Meet #32 part 2 Sex in Maine

Monday, September 1, 2014  LABOR DAY
I didn’t sleep well.  Not sure why.  Kris got up to use the bathroom about 5:30 am and I couldn’t get back to sleep.  So I reached over to touch him.  He was already hard and got much harder as I pulled and twisted and squeezed his cock!  I took my time and enjoyed exploring his balls and cock in different ways.  He finally stopped me and started playing with my clit.  He got me all revved up, then pulled off my underwear and pushed inside me.  Oh my… it felt so amazing as he pushed up from underneath me.  I slammed back into him.  I was so wet!  He came hard.  I gushed all over the sheets! 
We got dressed and went up to the hotel breakfast room to feast on the free breakfast.  It was one of the best I’ve seen!  They had an incredible assortment of baked goods – muffins, coffee cake, yogurt, toast, english muffins, bagels.  I had OJ, hot chocolate, a square of coffee cake.  Then I went back for a blueberry muffin.  Then a bagel with cream cheese!  Yum!  We sat in the big sunroom that would have looked out over the bay if it wasn’t fogged in!  
Kris went back to the room to make phone calls to check on a new renter’s references.  I went for a walk down the huge lawn to the water’s edge.  I went back to bed and napped for a couple of hours while he worked on his computer. 
 View from our balcony… there’s beautiful cove out there when the fogs lifts! 
 Pretty hotel grounds decorations 
 The main building and glass sunroom/breakfast area at the hotel
 Roses in the rain
 Fabulous art in the breakfast room – a big fish made of shells!  
 Hee hee
 Our building at the hotel 
 Seating area looking over the bay
 Queen Anne’s lace 
 The waterfront 
 Another view of our building at the hotel and the massive lawn
 The hotel entrance

We checked out a little after 11 am and got on the road again.  We had planned to go to Acadia, but with the fog there was no point.  He was still fixated on getting his ear piercing fixed, so we headed for a big mall in Bangor.  
We drove up the coast, back to Camden to look around.  It is a lovely town with a harbor full of boats!  We went on up Rte 1 and the fog began to burn off!  
 The Camden harbor in Maine
 Quick video of the waterfall in Camden
 Photo of the waterfall in Camden
 The main street in Camden
 Camden harbor
 Flowers near the Camden Library
  Flowers near the Camden Library
  Flowers near the Camden Library

We saw beautiful little town and coves.  We went into Belfast to look around then on to the Bangor Mall.  He had an odd spell, insisting on paying me for the earring I bought him, and insisting on paying for lunch when we’d agreed meals were going to be on me.  I argued and then let him.  It felt like he was pushing me away.  But my lack of sleep was catching up with me, so that might have made me less able to figure him out than usual. 
 Maine State Ferry terminal in Lincolnville
 Maine State Ferry coming from Islesboro 
into Lincolnville terminal

We had a late lunch at Ruby Tuesday.  They brought us these delectable little biscuits with onion and spices and cheese.  I could have eaten a dozen! They have an incredible salad bar!  I haven’t seen one of those in a long time.  I tried the potato salad, broccoli ham salad, waldorf salad, pasta salad and various veggies with ranch dressing.  I could’ve just had that, but Kris convinced me to order an entree.  So I got the pork chop with green beans and garlic mashed potatoes.  Yum. 

