Hand Job

Monday, January 2
Hiya!  Wow… those old family photos are wonderful!  Hope your Monday is a fun one.
2:26pm Phil
Hey, good morning! Have a fabulous Monday.  I think I look the same, everyone else thinks not so much, what do they know
You look the same to me.  Or maybe a little better…
Some of those photos?  Mmmmm…
Want to do a Mary Poppins… jump into them and sit on that boy’s lap.
Hiya kid.  No football?  Hope you’re having a nice evening.
I found a short, fun video of a hand job!  Check it out when you’re alone – be sure to watch past the credits for the dramatic ending. 

10:12pm Phil
Very hot. Love hand jobs. All techniques looked fabulous. Liked the ending.
I want to try those with you… see if I get similar results.
10:16pm Phil
But you seem to like mouth better than hand…
10:17pm Phil
Like both in combination
I need more practice.
I’m thinking my mouth over the top, with my tongue flicking the underside, while I pull up with my hands wrapped around…
10:28pm Phil
That sounds amazing
10:37pm Phil
Makes for a very intense orgasm.
That’s my goal…
10:38pm Phil
I want you to take you to the edge and then let you cool off a little, then take you up again… until you explode like a volcano.
11:16pm Phil
That’s what happens
I’m off to bed… yearning for you to join me and fuck me to sleep.  Sweet dreams, kid. 

Back scratch chat

Year 2 – middle of Week 20
Sunday, January 1, 2012
10:38 am Phil
Morning, Quick turn on the machine this morning and then football. Other friends just lonely and depressed. Sad that I don’t have any way to help other than to listen.
11:51 am Good morning! Out at dim sum! yum. Listening is VERY important. Fixing horizon is different. Happy football!
12:06 pm Phil
Enjoy! Sounds like a great way to start the new year. Gotta set up the TVs for football! Have a great day!
1:24pm Phil
1:24pm Um, Hellooooo!
Are they winning? 
I’m hot for you…
1:38pm Phil
Playing well today
1:39pm I’d like you to tackle me…
during a commercial, of course
1:56pm Phil
LOL, I hit hard
You know I like it HARD!  or you could bend over for a snap and I could fuck you… hmmm… dumplings make me HORNY!
2:43pm Phil
Ha ha either sounds like fun

Would you like it if I put my tongue in your ass?
2:45pm Phil
Of course!
Then lie back, spread your legs, raise your knees and I will put my hands on your ass… spreads your cheeks and lick that precious hole… and stick it in!  Moan, kid….
4:25pm Phil
Gonna put my finger inside myself… get it nice and wet, the press it inside you.
I’m going to wiggle around until I find that spot, the one that makes everything tingle
4:53pm Phil
You are such a bad girl. Who knew?!
Oh, yeah?  You gonna spank me?
Oh, you knew… even before I did!
4:56pm Phil
I had an idea
I didn’t… you unleashed the sexy in me!  I dunno about you, but for me it just keeps getting hotter.
5:06pm Phil
The more you know………
I found another video… not sure if I should send it or not. 
It’s long and kind of odd… and I am not promising to do all that… but it is HOT.  But you probably have enough to watch today. 
I’ll just whisper in your ear about fucking your ass with the pretty purple bubble toy and lots of lube…
while I suck on that steel pipe between your legs…
mmm… Indian food for supper.  Love that chicken tikka masala!
Do you like to have your back scratched?  I’m puzzling over why no one talks about it as sexy… I find it quite erotic. 

2011 and done

Friday, December 31, 2011

5:26 pm 
Phil: Happy New Year! Neighborhood party this evening should be fun. Hope you have a fun evening
5:27 pm 
Happy New Year to you! I’ll be here alone making trouble on the internet!
5:34 pm 
Phil: LOL!

5:34 pm 
If I can keep you laughing, my day is made!  Thinking about last New Year’s Eve morning.. you driving with a huge hard one… me writhing on my bed – ah, the magic moments! 🙂
5:37 pm 
Phil: Oh geez 🙂
5:38 pm 
Your voice always does things to me…
12:07 am Happy New Year, kid.
I wish you were here. I would make the first minutes of 2012 memorable.
2:20 am 
Phil: Happy New Year Sassy
2:20 am 
Thanks, kid.
Starting off well?
2:27 am Phil
Got friends who are lonely and sad tonight. Frustrated that I can’t fix it. I had a nice night though. Time for bed. Hope I sleep.
2:28 am 
I hear you… just talked to a friend who had a funeral yesterday.
Wish I could help more.
You helped me!
Sleep well, sweet man.
END OF 2011———————

FFF – New Year

“…But what will it say to the Average Joe? Will it make him to go see it?” my boss asked as we sat around a conference table with the promotions team for the new spy thriller.  

