Red is best

May 1, 2018 Tuesday

7:36 AM Sassy

Tuesday time!  Hope it’s a good one!
7:41 AM Phil
Good morning Sassy! Have a fabulous day!

6:16 PM Sassy
Getting Nepali take out for the first time from Momo and Curry on Somerville Ave over in Somerville

Ganesha remover of obstacles, patron of arts and sciences and deva of intellect and wisdom!

8:21 PM Sassy
Red is best!

Princess Charlotte celebrates her third birthday tomorrow!

Photo: HRH The Duchess of Cambridge

8:24 PM
Meet María Teresa Turrión, the Spanish supernanny in charge of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s children

Prince George with María Teresa Turrión at Buckingham Palace

First times

April 29, 2018 Sunday

10:52 AM Sassy
Brunch at The Brothers Restaurant in Brookline – our first time there 
Mango smoothie and free banana muffins
My lamb and eggs with a side of bacon and home fries 
Corned beef hash and eggs
Challah french toast with fruit and whipped cream
Crab cake Benedict

10:55 AM Sassy
Artisan Donuts!  We went across the street to Union Square Donuts to get so sweet take-out for later! 

10:59 AM Sassy
Flowers in the rain

 Tulip tree
11:11 AM Sassy
Good morning kid!
12:03 PM Phil
Good morning! 
Brunch looked good!
12:04 PM Sassy
It was!  Never had lamb for breakfast.
12:09 PM Phil
Lamb is good anytime
12:10 PM Sassy
So true.

6:55 PM Sassy
Tried a new sushi place in Melrose – Ocean Sushi, recently reviewed by Boston Hidden Restaurants

Shrimp shumai
Soft-shell crab tempura
Tempura appetizer including shrimp, yam, broccoli and chicken
Colorful interior
Our sushi
My sushi – tamago (egg) and Unagi (eel) nigiri

Much to smile about

April 28, 2018 Saturday

From: Sassy
To: Brett
Date: Sat Apr 28, 2018 at 4:37 PM
Subject: Special Saturday

Hiya Brett! Hope you got outside today – such spectacular weather!

How has your week been? We had a grand time last Saturday driving our friends from Rochester around Gloucester, Rockport and Essex. My tour guide skills were in prime form.

I took off Monday to catch up on chores at home, then spent the rest of the week catching up at work!

We went to a cat show this morning! So many cats! So much cat stuff on sale! So many people! Then off to Woburn for Chinese food. And to Mike’s Pastry for sweets. We did it up!

Now I am home relaxing and thinking of you. Mmm…. you give me so much to smile about! 

Take care!


The cat show

April 28, 2018 Saturday

1:09 PM Sassy
We went to the Boston International Cat Show in Cambridge

 The huge crowd wandering around the vendor booths
 and cat display and judging areas
 A friendly vendor
Maine coon in his carrier
Maine coon in a show ring being judged
 A regal animal lounging in his carrier 
 A cat being judged
 A playful cat
A lovely long
A photo of the swag we acquired: a couple 
of catnip kicker toys, a chip clip, and a catnip napping pad.

3:20 PM Sassy
Late lunch at Sichuan Garden in Woburn

The lovely dining room
Hot and sour soup
Hubby’s spiced rum mai tai
Pork dumplings
Spicy pork, beef with onions and pork fried rice

Beauty in the rain

April 26, 2018 Thursday

9:01 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!  Hugs!
10:22 AM Phil
Good morning!  Happy NFL Draft day!
10:26 AM Sassy
Thanks!  That wasn’t on my calendar.
10:39 AM Phil

10:48 AM Sassy
Beauty in the rain this morning

11:14 AM Sassy
Hee hee
10:02 PM Phil
Good night at the draft for the my team I think.
10:13 PM Phil
Night sweet girl

Prince named Louis

April 27, 2018 Friday

7:09 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip! Happy Friday!!
7:15 AM Phil
Good morning! Hard drive failed – can only get better!
7:16 AM Sassy
Ugh.  Mine died this week too!  That’s bizarre.

