The Blogger Visits!

March 21, 2018 Wednesday


I got to meet a sexy blogger tonight! I adore it when business meetings bring a man to Boston and he asks me out for dinner!


Some of you may recall Liam, who wrote the best sexy blog I ever read, which told the story of an Ashley Madison traveling man and the lovely lady he met far away. Their adventure enthralled me about 7 years ago. It was so sexy and sweet with a lot of humor! The author was part of the community that surrounded Riff Dawg’s blog, commenting on his blog posts and chatting in his forum. I started blogging so I could join in! He was kind to me in the early days when I had very little clue what I was doing or why. When Riff’s blog and forum disappeared, he made sure we stayed in touch. This was so reassuring at a tumultuous time.

Sadly, he shut down his blog in the midst of the great blogger diaspora of February 2012 after Riff was outed, so I can’t send you to read it. I offered to let him guest post on my blog with his view of our meet, but he declined, said his writing days in our sexy corner of the internet are over. So you’ll have to go with my perspective!

Wacky weather forecast

The weather made waiting to see him rather nerve-wracking. We had a lot of discussions about what to do in case there was a blizzard and I couldn’t get to the restaurant or he couldn’t get here, and I puzzled over whether to drive or take a Lyft or the subway. The forecast kept changing until I had no idea how much snow we’d get or when! The weather guessers finally decided on a 4 pm start and 8-10 inches.

I was working at home due to the impending storm, so I took a break around noon to take a long shower. I debated whether to shave my armpits and legs in case I ended up in bed with him. I had no indication that would happen, but decided it couldn’t hurt to have smooth skin to offer if it did. I put on my lucky black bra and black panties, my current favorite leggings – the dark blue paisley – and a dark blue soft sweater. I tried my silk scarf but it didn’t seem right.

I decided to go downtown in a Lyft around 4:45 pm to avoid rush hour and sit at the bar until he could appear, probably around 6:15 pm.

At the bar

The Legal Sea Foods restaurant at Park Square in Boston is beautiful! It’s in the corner of a nondescript office buildings, but once you go inside it has big windows, dark wood and leather chairs, with a two-story waterfall in the center of the circular stairs at the entrance! I sat at the far end of the bar and asked the bartender for a special non-alcoholic mixture. He asked what I like, and when I told him iced tea, he fashioned a souped-up Arnold Palmer with iced tea, lemonade, cranberry and pineapple juices over ice! It was delicious! I ate one of their tasty dinner rolls with butter, and buffalo popcorn shrimp. I read Facebook on my phone. I watched men from out of town eat steaks. I felt so sophisticated!  I kept looking out the windows behind me – it wasn’t snowing! He emailed me with progress reports as he made his way into the city. The weather was not going to keep us apart!

I settled my bar tab about 6 pm. I went to check on our 6:15 pm reservation and they told me not to worry – it was not going to be a busy night due to the storm – they would hold the table. I went back to my perch at the bar and willed him to appear.

Meeting the man

About 6:30 pm, I heard a sexy male voice behind me say something flip to the bartender, and turned to see a tall, thin, bespectacled older man with a big grin. I smiled and he grabbed me for a hug! I felt a lot of comfort and a bit of excitement. Perfect! So wonderful to meet at last!

I decided he looks a bit like Clark Kent, mostly due to the business man glasses and clean cut appearance, but it makes a lot of sense when you consider this completely buttoned-down businessman is one of the best sexy blog writers anonymously!

Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent 
from the Superman movies


We went to the host desk and were escorted to the best spot in the dining room – a table for two by the big windows overlooking the Park Plaza! He politely had me walk ahead of him and I swear he was checking out my ass! I’ve been told the leggings do wonders at showing off my shape – hope he thought so!

We sat and stared and grinned at each other. He offered me his hand to shake and told me his real first name. I took a deep breath and told him mine! There. A big line crossed. I felt like I was in the inner circle now and his look of satisfaction said he felt the same. He seemed to consider whether it fit me, tilting his head to look at me and say my name, and deciding it was right for me. I looked at his hand and imagined us naked and him touching me. Bad Sassy.

He told me about his trip into town and I shared how I got there. I poured over the menu looking for something easy to eat. I desperately wanted lobster, but it is crazy expensive and too much of a hassle. I decided on the famous clam chowder and the baked cod. He had the lite chowder and a beautiful tuna steak! I drank a regular Arnold Palmer and he had a glass of wine.


We ate slowly and appreciated the delicious food! We told each other stories about books and musicals and movies and travels. We shared our impressions of other bloggers we’ve met. We spoke of our families and pets, sharing photos from our phones. I felt like I could talk with him forever. He is a raconteur extraordinaire!

At one point his lifted his pullover sweater to show me his t-shirt, making the point that he is a casual dresser when it’s up to him. I lowered my sweater neckline slightly to show off my black bra and ample cleavage to assure him I was really Sassy, since I use that photo on my blog. He chuckled and raised an eyebrow at the salacious display!

He took my hand again and thanked me for advice and resources I gave him for dealing with a family matter. I was so happy my experience could help him.


I ordered dessert to keep us in the good graces of the waiter for a while longer. I had their distinctive Boston Creme Pie. He had a bourbon and we chuckled when the waiter brought two forks – obviously thinking we were going to share the pie – but he pondered how to use a fork with the bourbon! I giggled. The waiter took it away. Which somehow made me giggle more. This man is so fun!

Here’s a quick look at my meal:

The special non-alcoholic drink the bartender made me.

My baked cod with spinach

Legal Sea Foods version of Boston Creme Pie

Wrapping up and groping

At 10 pm he suggested we call it a night. I nodded reluctantly. We talked for 3.5 hours! I marveled that the snow never started! I thanked the universe for smiling on me, allowing me to get there and back home without the challenge of a blizzard!

He paid the bill and I thanked him profusely.

I had been fantasizing about making my way back to his hotel room, but it was not to be and that was okay. There were two hugs – one without groping and then another one with my hands taking measure of his lovely backside! Bad Sassy! He laughed in a good way and walked away. I stood there watching until he turned the corner and indulged in a few moments of wondering what it would have been like to go with him and… I’d better get going!

I walked over to the Park Plaza Hotel and summoned a Lyft. I had a lovely driver – a school teacher. We chatted about the bizarre weather and how it had kept him busy. I made it home in quickly and wrote to my dinner companion to thank him again.

It is such a treat to be able to talk openly about both sides of my life, blogging and meeting special people – a benefit of blogging that I did not anticipate but it has brought me several interesting adventures. What a delightful evening!