Meet #31 Sex!

Thursday, August 28, 2014
Me: Morning! Fell asleep at 7 pm last night… alone missing you fiercely…hate that! Off to conference day 2. Good day vibes to you! 6:43 AM
Kris: omg…I dont want to hurt u, but got my “hooks” in pretty deep. have good 2nd day of conference. next week “very heavy”.  I may take whole week off…deal with feelings, not due to “bury in busyness”…Annoying Kris. 😉 9:16 AM
Kris: how’s the work crowd rollin’ today? hope someone recognizes all your hard work to make it come together.  🙂 12:26 PM
Kris: I’m sure someone who’s as smart as you can handle it. Annoying Alfalfa 😉 12:29 PM
Me: Today is going pretty smoothly except for boss bitch. Beautiful day, free food, sweet man to text me…whee! 12:46 PM
Kris: 🙂 12:57 PM
Me: I want you next to me. You don’t have to do anything about it, just know that you’re wanted! 1:00 PM
Kris: not going to make letting u go some day easy, but since you’re a master of “living in the moment”….I’m putting u in charge of taking care of u. can hardly manage self these days.  1:31 PM
Me: Don’t worry. I’m used to taking care of me. And Hubby. And my mother. And my mentourage. And even…. now and then… YOU!  Speaking of which, Hubby is going out tonight and I’ll be alone. Come by if you like. 2:56 PM
Kris: you busy caretaker you! not sure about tonite….9:00 too late if i did? out of work at 8:00   3:16 PM
Me: Anytime is fine. 3:23 PM
Kris: k….let u know later “as the spirit leads” (probably not the Holy Spirit). 😉 Mr. Strange & Conflicted 3:28 PM
Me: Anytime is fine. mwah! 3:41 PM
Me: What is your favorite ice cream? 5:18 PM
Kris: Coffee…ok…see yah….round 8:45-9 6:32 PM
Kris: When is your b-day? And don’t say “Why?” duh. 6:34 PM
Me: *bounce* *bounce* Yay! Wow. I would never have guessed coffee!. Hee hee. We went to Market Basket. I got salted caramel crunch. September 6:35 PM
Kris: Sounds good.  55. wow. I better start looking for some young thing – you’re getting REALLY old. .Annoying Alfalfa. 😉 6:44 PM
Kris: Here! 9:02 PM
Me: On my way down! 9:04 PM
I told Kris that Hubby would be out with his lady, and he was welcome to come keep me company.  I was completely worn out from 6 days of running conferences, but eager for some cuddling. 
He appeared about 9 pm. I fed him some of the bounty I’d picked up at our return trip to Market Basket – their first day back from the 5 week-long strike to reinstate Artie T as CEO.  He ate some chicken nuggets with ranch dressing, chips and salted caramel crunch ice cream!  He sat on the coach and I sat at my desk and we talked. 
After a while, I sat on the end of the sofa and he put his head in my lap.  I rubbed on his bald head, and we talked.  He told me about my cat escaping into the hallway when he was leaving Wednesday morning and how he coaxed him back into the condo.  Then we were quiet.  He fell asleep.  I closed my eyes and listened to him breathe.  It was so peaceful!  
I got up at midnight, thinking I would go to bed.  I went to tuck him in on the sofa, but he got up and followed me into bed!  He went to the bathroom.  I shucked all my clothes except my panties and lied down on my stomach.  He rubbed my back.  He is so good at that!  Then he played with my ass, rolling my panties down and finally taking them off.  He rolled me over and licked me just a little, then played with my clit.  
I figured we were still in the no sex mode we’ve been stuck in since July 15th – his rules to keep from running afoul of his conflicted emotions. So I talked dirty about him… told him I was remembering one of our hotter times together in the hotel in Woburn, when he woke me up at 3 am and was inside me before I was really awake and it was so hot!  Suddenly he was closing the bedroom door, shucking his clothes and crawling back into bed and pushing me slightly to the side, pulling my right leg over his hip and entering me while he kept fingering my clit!  SEX!  YAY!  
He pounded away and flicked my clit and… neither one of us was getting off.  Ugh.  The phone pinged – Hubby texting to warn me he was on the way home. Kris stopped and flopped over on his back sighing.  I rolled right over and took him into my mouth.  He moaned and petted my hair and squirmed, popping his hips up to drive into my mouth.  I let him know how much I was enjoying it, mmming and moaning around him.  It was not long before he was bucking and telling me how good it is and coming.  Yum!  
He tossed on his clothes and headed out to the sofa about two minutes before Hubby got home.  Whee!   I put my nightclothes back on and went to sleep about 1 am.

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