck and the boat and him.  I sent one to my sister, just in case I fell overboard and never returned.  Ha. 
He pulled up behind my place.  I met him down there with my tote and my overnight satchel and our bag of toys and chocolates.  He said he needed to get ice for the cooler, so he went to the grocery store.  I went to Dunkin Donuts to get a hot chocolate, trying to keep my throat from being sore. 
We made our way to the Community Boating launch in Watertown.  He does a great job of maneuvering the boat and truck.  
I sat in the truck while he made things ready.  I put Neutrogena SPF 70 cream on my face, then sprayed my hands with their spray.  I sat on the dock while he put the boat in the water and motored around to pick me up.  He helped me into the boat, seating me on cushions on the bow so I could see everything and relax.  I felt like a pampered queen!  
So I put my feet up and watched the world unfold as we cruised down the Charles River.  I took photos and marveled at the sights.  It was a very quiet day – only a few scullers now and then.  It was so beautiful!  The lush spring foliage, the huge variety of birds, the glimpses of buildings I know from the other direction!  We went under bridges I go over all the time!  It was so fun to have a new perspective! 
It took us an hour to make our way to the Science Museum.  We went through the canal there behind two Duck Boats.  
We went to the lock that would lead us to Boston Harbor.  There’s a big sign that says, “For passage, sound horn two long and two short blasts.”  He tried it with his horn, which isn’t very loud.  Then he tried his air horn, which he’d never used.  He asked a passer-by on the sidewalk above, who suggested he try his radio.  He doesn’t have one.  He finally pulled over to check to see if he could walk up to the office.  
A loud voice sounded, “Stay in your boat.  Stand by.  We will get you through.”  A minute later the massive wooden doors opened and we went into the lock!  He told me stories of coming in and out for the July 4th fireworks, being crammed in with a bunch of other boats.  We were alone and could float along as the water rose.  I told him about the Waterford Flight, a series of locks in upstate New York we visited to enjoy the lock-side parks and see the boats making their way through.  Finally the big doors at the other end swung open and we made our way out under the new Zakim Bridge, out under the low train bridge and into Boston Harbor!  
We passed the TD Garden, the State Police boats dock, the Coast Guard Station with its huge white cutters.  There was no one around!  He pulled around by Rowes Wharf, said it is one of his favorite views.  I pointed out the new Federal Courthouse.  We rolled along past the piers, as the water got rougher.  I moved into the main part of the boat, sitting next to him, more protected from the wind and the choppy water.  
We saw the huge cruise ship, The Odyssey, making its way out for a lunch cruise, and the Spirit of Boston, and the Provincetown fast ferry.  
He went straight out to Spectacle Island, the formerly small patch of dry land that is now a huge, high island bulked up with all the dirt from the Big Dig that sunk the main highway through the city.  It is part of the National Parks system, with an elegant visitors center, huge dock complex and multiple trails with picnic table with umbrellas.  We moored there about 1:30 pm.  
A picnic lunch
We dashed to the bathrooms in the Visitors Center, then he staked out a picnic table facing the dock and the city skyline in the distance.  He told me to sit and relax while he toted various gear up from the boat.  He had a cooler, a propane grill, a propane burner set, and bags of utensils and paper towels and everything you need for a picnic!  I told him he could’ve brought a baloney and cheese sandwich, but he said why keep it simple when you can go all out?!  He pulled out grapes, bananas, oranges, strawberries and raspberries!  I munched on grapes while he set up the grill and tossed on two burgers and eight chicken tenders with barbecue sauce!  Then he set up the burners to boil water for corn on the cob!  He had a kettle and a pot!  
He pulled out cucumbers and tomatoes.  He handed me a peeler and a knife and ranch dressing.  And salad bowls!  I skinned the cucumber and sliced it.  It was so fresh and delicious!  
He had forgotten plates, so he went to the snack bar and asked for a couple.  They gave him these very handy little black baskets with paper linings.  So we ate the burgers and chicken, then corn on the cob (he brought butter, salt and pepper!)  
Then he pulled out shortcakes, and whipped cream in one of those squirting cans!  He sliced strawberries and mixed them with the raspberries and sugar (from a five-pound bag), then poured them over the shortcakes and handed me the whipped cream to top it off!  
I don’t think I’ve ever had a finer picnic!  
We were almost totally alone on the island.  There was one other bird-watching couple who stopped to chat.  And a couple of rangers.  And one other boat where the people docked but never got out… just sat in their boat for over an hour. 
The rangers announced the last boat out at 4:30 pm so we made one more use of the facilities and packed up.  We took off from the docks about 5 pm and headed back across the harbor.  
Heading back 