 My pork chop at Ruby Tuesday’s in the Bangor Mall 
 The fantastic salad bar at Ruby Tuesday’s in the Bangor Mall

He got his ear re-pierced and we got back into the car to head South.  I suggested we take 95 to make time, and head for Ogunquit for a late supper.  We went through more bad weather – a terrible thunderstorm!  He needed a break from driving, so we stopped at the Gardiner rest stop.  It is a lovely new building with a food court and “Made in Maine” shop with gorgeous, super-expensive artisan’s crafts.  Kris wanted to buy me a birthday gift, but I could not see letting him spend 3x normal prices and I don’t need stuff.  Just as we were leaving, his wife called.  I left him alone on the patio and went back inside to get an iced chai latte and some mixed nuts from Starbucks.  I read my email on their wonderful wifi and waited.  Kris finally came to get me after 45 minutes and we continued South.
It was clear we were not going to get to Ogunquit in time to eat before the restaurant I wanted was closed.  So I searched the web for places closer, in Kennebunk.  We made it there about 8:30 pm and stopped at the Bull and Claw.  
They had another amazing salad bar – with 3 soups too!  We attacked that.  Then I had their “lobster louie” which I thought would be lobster pie but turned out to be a baked stuffed lobster… for only $20!  Kris got the mussels and shrimp scampi linguini.  

 My baked stuffed lobster at the Bull and Claw in Kennebunk 
Interior of the Bull and Claw in Kennebunk 

We headed on South and got to my place about 11 pm.  Kris was getting punchy, had the music turned way up and bounced around.  I almost made it, but asked him to turn it off as we made the turn onto my street.  My head hurt and I couldn’t take it another second.  

We took our stuff inside and he fell asleep quickly on the sofa.  I did some work on my computer, then headed off to bed at 12 midnight.

Meet #32 Dinner in Maine

Sunday, August 31, 2014 
Kris: rock n roll sweet cheeks. got another renter! moving in tomorrow. hustling here to move some stuff for him to take room. will try to get there by 12:30. may b a little “fashionably late” (I know, what else is new? which you are way too polite to say…but thinks/laughs to herself). Mr. Good Intentions 8:19 AM
Me: Good morning! Is this the lady renter? 8:20 AM
Me: I’ve been up since 6:30 am – so excited I couldn’t go back to sleep! Already showered, shaved, clipped, powdered, dressed, and half packed! 8:22 AM
Kris: no – different guy, middle aged, going thru divorce…has to move under pressure. Willing to pay a great rate!  Need to focus on getting outta heah – talk later! 8:24 AM
Kris: weather’s not the greatest, but we’ll still have fun. ok…self-control. getting to work. sooner I’m done…sooner the fun! 8:27 AM
Kris: I got my earring out – went to 7 different jewelry stores, didn’t have what I want  – hook (not post with backing). any stores with that open today near you? 8:50 AM
Me: Yes.  I checked a bunch, definitely open until 6 pm. Headed to brunch. 10:02 AM
Kris: won’t bother but thanks. want to pick u up and just head to ME. eta realistically 1:30 – will try hard not to make it later. 3 hours to Rockland from Boston 11:20 AM
Kris: I meant Rockport, but there is a Rockland just south of Rockport 11:23 AM
Me: Done with brunch. Got you an earring. Silver cross with wire, just to keep the hole open. 12:14 PM
Me: Home. Ready to roll! 12:43 PM
Kris: doing the best I can. stress…ugh! almost done. will text when I leave 1:01 PM
Me: Okie doke! No worries. 1:03 PM
Kris: leaving FINALLY!!!! ETA 3:30. sorry. 🙁 2:29 PM
Me: Yay! 2:30 PM
Kris: eta 3:45 3:21 PM
Me: Ok 3:22 PM
Kris: 5 mins. out front? 3:40 PM
Me: Yes please! 3:40 PM
Kris: k 3:41 PM
Kris invited me to go to Maine with him for a night over Labor Day weekend!  
He said he’d pick me up at 12:30 pm on Sunday.  But he ended up renting out another room in his house so he had to clear it out and it took longer than he thought, and then he had to hide a bunch of stuff from his wife, who has been stopping by to take what she wants… so he didn’t appear until 4 pm!  
Then he had this urge to get help to put in the earring I had bought him.  I could not get it to go in myself… the back seemed healed over!  He had only taken out the piercing earring yesterday, so that made no sense. But I found a piercing place at our local mall, and waited in the car while he went in to see if they could help him.  He was gone forever – over 30 minutes!  And they couldn’t do anything for him, other then get him to buy another piercing earring and re-pierce it, which he didn’t want to do. 
We finally headed north about 5 pm.  We cruised up Rte 1 to 95 through NH and on into Maine.  We made a pit stop at McDonald’s in Brunswick, then went on up Rte 1.  The weather was awful – rain, fog.  But there was very little traffic.  His a/c doesn’t work, so I broiled.  Ugh.  
I had researched restaurants near the hotel, so I could guide us to a place in Camden called “The Waterfront.”  We arrived at 8:15 pm (when they close at 9 pm).  I wish we had gotten there before dark… they have a huge deck right on the harbor.  

