SeaMan Reappears

Thursday, May 30, 2013
So I tell a guy I’m going to be off work for a week.  And invite him to meet me any afternoon.  And I send him a sexy photo.  And I get… nothing for a week?  What the?  And no explanation or apology when he reappears?  I was so busy worrying about my mother that it was probably for the best but… grrrrr. 
3:28 pm from SeaMan to me
Hey….hows yur week off so far
3:30 pm from me to SeaMan
It’s been rough. 
3:33 pm from SeaMan to me
4:00 pm from me to SeaMan
Yes. She’s still in ICU.  Rough.  What’s up with you? 
4:32 pm from SeaMan to me
K….volunteer day been landscaping at a childrens hospital….
4:34 pm from SeaMan to me
Very hot….and sweaty…just the way u like me πŸ˜‰
4:36 pm from SeaMan to me
..lots of soap….rinse…then tongue bath Me….
4:37 pm from SeaMan to me
….get yur luvly big tits all soapy.
4:38 pm from me to SeaMan
Want me to wash your back? 
4:39 pm from SeaMan to me
You know it…tit fuck you….slide my cock into yur mouth with each stroke…
4:41 pm from SeaMan to me
Btw.. u have not cum for me yet….r u alone…phone sex?
4:47 pm from me to SeaMan
4:48 pm from SeaMan to me
Will be in car in 10
4:48 pm from SeaMan to me
Will txt u then
4:57 pm from SeaMan to me
So we tried phone sex for the first time.  I reclined on my bed, closed my eyes and listened.  For twenty minutes.  Then he said, “I’m home. Gotta go.”  And was gone.  
I had a bad reaction.  I usually like a conversation… he talked non-stop.  I like sweet and hot… he was talking about control.  Total dom.  Not my style. 
If he’s the same in bed?  I need to bail.  Right now.  Ugh.  Why did I not see any sign of it the first day?  Definitely see signs of it in today’s texts.  No questions, just commands.  Better to find out this way,  before I’m in a hotel with him, I suppose.  Ugh.  I really needed a hug right now.  *Sigh

Good snuggle weather

Friday May 24, 2013
5:22 pm From SeaMan to me
Hey…how was yur day off
5:24 pm from me to SeaMan
Great!  Spent lots of time with Mom.  You? 
5:26 pm From SeaMan to me
5:28 pm from me to SeaMan
Going sailing this weekend? 
5:29 pm From SeaMan to me
Wash out…til monday
5:30 pm From me to SeaMan
Yeah… good times for movies or other indoor activities. 
5:30 pm From SeaMan to me
Indeed….good snuggle weather
5:36 pm From SeaMan to me
So what r u wearing
5:30 pm from me to SeaMan
ha ha… not much.  Big old t-shirt and bright purple underwear.
5:41 pm from me to SeaMan
You? Similar to what I saw? 
5:42 pm From SeaMan to me
Oooo….like easy access
5:48 pm From SeaMan to me
remind me what im missing…Send me a sexy pic
5:59 pm from me to SeaMan
Sent to yahoo email.
[sent him my belly button and pink panties photo]

Offer to SeaMan

Thursday May 23, 2013
10:30 am From me to SeaMan
Good morning!  FYI – I’m off work tomorrow, and all next week. If you’d like to claim any of those afternoons… let me know.  πŸ™‚
1:59 pm From SeaMan to me
Hope so…. will let you know

SeaMan support

Wednesday May 22, 2013
9:44 am From SeaMan to me
Good morning sunshine….hope all goes well for Mom today
10:00 am From me to SeaMan
Good morning!  Thank you!  Going to be a tough day. 
10:17 am From SeaMan to me
feel free to share yur thoughts during the day
10:18 am From me to SeaMan
Thanks.  Trying to work and not think about it too much. 
5:18 pm From SeaMan to me
How did it go 2day
5:19 pm From me to SeaMan
No word yet.  Going nuts.  Going to nap until they call. 
5:19 pm From SeaMan to me
Getting the best care in the country…
5:20 p From me to SeaMan
I know.  Sorry to be mired in this.  Not what you signed up for! 
5:22 pm From SeaMan to me
No worries…part of life…hang in there…
5:42 pm From me to SeaMan
I appreciate you listening.  You’re a nice man. 
5:43 pm From SeaMan to me
Lol….ive been called worse.
10:00 pm 
Mom’s in ICU, doing well.  So relieved.

