Take On Me

March 20, 2018 Tuesday

8:04 AM Sassy
From Sara Boynton’s Facebook page

It’s Spring! Theoretically.


8:14 AM Sassy
Happy Spring!
8:15 AM Phil
Doesn’t feel like spring! Snow tonight.   Hope your day is special
8:16 AM Sassy
Yeah, telling us 10 inches tomorrow!
9:58 AM Phil
9:08 PM Phil
Love the tumblr! Mature, curves women, love it! Gonna go play <3
9:22 PM Sassy

11:54 PM Sassy
I took another quiz.  I don’t know much about tarot cards but this sounds about right:

Everyone Has A Tarot Card That Matches Their Personality — Here’s Yours

You got: The Sun
You have a natural vibrance that draws people in. How could you not? You’re positive and optimistic, enthusiastic and warm, energetic and fun. You can be a bit arrogant and have a hard time dealing with more serious situations, but there’s no denying you can make people happy.


11:56 PM Sassy
Be careful… this is one of those rabbit holes where I went to listen to one song and ended up listening to six! Each one worth a listen. Wow.  And a current version by the band who did the original!  

An Upbeat Acoustic Cover of the A-ha Song ‘Take On Me’ Performed in Gorgeous Guitar Finger Style


Boston slang quiz

October 4, 2017 Wednesday

7:44 AM Sassy
Good morning!  
Have a wicked good Wednesday!
9:12 AM Phil
Good morning! You too!

8:10 PM Sassy
How Well Do You Know Boston Slang? 

I got two wrong – #22 and #32… thought these were mostly wicked easy.

8:24 PM Phil

That’s cause you say things like wicked easy

8:41 PM Sassy
When in Boston… gotta speak the lingo!

Doggy quiz

December 31, 2016 Saturday NEW YEAR’S EVE
7:46AM Phil
Happy New Years Eve day!
7:47AM Sassy
Right back atcha!  You partying?
11:50AM Phil
Relaxing at home

12:06PM Sassy
Quiz time!  It was pretty easy for me but froze twice at #37 and #45, so no official results. I know people with most of these dogs, and my Westminster Dog Show watching days help with the rest!

Guess these 50 dog breeds

Sumptous Szechuan

December 30, 2016 Friday
5:38PM Sassy
A sumptuous Szechuan supper at Sichuan Garden in Woburn
Hot and sour soup
My umbrella with a Shirley Temple
Pork fried dumplings
Salt and pepper prawns
Hubby’s pork with spicy garlic sauce and fried rice
Dining room to ourselves

8:03PM Sassy

Quiz: How much of an asshole are you? 

Wow…I need to act out more on FB?  I only got 9%!  Ha ha…

You are (virtually) a saint.  You certainly have your weak moments, just like anyone else, but generally, you are clearly a morally superior being  Let’s hope tht your loved ones appreciate your true value and don’t abuse your kindness.  

So many good moments

October 29, 2016 Satuday
9:43AM Sassy
Happy Saturday and one last look at Lake Winnipesaukee til next time!

10:21AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!

10:48AM Sassy
It’s kielbasa time!  We’re at Kitchen Cravings in Gilford NH!  

11:00AM Sassy
Quiz time!  

I got “100% Upstate NY.”..no duh. Even if I guessed on half of them!

How well do you actually know upsate New York Slang? 

1:36PM Sassy
Drinking an iced chai latte from Starbucks to keep me awake on the drive home.

3:24PM Phil

[photo of the Thai Pavilion restaurant at National Harbor]

Good place

3:27PM Sassy
Yes!  I was just looking at their paper menu.  It’s still in my luggage
What takes you there today?
3:28PM Phil
Ha! Walked by and thought of you. 
Having beers on the water

3:29PM Sassy
I remember so many good moments

3:34PM Sassy
A silly girl who pulled you into doorways there 
and kissed you that first night after 35 years apart!
3:35PM Phil
Ha ha
[devil emoticon]

Shed a Little Light

January 19, 2016 Tuesday
This looks like something you’d adore…
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Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Bread Boat
8:33pm Phil
Wow, looks delicious!


Mmm…bacon.  How you doing hot stuff?

8:37pm Phil 

Good, winding down from the day

8:45pm Phil 

No, not bad
sipping a bourbon  

The harmony is so beautiful. And the message true.


The Maccabeats and Naturally 7 – Shed a Little Light – MLK Jr. Day – (James Taylor Cover)

9:24pm Phil 
What are you up to?

Vegging, playing

9:30pm Phil
What ya playing with?