It was amazingly quiet in the harbor.  We ducked in here or there to get a closer look at the Legal Test Kitchen or Old Ironsides, and he got a little lost, forgetting where to swing in for the lock.  I finally noticed when we hit Chelsea, knowing we were too far north when I saw the Tobin Bridge looming above us.  He stopped at the Yacht Club for directions, which were not helpful.  I told him I thought I could find it, if he turned around.  We motored down to where the Coast Guard ships are moored and I told him to turn in, remembering those so clearly from our trip out.  Then I saw the State Police docks and knew the lock was not far beyond those.  We made our way through the lock and back onto the river.  
There were several team of rowers out practicing with their launches.  He went slowly past them so as not to create a wake.  We made it back to the Community Boating area right at 6 pm.  
I sat on a bench and watched as he pulled the truck around and pulled the boat back onto dry land.  I wandered into the building between all the boats to find the bathrooms, then sat in the truck while he reattached all the wiring and covered the boat. 
The Great Wallet Search 
Then he noticed that he didn’t have his wallet.  He thought he had left it in the glove compartment of the boat, so he uncovered the boat to get it.  It wasn’t there.  Argh!  He went through his bags and other space in the boats, then some bags in the back of the truck, and then the truck itself.  I looked various places.  I prayed. Hard.  He looked everywhere again.  He was giving up, sitting in the truck, trying to figure out what he could do, where else it might be.  He reached down and… it was way under his seat!  Hallelujah! 
We made our way out to the burbs where he had rented a hotel room. I had spent my time in the truck during the Great Wallet Search looking for restaurants near it.   We went to Uno’s Pizzeria in a mall.  Contrary to their name, they have a wide variety of salads, burgers, and entrees.  We shared the Mediterranean Farro salad, then he had the baked haddock and I ate the chicken parmesan with ziti.  I adore their fancy non-alcoholic drinks!  I had a frozen raspberry lime rickey.  
The Hotel
We drove across the mall parking lot to the hotel less than .5 mile away!  The lobby was a zoo!  There were people waiting in line, people hanging out talking on their cell phones in various languages… the over-taxed desk clerk trying to check in multiple people at once and answer the phones.  Kris checked in, had to run out to get the license plate of the borrowed truck, then back in to sign things.  
We had a lovely room on the top floor overlooking the mall.  I’ve never seen a hotel room with hardwood floors.  I stared at my face in the mirror – no sunburn!  A triumph of sunblock.  I was a little windburned on my cheeks – just enough for a healthy glow but I couldn’t even feel it.  I collapsed on the king size bed and took off my shoes and socks while he took a quick shower.  
He strolled out of the shower and I had a great chance to look at him naked from head to toe.  He has a wonderful body!  Too skinny for my ideal tastes, but well-formed and very sexy.  He wandered over and gave me a long kiss.  For someone who started off saying he didn’t really see the point of kissing, he has certainly gotten the hang of it!
Play time 
He pressed me back onto the bed and we kissed and groped and relaxed together touching and cuddling.  He seemed very tired – he’d been up nearly 24 hours – but determined to play.  He sucked on my breasts, then my belly button, and then moved down to play between my legs.  I put my hand between his legs and made his gorgeous cock perk up.  I rolled over onto my stomach and he played with my cheeks, then licked lower… mmm… he rolled over to get a condom and tried to enter me from behind but he couldn’t stay hard. I wish I knew what happens with that!  He collapsed next to me… frustrated, self-deprecating.  I soothed him… kissed him, played with him a bit more… but he was clearly falling asleep.  I suggested he rest awhile, then wake me whenever he felt like it.  
I got up, got a drink of water, crawled in next to him and turned off the light.  I settled in to sleep.  He stirred.  “I want to see, okay?” 
“Okay.  Turn on the light.”  He fumbled for the switch and the overbed light came on.  I closed my eyes.  He stroked my cheek.  
“You are beautiful,” he whispered.  Melted my cynical heart a little. 
He turned off the light and spooned up against me.  We drifted off to sleep. 
On the floor 
Next thing I knew, I was on my hands and knees on the floor!  I fell out of bed!  He was saying, “Are you okay?”  I’m used to sleeping on the right side of the bed and I ended up on the left side, so I must’ve turned over out of habit, not realizing I was so close to edge and wham!  He turned on the light, helped me back into bed.  My left knee hurt, but it wasn’t skinned or anything.  I lie there quietly, waiting for the adrenaline to ease… geesh. This guy is going to think I am a total freak!  He was very soothing, patted me and spooned again.  He is very caring.
Middle of the night 
A long time later, I felt a hand moving over my breast and glanced at the clock with one eye… 4 am.  He didn’t say anything, just started nibbling on one nipple and tweaking the other.  Then he moved one hand lower, stroking my tummy and then my slit, then pressing a finger inside me.  Something about the flicking of his tongue on my nipple and the motion inside me got me going.  My hips twitched and my hand grabbed at his back.  He tossed on a condom, rolled me partially over and was inside me.  It was the first time we had done all this in the dark.  There was something about it, being able to focus on the sounds and the feelings… I had one big jolt of electricity between my legs!  Hooray!  He shuddered and came hard.  I drifted back to sleep with a big smile on my face.  This sleeping overnight with a man who wants to have sex is fantastic!

