Laid to rest

March 29, 2019 Friday

7:32 AM Sassy
Happy Friday kid!

3:38 PM Sassy
Uncle of a kid from our hometown that my sister dated was laid to rest at Arlington National cemetery today… was MIA for 50 years.

Remains identified of Air Force pilot killed during daring Vietnam rescue attempt

3:41 PM Phil
Wow! Happy to hear he is home.

3:41 PM Sassy
Hard to fathom what that is like for a family…
He left 4 kids

3:44 PM Phil
I lost friends over the years. 

It’s a dangerous business. 
We always knew it could be lights out any time. 
Happy my number never came up

3:44 PM Sassy
The whole MIA thing is another level of hell
Amazing they’re still identifying them

3:47 PM Phil
Yep. Amazing but gut wrenching

3:51 PM Sassy
You hanging in?

4:02 PM Phil
I’m good, 10 min from home and the weekend!

4:02 PM Sassy

7:09 PM Sassy
Italian treats at Twyrl in Arlington

Side caesar salad
Side salad with beets, carrots and celery
Spaghetti with basil cream sauce, peas and bacon
Spaghetti with awesome sauce, peas and broccoli
Bolognese over rigatoni
Cheesecake with strawberry and raspberry sauce
Oreo gelato and passion fruit peach sorbet

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