Easter Superstar

April 1, 2018 Sunday EASTER SUNDAY
6:54 AM Sassy
Happy Easter Philip!

8:14 AM Phil
Happy Easter Sass!

4:09 PM Sassy

Easter brunch at Posto in Davis Square Somerville
Special Easter brunch sign – they don’t usually open until dinner time
Festive entry table decorations – carnations, roses and plastic colorful eggs
Another of the special Apple cocktails, this time with a pansy!
My tea-gria: Crimson Berry Iced Tea | Orange Slice | Ginger Ale
BEETS SALAD – chioggia beets | goat cheese | vincotto | olive oil croutons. 
So beautiful and delicious!
OLIVA – warm olives | orange | rosemary | arbol chile
Festive Easter apple cocktail drink with a fuchsia blossom
Easter special entree – Braised lamb ragu | mafaldine | 
goat cheese crema | golden raisins | sweet peas | parmesan,
 rather like a lamb bolognese! So tasty!
GNOCCHI – braised beef short ribs | red wine sauce | parmesan crema
I forgot to take a photo of the Pizza we shared as an appetizer – PORCHETTAfennel roasted pork | fontina | asiago | red onion | oregano
Rainbow Trout with tomato ragu | sweet peas | 
asparagus | garlic | shallots crimini mushrooms
Dessert menu to drool over
A little Lindt chocolate bunny to mark the day 
that I brought for each person
TIRAMISU – Chocolate | Marscapone | Espresso
HAZELNUT CRUNCH – Hazelnut Daquois| | Chocolate Cremeux | 
Cookie Crumble | Cherry Port
VANILLA BEAN PANNA COTTA with Raspberry Puree | 
Prosecco Gelee | Fresh Raspberries
Apple blackberry crostada with vanilla gelato and spiced honey

5:01 PM Sassy
What’re you doing to celebrate?
5:34 PM Phil
Went to church. 
Smoked a turkey for dinner, work around the yard. 
Now sipping a scotch and enjoying cigar

5:35 PM Sassy
Nice!  Good hymns?
5:37 PM Phil
“Christ the Lord is risen today” and “He Lives,” both favorites. 
I can still hit all those notes
Couple more hours of yard work to go but came out great!

5:39 PM Sassy
Oooh… I adore the first one… Ah-ah-ah-le-lu-u-ia!
5:39 PM Phil
Jesus Christ Superstar Live on TV tonight
That’s the hymn
5:39 PM Sassy
One of the few times I wish I had a way to watch TV.  Maybe they’ll stream it later.
5:40 PM Phil
I’m sure they will. Alice Cooper is in it

5:40 PM Sassy
Remember the sunrise services we used to do in NY… up on the hill at the Methodist Church or down in the cemetery by the big crypt?
5:41 PM Phil
Morning has Broken

5:41 PM Sassy
I remember doing JCS at church in the 70’s… seemed so radical!
5:41 PM Phil
Good times
5:41 PM Sassy
One of the few we opened the back windows and seated people all the way back in the hall!
5:41 PM Phil
It was considered radical as was Godspell
Gonna ease my sore back into the tub first

5:44 PM Sassy
Mmm… wish I could rub it for you
5:45 PM Phil
You were rubbing me the other night. You don’t remember?

5:47 PM Sassy
Oh yes… could do it every day.  
Some nights… and weekends!
5:47 PM Phil
You made a mess
: ) 

5:51 PM Sassy

[photo of my left breast with an erect nipple]

5:53 PM Phil
I was just thinking that I hadn’t seen those in a while
: )   lovely, just lovely
I’d like to make a mess right there 
and then lick and suck till they were all cleaned up

5:54 PM Sassy
Mmm… sounds perfect.

[photo of my lower half, legs spread with my hand holding my Lelo Gigi toy onto my clit with my panties pulled aside]

5:57 PM Phil
Mmmm damn that’s hot!

[photo of his cock and legs while he’s standing, wearing rainbow socks]
I believe this fits there as well
I could be licking your pussy while you buzz your clit and then move up, shove my cock deep and fuck you hard

5:59 PM Sassy
Much better, but a gal does what she can when you’re far away.  ; ) 
Those socks are something!
Did I make it stick up like that?