7:36 AM Sassy

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to announce that they have named their son Louis Arthur Charles.
The baby will be known as His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge.

from the Majesty Magazine Facebook page[0]=68.ARCk5SKNX7djYm-8nkehvWjlHgw2rkuGslzTvAg3GfrfzueV_2TgdDFplQ6RI6DubOD8ZF9flCh9C2QvvqQ6nANE9dgvgYUlMrhBq5-JKjA4UElC5VF09syRH3p-M_B8jKq–04s7y4VoUmyYouEc9V7yysOJvS2LtiXxt8PoC6mlSbRQvXfyEh2nzrT1q_d-x5MqR3HMW-HUJkNrSiGrN_nOJ2VOVCJdcFr2z8YoSmMZo2rbQwB0xI2ZzaRFHeb5FaakBFnpuM3v_G-kVQnfafd4CvbBbDKF5MiTuQ8b6ZzZ7CZ2cGzc9s8MrttM9pyaX2q5m8YFohSz8J-&__tn__=C-R

Back to fantasizing

April 24, 2018 Tuesday

8:38 AM Sassy
What better way to mark the arrival of her latest great-grandson yesterday than for the Queen to ride on horseback on the grounds of Windsor Castle? It was only two days after she turned 92, and she was in great form, as ever, riding her Fell pony, accompanied by her head groom, Terry Pendry.

from Sally Bedell Smith’s Facebook page[0]=68.ARDqvbvbSS08XiXWuKdujVvulGsY6JnZa6wUeaVkOopkOq2sTDuwz05aRObo8AMJUiu968zMok-cDGyByLQ550SVDcsa5_gxqtshvEIwb2e9TQSjef8f9k3gM3tK54yP4phjCYK2oec77hfE4KlgCeUHG-2nKTQ1vyLIFVBCtplK0Jen2VYdw2xcMQ9ttsTQzFSeJjCgSmwqu4SVCyUIFP1cKKv76vct3yr9HtLg9tOO8FerIT2E-IZHdo7peTEQdk-_eQC2t2mGqngL3F4YwhQDZCnq3MqVG_9EuV-qJDzWcqIcH3cfpt17hlErU_h5Agzv3fsEJEm-E_WwM7_D&__tn__=C-R

8:44 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!   I’m off to the office.  Have a super Tuesday!
9:33 AM Phil
Good morning! You too!
12:19 PM Sassy
Warning!  I’m going to be in Rockville and Bethesda 5/4 and 5/5.  You probably can’t meet on a weekend, but if you might and want to explore possibilities, let me know!
3:12 PM Phil
Well damn!  I will be away.  
4:26 PM Sassy
Figured.  Ah well.  I’ll go back to fantasizing.  ; )
7:26 PM Phil
What brings you south?
7:27 PM Sassy
Visiting with friends of Hubby, hope it will perk him up
7:41 PM Phil
Ahhhh, that’s cool
8:15 PM Sassy
They have a big annual gathering and we used to go every year but haven’t been in 8 years.  Will be fun to catch up with them. 
8:15 PM Phil
That’s neat!
8:27 PM Sassy
Where will you be? 
8:43 PM Phil
Going to a cigar festival – a buddy and I bought tickets to go
8:44 PM Sassy

8:48 PM Sassy
Addicted to All Seasons Table in Malden
Shrimp and veggies tempura appetizer
House special pan-fried noodles with chicken, shrimp, beef and vegetables 

A new prince

April 23, 2018 Monday

9:00 AM Sassy
from the Majesty Magazine Facebook page[0]=68.ARC_13tsz6XhPnTNKaKFK6dpg7oE-Rhu7qHCFDZ_lsY-NjJ3x86Q-il_RGwxzta—yeri409PDZtdrR6083eg_xsy4Qg2P20dvCQnwaEqs3189j4iYu0M5bP8vwekqwrAGPkhUHKDcjv8dhmzngG5FCtoeAJXG0acryUEcNutJnQxyviTg2ChypGeRmc2YwA_c2JyH44bCPQNYDBM6vE66Sy8UZZCVz7qeE24RBc938krX6SpYG4qaJoMPUkE2ppdng9D2E-rHRf9Vd1bhU6kWlTYlCr-sbUTm9St9ojgApzSN-qxOiaBarEFkw7lFFHJuzGTuYIWj6XIbV&__tn__=C-R

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a son at 1101hrs. 
The baby weighs 8lbs 7oz. 
The Duke of Cambridge was present for the birth. 
The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Harry and members of both families have been informed and are delighted with the news.
Her Royal Highness and her child are both doing well.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have left St Mary’s Hospital in London with their new arrival, a baby boy.

4:25 PM Sassy
“Prince George and Princess Charlotte arrive at St Mary’s to meet their little brother.”

6:33 PM Sassy

Outstanding dinner at Outback steakhouse in Assembly Row Somerville

Hubby’s French onion soup
Hubby’s seasoned prime rib and fries
My sirloin steak with coconut shrimp and a baked potato
Baked potato soup

7:40 PM Sassy
The flavorful Florentine cannoli from Mike’s Pastry in Assembly Row Somerville