“He’s about to rescue another damsel in distress!” shouted the ad sales guy who had picked out the photo projected on the screen.  

“She’s an assassin and he’s leaving her behind to die,” added the graphic designer who  preferred drawings to photos.   “Look at her shoes!”

“There’s something kinky about the chain… don’t know if legal will go for it,” piped up the boss again.  

“What?” the graphic designer asked.  “It’s already in the movie.”

“Oh, you know… um… never mind.  He’s always been into hints of salacious stuff,” the boss backed off.   I coughed to stifle a giggle.  I felt a hand on my leg… squeezing, stroking higher and higher under my skirt.  I turned to look into the beautiful eyes of the layout artist.  He winked.  

“I need to see it with the text before I can decide,” he added.  He had a thing for fonts.  

“But is it worth it, to pay for the set up?  I don’t even like it that much,” the boss sighed.  “It doesn’t show the actor they paid millions to attract people.”  

“We need to be fresh, not so literal,” the ad sales guy replied.  “Everyone knows who is starring in this,” he pointed out.  “Make people wonder what he’s up to.”

The boss looked out the window, never a good sign.  It was his attempt to look deep in thought, but he was trying to get out to make his tee time.  

The hand reached my slit, tracing it, teasing it over my underwear.  “I’d like to talk more about the chain..,” he whispered in my ear.  I tried to shush him with a stern glance but his leering grin made me smile instead.  He blew on my neck.  

“Let me see the next one so we can finish before the New Year?,” the boss grumbled.

“This is the last one,” the ad sales guy replied.

“Merde!” the boss exclaimed, thinking it was more posh to swear in the language of his Montreal roots.  

“How long do we have the room?” the boss asked me.  He could open his calendar on his iPad, but it was always easier to ask me.  

“Five more minutes,” I managed to answer, despite a finger sliding under my panties and inside me.  I squirmed in my chair, sliding down just a bit.  I stared at my sweet tormentor.  

“Well, okay then.  Let’s ask for a mock-up of this and the boat one, by Tuesday,” he decreed.  He grabbed his tablet and bolted from the room.  I made notes while the others filed out.  

“I need to talk to you… in my office,” font king said as he rose, licking his finger.  

Are you going to rescue me or I should I assassinate you?” I kidded him.  

“Yes, and more.”  

So that’s my take on this week’s Flash Fiction Friday challenge from Advizor54:
500 Words
Key phrase = “New Year” or “New Year’s

Pop over to his blog to see what other bloggers and he wrote about the photo.   http://advizortoall.blogspot.com/



Friday, December 30

1:14 pm
Hiya, Philip. Been paying bills and opening mail and I’m sick of it!  So I decided to do something more fun and write to you.  Hope you’re having a great Friday!
1:56 pm 
Phil: finally cleaning out the cellar.  We have made great progress. Thrilled to be getting it done!
2:14 pm 
Phil: More fun than paying bills. I like this. It’s peaceful and a nice sense of accomplishment. Been to the gym and the office too. Productive!
3:06 pm 
Yay, productivity! I’m so glad you are having a good day.

6:14 pm 
Seafood risotto!  Another great trip to Swanton Street Diner in Winchester.

Balcony Back Door

Thursday, December 29
hiya kid.  I’m thinking of you, hoping the miles are rolling along and the weather won’t be too bad. 
Had a fabulous day at the beach yesterday… I love the shore in the Winter! 
Just got word that my pal the Marine is on the ground in California.  Woot!  Much relieved.  Feels like I’ve been holding my breath the entire time he was in Afghanistan and now I can let it out!
wish I was with you… rubbing on your knee and gazing at your smiling face and watching the scenery. 
Had a nice Thai dinner with my gal pal.  Hope you’re almost there…
Phil: Safe at home. Cigar and scotch to unwind. Nice.
Yay!  Thank you so much for letting me know. 
Long day?
I missed you… my mind was racing with scenarios.
Phil: we left at 5. got here about 8. not bad. Just needed some me time. Was nice to have half hour to unwind. Gym in the morning will help.
Making lobster mac and cheese for New Years Eve. Yum!
Oh my…
having a gang over?
I’ve never had lobster Mac&cheese
got lots of lobster yesterday… lobster bisque and casserole.
Sooo good
Phil: Had bisque yesterday too. Was fabulous.
Any idea why your old girlfriend from high school tried to friend me yesterday?
Phil: I have no idea. May have seen you on my friend list. Get a lot of friend requests that way.
your friends list is locked, as least to me… Just wondered… no biggie.  Not going there. 
So you enjoyed your trip?
Phil: Got to spend time with family, saw a lot of friends. It was nice. Short time in NY but it was enough. Almost got to see that guy from choir but could not make it work. Just not enough time.
Tough staying at Mom’s – Sally and she just grate on one another.
I am trying not to say what I am thinking. 
You worn out or want to see a sexy photo?
Phil: Never too worn out for that
emailed it 🙂
Phil: Not wanting to open 🙁
Oh, dear… hang on