6:02 PM Phil
You did make it stick up like that
I like funky socks

6:02 PM Sassy
Yay!  Makes my tongue tingle to flick that special spot on the back on the crown
I’m so glad you can express your funky sock tastes now
I want to take you deep, so my nose nestles in that furry spot at the base
6:07 PM Phil
Love that, love being that far back in your throat and you can flick my crown any time

6:08 PM Sassy
Mmmm…makes me so wet thinking of that.

6:09 PM Phil
Mmmm, I like you wet and slippery.
The easier to slide this very hard cock balls deep and fuck you till you shudder 

6:12 PM Sassy
I adore that sound… when your balls slap against me and there that’s squishing sound… mmm mmm mmm
6:13 PM Phil
And the delightful smell of cum
6:13 PM Sassy
Juices mixed together.
6:13 PM Phil
Delicious too
I hope your toy is busy, make that sweet pussy cum babe.
6:16 PM Sassy
Very soon.  You stroking?
6:18 PM Phil
What else am I gonna do with this raging cock? Need to cum
6:18 PM Sassy
Fun to play and know you are too

6:18 PM Phil
Wish I was cumming on or in you

6:24 PM Sassy

Oh me too

6:24 PM Phil

[2-second video of him smiling at the camera]

[15-second video of his hand stroking his cock]
6:24 PM Sassy
Oh yeah… wish I was doing that!
6:25 PM Phil
Me too!

6:31 PM Phil
Love being stroked, fingers sliding up and down, the other hand fondling my balls slipping over my ass, mmmm

I’d be happy to lick that toy clean for you
6:34 PM Sassy
Oh my… that would be so hot
better to lick me.
6:35 PM Phil
Could do both
Fuck you with my tongue while rubbing your clit with my nose and Flicking it with my tongue
6:39 PM Sassy
Oh man… there would an explosion.  
You might get soaked!
6:39 PM Phil
I could look at Tumblr all day and never get as hard as I do from a single picture of your tits or pussy
I would love that!
6:40 PM Sassy
I’m trying to find somewhere to put my photos where I could just share with specific people.  You ever used Dropbox? Or maybe Google Drive.
6:40 PM We’ll see…
Then you could look whenever you want, without leaving a trace
6:40 PM Phil
Never have but that would be fun

And I can cum and cum
6:41 PM Sassy
So happy to help with that.
6:41 PM Phil
Mmmmmmm : )  
6:41 PM Sassy
Remember the past and imagine the future!
6:42 PM Phil
I need a pic of my cock nestled between your tits. That would be fun
6:44 PM Sassy
Oh yes.  We definitely need to snap a bunch next time
You going in doggy style
You in my mouth
6:44 PM Phil
Oh absolutely!
6:45 PM Sassy
Photos of me may work so well because you know exactly what that skin feels like
6:46 PM Phil
Oh Yeah, know how you feel, smell and taste
6:48 PM Sassy
So your brain pulls in all that, not just the visual
I usually start with Tumblr, then imagine you doing the same and more… makes it wicked hot.
6:53 PM Phil
It’s hot just cause it’s you. My brain does pull in the smells, tastes, feel.
6:57 PM Sassy
Yes indeed!
9:10 PM Phil
Superstar is fabulous!

9:10 PM Sassy
Phew.  My FB friends are saying that too.  Though they wish the audience would shut up.

You singing along?
I know every word and note of it…
9:17 PM Phil
Of course. It’s a rowdy audience for sure but I’m loving it

[Video clip from Jesus Christ Superstar of Mary Magdalene singing “I Don’t Know How To Love Him”]

9:29 PM Sassy
Wow!  Thanks!

9:46 PM Phil
[Video Clip from Jesus Christ Superstar of “Trials and Tribulations”]
[Video Clip from Jesus Christ Superstar of John Legend singing “Gethsemane”]

9:48 PM Sassy
Did you like Alice Cooper?

9:49 PM Phil
I’m behind. Haven’t seen him yet

10:04 PM Phil

[Video from Jesus Christ Superstar of Alice Cooper as Herod singing]

I thought he was a hoot!
10:07 PM Sassy
Wow!  He really camped that up!

