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March 20, 2018 Tuesday

8:04 AM Sassy
From Sara Boynton’s Facebook page

It’s Spring! Theoretically.


8:14 AM Sassy
Happy Spring!
8:15 AM Phil
Doesn’t feel like spring! Snow tonight.   Hope your day is special
8:16 AM Sassy
Yeah, telling us 10 inches tomorrow!
9:58 AM Phil
9:08 PM Phil
Love the tumblr! Mature, curves women, love it! Gonna go play <3
9:22 PM Sassy

11:54 PM Sassy
I took another quiz.  I don’t know much about tarot cards but this sounds about right:

Everyone Has A Tarot Card That Matches Their Personality — Here’s Yours

You got: The Sun
You have a natural vibrance that draws people in. How could you not? You’re positive and optimistic, enthusiastic and warm, energetic and fun. You can be a bit arrogant and have a hard time dealing with more serious situations, but there’s no denying you can make people happy.


11:56 PM Sassy
Be careful… this is one of those rabbit holes where I went to listen to one song and ended up listening to six! Each one worth a listen. Wow.  And a current version by the band who did the original!  

An Upbeat Acoustic Cover of the A-ha Song ‘Take On Me’ Performed in Gorgeous Guitar Finger Style


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