In the bushes

Saturday, August 31, 2013
Hiya kid. Sleepy Saturday start… off to take Mom to lunch and do her pills.  Party tonight for a project pal moving to Scotland!   Have a great day!
11:05am Phil
Out on a bike ride
[photo of him outside sweaty and smiling]
[photo of a beautiful trail through the woods]
Wow!  Look at you all sweaty!  Yum.  Gorgeous man! Gorgeous place!  I’d pull you off into the bushes and do naughty things!

Tried an Indian Restaurant, Bollywood in Lexington.  Delicious chicken saag, garlic naan and mango lassi! Yum!

2:19pm Phil
Bike ride done! Naughty is always fun
[photo of him all sweaty with a beer in his hand]

Thinking of skin

Friday, August 30, 2013
·       12:49 PM The Lawyer: hey there– how are you??
·       12:49 PM The Lawyer: nice picture yesterday!!  : )
·       12:49 PM Sassy: I’m great! I’m home recovering from all that work.
·       12:49 PM Sassy: Oh? Like that? Give you some ideas?
·       12:50 PM The Lawyer: more than just ideas…. gave me quite a rise!!  ; )
·       12:50 PM Sassy: Oh! How lovely!
·       12:50 PM Sassy: Where were you when you looked at it?
·       12:50 PM The Lawyer: wish I could have shared it with you!!
·       12:51 PM The Lawyer: in my office…….
·       12:51 PM Sassy: oh my
·       12:51 PM The Lawyer: thought about it in the shower today, too…
·       12:51 PM Sassy:  : )
·       12:52 PM The Lawyer: so, how are you, sexy lady?? any new “hits” on AM?
·       12:53 PM Sassy: Got winked by a guy traveling here from NYC. Eh.
·       12:53 PM The Lawyer: ah… never thought that travelers would have much luck
·       12:54 PM Sassy: You see any new hotties on there?
·       12:55 PM The Lawyer: the ones that are most aggressive are working ladies…. not my style
·       12:55 PM The Lawyer: as in, play for pay….
·       12:56 PM Sassy: heard that from several guys
·       12:56 PM Sassy: pros and sugar babies
·       12:56 PM The Lawyer: I’d be happy to be a sugar baby…. just not sure that there’s much of a demand…
·       12:56 PM Sassy: You want me to take you shopping?
·       12:57 PM The Lawyer: I want you to take me. period!
·       12:57 PM Sassy: Take you to bed?
·       12:57 PM The Lawyer: that would work!
·       12:57 PM The Lawyer:  ; )
·       12:58 PM Sassy: on the bathroom sink?
·       12:58 PM The Lawyer: more cramped, but sure….
·       12:58 PM Sassy: shower?
·       12:58 PM The Lawyer: certainly…
·        12:58 PM Sassy: mmm
·       12:58 PM The Lawyer: just about anywhere ….
·       12:58 PM Sassy: in your desk chair…
·       12:59 PM Sassy: in a box with a fox!
·       12:59 PM The Lawyer: up a tree with a flea!
·       12:59 PM Sassy: Hee hee
·       1:00 PM The Lawyer: soon enough, m’lady… I’ll have ye!
·       1:01 PM Sassy: I have been thinking about what you may do with me…
·       1:01 PM The Lawyer: oh…. ? I’m very interested…..
·       1:03 PM Sassy: Sorry… my mind wandered there… mmmm
·       1:03 PM Sassy: Mostly been thinking of skin.
·       1:03 PM The Lawyer: mmm… wandering is good… so long as it’s in the proper direction!!!
·       1:03 PM The Lawyer: I like skin.
·       1:04 PM The Lawyer: a good place to which to wander!
·       1:04 PM Sassy: you’d likely say I am going in an improper direction!
·       1:04 PM The Lawyer: very unlikely….
·       1:04 PM Sassy: Do you have a favorite place to start.. with skin?
·       1:06 PM The Lawyer: I do like to kiss.. and I find soft lips and neck a good place…. and then I begin to wander…
·       1:06 PM Sassy: It would be amazing not to have to stop with the kissing… be able to wander…
·       1:07 PM The Lawyer: why stop?… the wandering can go on and on…all the while the kissing continues…. skin is for kissing….
·       1:08 PM Sassy: It took almost every ounce of my willpower and long-held decorum not to unbutton your shirt last Tuesday
·       1:09 PM Sassy: I wanted to play with nipples!
·       1:10 PM The Lawyer: you certainly may do so, whenever you wish!! If I might do the same…
·       1:10 PM The Lawyer: so tell me about yours?
·       1:12 PM Sassy: They’re waiting for your fingers… and your mouth!
·       1:13 PM The Lawyer: I’m glad to hear that, and more than happy to ablige them!!  ; )
·       1:13 PM The Lawyer: I hope they are extremely sensitive…
·       1:15 PM Sassy: Oh yes!
·       1:15 PM The Lawyer: that was oblige… sorry!
·       1:15 PM The Lawyer: and responsive?
·        1:16 PM Sassy: Don’t ever be sorry… you don’t have to filter with me.
·       1:16 PM The Lawyer: and trigger appropriate responses in other places?
·       1:16 PM Sassy: Indeed…
·       1:17 PM The Lawyer: I do like to spell correctly but I have clumsy typing skills
·       1:17 PM Sassy: If I can figure out what you meant I put all typos down to trembling fingers and roll along.  : )
·       1:17 PM The Lawyer: I would like to witness such responsiveness and test my hypothesis….
·       1:18 PM Sassy: Experimenting is fun.
·       1:18 PM The Lawyer: absolutely…. and hopefully, to be able to provide indisputable proof….
·       1:19 PM Sassy: You don’t have to touch me to cause a reaction… there are things happening right now.
·       1:19 PM The Lawyer: that yon sassielassie is a glorious, orgasmically accomplished, sexy lady!!!
·       1:20 PM Sassy: Oh my!
·       1:20 PM The Lawyer: unfortunately, I much prefer the touching!! wish I were there!
·       1:20 PM Sassy: Ah yes… this falls into the “better than nothing” category.  : )
·       1:21 PM Sassy: Closer is better.
·       1:21 PM The Lawyer: much closer is much better!
·       1:22 PM Sassy: Inside is best.
·       1:23 PM The Lawyer: inside is awesome…
·       1:23 PM The Lawyer: inside and melded together is even better…
·       1:23 PM Sassy: ooof… that caused a big twinge over here!
·       1:25 PM Sassy: If I put my hand in your front pocket…
·       1:27 PM The Lawyer: mmmmmm… confucius says, man with hand in pocket feels nuts! sixth grade humor….
·       1:27 PM Sassy: Har har!
·       1:27 PM Sassy: I’d like to
·       1:28 PM The Lawyer:  I’d like you to.. but, to be honest, I’d rather simply take my pants off altogether with you!
·       1:28 PM Sassy: I’d like to do that… unbuckle… kiss your belly button… hear that zipper… mmmm
·       1:29 PM Sassy: Can you imagine it? A woman who wants to do that?
·       1:29 PM The Lawyer: I would do the same, leaving all your clothes in a heap, then start the kissing process!
·       1:29 PM Sassy: Yay!
·       1:30 PM The Lawyer: yes– I like a woman who wants to do that!!!!
·       1:30 PM The Lawyer: I intend to explore you with my lips, my tongue, my fingers…. all as prelude……
 1:32 PM Sassy: I want to know you… know what makes you smile
·       1:32 PM Sassy: and squirm and moan!
·       1:32 PM The Lawyer: you will have to find that out on your own…. but I suspect that you’ll be able to tell!!
·       1:33 PM The Lawyer: I fully intend to do the same with you…. I do want to make Sassie sing!! over and over!!
·       1:34 PM Sassy: I can usually keep track up to about 9… after that you can count if you like.
·       1:36 PM The Lawyer: I would aspire to reach such a point that counting is irrelevant… sort of a merged response…. but 9 is not shabby at all… hopefully you’ll guide me, as needed!
·       1:39 PM The Lawyer: sweet one… I have to run— please keep me in your most lustful thoughts– and I shall do the same!
·       1:40 PM Sassy: Mwah!