The hostess seated us alone in a dark middle section of the restaurant.  Very strange.  They had exactly what I wanted – clam chowder and lazy lobster!  We had wonderful warm sourdough rolls and butter.  The chowder had an odd fishy flavor, but the lobster was perfect – warm in butter!  It was served with asparagus, a summer medley of veggies and rice pilaf.  Kris had the beef medallions.  The waitress flirted with him, kept touching him!  We shared the blueberry cobbler with whipped cream for dessert.  It was a treat!  So “Maine!” 

We found our way to the Ledges by the Bay Hotel in Rockport.  He checked in then we rolled our stuff into the room #5.  We collapsed into bed and he was asleep in no time.  I understood – he did a lot of driving under tough conditions and it has been an emotional week for him.

Off to Maine

Sunday, August 31, 2014
Good morning kid!  So excited, up at 6:30, already showered, shaved, clipped, dressed and half packed!  Off to brunch with CT visitor, then MAINE!
Have a great Sunday!
Brunch at Old Country Buffet.  Mediocre food and lots of it!

4:17pm Philip

[Thai Pavilion restaurant at National Harbor]
4:17pm Philip
You too!
Remember this place?
: )

Maine ideas

Saturday, August 30, 2014
Me: Oooh…sorry I fell asleep early. Happy to go with you to Maine! 5:31 AM
Kris: I’m so messed up right now. not sure it’s a good idea. can I let u know later? 7:25 AM
Kris: Ok….I did it. booked last room at Ledges By the Bay in Rockport, ME – queen bed, sea view – great deal at $112. I’d be happy eating store bought food but if u can afford to spring for a meal out or two I’m a “Skinny Santa” and will try not to cost u much. tell me what time to pick u up tomorrow in my car. no a/c, but once we get near coast air should be cooler. I shouldn’t b doing this.  sure u want to hang with a man who has completely lost his mind and moral compass? 8:48 AM
Kris: Hey Rev., If the booklet is not available could I borrow the DVD? Could u see if u could arrange to have it available for me to pick up in foyer tomorrow (Sun)? Could then try to ask my wife to look at before Tues. 11:02 AM
Me: Re-send this to the Rev? 🙂 11:03 AM
Kris: Oops! Sorry Sass! Least it wasn’t text to u sent to wrong person…omg!!!!! 11:04 AM
Me: I’m sure the Rev would find that fascinating. 11:05 AM
Me: Don’t denigrate – you owe me 50 cents for using capital letters. You are a sweet, fun, cuddly, smart, sexy man! 12:25 PM
Kris: maybe but u r still “incorrigible”. SASSY!  😉 12:44 PM
Me: Anticipating a road trip with you is so fun! Hotel site is beautiful! I’ve been checking out restaurant – several great ones. “The Waterfront” has a nice deck. 5:27 PM
Kris: question. will u save me a trip to the Mall tonite to have my earring taken out? I know u r adamantly opposed to me taking it out becuz u think a grown up should b treated like one and I should wear what I want but I need to b “accommodating”…this is my life. plus u r the “Queen of Accommodating Others”…. so who r u to scold me? Will you take it out for me?  So yes or no? Mr. Fun but Annoying 5:40 PM
Me: I am willing to try. I couldn’t get it out before.  5:41 PM
Me: Would you like me to drive? Pick you up? 5:43 PM
Kris: u didnt try very hard becuz u didnt want to…plus emotion of saying goodbye (which lasted all of 3 weeks!). really think u wont b able to? 5:43 PM
Kris: I want to play “Driving Miss Sassy”…but if u want to drive here and trust me to drive from here we could do that. 5:46 PM