Young shoulders

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

5/28, 8:24am
Good morning kid!
Still sick ugh.
Hope you have a great Wednesday!
5/28, 8:36am Phil
Aww, sorry to hear that. Off to vacation for a few days tonight. Be nice to get away and relax a bit. My wife likes it there so she’s easy to deal with. Hope you feel better today. Laughing about last night’s extra curricular activity. Who beats off in the kitchen? The dog was giving me the “if you get any of that on me, I’ll bite your balls off” look.

5/28, 8:40am
Hope you have great weather and easy travel.  Glad she gave you a memorable send-off!

5/28, 8:42am Phil
Was very nice. Thank you. Supposed to be hot as hell
5/28, 1:49pm Phil
How you hanging sick girl?

5/28, 3:58pm
Eh… not great.  I am getting little things done around here.  I’m supposed to go boating and play with my guy tomorrow… really need to BE BETTER!  You packed and ready to go?

5/28, 5:19pm Phil
At the airport! Hope you feel good by tomorrow!
5/28, 5:20pm
Rock the sunshine! 
5/28, 5:23pm Phil
Hope it’s relaxing. I’d be happy to spend it all by the pool
5/29, 12:34am Phil
Oh to be young again

[photo of him at about age 21, naked from the waist up!]

5/29, 12:34am Phil
Hope you feel better. Thought this might bring a smile

Spectacle Island

Thursday, May 29, 2014

5/29, 7:09am
Oh my!  What a body! Yum.  You looked so hot!
Who took that?  Who saw it?  Very nice.
5/29, 8:00am Phil
That was in the military. Lots of people have seen it
5/29, 8:00am Phil
[photo of sunrise at the beach where he’s on vacation]
5/29, 8:51am
I’m feeling much better!  Off on a boating adventure with my guy!  Down the Charles River, out into Boston Harbor, lunch on Spectacle Island… whee!  Then off to a hotel for um… dessert!  Hope you have a great day by the pool!
5/29, 9:26am
[funny photo of my guy standing on the back of his boat holding up a sign that says “HEY SEXY!” parked across the street from my place!  Ha ha ha]
5/29, 10:00am Phil
Why not just do it on the boat?! Have fun! He sounds like a lot of fun!
 Glad you are enjoying the day!
5/29, 1:40pm
Made it to Spectacle Island!