The Lawyer daydreams

From: Sassy
To: The Lawyer
Sent: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 7:40 AM
Subject: Re: have to run
Do you have sexy thoughts in the morning too?  I mean, as well as at other times of the day. And perhaps, that I do and wonder if it’s something we share? Or maybe you’re not a morning person? Hmmm…
I’m off to work early, thinking of your shirt buttons that tortured me last Tuesday, begging to be undone! Then your belt buckle clamors for attention. Mmmm..
Have a terrific Tuesday!
From: The Lawyer
To: Sassy
Sent: Wed, Aug 28, 2013 11:37 AM
Re: have to run

just have a moment– has been busy and difficult…  but wanted to say hi, and yes, the morning is a wonderful time to think sexy thoughts and do sexy things!!  😉     I do tend to daydream in the shower as well— you definitely appear in the recent versions…

From: Sassy
To: The Lawyer
Sent: Aug 29, 2013 12:18 PM
Re: have to run
Hi Tom!  This week has been a zoo!  I’m in the homestretch, wolfing down a bag lunch and thinking 5 more hours… whee!  Sorry to hear you are having difficult days too… here’s to better times for both of us!  
The other AM men I heard from last week have disappeared into a cloud of submissives, doms and cubs, so I have been thinking of you even more than usual.  You are my sole solace at present.  
The shower head and I are good friends – it’s s great place for thinking.  Don’t know how you’d feel about me joining you in there but perhaps the attached photo will give you some interesting thoughts.  Enjoy! 