Kris: u enjoy such little “luxuries” like not having to drive and r so openly appreciative… makes me want to do it 5:49 PM
Kris: Hubby doesn’t need car? 5:51 PM
Me: Torn between dying of heat stroke w/o a/c and having to drive… hmmm… 5:52 PM
Kris: I could meet u at your house…take your car with me driving….if u trusted me and Hubby 
didn’t need car? or he could use mine – unless out of his comfort zone? for small car I think it has pretty good “head room” u were ok…minus a/c 5:56 PM
Kris: I dont think it will b that hot, especially as we get into NH and ME, just noisy wind with windows part way down 5:58 PM
Me: Okay. Come get me! You make me melt anyway… Mwah! 5:59 PM
Kris: oh come on….let’s just take the bike….natural fresh air a/c!!!!!!! 6:00 PM
Me: Have you been there before? 6:00 PM
Kris: what r we driving? 6:01 PM
Kris: no 6:01 PM
Kris: My car?  Your car… BIKE?!!!!! (wishful thinking). 6:03 PM
Me: This place looks good too. Lobster Pound 6:14 PM
Kris: ok. going to get earring out..hope that hot young chick with the perky little tits hanging out who put it in takes it out.  trying to remember what having a serious libido was like a long, long time ago…since the big-boobed woman I want to take it out says she “can’t”.  Alfalfa 6:16 PM
Kris: ONE TRACK MIND!!!!!! What vehicle we taking?!!!! 6:17 PM
Me: Your car please. 6:17 PM
Kris: ok 6:18 PM
Me: Get some cute little earring with a normal closure to put in! 6:18 PM
Me: What’s your theory on when we will return? Late Monday? 6:20 PM
Kris: yes…by whatever time u want to be home 6:23 PM
Kris: good idea on new earring.  thanks 6:23 PM
Me: Thanks! I am so excited! 6:23 PM
Kris: u r so thankful. makes me smile. 🙂 6:24 PM
Me: Found a fun breakfast place. 🙂 Doesn’t matter if we end up at any of these places… I have fun looking! Only thing that matters is I am with you. 7:09 PM
Kris: 🙂 what time should i pick u up? 10:05 PM
Me: Ha! I was just realizing I never said. Sorry. Can you make 12 noon or 12:30? 10:09 PM
Kris: sure…try to make 12…12:30 at latest 10:18 PM
Me: Awesome! So ready to see you! 10:22 PM
Kris: 🙂 my wife has been here for the past hour, surprised me, with a friend. totally pleasant and civil. going thru books she wants as I type.  Our first meeting since the shit hit the fan June 22 and she disappeared!  10:40 PM

Kris: it’s not as much fun without u here hiding in the closet. I know u wish u could b here to share the danger and excitement with me.  what was it I said I wanted from you? oh yeah… “different”. as they say: “be careful what u wish for – u might get it”. (just not wanting it quite like this).  and right now I’m working on my computer while she packs. BIZARRE IS NOT STRONG ENOUGH!!!! 10:42 PM

Me: Oh my. 10:45 PM
Kris: Lions and tigers and bears…oh my. 10:46 PM
Me: Good to see her? 10:48 PM
Kris: yes and no…still in denial, still love her and want to fool around. and date future wife candidates…and tell you more tomorrow….while u lie to me about how nice I am 10:50 PM
Kris: messing with you, lying to wife trying to get her back, dating numerous women “wife shopping”… how is that all not evil and totally fucked up? tell me tomorrow – have to focus only on work now till midnight 10:53 PM
Kris: sweet dreams….see u in 12 hours….”Driving Miss Sassy” to MAINE! 🙂 12:07 AM
Me: Mwah 12:19 AM

Prepping for Maine

Saturday, August 30, 2014
Fascinating photo project to show places in New Orleans right after Katrina and now.  Read his comments and swipe and look closely…a labor of love finding the spots again and telling us a powerful story.