SeaMan sunshine

Tuesday May 21, 2013 
TEXTS from SeaMan 
8:52 am 
From him to me
Good morning sunshine….hows mom
8:54 am 
from me to him 
Good morning!  How’re you doing? Mom is amazingly calm.  Surgery tomorrow. 
8:55 am 
from him to me
great thx…hope it goes well.


TEXTS from SeaMan
3:06 pm to me
Hey….TGIF….how r holding up
3: 33 pm to him
Pretty quiet here.  You? 
4:06 pm to me
Quiet day…paperwork…
4:10 pm to him
We’re closing up early.  Yay!
4:15 pm to me
Nice….well deserved

Test yur gag reflex

TEXTS from SeaMan via Google Voice
9:38 am to me
Good morning sunshine
9:54 to him 
Good morning!  Such a glorious day!
4:02 pm to me
Hey..hows yur day going
4:20 pm to him
Crazy but being very productive!  You?  
Mom made it thru heart catheterization!
4:21 pm to me
Jeez….had no idea….glad she is alright…how u holding up?
4:24 pm to him 
Compartmentalizing so I can work.  Taking her dinner.  Freaky crap is
open heart surgery next week.  Adore memory of lunch and “dessert” with you when
things get bad. What’s your news?
4:26 pm to me
keep the good thought….
I’m Just working away….
4:31 pm to him
Could I sneak under your desk? Cause trouble?
4:33 pm to me
Lol….could use some release ….test yur gag reflex πŸ˜‰
4:33 pm to him
Test your stamina.
4:32 pm to me
10:16 pm to me
Sweet dreams

SeaMan Fantasizes

Tuesday, May 14, 2013
SeaMan went right back to his office and texted me!  Yay!  Phew… always such a relief when a man keeps talking after a meet!  He got very steamy very fast.  
TEXTS via Google Voice
2:33 pm to me
Hey…thx for hanging out…
2:35 pm to him
Wish I still was, instead of sitting at my dek
3:01 to me
Hmmm… it i were under yur desk now… beard tickling yur thighs…..
3:15 pm to him 
Remind me of your email and I’ll send you a photo 
3:39 pm to me
[redacted] at yahoo
3:42 pm to him 
You want to see my black bra or the white? 
3:43 pm to me
[I emailed him my famous cleavage photo]
3:51 pm to me
Got it! HOT!….cant wait to dive in face first…
5:11 pm to me
Probly shld not distract on ride home…but my cock is still semi-hard from yur touch
5:12 pm to him 
Hope it helps your fantasies
5:15 pm to me
Lol….u enter the room…lights low….soft music playing….i offer u a drink…we kiss…embrace…
5:17 pm to me
I kiss yur neck…..trail of kisses to yur cleavage…
5:20 pm to me
I slowly remove yur top….and bra…releasing yur luvly breasts into my hands…..
5:22 pm to me
I remove my shirt…chest to chest….nipples hard….we kiss deep and wet… grabbing my ass…pulliNg my growing cock into you…
5:22 pm to me
I lay you down….undress you….i get naked
5:24 pm to me
You grab my cock and direct to yur mouth as i massage your pussy…
5:25 pm to me
Your lips cover my cock head as i slip one…two…three fingers into your pussy…
5:26 pm to me
I slowly finger fuck you….as you lick my balls….and shaft…
5:27 pm to me
Yur first orgasm is growing….moaning….i curl my fingers to hit yur spot…explosion…
5:29 pm to me
Now that yur pussy is Wet…you beg for my cock…fuck me….
5:30 pm to me
Fav position?
5:32 to him 
Like so many!  Doggie?  Side spooned? Deck chair? 
5:33 pm to me
5:34 pm 
5:35 pm to me
5:26 pm to him
5:37 pm to me
Cowgirl….side entry r fun
5:38 pm to me
Sounds hot
5:46 pm to me
Lol….want u to faint
5:50 pm to him 
I want you to cum
5:53 pm to me
Already doing that….
5:59 pm gotta run, out for dinner with Hubby
7:45 pm 
[I emailed him my erotica “The View“]
8:03 pm to me was dinner
8:04 pm to him
Yummy… sushi
8:05 pm to me
luv sushi….keep yur strength up
8:12 pm to me
Do you have a nip pic..preview what i will be sucking on…
8:13 pm to him 
Want to see that or read my erotica? 
8:52 pm to me
Do i have to choose?
8:53 pm to him
No.  Sending both!  Greedy man.
9:32 pm to me
Super hot! perfect…so succulent…..luv them
9:33 pm to me
Glad i was greedy….hold me over til i taste the real ones…
9:35 pm to him 
Do you have any hot pics to send me? 
9:40 pm to me
No pics to match those πŸ™
9:40 pm to him
Take some! 
9:40 pm to me
I cld try ltr
9:44 pm to him
No big deal.  But nice to see what I’d be sucking on.  πŸ™‚  You are fun!
9:53 pm to me
thx …you too.  I headed to bed. 
9:54 pm 
Sleep well!  
10:12 to me
Sweet dreams…
11:16 pm 
[He emailed back in response to “The View]
Luv it….so erotic….yum
He started right up again the next morning!  Adore that! 
9:22 am to me
Good morning sunshine….Hope its a good one for you
9:25 am to him
Good morning to you!  Still smiling about yesterday. 
9:28 am to me
12:56 am to me
Hey sexy….hows yur day going…
1:21 pm to him 
Having vivid fantasies… makes for a great day!  You?
1:23 pm to me
Aw yes…yur fabulous breasts sliding up and down my body….
1:30 pm to him
Oh!  My chest goes on a tour of the sea man’s body! mmm.
1:31 pm to him
I expanded on yesterday – Me in a long coat, on your lap naked, arms
around your neck, riding… not usually an exhibitionist but yum!
1:35 pm to me 
Luv it…filling yur wet pussy with my thick hard cock…..suckin on yur nipples…yum..


Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Hiya kid!  How can it be only Tuesday?  Yesterday felt like three days!  Have a terrific day!
Yesterday started bad.  Remember the 18 yr old who died Valentine’s?  His mother’s boyfriend died Mother’s Day. WTF?  Then there’s news from a best pal in London – they’re divorcing.  No hint of it before this.  Ugh.  Work was nuts, ordering food for 8 events. 
Then I got a lunch offer from an online dater I had just started texting!  We had a great lunch, then walked to the river for “dessert.” Nothing like necking in the sunshine!  He said nice things, swelled my head.  Good thing he had on dark pants!  What a day!
3:56pm Phil
Awwww.  You have been busy.  Glad lunch turned out well. Why were dark pants a good thing? Glad it worked out and you had fun.  Up to my ass in alligators!
Dark pants hide wet spots.
Tried to pick up my car – the speedometer and tachometer were dead!  So I left it.  Argh!  Hauling my ass home on the bus again. Grr. Tomorrow will be better, right?
8:36pm Phil
Thought it was wet spot
[photo of his face and chest in a hoodie, sitting outside]
Hiya Handsome!  You sure are looking sexy!  Thanks for the pic!

Wet spots happen to certain men around me. I wasn’t doing nothin’ except kissing him, stroking, cupping and… whispering naughty things!

8:59pm Phil
It’s the combination of all of the above. We like the stroking and naughty things
9:07pm Phil
I liked it when you were stroking me too
Damn if my dick didn’t jump to attention
Really? Nice.  I like stroking you. And sucking on you.  And licking… mmm.  Such a gorgeous cock!  
What are you drinking?
I also like it when you stroke me. 
9:36pm Phil
I like that too. Very average cock but glad you like it.
[photo of his gorgeous cock]
Now that’s the dessert for me!  What are you thinking about?
9:42pm Phil
You stroking it
mmmmm… I want to… so much.

[Gif of a woman jerking off a man]
If you click on it… she moves. Just trying to help out. 
10:51pm Phil
Love it! Hot!
10:57pm Phil
Oil and slippery, wonderful and sexy
Yes… can’t stop watching… imagining us.
11:02pm Phil
You can do that any time
Yes please… looks so hot!