10:08 PM Phil
And it got better

Good Friday

March 30, 2018 Friday

From: Sassy
To: TimmyTim
Sent: Fri Mar 30, 2018 at 6:33 PM
Subject: Good Friday
Hiya T!  Hope you’re having a good Good Friday and not stuck in traffic somewhere.  The radio just said there’s a 23-mile back-up on the Pike!  Yikes!  I am so happy I don’t have to drive to Albany for holiday weekends anymore!  The worst traffic I ever saw was coming home on Easter years ago.  We got off the Pike in Ludlow for a potty break and the cops wouldn’t let us back on the highway – said it was too full and we should take Rte 20.  That was an adventure! 
I am hoping for a calm weekend.  I picked up my favorite Chinese take-out for dinner tonight. No plans tomorrow, brunch at Posto with family and friends Sunday.  Hubby is in a complete funk, so not sure what else we’ll get done. 
I will be thinking of you and your hands, how much pleasure they give me!  
Sending you traveling mercies and wishes for a wonderful weekend! 

Hearty Starty

March 30, 2018 Friday

6:06 AM Sassy
Hope you have a good Good Friday!
6:09 AM Phil
Good morning! 
Thanks for the laugh.  That is a very silly goat! 
Hope yours is a good Good Friday as well!

5:27 PM Sassy
Another tasty Chinese meal from my favorite – Mary Chung’s in Central Square Cambridge! 

11:37 PM Sassy

from UK Paramedic Humor Facebook page

More Oscar Wilde

March 29, 2018 Thursday
From: Sassy
To: TimmyTim
Sent: Thu Mar 29, 2018 at 3:05 PM
Subject: Oscar out there
Hiya T!  How’s your back today?  Hope it has gotten much better! 
Just read this article about people stealing stuff from restaurants and had to send it to you! 
“Restaurateur Ed Kane recently opened Explorateur in the Theatre District, and he’s already planning for a heist. One likely victim: a curio cabinet stocked with oddities from the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum in the restaurant’s Library Room.

“We have an over and under: What’s going to go first?” he says.

There are also large charcoal renderings of icons like Ray Charles, Oscar Wilde, Amelia Earhart, Alexander McQueen. Those characters are meaningful to him, and they’re positioned in hard-to-reach spots. They’re also esoteric enough that guests are more likely to ask questions than to steal.

“A lot of people don’t know who Oscar Wilde is. About 25 percent of people get it. A lot of people get Alexander McQueen, which shows you who our customers are,” Kane says.”
Dear customers: Go ahead and steal the design ideas, but how about leaving the fork? – The Boston Globe
From: TimmyTim
To: Sassy
Sent: Thu Mar 29, 2018 at 8:33 PM
RE: Oscar out there

Funny article! Thanks for sending it!
So how have you been! Watched Sox lose their opener! I made hot dogs with chili, chopped onions, relish and Coney Island mustard and had fun watching, but there is no joy in Mudville tonight! I live in a family where the Red Sox are a religion! To put salt into festering wounds, the Yankees won! I’m happy that my hapless Mets won! But I feel no one will talk baseball with me until tomorrow’s game!
I loved that photo you sent to me! So much for us to try! How naughty is Bad Sassy feeling these days?!
I’m off to see the family. Do you have any Easter plans! When I’m back for dinner, it’s lamb!  One of the few times I get lamb!
I’ve have so much to do for work that I’m really going crazy and will need an afternoon next week to unwind! What does your schedule look like next week? It could be your contribution to keeping my blood pressure under control! 