Hiya kid!  Out at the Chinese buffet with Mom.
Hope you’re having a super Saturday!


I’m a sucker for these flash mobs, and this one has a public service message!
Chattanooga Firefighters “Stayin’ Alive”

5:10pm Philip

Hey girl. Went out with my wife today and just wished I was hanging with Fred and the dog all day. Took Fred to her first wineries yesterday, she loved it. Ah well


Kris asked me to go to Maine with him tomorrow!

Check out the hotel he found for $99 a night!

Oceanfront Hotel in Rockport Maine: Camden Maine
 offers affordable oceanfront Maine lodging on Penobscot Bay.

5:22pm Philip

You are going correct?


Oh yeah…

5:22pm Philip

Looks nice


Might give him a blow job on the balcony!

checking out the restaurants around there

Mariachi flash mob!  Adore these things!

Invitation to Maine

Friday, August 29, 2014
Kris: My supervisor just emailed me and said I did something right!  YAY!!!!!!!! (Of course, as you reminded me, just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me).  😉 3:26 PM

Me: Wow! Hope this is a good omen for the week ahead 3:28 PM

Kris: Not counting on that, but take what i can get – one less thing to worry about. can go back to raising hell, plotting to get Sassy on back of my bike for a REAL ride. evil grin. Alfalfa. 3:31 PM

Me: just got out of work. Woot! 3:45 PM

Kris: Yay! As you say. anything you do not at work is better (than being there). What would it b like to have a job u loved!? Keep looking.  🙂 4:06 PM

Me: Such a beautiful night… balcony door open, smiling.  Hubby’s gone out. I know you’re busy but if you want to hang out or go out, I’m home alone. If not, no worries and have a nice evening! We have company coming at 6 pm tomorrow, staying through noon Sunday. 4:41 PM
Kris: Both renters are gone for the whole weekend. wanna spend Sunday night with me here? 5:44 PM

Kris: I can hear the pounding heart, chattering teeth, and whining “Ohhh…I don’t know” since there’s only so much “adventure and drama” a girl can take. I may not b the best fuck you’ll ever have, but others will be hard-pressed to match me for the”adventures.” 😉 5:55 PM

Me: Sunday could be fun. Worry that it will be so hot I will melt. Let’s think about it. I’ll be free after brunch and would adore seeing you.  8:33 PM

Kris Sunday night will be down to 65 degrees here – cool at night, not like city. But I have a better idea. If I get room in Rockland, ME, can u afford to buy four meals if i eat like a bird? can get sea view room at Ledges By the Bay for only $99. Could visit Acadia National Park on Monday. Only 3 rooms left….won’t last. Watcha say? 11:08 PM

Meet #31 Sex!