Silver bullet and myself and thoughts of you

9:33pm Phil 

[photo – close-up shot of his cock from above]
Thank you!  
I was thinking of what I could do around there.

9:36pm Phil 
You playing?

9:37pm Phil 

I am, thinking about that silver bullet

I used the big one tonight…

9:38pm Phil 

[photo – close-up shot of his cock in his hand]

9:38pm Phil 

[photo – close-up of his hand with his cock peeking out]

9:39pm Phil 

Mmmmm, sounds fabulous


Oh man…I want to put my hand there

9:40pm Phil 
Feel free, stroke it
Mmm…then my tongue

9:40pm Phil 
I like your tongue

Licking up…and down. And around

9:41pm Phil 

Mmmm, dripping,


Why Bourbon?

Have to lick lower down too.

9:42pm Phil 
It’s what I have.  

Mmm, I like that


[photo of me full frontal naked just getting out of the shower]

9:44pm Phil 

I was just thinking about laying back on your bed as you licked and sucked me.

Mmmmm, thank you baby

Oh my… that was an amazing hour.

You were watching me suck…

9:46pm Phil 

Uh huh

And moaning so deep

9:46pm Phil 
Mmmm, I remember.

Hot hot hot.  Great appetizer before lobster.

Stroking my hard cock faster

You…mmm…so good

9:54pm Phil 

Rub that sweet pussy
You make me burn

9:55pm Phil 

I like it!

You need a big hot load of cum to cool that burn. Feel it shoot and coat your pussy.  

Mmm this feels good, hand sliding up and down squeezing, other hand cupping my balls fingers trailing underneath, mmmmmm


I’m buzzing my clit
10:02pm Phil
Balls, cock, ass covered in baby oil

…Oh yeah

Adore sliding that inside

10:03pm Phil 

Oh yeah, want to watch

In and out…

Keep it warm.

And wet.

Hold it tight

10:04pm Phil 

So hot
Your voice… your words… mmm… 

sweet sexy dreams kid

10:20pm Phil 
Sweet dreams 😉 <3

How sexy is your profile photo?
I got 110%.  Ha!

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BB-8 I am

December 30, 2015 Wednesday


I got BB-8!  Ha ha… beep beep whee!

Which “The Force Awakens” Character Are You?

No matter what you get, may the force be with you…always.



Dinner at Paparazzi for the first time with a gal pal. My cursed Italian dinners in Framingham continue. At least the company was stellar!

Free breadsticks and focaccia with chili oil
Pasta e fagioli soup
Chicken mushroom cheese risotto 
(tiniest portion ever)
Lobster ravioli 
(another tiny portion with almost no sauce)
Interesting bathroom trough sink 
Open kitchen pizza oven
Open kitchen 
Our quiet corner 
My free cheesecake slice with strawberry sauce 
that we got due to a long delay and a wrong entrée!

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Eclipse around the world

September 29, 2015 Tuesday
The eclipse brought out the world’s photographers.

From USA Today’s Facebook page

I like this one from Belarus best because it shows just how orange it was.  Plus reindeer! 

Last night’s supermoon, so called because it is the closest full moon to the Earth this year, was particularly rare as it coincided with a lunar eclipse, a combination that has not happened since 1982 and won’t happen again until 2033.


Good morning kid!  Have a super Tuesday!

8:58am Phil
Good morning!  You too!


You back at work?




Old Ironsides is now the only commissioned ship in the Navy to have sunk an enemy ship!


Chicken milanese with a salad @ Grafton Street Grill in Harvard Square for a work lunch

Took a spelling quiz… I’m a spelling master!  Don’t think of myself as an expert… cool!


July 26, 2015 Sunday
Mmmm…leather.  morning!
[he has posted a photo of himself with his motorcycle leathers on]

10:31am Philip
Good morning!
Seeing pretty places?
10:34am Philip
It’s gorgeous

10:35am Philip 
[photo of a beautiful valley with mountains in the distance]

[photo of a beautiful valley with mountains in the distance]

[photo of a beautiful valley with mountains in the distance with his motorcycle]

Oh my…it is breathtaking

Early dinner at Genki Ya over in Cambridge with a friend of Hubby’s – the perfect on a summer evening!

 Avocado crab salad
 Soft-shell crab tempura
 Tamago (egg) and unagi (eel) nigiri (slab on something on rice)
The dining room with the sushi chefs at the back

Oh how I loved this show!  I got 90%!!  That’s make me the Colonel.  Heh. 

Quiz: How Well Do You Know M*A*S*H?