The cat show

April 28, 2018 Saturday

1:09 PM Sassy
We went to the Boston International Cat Show in Cambridge

 The huge crowd wandering around the vendor booths
 and cat display and judging areas
 A friendly vendor
Maine coon in his carrier
Maine coon in a show ring being judged
 A regal animal lounging in his carrier 
 A cat being judged
 A playful cat
A lovely long
A photo of the swag we acquired: a couple 
of catnip kicker toys, a chip clip, and a catnip napping pad.

3:20 PM Sassy
Late lunch at Sichuan Garden in Woburn

The lovely dining room
Hot and sour soup
Hubby’s spiced rum mai tai
Pork dumplings
Spicy pork, beef with onions and pork fried rice

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