Thursday, August 28, 2014
Me: Morning! Fell asleep at 7 pm last night… alone missing you fiercely…hate that! Off to conference day 2. Good day vibes to you! 6:43 AM
Kris: omg…I dont want to hurt u, but got my “hooks” in pretty deep. have good 2nd day of conference. next week “very heavy”.  I may take whole week off…deal with feelings, not due to “bury in busyness”…Annoying Kris. 😉 9:16 AM
Kris: how’s the work crowd rollin’ today? hope someone recognizes all your hard work to make it come together.  🙂 12:26 PM
Kris: I’m sure someone who’s as smart as you can handle it. Annoying Alfalfa 😉 12:29 PM
Me: Today is going pretty smoothly except for boss bitch. Beautiful day, free food, sweet man to text me…whee! 12:46 PM
Kris: 🙂 12:57 PM
Me: I want you next to me. You don’t have to do anything about it, just know that you’re wanted! 1:00 PM
Kris: not going to make letting u go some day easy, but since you’re a master of “living in the moment”….I’m putting u in charge of taking care of u. can hardly manage self these days.  1:31 PM
Me: Don’t worry. I’m used to taking care of me. And Hubby. And my mother. And my mentourage. And even…. now and then… YOU!  Speaking of which, Hubby is going out tonight and I’ll be alone. Come by if you like. 2:56 PM
Kris: you busy caretaker you! not sure about tonite….9:00 too late if i did? out of work at 8:00   3:16 PM
Me: Anytime is fine. 3:23 PM
Kris: k….let u know later “as the spirit leads” (probably not the Holy Spirit). 😉 Mr. Strange & Conflicted 3:28 PM
Me: Anytime is fine. mwah! 3:41 PM
Me: What is your favorite ice cream? 5:18 PM
Kris: Coffee…ok…see yah….round 8:45-9 6:32 PM
Kris: When is your b-day? And don’t say “Why?” duh. 6:34 PM
Me: *bounce* *bounce* Yay! Wow. I would never have guessed coffee!. Hee hee. We went to Market Basket. I got salted caramel crunch. September 6:35 PM
Kris: Sounds good.  55. wow. I better start looking for some young thing – you’re getting REALLY old. .Annoying Alfalfa. 😉 6:44 PM
Kris: Here! 9:02 PM
Me: On my way down! 9:04 PM
I told Kris that Hubby would be out with his lady, and he was welcome to come keep me company.  I was completely worn out from 6 days of running conferences, but eager for some cuddling. 
He appeared about 9 pm. I fed him some of the bounty I’d picked up at our return trip to Market Basket – their first day back from the 5 week-long strike to reinstate Artie T as CEO.  He ate some chicken nuggets with ranch dressing, chips and salted caramel crunch ice cream!  He sat on the coach and I sat at my desk and we talked. 
After a while, I sat on the end of the sofa and he put his head in my lap.  I rubbed on his bald head, and we talked.  He told me about my cat escaping into the hallway when he was leaving Wednesday morning and how he coaxed him back into the condo.  Then we were quiet.  He fell asleep.  I closed my eyes and listened to him breathe.  It was so peaceful!  
I got up at midnight, thinking I would go to bed.  I went to tuck him in on the sofa, but he got up and followed me into bed!  He went to the bathroom.  I shucked all my clothes except my panties and lied down on my stomach.  He rubbed my back.  He is so good at that!  Then he played with my ass, rolling my panties down and finally taking them off.  He rolled me over and licked me just a little, then played with my clit.  
I figured we were still in the no sex mode we’ve been stuck in since July 15th – his rules to keep from running afoul of his conflicted emotions. So I talked dirty about him… told him I was remembering one of our hotter times together in the hotel in Woburn, when he woke me up at 3 am and was inside me before I was really awake and it was so hot!  Suddenly he was closing the bedroom door, shucking his clothes and crawling back into bed and pushing me slightly to the side, pulling my right leg over his hip and entering me while he kept fingering my clit!  SEX!  YAY!  
He pounded away and flicked my clit and… neither one of us was getting off.  Ugh.  The phone pinged – Hubby texting to warn me he was on the way home. Kris stopped and flopped over on his back sighing.  I rolled right over and took him into my mouth.  He moaned and petted my hair and squirmed, popping his hips up to drive into my mouth.  I let him know how much I was enjoying it, mmming and moaning around him.  It was not long before he was bucking and telling me how good it is and coming.  Yum!  
He tossed on his clothes and headed out to the sofa about two minutes before Hubby got home.  Whee!   I put my nightclothes back on and went to sleep about 1 am.