Stand in the shower

April 2, 2019 Tuesday

7:44 AM Sassy
Have a superb Tuesday! I’m off to the eye doctor-yet another eye infection. Bleh.

8:03 AM Phil
That sucks. Hope the Dr goes well.

12:36 PM Sassy
Survived the doctor – he said it’s a sty – a clogged gland…eye is too dry. So hot compresses and no fan on my face! Whee
1:42 PM Phil
That’s good. Go stand in the rain
1:44 PM Sassy
Rather stand in the shower with you

1:44 PM Phil
well that would have the same effect

1:44 PM Sassy
Or maybe the hot tub?

1:45 PM Phil

Molten lava cake

April 1, 2019 Monday

8:34 AM Sassy
Good morning Phil! Have a merry Monday!

8:34 AM Phil
Happy Monday!

6:47 PM Sassy
Marvelous meatloaf Monday meal at Jimmy’s Steer House in Arlington

Free warm roll and butter
My special salad
Iced tea and a royal patron margarita
Coconut shrimp
Steak teriyaki with spinach rice pilaf
Black Angus meatloaf with corn bread, mashed potatoes 
and caramelized onion gravy
Molten lava cake with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream
 and chocolate and raspberry drizzle!

Denim panties

March 31, 2019 Sunday

9:26 AM Sassy
Good morning kid! 
Here’s a new thing. Not sure what I think, other than too expensive. Ha! What say you?

2:26 PM Phil
Nah. Be a bitch to rip off with my teeth.

2:26 PM Sassy
Ha ha.

2:36 PM Sassy
Brunch at Legal Seafood in Harvard Square

Bloody Mary with shrimp, lemon and celery
Clam chowder
Blackened tuna sashimi
Eggs Benedict with crab
Fish tacos

Beautiful fruit bat

March 30, 2019 Saturday

7:40 AM Sassy
Saturday! Yay! Enjoy!

8:02 AM Sassy

3-minute video of a beautiful fruit bat from Wings Paws N Claws
Australian bat sanctuary
From Naturee Facebook page

9:13 AM Phil
Happy Saturday!

9:19 AM Sassy
You headed out on adventures?

9:19 AM Phil
Yup.  Another festival.
Close to home and a lot of fun.

9:19 AM Sassy

9:23 AM Phil
It is one of my favorites. All local craft brewers, vendors and a few wineries for my wife, and great food! Crab cakes coming up!

9:24 AM Sassy
Good weather?

9:25 AM Phil
Supposed to be in the mid 70s but a little overcast so it should be nice. Flip flops and shorts

9:27 AM Sassy
We’ve got clouds and 60s. Itching to go to Gloucester, but I should wait a week…

9:28 AM Phil
Sounds pretty decent for this time of year!

We are off to festivals galore in the next few weeks. Great seafood and always a fun day

9:29 AM Sassy
Wow! That sounds nifty!

Laid to rest

March 29, 2019 Friday

7:32 AM Sassy
Happy Friday kid!

3:38 PM Sassy
Uncle of a kid from our hometown that my sister dated was laid to rest at Arlington National cemetery today… was MIA for 50 years.

Remains identified of Air Force pilot killed during daring Vietnam rescue attempt

3:41 PM Phil
Wow! Happy to hear he is home.

3:41 PM Sassy
Hard to fathom what that is like for a family…
He left 4 kids

3:44 PM Phil
I lost friends over the years. 

It’s a dangerous business. 
We always knew it could be lights out any time. 
Happy my number never came up

3:44 PM Sassy
The whole MIA thing is another level of hell
Amazing they’re still identifying them

3:47 PM Phil
Yep. Amazing but gut wrenching

3:51 PM Sassy
You hanging in?

4:02 PM Phil
I’m good, 10 min from home and the weekend!

4:02 PM Sassy

7:09 PM Sassy
Italian treats at Twyrl in Arlington

Side caesar salad
Side salad with beets, carrots and celery
Spaghetti with basil cream sauce, peas and bacon
Spaghetti with awesome sauce, peas and broccoli
Bolognese over rigatoni
Cheesecake with strawberry and raspberry sauce
Oreo gelato and passion fruit peach sorbet

Wessex Aquamarine Tiara

March 28, 2019 Thursday

7:55 AM Sassy
Good morning! Have a terrific Thursday!

10:30 AM Phil
Almost Friday! Have a great one!

12:15 PM Sassy
Dig this stunning aquamarine necklace tiara that the Countess of Wessex wears!

                                        Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

More photos and info at

Gravitational anomaly

March 27, 2019 Wednesday

8:59 AM Sassy
We made it to Wednesday! Whee!

8:59 AM Phil
Happy Hump day!

8:59 AM Sassy
My Tuesday sucked so I’m hoping today is better!

8:59 AM Phil
Sorry to hear that!

I’m trying to get ready for the new job. It’s a whirlwind trying to get my brain to think of the old terminology again but so much fun.

9:01 AM Sassy

9:08 AM Sassy
I broke the plastic cover on my phone, but not the phone thank goodness!
And I had my first ever total catering fail…delivery just didn’t happen – starved the entire staff at lunch yesterday! Whee. So ready to retire.

1:05 PM Phil
They will survive! 

First ever fail isn’t a bad record over so many years!

I cracked the screen protector on my phone too. Yesterday.  That’s weird.  Some gravitational anomaly?!

1:06 PM Sassy
Luckily I have the insurance so T-Mobile replaces it for free. Phew
Just have to get to that store and wait for them to do it.

1:06 PM Phil
Yeah, I always carry Apple care

Choir fun

March 26, 2019 Tuesday
8:49 AM Sassy
Have a super Tuesday Philip! It’s a beautiful cold day!

9:25 AM Phil
You too! Had a blast at choir last night. Basses were blowing out the room! So much fun with songs with a deep booming bass part. Enjoy the beautiful day!

11:11 AM Sassy
Cool! You know I adore men singing and especially you!

11:20 AM Phil
Ha! I love Easter Music. It’s powerful and rejoiceful. The ladies are losing their patience with us because they can’t hear anything but us. We told them to sing louder which did not go over well.


11:20 AM Sassy
Ha. I remember those days – it was usually the tenors.

11:28 AM Phil

11:29 AM Sassy
I remember you pressing me against the wall in the choir room.  😉

11:35 AM Phil
I remember that too!  I’d do it again!

Playing a bit

March 25, 2019 Monday

From: Sassy
To: Brett
Sent: Mar 25, 2019 at 10:28 PM
Subject: Monday music

Hiya Brett! Hope your week got off to a grand start!

I am lying in bed, playing a bit and thinking of you. Wondering if you sat at the piano and played a bit and thought of me? I am imagining you there… with me listening and smiling and having my way with you when you get done!

I had a grand night helping out on the first meeting for a new community project last night. I took a couple of good photos that were popular on Facebook today! It’s so fun when I hit the publicity wave just right and get a bunch of people excited and forwarding photos to their friends.

Take care dear man! Think of my chest. 🙂