Good snuggle weather

Friday May 24, 2013
5:22 pm From SeaMan to me
Hey…how was yur day off
5:24 pm from me to SeaMan
Great!  Spent lots of time with Mom.  You? 
5:26 pm From SeaMan to me
5:28 pm from me to SeaMan
Going sailing this weekend? 
5:29 pm From SeaMan to me
Wash out…til monday
5:30 pm From me to SeaMan
Yeah… good times for movies or other indoor activities. 
5:30 pm From SeaMan to me
Indeed….good snuggle weather
5:36 pm From SeaMan to me
So what r u wearing
5:30 pm from me to SeaMan
ha ha… not much.  Big old t-shirt and bright purple underwear.
5:41 pm from me to SeaMan
You? Similar to what I saw? 
5:42 pm From SeaMan to me
Oooo….like easy access
5:48 pm From SeaMan to me
remind me what im missing…Send me a sexy pic
5:59 pm from me to SeaMan
Sent to yahoo email.
[sent him my belly button and pink panties photo]

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