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2012 Year 2 -Week 42
Friday, June 1, 2012
8:23am Phil
Yeah it was. Busy weekend ahead, friend in town so the party is on!
Hiya kid!  Actually got out of the office for lunch with a project pal.  Perfect weather.  Have fun with your friend!  Hope you’re rolling into a wonderful weekend! 
Hope you’re having fun!  Here’s your thought.. My new favorite gif again…something about the movement of his tongue and other part.  Yum.  Please do this with me.  Sweet dreams, kid.

FFF Apocalypse

Here’s the Flash Fiction Friday challenge from Advizor54’s blog.  
Click to read what he and other bloggers saw in this photo! 
Join in yourself!  

Key Phrase:  “the impending apocalypse”
Word limit = exactly 200 words per section
Must not use the word “Zombie” or any form thereof
Bonus Points for telling us how the world ends


They’re sure?
It’s official. 
Six… maybe seven days. 
It’ll get hotter and hotter? 
Then… too hot.
Uh huh. 
Never thought they’d do it.
I did, but no sense worrying about it.
So we’re going to meet at last? 
Oh yeah. 
You sure this is what you want to do? 
Can you leave soon? 
Yes, in two hours.
Same… so… mid-afternoon tomorrow.  The summer house. 
We get to see each other! 
Did you ever think we would? 
Well… no. 
Funny how the impending apocalypse clarifies things. 
What if we don’t have… I mean… 
We’re friends, anyway. 
You’re pretty sure you’ll want to… 
Yes.  I have every intention of… 
How long can you stay? 
I have to go back to the wife and kids.  Before… the end. 
Of course. 
But I want to touch you… kiss you.  Taste you. 
Fuck me? 
Oh yes… several times! 
You better. 
I want to try that position… with your head over the edge of the bed.
You betcha.  And many others. 
And drink that tea… rooibos? in china cups.   
We can.  
And whatever you want.  
and look into your eyes and tell you… 
We will. 

Kitchen grab

Thursday, May 31
Good morning!  Brunch and errands with pal in from CT, then I suppose back to office.  Praying for a new job to drop in my life.  How was your social thing? Have a grand Thursday, kid.

Ham & Cheese on a croissant with 
home fries, fruit, bacon and an English muffin @ the S&S Deli 
9:49am Phil
Had a blast!

Great tunes!  Good day for you?  Your thought for the evening is a .gif w/ her sitting on his lap – he’s grabbing her ass like you might do?  Click on your computer, watch them move.  Yummy.

Pat pat pat

Year 2 – Week 42
Wednesday, May 30
7:15 am Phil
I am getting there. I really want to drop an additional 20 lbs. I’d be happy with that weight. No belly at all now and sculpting the rest. Aint easy but…….. Frosty and quiet at home. There has not been much chatter for a long time anyway. Trying to fix something with pieces missing. I never wanted to be divorced. Always wanted to be that solid husband and Dad who was always there for his family. I worked so hard and I let that slip away. I have thought about this for years now and tried to make it right. Problem is, I allowed myself to test the waters and discovered it was pretty nice out there. Lived alone and loved it, spent time with someone else, loved it more. Just can’t get past the feeling, I am letting everyone down by being selfish. Ah well, time for situps and pushups and then to start the day. I hope yours is a good one. Weather should be getting nice over there!
10:19 am
Good morning! Very humid and gray. At least it’s not pouring! I’m so proud of you for your body work, even if it drives me a little insane wanting to touch you. Hope you have a wicked good Wednesday!
I hear you about life not turning out the way we hoped for. I so wish for a normal life with a man who wants me… but God has other plans for us! Listen to the messages God’s been sending you for awhile that it’s okay to leave. Certainly your lady and I are both your angels? You have stayed longer and tried harder… stop! You aren’t doing anyone any favors by being miserable and unhealthy. Geesh… even the chaplain told you! Get going. Give you and your wife and your kids a chance at a better life with a happy dad and new people in their lives who will support them.
1:56 pm
Hiya kid! Grabbing a quick lunch and thinking of you. I survived another staff meeting, and have two performance reviews this afternoon. Whee! Hope you’re being productive.
3:47pm Phil
Been a busy day. About to take a break for the gym.  Gonna do some social stuff. That will be fun.
Yay!  You make me smile. I’m having a very bad day at work.  Can I walk out right now and not come back?  Grrr… Have to get over that!  Just pat me on the head and hope for better days.
4:13pm Phil
pat pat pat
Gotta do a bit more work reading and then I can break out and go to the gym. Ready for a good workout.
LOL!  You are a dear dear man, Don’t ever doubt it.  Have a good workout.  Make that body sexier and that mind happier!


Tuesday, May 29
7:22am Phil
Good morning. A fairly relaxing weekend although tough mentally.  Appreciate the distraction yesterday. Amazing the effect words can have on you.  Should just roll off and no big deal but I am having a hard time with this. It was said with such venom and anger too.  After a very quiet evening last night, she wishing she could suck it back in, me wishing I was anywhere else. She never once said, I did’nt mean it, I’m sorry, forgive me, just tried to justify it. 