[photo of Boston in the far distance, Boston harbor and a sign that says “Spectacle Island” with a very blue sky and wispy clouds]
5/29, 2:22pm Phil
So make a spectacle! Have fun Sass! Enjoy your day!

5/29, 3:36pm Phil
Nothing like getting laid in the sand or on a boat

5/29, 6:35pm
Back on land          
5/29, 6:48pm Phil
Time for the fun part of the day
5/29, 11:43pm Phil
Good day? Hope so! Hope it was wonderful

Sick Sassy

Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Kris: How r those sniffles? Forget if u have seasonal allergy to pollen (aka: “hay fever). Could it be that? Anyhow…whatever u want to do is fine. By chance we picked best day for boating this week. Cool & possible rain today & tomorrow. THURSDAY MOSTLY SUNNY & WARMER! Whoopee! (high 70–but dress warm as can be cooler on water). Finishing a little yard work…putting stuff in boat…waiting to hear from you… 🙂 5:48 AM

Me: Good morning honey bunny funny man! I am sniffling, coughing a little, sore throat. Going to take a hot shower and see. Never had allergies. Could use TLC but really don’t want you sick! Torn… 8:08 AM

Kris: Ok…I’m not worried about getting sick…but ran into snag in renting truck to tow boat. Guy I was supposed to rent from backed out…so now I’m scrambling to find another. So let’s pass on visit today…so I can focus on trying to find a truck…and you can rest. I don’t have to work until 3:30 today. If you’d be at computer could chat up to around 2:00…to update you and see how you’re feeling. Hope u feel better…Mwah! 8:23 AM

Kris: How u feeling? 9:48 AM

Me: A little better.. had some breakfast, popping around the internet. How’s your day going? 9:49 AM

Kris: Bummed about truck…trying to find another. 9:51 AM

Kris: Woke up thinking of you…fantasizing…horny…wanted to be with you today…now scrambling to keep plans for Thursday alive…Arghh!!! 9:56 AM

Kris: Have 3 possibilities for renting truck…waiting to hear back from a friend…good chance will be able to keep boating on for Thurs…worst case I still have a room reserved at Red Roof for Thurs…so you’re not off the hook either way…lucky you, eh?…(try not to have more fun online than if I had been able to “do you” today)… 😉 11:24 AM

Me: No fun here! Miserable actually. 12:27 PM

Kris: Sorry…what’s wrong? 2:00 PM

Kris: Sick? 2:04 PM

Me: The triad of being sick, during the only week I take off a year, plus my brain won’t shut up about work, plus missing a meet with you… has me feeling pretty cursed! 2:05 PM

Kris: I was thinking the same thing about you being sick on vacation…had to be now, right? Couldn’t be during a work day…for legitimate reason to take work day off. Don’t worry about missing meet…only missing mediocre sex at best (sorry, couldn’t resist–trying to stop). If you’re well I hope to be a fun distraction on Thurs…one way or another. May be time to start channeling “angst” into search for new job–if it’s going to keep messing with your head that badly. Off to work. Touch base later. Try to rest…gentle hug light kiss…Kris. 2:31 PM

Kris: Good news!…got a truck to pull boat. Just need healthy Sassy girl now…to out in it! 2:57 PM

Kris: …meant to put in it! 2:57 PM

Me: Hooray! 2:59 PM

Kris: 🙂 !!! 3:03 PM

Kris: I’m making lunch for us on Thurs…grilling on portable grill i’m bringing…what meat would you like? (OTHER than that…SASSY!…that one’s too easy…don’t even… 😉 4:31 PM


