Invitation to Maine

Friday, August 29, 2014
Kris: My supervisor just emailed me and said I did something right!  YAY!!!!!!!! (Of course, as you reminded me, just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me).  😉 3:26 PM

Me: Wow! Hope this is a good omen for the week ahead 3:28 PM

Kris: Not counting on that, but take what i can get – one less thing to worry about. can go back to raising hell, plotting to get Sassy on back of my bike for a REAL ride. evil grin. Alfalfa. 3:31 PM

Me: just got out of work. Woot! 3:45 PM

Kris: Yay! As you say. anything you do not at work is better (than being there). What would it b like to have a job u loved!? Keep looking.  🙂 4:06 PM

Me: Such a beautiful night… balcony door open, smiling.  Hubby’s gone out. I know you’re busy but if you want to hang out or go out, I’m home alone. If not, no worries and have a nice evening! We have company coming at 6 pm tomorrow, staying through noon Sunday. 4:41 PM
Kris: Both renters are gone for the whole weekend. wanna spend Sunday night with me here? 5:44 PM

Kris: I can hear the pounding heart, chattering teeth, and whining “Ohhh…I don’t know” since there’s only so much “adventure and drama” a girl can take. I may not b the best fuck you’ll ever have, but others will be hard-pressed to match me for the”adventures.” 😉 5:55 PM

Me: Sunday could be fun. Worry that it will be so hot I will melt. Let’s think about it. I’ll be free after brunch and would adore seeing you.  8:33 PM

Kris Sunday night will be down to 65 degrees here – cool at night, not like city. But I have a better idea. If I get room in Rockland, ME, can u afford to buy four meals if i eat like a bird? can get sea view room at Ledges By the Bay for only $99. Could visit Acadia National Park on Monday. Only 3 rooms left….won’t last. Watcha say? 11:08 PM

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