I slept in the office last night. She was not upset that I was gone, she was still pissed all night long. I spent some time wandering the house looking at old stuff and reminising. I remember getting much of it and there were good times and fond memories and just as many not so good and not so fond memories as well. It’s always been a mix. Not a lot of romance over the years.  Can’t remember the last time the sex was good or I actually wanted it. This morning as I was walking out the door, I get, I love you , have a nice day and all I could think was, no, you don’t.  Just hard. Enough whining, I hope your day is good and it’s a fun week. At least its a short one!
8:34am Phil
Maybe I am just too sensitive. Just seemed like a really big thing to me.
Dear dear man… I want to hold you and pour my love and support into you.  You are a good man.  This is about her, not you.  It is ugly and hurtful, but proves you’re, as always, doing the right thing by breaking away.  This is a tough road, but it leads to a better place.  
8:56am Phil
I guess but seems like I must have had a significant part to make her say something like that.  I don’t think this was me though. I’m starting to believe what everyone has always said. She likes the status and life style I have afforded her. Me, she’s not so wild about.
Hiya, kid.  Fun time at the podiatrist – He said I have “good feet.”  Ha!  Work is crappy after being out but I’m catching up.  I’m taking 5 min for lunch and to let you know I’m thinking of you.  We’re people who want everyone to like us, because we try to make others happy.  But it doesn’t always work.  *sigh  Hoping work is taking your mind off it.  Remember I am here to listen.  Call me if you want to talk about it or not talk about it or whatever. 
1:23pm Phil
It’s ok. Just hard to hear I guess cause I would never say it. She thinks its trivial and I am overreacting. I see it as pretty significant. One of those things that should never come out of your mouth unless you really mean it and even then you really should reconsider. Nothing good is going to come from it
It’s HUGE!  I’ve listened to men in the chat room who took hearing that very hard – “how can I be the kind of guy whose wife hates him?” and they are good men, and “how can she not understand how this hurts me?”  So it’s natural you’re feeling it.  There are different types of people, and it is clear your wife is one and you’re another.  Once again, she is selfish and not considering your very valid feelings.  Something good is coming of it – you are going to remove a major source of irritation from her life? Divorcing spouses say things no one should ever say or have to hear.  Try to get past this emo stage and on to logistical details.  Take it one day at a time.  Listen to your music.  Let me distract you.  This too shall pass.  {{hugs}}
Watch this cat video.  It makes me laugh every time.  Go to youtube and search for “cat vs printer translation”  In 47 seconds you will giggle, I swear.  If you don’t, you can spank me.  😛
3:46pm Phil
I’m ok.  Not like there has not been nastiness out of her before.  Went on the trip and that was telling as hell for me.  I wanted to sit by the pool and relax. She got hot and bored with that inside an hour. Wanted to do the pub crawl. She endured but it was clear she was not enjoying it.  The beach, she did not even put on a swim suit, would not sit by the water. All signs to me. 

It’s hard to look back over 30 plus years and the kids lives, dogs, cars, memories good and bad and realize all of that will be over.  Just hard to look at all the stuff and understand it’s all going away. But I want to relax, to look forward to going home, to be excited about weekends and time off again. I have an event coming up on Thursday and I know I am going to have to clean for that. She will do whatever dish she is making, and the rest is me.  At least I have events every night this week.  So the rest of the week will pass quickly.  Heading into the gym which always helps as well.
You are incredibly rational about all this!  Thank you very much for explaining.  I hope it helps you. The bad things will go away… and be replaced by wonderful things and people!  You have good memories and will make new ones. You deserve to be relaxed and happy.  And so does your wife.  Yay fun stuff at night!  Rock the gym!  Show me more of that sexy new body… off to a meeting! 
1:30 am
Stayed late listening in chat. Can’t stop looking at your recent photos! You have made your body into the ultimate… mmmm… what was I saying? Hubba hubba mister. Sleep well.

Sex, hate and gifs

Monday, May 28  Memorial Day
Hiya kid!  Gorgeous day – windows open!  Productive – moved plants out to the balcony!  Hope you’re having a great Memorial Day! 
3:26pm Phil
A little time at the beach, 30 mile bike ride and now a cold one. Not too bad
3:50pm Phil
The gif the other night was very hot. Great way to cum
Glad you liked it.
3:53pm Phil
Dude keeps cumming and cumming, wish I could do that!
Ha ha.  You do better than most, kid.
3:56pm Phil
Well I do like to cum. Lost all this weight, cum like a fire hose again shoots from one end of the shower to the back wall, imagine if it were with someone
My wife screamed “I fucking hate you” at me the other day. What do you suppose that’s about?
I do imagine… a lot. 
Would certainly hit you in the face from your tits
Oh my.  I’m sorry you had to hear that from her.  Might make the transition easier? 
3:59pm Phil
Ya think?!
Time for a video?
Have you ever said that to her?
3:59pm Phil
I didn’t do anything. 