Kris: U up/there? How r u feeling? 7:17 PM

Me: Hiya! Thanks for asking. I’m a little better, sniffling and and coughing less 7:19 PM

Me: Hubby is out until after 10, so it’s quiet 7:19 PM

Me: How was your day? 7:20 PM

Kris: Low key. on way home from work…just pulled over…can u chat for a few minutes…pulled over…have laptop… 7:26 PM

Me: Sure. Too late to head this way? 7:28 PM


·       May 27 7:29 PM Sassy: Hiya dear darling delightful man!
Kris: you’re seriously tempting me…need to food shop a little for lunch i’m making on thursday…r u well enough to help me…go to shaw’s…i ‘ll meet u there…pay for stuff…go to your house after… 7:34 PM

Me: I’d better not go out. I’m kinda a mess… probably best not too come tonight. Can chat. 7:35 PM

Kris: ok…but i forgot my jetpack for intetnet, so have to chat later, but need your help with food ideas…starting with meat to grill…burgers, chicken (which parts), steak, sausage, ribs…or none of the above and something else altogether? 7:43 PM

Kris: may b hard to think about eating…lost appetite cuz sick…but need to do now. 7:48 PM

Kris: won’t have much time tomorrow.. 7:49 PM

Kris: I’ll keep driving…waiting…tap, tap, tap… 7:51 PM

Kris: …TEASING! 7:51 PM

Me: I like burgers, white meat chicken, sausage the best. Corn on the cob is yummy grilled. Tomato, cucumber, beets… what other questions? 7:53 PM

Kris: More…other things…desserts…sorry…should write down…u’ve told me bfor 7:58 PM

Me: Go for easy stuff like fruit? Banana? Raspberries? Apples? Whatever look fresh and good and you want too. Do not get all! Keep it simple! 8:01 PM

Kris: Lol…now why would u say THAT? 😉 8:04 PM

Me: Because I have EIGHT kinds of chocolate under my desk? 🙂 8:09 PM

Kris: I have no idea what you’re talking about dear… bring some with u… for later “dessert” 8:15 PM

Me: Will do. Let me know what else I should bring. 8:23 PM

Kris: Toys…your most bodacious self…sense of adventure…trust that you’ll be safe boating…consider spending night with me (just think about it…don’t answer here)… 8:27 PM

Me: Are you picking me up here? 8:28 PM

Kris: Can…then to room at Red Roof…then back home…if that’s what u want to do. 8:31 PM

Kris: I’m spending night at Red Roof…will bring u home any time u want. 8:32 PM

Kris: Meaning…pick you up in morning on way to boat launch…”at your service”…including all needed transportation…by land and sea…ALL DAY (and night?)…WHEE! (as u would say). 8:38 PM

Me: Ah good. Pretty sure H needs the car at some point during all that. Thank you! 8:44 PM

Kris: Wonder what I could have been doing right now…instead of shopping? 😉 8:45 PM

Me: Listen to me sniffle? 8:45 PM

Kris: Lol 8:46 PM

Kris: At walmart now…leaving phone in car to try and make short work of this (and try not to “go overboard”…wink)…think u’ll b up an hour from now to chat a little…or too tired? off to shop…will check back later…9:08 PM

Me: I am still awake. Hope you didn’t have to drive in the pouring rain! 10:06 PM

Kris: No…rained…but not on bike…so don’t care…just leaving walmart…tried to restrain myself…only partly successful. ;). can b online in 30…short chat…to say nite? 10:46 PM

Me: Okay… will try to stay awake. 10:47 PM

Kris: Don’t if you’re tired…tomorrow’s another day…want you to heal…sleep if u need it. 10:49 PM

Kris: You’re sweet…but sleep…i should too. Nite Sass…Mwah! Kris. 10:58 PM


·       May 27 11:32 PM Kris: You still up? I texted to say goodnight, so hope you’re asleep…but just in case…couldn’t resist checking…Mwah!