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Saturday, August 30, 2014
Me: Oooh…sorry I fell asleep early. Happy to go with you to Maine! 5:31 AM
Kris: I’m so messed up right now. not sure it’s a good idea. can I let u know later? 7:25 AM
Kris: Ok….I did it. booked last room at Ledges By the Bay in Rockport, ME – queen bed, sea view – great deal at $112. I’d be happy eating store bought food but if u can afford to spring for a meal out or two I’m a “Skinny Santa” and will try not to cost u much. tell me what time to pick u up tomorrow in my car. no a/c, but once we get near coast air should be cooler. I shouldn’t b doing this.  sure u want to hang with a man who has completely lost his mind and moral compass? 8:48 AM
Kris: Hey Rev., If the booklet is not available could I borrow the DVD? Could u see if u could arrange to have it available for me to pick up in foyer tomorrow (Sun)? Could then try to ask my wife to look at before Tues. 11:02 AM
Me: Re-send this to the Rev? 🙂 11:03 AM
Kris: Oops! Sorry Sass! Least it wasn’t text to u sent to wrong person…omg!!!!! 11:04 AM
Me: I’m sure the Rev would find that fascinating. 11:05 AM
Me: Don’t denigrate – you owe me 50 cents for using capital letters. You are a sweet, fun, cuddly, smart, sexy man! 12:25 PM
Kris: maybe but u r still “incorrigible”. SASSY!  😉 12:44 PM
Me: Anticipating a road trip with you is so fun! Hotel site is beautiful! I’ve been checking out restaurant – several great ones. “The Waterfront” has a nice deck. 5:27 PM
Kris: question. will u save me a trip to the Mall tonite to have my earring taken out? I know u r adamantly opposed to me taking it out becuz u think a grown up should b treated like one and I should wear what I want but I need to b “accommodating”…this is my life. plus u r the “Queen of Accommodating Others”…. so who r u to scold me? Will you take it out for me?  So yes or no? Mr. Fun but Annoying 5:40 PM
Me: I am willing to try. I couldn’t get it out before.  5:41 PM
Me: Would you like me to drive? Pick you up? 5:43 PM
Kris: u didnt try very hard becuz u didnt want to…plus emotion of saying goodbye (which lasted all of 3 weeks!). really think u wont b able to? 5:43 PM
Kris: I want to play “Driving Miss Sassy”…but if u want to drive here and trust me to drive from here we could do that. 5:46 PM
Kris: u enjoy such little “luxuries” like not having to drive and r so openly appreciative… makes me want to do it 5:49 PM
Kris: Hubby doesn’t need car? 5:51 PM
Me: Torn between dying of heat stroke w/o a/c and having to drive… hmmm… 5:52 PM
Kris: I could meet u at your house…take your car with me driving….if u trusted me and Hubby 
didn’t need car? or he could use mine – unless out of his comfort zone? for small car I think it has pretty good “head room” u were ok…minus a/c 5:56 PM
Kris: I dont think it will b that hot, especially as we get into NH and ME, just noisy wind with windows part way down 5:58 PM
Me: Okay. Come get me! You make me melt anyway… Mwah! 5:59 PM
Kris: oh come on….let’s just take the bike….natural fresh air a/c!!!!!!! 6:00 PM
Me: Have you been there before? 6:00 PM
Kris: what r we driving? 6:01 PM
Kris: no 6:01 PM
Kris: My car?  Your car… BIKE?!!!!! (wishful thinking). 6:03 PM
Me: This place looks good too. Lobster Pound 6:14 PM
Kris: ok. going to get earring out..hope that hot young chick with the perky little tits hanging out who put it in takes it out.  trying to remember what having a serious libido was like a long, long time ago…since the big-boobed woman I want to take it out says she “can’t”.  Alfalfa 6:16 PM
Kris: ONE TRACK MIND!!!!!! What vehicle we taking?!!!! 6:17 PM
Me: Your car please. 6:17 PM
Kris: ok 6:18 PM
Me: Get some cute little earring with a normal closure to put in! 6:18 PM
Me: What’s your theory on when we will return? Late Monday? 6:20 PM
Kris: yes…by whatever time u want to be home 6:23 PM
Kris: good idea on new earring.  thanks 6:23 PM
Me: Thanks! I am so excited! 6:23 PM
Kris: u r so thankful. makes me smile. 🙂 6:24 PM
Me: Found a fun breakfast place. 🙂 Doesn’t matter if we end up at any of these places… I have fun looking! Only thing that matters is I am with you. 7:09 PM
Kris: 🙂 what time should i pick u up? 10:05 PM
Me: Ha! I was just realizing I never said. Sorry. Can you make 12 noon or 12:30? 10:09 PM
Kris: sure…try to make 12…12:30 at latest 10:18 PM
Me: Awesome! So ready to see you! 10:22 PM
Kris: 🙂 my wife has been here for the past hour, surprised me, with a friend. totally pleasant and civil. going thru books she wants as I type.  Our first meeting since the shit hit the fan June 22 and she disappeared!  10:40 PM

Kris: it’s not as much fun without u here hiding in the closet. I know u wish u could b here to share the danger and excitement with me.  what was it I said I wanted from you? oh yeah… “different”. as they say: “be careful what u wish for – u might get it”. (just not wanting it quite like this).  and right now I’m working on my computer while she packs. BIZARRE IS NOT STRONG ENOUGH!!!! 10:42 PM

Me: Oh my. 10:45 PM
Kris: Lions and tigers and bears…oh my. 10:46 PM
Me: Good to see her? 10:48 PM
Kris: yes and no…still in denial, still love her and want to fool around. and date future wife candidates…and tell you more tomorrow….while u lie to me about how nice I am 10:50 PM
Kris: messing with you, lying to wife trying to get her back, dating numerous women “wife shopping”… how is that all not evil and totally fucked up? tell me tomorrow – have to focus only on work now till midnight 10:53 PM
Kris: sweet dreams….see u in 12 hours….”Driving Miss Sassy” to MAINE! 🙂 12:07 AM
Me: Mwah 12:19 AM

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