Essex and Gloucester glories

June 1, 2017 Thursday

11:38 AM Sassy
Nothing like a warm ham and cheese croissant!  Chilling at Au Bon Pain while Hubby is at the doctor.

2:57 PM Sassy
A delightful lunch out on the covered deck at CK Pearl in Essex

The Essex River
The marina
The covered deck
Fresh raw oysters and shrimp cocktail
The river at low tide
Clam chowder with a fried clam and pork belly
Beet salad with glazed pears, carrots and goat cheese
Hubby’s steak tips
The specials board
My dessert

3:52 PM Sassy

Spring flowers at Marshall’s Farm stand in Gloucester

4:27 PM Sassy

Beautiful afternoon at Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester


4:37 PM Sassy

Your 10 seconds of zen from Wingaersheek Beach in Gloucester

Dado and Highland Kitchen

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May 31, 2017 Wednesday

6:05 pm Sassy
I adore a post-work chance to chill and fill the “oops I forgot to get lunch” hole with Jim Brickman music, hibiscus tea and steamed dumplings at Dado on Church Street in Cambridge.

7:48 pm Sassy
Eating well at Highland Kitchen in Somerville with a project pal

Arctic char with farro and sugar snap peas
Gnocchi with short ribs raguout
Hubby’s hangar steak and fries

Bourbon pecan pie
Chocolate pudding with almond brittle
Union Square Donut with rhubarb syrup

10:45 PM Sassy
I’ve been puzzling over covfefe all day… it must have been something from a late night movie, right? Citizen Covfefe? Covfefe Actually? West Side Covfefe? Covfefeblanca?

Looking for Mr Truck

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May 30, 2017 Tuesday

3:58 PM Sassy to Mr Truck (via Yahoo Messenger) 
Home today. Thinking of you. Did you ever get a new mischief email? Might be easier to keep to touch with that. I find things to share and forget to come here to do it. Duh. Mwah!

It grows

May 30, 2017 Tuesday
7:07 PM
Satisfying supper at All Seasons Table in Malden!
 Fresh oysters
 Hubby’s tuna tartar
 Seafood scallion pancake
Crab rangoon

7:33 PM Sassy

Pretty rainbow!

7:34 PM Phil
Love to sit out on the porch in the rain

7:35 PM Sassy

7:42 PM Phil

7:49 PM Sassy
I’m fighting the last night of vacation blues

7:50 PM Phil
Hear ya
Bench pressed my weight today. 
Good for an old guy.

7:58 PM Sassy

7:58 PM Phil 
Woo hoo!  

7:59 PM Sassy
I ate oysters for dinner… thought of you!
8:00 PM Phil
Down 44 pounds and dropping

8:00 PM  Sassy
Wow!  That must feel amazing!

8:00 PM Phil
Oysters are great diet food
I can stick a watermelon in my old jeans. Six inches off my waist. I can do everything I ever did in the gym. I’m pretty pleased with that

8:02 PM Sassy
That is very special.
I could never do anything in the gym and I still can’t! 

8:03 PM Phil
Ha ha.  
8:03 PM Phil
Growing older but not up

8:12 PM Sassy
I hope never to grow up. 
There’s only one part of you I want to see grow.  ; )

8:54 PM Phil
It grows.  😛 
Especially when I think of you! 

8:54 PM Sassy
That is very very good.

Sneezy salutations

May 29, 2017 Monday
From: Sassy
To: Greg
Sent: Mon, May 29, 2017 at 3:09 PM

Re: Holiday weekend

Hiya Greg! How are you? Hope you’re enjoying this long weekend.

Sorry I didn’t see this earlier – I was off work on Friday! Hubby and I went down to Foxwoods for the Barry Manilow concert. He is such a showman!

Hope life is treating you well!


Mystery solved

May 29, 2017 Monday MEMORIAL DAY

12:41 AM Sassy

7:04 AM Sassy
Good morning kid!

7:07 AM Phil
Good morning!
Happy Memorial Day!
7:08 AM Sassy
Thank you for your service.