Again, look through tumblr with naughty Bad Sassy and tell me what gets you hot and excited! Oh, I get hard just thinking about doing some of that with you!
Take care with hugs and serious groping of our bodies!
Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

From: Sassy
To: TimmyTim
Sent: Thu Mar 29, 2018 at 9:52 PM
Re: Oscar out there
Hi T!  You make me smile.  That is quite something after a long day! 
You’re so lucky to get to see the baseball!  Spring training went so well and then?  Bleh.  But tomorrow is another day!
Work was nutty – keeps me out of trouble.  I conquered Excel today turning names from last,first into first last to put on a mailing.  I split up the parts and then concatenated them back together reversed!  Whee! 
Ten of us (7 family and 3 friends) are having Easter brunch at Posto, a groovy Italian place in Davis Square Somerville.  My younger sister’s usually makes lamb, but she is overburdened this year and opted to go out instead. I adore lamb!  My NYC grandmother made it a lot, with mint jelly, so I grew up loving it.  I mostly get it from the Greek Corner these days.
Glad that photo struck some chords.  I was so pleased with the mix of sexy ideas with my tumblr surfing last night.  There were a dozen I’d mark – a back rub, some kisses, a hand job, the blow job, the doggy style with her flat, and a few other different positions, such as where she is on her side and he’s behind her… mmm mmm mmm!
Friend sent me a snow joke today, related to the “Nope’easter” we didn’t get last week: 
How are men like blizzards?
You never know whether they’ll show up or, if they do, how many inches you’ll get.
Next week looks good for me except Wednesday, if I can keep these two events on track.  
Hope you have an easy trip!  

Silly goat

March 29, 2018 Thursday
8:33 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!  Hope you have a particularly good Thursday!
My day was made by a package I thought was lost showing up!!
12:06 PM Phil
Happy Thursday! Happy to hear it!

2:15 PM Sassy
Woo hoo! Time for baseball!
5:46 PM Phil
6:29 PM Sassy
Be nice! May the best team win! 
Except not the Yankees. ; P
7:04 PM Phil
8:02 PM Phil
[Philip in his hot tub with naked shoulders and smile]
Enjoy the evening
8:03 PM Sassy
Thanks Mr Sexy
I was just looking at the cutest puppies… wondering if you wanted another one?  Friend’s mom rescued five of them from beside the highway in PR!  They are hoping to fly them here and get folks to adopt them.

[Photos of five sweet puppy faces]

9:40 PM Phil
What cuties!
11:40 PM Sassy
Have a silly goat drinking water – make sure the sound is on


Asking Brett

March 28, 2018 Wednesday
From: Sassy
To: Brett
Sent: Wed Mar 28, 2018 at 11:17 PM
Subject: Making Good Friday better?
Hiya Brett!  Hope you’re enjoying these first days that feel like spring!  
Any chance you can play on Friday?  I may take off midday or all day and would adore playing with you!  Feels like time for some hugging and kissing… and more.  Mwah!

Yes and more

March 28, 2018 Wednesday

From: TimmyTim
To: Sassy
Sent: Wed Mar 28, 2018 at 12:13 PM

Subject: Better days
Thanks for being so good and writing me!  It takes all my energy to teach then I come home, take a muscle relaxer and fall asleep!  My back is feeling better today though.  But I’ve been boring and don’t have much going on but I do enjoy your letters!
About the anal sex videos, I have to answer yes and more.  They were straight anal, anal fingers and toys and yes some pegging!  Room for negotiation here!  Can’t wait to see what you send about that!
I’m hoping to recover enough to go to see my extended this weekend and make it back in time for Easter Dinner.  Time and family are precious!
I will keep writing as I can and maybe next week we can get together and share “notes” on our porn watching!
Take care with hugs and gentle groping,

From: Sassy
To: TimmyTim
Sent: Wed Mar 28, 2018 at 11:14 PM

Re: Better days
Hiya T!  
Wonderful to hear your back is on the mend.  I am sending you healing vibes, hoping that trend continues.  I completely understand about having just enough spoons to work and sleep!
Good luck traveling.  Hope you have a good visit. 
I had a busy work day – two meetings and a lot of random emails.
Hubby and I had dinner with one of his lady friends at a German restaurant called Bronwyn.  It’s been open awhile, but this was our first time.  They were doing a special prix fixe menu for Restaurant Week, so it was crowded.  The food is tasty but I don’t think we’ll rush back because it is pricy, and the service was glacial! 
Wow… anal of every kind!  Fascinating!  Here’s one of my favorite pegging photos… the position is unusual and hot!

It’s bed time so I can go crawl under the covers and imagine you there to cuddle!