Meet #32 Dinner in Maine

Sunday, August 31, 2014 
Kris: rock n roll sweet cheeks. got another renter! moving in tomorrow. hustling here to move some stuff for him to take room. will try to get there by 12:30. may b a little “fashionably late” (I know, what else is new? which you are way too polite to say…but thinks/laughs to herself). Mr. Good Intentions 8:19 AM
Me: Good morning! Is this the lady renter? 8:20 AM
Me: I’ve been up since 6:30 am – so excited I couldn’t go back to sleep! Already showered, shaved, clipped, powdered, dressed, and half packed! 8:22 AM
Kris: no – different guy, middle aged, going thru divorce…has to move under pressure. Willing to pay a great rate!  Need to focus on getting outta heah – talk later! 8:24 AM
Kris: weather’s not the greatest, but we’ll still have fun. ok…self-control. getting to work. sooner I’m done…sooner the fun! 8:27 AM
Kris: I got my earring out – went to 7 different jewelry stores, didn’t have what I want  – hook (not post with backing). any stores with that open today near you? 8:50 AM
Me: Yes.  I checked a bunch, definitely open until 6 pm. Headed to brunch. 10:02 AM
Kris: won’t bother but thanks. want to pick u up and just head to ME. eta realistically 1:30 – will try hard not to make it later. 3 hours to Rockland from Boston 11:20 AM
Kris: I meant Rockport, but there is a Rockland just south of Rockport 11:23 AM
Me: Done with brunch. Got you an earring. Silver cross with wire, just to keep the hole open. 12:14 PM
Me: Home. Ready to roll! 12:43 PM
Kris: doing the best I can. stress…ugh! almost done. will text when I leave 1:01 PM
Me: Okie doke! No worries. 1:03 PM
Kris: leaving FINALLY!!!! ETA 3:30. sorry. 🙁 2:29 PM
Me: Yay! 2:30 PM
Kris: eta 3:45 3:21 PM
Me: Ok 3:22 PM
Kris: 5 mins. out front? 3:40 PM
Me: Yes please! 3:40 PM
Kris: k 3:41 PM
Kris invited me to go to Maine with him for a night over Labor Day weekend!  
He said he’d pick me up at 12:30 pm on Sunday.  But he ended up renting out another room in his house so he had to clear it out and it took longer than he thought, and then he had to hide a bunch of stuff from his wife, who has been stopping by to take what she wants… so he didn’t appear until 4 pm!  
Then he had this urge to get help to put in the earring I had bought him.  I could not get it to go in myself… the back seemed healed over!  He had only taken out the piercing earring yesterday, so that made no sense. But I found a piercing place at our local mall, and waited in the car while he went in to see if they could help him.  He was gone forever – over 30 minutes!  And they couldn’t do anything for him, other then get him to buy another piercing earring and re-pierce it, which he didn’t want to do. 
We finally headed north about 5 pm.  We cruised up Rte 1 to 95 through NH and on into Maine.  We made a pit stop at McDonald’s in Brunswick, then went on up Rte 1.  The weather was awful – rain, fog.  But there was very little traffic.  His a/c doesn’t work, so I broiled.  Ugh.  
I had researched restaurants near the hotel, so I could guide us to a place in Camden called “The Waterfront.”  We arrived at 8:15 pm (when they close at 9 pm).  I wish we had gotten there before dark… they have a huge deck right on the harbor.  

The hostess seated us alone in a dark middle section of the restaurant.  Very strange.  They had exactly what I wanted – clam chowder and lazy lobster!  We had wonderful warm sourdough rolls and butter.  The chowder had an odd fishy flavor, but the lobster was perfect – warm in butter!  It was served with asparagus, a summer medley of veggies and rice pilaf.  Kris had the beef medallions.  The waitress flirted with him, kept touching him!  We shared the blueberry cobbler with whipped cream for dessert.  It was a treat!  So “Maine!” 

We found our way to the Ledges by the Bay Hotel in Rockport.  He checked in then we rolled our stuff into the room #5.  We collapsed into bed and he was asleep in no time.  I understood – he did a lot of driving under tough conditions and it has been an emotional week for him.

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