7:13 AM Phil
[drawing of an eagle wrapped in an American flag]
Your welcome! 
I loved every second and I’m proud of what I did with my life.
7:20 AM Sassy
You are a good man.

7:28 AM Phil
I hope so. I try to be

7:29 AM Sassy
You going out and about today?

12:39 PM Sassy
A Cambridge woman remembers in her own way. Be sure to read the comments as her sister and friend chime in.
1:10 PM Phil
[photos of a pier on the water near a bar in the bright sun]

1:10 PM Sassy
That is stunningly beautiful!
I’m so envious.  It’s in the 50s and rainy here.
1:11 PM Phil
Great little beach bar with good food

1:12 PM Sassy
I wanna go to Gloucester so bad…*sigh 
If I was there I’d kiss you on that pier…
1:14 PM Phil

1:14 PM Sassy
Maybe sneak a slow stroke between your legs!

1:15 PM Phil
No need to sneak. No one here yet

1:17 PM Sassy
Ha!  I’d dive in and grope ya good then!

1:21 PM Sassy
[photo between my legs]

3:32 PM Phil

3:43 PM Sassy
Fun to see your toes in the waves!
Thinking about you touching there… making me tingle!
6:32PM Phil

7:56 PM Sassy
Delicious delights delivered by Doordash from Dumpling House in Cambridge – mini pork soup dumplings, salt & pepper shrimp, pork buns, pork fried rice and beef with onions!

Foxwoods fun

May 27, 2017 Saturday

2:26 PM Sassy
We’re off to Foxwoods to lose some money at the slots, have a fancy dinner and go to a concert! Staying up in Plainfield, CT (about 30 minutes away) so we don’t break the bank.

4:21 PM Sassy
Had a little luck!

6:36 PM Sassy
Dinner at David Burke’s Prime Steakhouse at Foxwoods Casino

Hubby’s gin collins and my desert pear lemonade
Three beet and goat cheese salad
Table side Caesar salad creation
Caesar salad
Hubby’s Caesar salad with anchovies
The bustling interior
Hawaiian tuna poke
Clothesline bacon
Bone-in filet with shelled lobster, garlic spinach 
and potato hash special
Hubby’s 55-Day aged rib eye steak special 
with peppercorn sauce
Dessert – free blue raspberry cotton candy
9:12 PM Sassy
What a showman Barry Manilow is! He encouraged us to sing along and gave us glow sticks to wave! I forgot how many of his songs I know…I laughed, I cried, I celebrated with an amazing crowd of dedicated fans. He writes the songs that make the whole world sing!

Sneezy sigh

May 26, 2017 Friday

From: Greg

To: Sassy
Sent: Fri, May 26, 2017 at 11:55 AM 
Subject: Holiday weekend

Hello Sassy-

Are you off on this holiday weekend Friday??



Ah… Sneezy checking in after a month.  I was so busy running errands with Hubby, and heading out of town tomorrow, I didn’t find time to answer.  And how many times can I say, “You need to find someone else?”  But I do enjoy seeing him now and then, as long as I remember he will never take it very far.  I will try to write later.  *sigh

Spring flowers

May 26, 2017 Friday

7:46 AM Sassy
Happy Friday kid!
7:53 AM Phil
Happy Friday!

7:58 AM Sassy
It’s raining.  And 49 degrees.  
We’re off to a new doctor for Hubby to explore some wild brain zapping system.  Whee.
In better news, I got the reunion group talking about their favorite teachers and it was fun! The organizer thought the group would just be for announcing the party details, but I am determined to get them socializing, so I keep asking questions!  
8:03 PM Phil
Brain zapping?   😛
I had fun with reunions.  Some people were unrecognizable, others look pretty much the same. Just fun to hear what people were up to.

8:06 AM Sassy
I’m resolved to help them have fun on Facebook, and enjoy a couple hours at dinner.  

Nothing will top our reunion.  ; ) 

8:07 AM Phil
Ha! [devil emoji]

8:17 AM Phil
I wouldn’t think so

4:09 PM Sassy
Spring flowers and a tree on a rainy Friday