All I have is my phone

I’ll look for still photos then. 

Oh my God, no! I don’t hate her. I’ve never said that to anyone, ever
I didn’t think you had.
Can’t imagine that coming out of my mouth
Don’t have that in me
I want your mouth on me.
This has to be the most split conversation we’ve ever had.  Good thing I can think in two directions at once!  But both seem crucial….
4:07pm Phil
Ha ha, I know. I love the way you react when I clamp my lips on your clit and suck. Like to feel you shiver when I suck a nipple into my mouth. Feels amazing when my cock hits the back of your throat.
You are making me drip. 

4:10pm Phil
I love that! Love Someone riding my face. Ass, pussy, ass, yum!
This is where I want to be…

4:14pm Phil
Nice. I love it!
Though I’d want you balls deep…mmm
4:17pm Phil
Love how you can swallow my cock. Love to feel my balls hit your chin.
Do .gifs work on your phone?
I have seen sooo many hot ones lately…
4:20pm Phil
Just get the still image. 
Loved it when you you stuck your tongue in my ass. FUCK!
I want to be on the bed… I want to kneel beside your hip.  And put my mouth down on you.  And have your hips buck up to fuck my mouth… then stroke down your balls and cup them… then stick my finger in my dripping slit and twist it slowly inside you.
then suck you with my mouth and fuck you with my finger in the same rhythm. 
until you come harder than you ever have in your life. 
then move back to your lips and kiss you so you can taste it…
4:27pm Phil
I’d love that. Love to taste my cum like that. Great in pussy too. Love some cream pie
Are you hard now?  Touching that gorgeous cock?
I wish you could see what I am doing… you make me do things! 
4:34pm Phil
Cool. I am wearing bike shorts at a bar. My cock is hard and dripping. Bike shorts leave little to the imagination. Rub that pussy baby. I love it!
Mmmmm… I wanna see!  I wanna touch… when you touch it, rub it, think of my hand… like a tunnel… with my thumb up… flicking that V spot…
4:43pm Phil
Mmmnmn, just gave it a stroke in the open
Oh my… you rascal.  Wish I was sitting there… playing with it…
4:48pm Phil
Ha ha!  can see and feel everything in these shorts and I have a throbbing boner for anyone to see
Are you sipping a drink?  Something to keep you from catching on fire….

4:56 pm Phil
Margarita baby
4:57 pm
Yum.. drip some on me… lick it off. My chest? My belly button… My slit?
5:02pm Phil
All the above. Rather lick cum off you.
You do have good ideas, kid. 
5:03pm Phil
Love to cum in your mouth and then play a bit before you swallow.
Damn… that caused a huge twinge over here… right between my legs!  YES PLEASE!  What would you do?
5:05pm Phil
Always wanted to get you on your knees on the balcony and fuck your hot mouth for anyone to see
Maybe swap it. I like the taste and am not weird about it
Glad I am causing twinges. You need a good dildo. Love to watch that on skype some night
Something like this…

when you get to a computer, you will see her moving it in and out… wishing it was your stone stick.
Geesh… I am a .gif queen today!  Ha ha…
6:49pm Phil
Exactly. Damn, that’s hot
I adore it when you say that… love knowing I’ve found something you like.
6:54 pm [cock shot taken from above]

6:55 pm [waist up side view shot of his naked chest and beautiful face fresh out of the shower]
6:55 pm [waist up front view shot of his naked chest and beautiful face fresh out of the shower]
You know what I like.  Damn, kid. 
7:04pm Phil
I do!
You like a hard cock pounding that delightfully tight pussy
You are looking sooo hot.  Makes me very wet. 
8:35 pm
It could be like this.


Sunday, May 27
Hiya kid!  We’re off to a bbq at a pal’s new place.  She invited everyone she knows – work, church, project pals – should be a gas!  Hope you’re having a fun Sunday! 

Wrapped in skin

Saturday, May 26
Hiya kid. Found some interesting videos and wishing you were at your computer to share. Hope your Saturday was super.  Here is your thought for tonight.  Enjoy!  
1:50am Phil
one of my favorites
shame it’s not a video
Here’s one that moves.  And he cums. 


Maybe I’ll get cum on my chin when you put your cock between my breasts and slide back and forth… 

Sleep well kid.

Six inches

Friday, May 25
7:13am Phil
Did have a good day.  Busy but not bad. Enjoy your days off. I know it’s nice to get away for a little bit anyway.  Physical today.  Down 6 inches on my waist and 6 percent body fat. Down to 18%.  I feel good about that. Still dropping. Going to grill over the weekend, and relax a bit as well. Hope your day is grand!
Hiya kid.  Congrats on feeling good!  You rock!  
4:41pm Phil
Thank you! Blew away my physical today and now for a leisurely workout followed by ice cold beers!