Linkedin contact request

Look what showed up in my email this morning!  I don’t know if he sent this intentionally or Linkedin did it’s usual thing of spamming everyone in his contacts list.  I’m guessing he didn’t mean to send it.  He never said a word about it.  


From: Phil 
Subject: Invitation to connect on LinkedIn
Date: August 29, 2013 10:06:11 AM EDT

To: [My email]
[A photo of him in uniform]

From Phil
[a high-flatutin military title]
[a geographical area]
My real first name,

I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

– Phil

Confirm that you know me

Good instincts

Thursday, August 29, 2013
Good morning kid! Off to run the last day of the big conference!   Remember how hot you made it 3 yrs ago?!  Have a productive Thursday!
Oh… the nice guy I saw twice last week?  Told me yesterday he’s a submissive… asked me to “Clamp me, milk me, spank me, gag me, restrain me, control my orgasms, make me your bitch.”  Yeah?  No.  I said that’s not my kink and wished him best of luck finding the domme of his dreams.  *sigh 
Onward and upward!
12:33pm Phil
Yuck! WTF!  To each their own I guess but Yuck!
Strange thing is… I knew he had a secret, just not what.  He was going slow, checking me out before telling me… I’ve seen it before.  People said I was being cynical but after almost a year of dating online, my instincts are great.  Good thing I asked!
2:51pm Phil
No lie, my people instincts are fairly good I think.  I’ve had a few major misses though and in every case it was right there, I saw it but just didn’t want to see it. Good skill to have.

Glider’s Kink

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

From: Glider
To: Sassy
Sent: Wednesday, August 28, 2013 6:06 AM
Subject: Re: Tuesday tunes
And what does that look tell you? I’ll answer. You make me feel very submissive. Thinking about the wicked things you could do to me – clamp me, milk me, spank me, gag me, restrain me, control my orgasms, make me your bitch.
From: Sassy
To: Glider
Sent: Wed, Aug 28, 2013 1:03 PM
Subject: Wednesday wistful
Hiya G!  Well, well well… I was wondering what your secret was.  Sadly, I can’t help you.  You are so hot you tempt me to try, but it is not my thing. I tried with a couple fellas – I don’t have it in me. I wish I knew someone local to help you out. *sigh 
Thank you for answering my questions, for being open with me.  Also, thank you very very much for the kisses and dirty talk.  You are the best kisser!  
Here are two parting gifts: 
1) a hot blog written by Susie, a pal of mine in Canada who is exploring her domme side.  
2) her super hot kinky tumblr full
Enjoy!  Best of luck finding the domme of your dreams. 

From: Glider
To: Sassy
Sent: Wednesday, August 28, 2013 1:38 PM
Re: Wednesday wistful

Thank you for the kind words.  Best of luck to you.

Amazing seafood

Wednesday, August 28, 2013
Beautiful sunrise kid! Off to the tent to meet the caterer for the huge conference.  Whee!  Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!
Survived Day 5!  Ran an ice cream social without eating any ice cream.  And had amazing seafood tonight!  See photos on my wall from the Olde Magoon Saloon Wednesday Nights Seafood Madness.
Seafood Enchilada – $16
medley of crab, lobster, shrimp and cilantro rice 
stuffed in a tortilla topped with poblano cream sauce
 Cajun BBQ Shrimp – $12
with andouille sausage and cheesy grits
Crab Arepas – $12
fresh lump crab & avocado salad 
stuffed inside a griddled corn cake


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

From: Sassy 
To: Glider
Sent: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 7:34 AM
Subject: Tuesday tunes
I’m off to work early again, still thinking of you.  Have a great Tuesday! 
From: Sassy
To: Glider
Sent: Tue, Aug 27, 2013 8:23 PM
Subject: re: Tuesday tunes
Hiya G!  You surviving?  I got thru Day 4… just…  everything aches!  Took a nap, still worn out.  Ah well… two more days!  Thinking of the look on your face when I pinched your nipple… mmm