Phil: Attachment won’t open
Tried to email again as a document… see if that works. Ah, we really test the boundaries of technology!
Also ended up attached to the last FB message somehow… geez
Do you have a camera with a timer on it? 
Phil: I do

Phil: Cool pic. Another fantasy.
Always wanted to do that with people passing by unaware of what was happening above them.
Living on an upper floor is good for that…
The guy reminded me of you…
Phil: Yea, hard to see up there unless you have binocs and are looking. Used to watch this all the time when we were abroad. Lots of people doing lots of things on balconies 
You naughty boy…
Phil: Hey, they were in public
Actually had a girl finish, she was on top, and waved in the Caymans. Hot as hell. She was putting on a show
So you would wrap your arms around me… let me back into you…
Phil: Or just hold your hips and guide you on.
Then move…
Phil: Yup, pull almost all the way out and then a deep hard thrust
Oh, man… I am so wet… just from you typing a few words…
I would be tilting my hips, feel your hips on my ass… damn.
Phil: Does not take long in that position.
You would get a cum bath out of that
Phil: Mmmm… fill me up…
I might have to turn around and get on my knees and clean you off?
Phil: LOL, ooh, I like that. Might get a mouthful out of that. Now I need to hit the shower again
I mourn for all that cum you send down the drain…
Sleep well, sweet man. 

Phil: You too!
Think of me.
Phil: I will!
Kneeling at your feet, deep throating with my hands on your balls and my finger in your ass…
Phil: Ummmmmmmm
Grab my head… fuck my mouth, Philip.
Phil: Mission accomplished. Relaxed and ready for sleep. Nite.
Nite, kid.

Beach Day

Week 20
Wednesday, December 28 continued
We had an amazing beach day!  Not crowded.  🙂  

We drove South for a change… had low key lunch in Brandt Rock right on the ocean, then drove down to Duxbury,  up to Humarock and on into Scituate for fancier supper.  Wow! 

Lobster chowder

Lobster casserole

Brandt Rock view

Duxbury Beach

Humarock Beach

Scituate Lighthouse

Crab cakes

Vertical tuna tartar

Swordfish with shrimp, scallion and cheese risotto

Revisionist history

Week 20
Wednesday, December 28
Phil: Yep 36 years ago. Wow!
Off to the beach!  Hope you have fun today!  Wish you could grab me and kiss me RIGHT NOW!
 what would you have done if I’d whispered in your ear, “Stop in later and I’ll touch you…!”  HA! probably run screamimg…

All clear

Tuesday, December 27
Good morning!  43 windy.  Thinking of you and hoping you’re having an easy drive.  MGH called – Mammo came out ok, so relieved! 
Phil: Awesome!
You make it there yet?  I hope the drive is a breeze.  Quiet, surfing blogs looking for stuff a handsome fellow might like. 
Phil: Just got to our hometown, traffic sucked
Thanks for letting me know you made it!  I wish I was there… your family always look like so much fun!  Enjoy!

So glad you told me about crab bisque!  I tried it tonight… a slightly spicy version with corn.  So good!  Hope your enjoying the family! 

Spicy Southwest Crab Bisque

Shrimp, scallop, fish and LOBSTER scampi 
@ The 99, Somerville
Phil: Having a blast! anything with crab in it is good as far as I am concerned. Glad you enjoyed it.
My diary says 36 yrs ago, you said good-bye at church before leaving for the military, shaking hands w/ the guys.  You grabbed me around my waist with the other at the back of my neck and kissed me!  You hadn’t touched me in 2 yrs, so I was very surprised and could not figure out why.  That and my fantasy about us losing our virginity are keeping me entertained tonight!  Mmm…