Visit #2 Prep – Day before

Tuesday t-shirt
Between Phil and You
December 14 at 3:15pm
Hey, kid. Have they taken your last brain cell yet? Hope not!

Wicked cold today – hope you’re not outside much.
Having fun getting ready for dinner with an old friend. Went to buy you a t-shirt, got surrounded by 74,123 insignia clothing items! Whee!
December 14 at 3:18pm
Reading about places I could pick you up downtown. Several lots – you can park and stroll there, or call me to pick you up wherever. If you get a better idea from the locals, let me know.  Death to a lobster! See you tomorrow. Woot!
December 14 at 3:37pm
Checked my vacation days balance…two personal days I have to take this week or lose. So I get Wednesday and Thursday off! Feels like a good omen.  In more somber news, my dad was moved to a nursing home this morning.  They say it’s for five days of respite care, but I have the distinct feeling that he will never be home again.  I had so hoped he could die at home.  *sigh
Phil December 14 at 6:23pm
Will pray for you all.  Eating hot clam chowder and a big ass lobster roll. Yeah baby!  

December 14 at 6:30pm
Ooh! Wow… you really are doing your bit to decimate the lobster population this week! Hee! I’m chillin’ at home… waiting for NCIS to come on!
December 14 at 11:05pm
Hey, kid. Hope your dinner was wonderful and you got a chance to relax. Quiet evening for me. NCIS was a little silly, but I love all the Abby time. See you tomorrow! Sleep well, sweet man.

Visit #2 Prep – Raw talk

Phil December 15 at 7:41am
Good morning! Friggin cold this morning! May be a few minutes late tonight. Meetings finish at 4:30. Downtown lot near the hotel sounds great!

December 15 at 12:00pm
Good morning! We’ve got the coldest day of the year. Windy, too. Old Glory flying straight out! Scrapping plan for outdoor activities. 😉 Don’t stress… I will wait for you. With cheese. and crackers.  Look for my car. 
[texted him a photo]
December 15 at 12:08pm
Here’s a funny ad from Legal Seafood – talking seafood! 

At Legal Sea Foods, if it isn’t fresh, it isn’t legal. Sometimes when you have the freshest fish around, things can a little too fresh.

December 15 at 2:04pm
Heading out. See you soon!

Visit #2 Prep – Chat

DECEMBER 13, 2010 Monday Chat
10:18 PM Phil: hey girl
Phil: watchin hawai 5-0
Phil: what’s the plan for wed, besides ending a lobstas life
pick you up at 4:30 pm 
Drive to my place
Phil: got a dinner place picked out?
10:25 PM Looking at Legal Seafood


From: Sassy 
Subject: Legal Seafood menu
Date: December 13, 2010 10:27:47 PM EST
To: Phil


Just emailed you the menu
Phil: cool, remember you talking about that
Best chowder in the world
Broad range of seafood and LOBSTER!
Cioppino, baked, stuffed, steamed…Surf & turf
Phil: baked stuffed lobsta sounds fabulous
10:32 PM Phil: I’m sure I can get a beer there too
where is legal seafood?
Beer? Yup
near my place and my office
Phil: cool
10:37 PM You have scotch with you? Bring it?
Phil: sipping it now
name cheese you like to munch
10:38 PM gouda, smoked gouda, swiss, sharp cheddar, stilton, 
 wasabi cheddar, hot pepper
any particular crackers?  Ritz?  Pepperidge Farm butterfly?  Wheat?  
Phil: anything
10:41 PM Ok thanks
Would you wear a local university T-shirt or would that cause a scandal? 
Phil:  I’d wear a t-shirt
10:43 PM size?
Phil: 2xl
I promise not to buy anything that says Red Sox on it.  
Phil: won’t wear that
10:45 PM No kidding. 
Anything else you’re wondering about? 
Phil: think that covers it.
Sure you want to drive all the WAY HERE?  I can drive
I want you not to have to deal with Boston navigation 
I want to see you at 4:30 pm, not 6ish
You figure out where I can pick you up?
Don’t have to know now… just sometime before Wed. afternoon
Phil: ok, probably downtown
10:59 PM cool
How’re you doing?  brains coming out your ears?
Phil: brains are fried. gonna lay down
11:06 PM room okay?
11:16 PM Phil: yeah room is good, better than normal here. Bed is comfortable
People you know there?
11:17 PM Phil: yeah, a couple, old friends which is nice
11:18 PM cool
Phil: still drooling over the menu
11:19 PM Hee!  That’s a relief… 
Phil: looks incredible
I’m drooling but about something else…
11:20 PM Phil: gotta get my PT stuff ready for the morning, 
going to get up an hour early.  Not doing so well in the evening.  
No motivation, just want to have a drink and relax
11:23 PM what does PT stand for? Physical training?
Phil: Physical Training (work out)
11:23 PM Right.  I just keep thinking PT 109… duh
11:24 PM Phil: off to bed for me. good nite
11:25 PM Sleep well, sweet man
11:26 PM Sweet dreams

Visit #2 Prep – Nervous Lobster

Monday management

Between Phil and You

Phil December 13 at 1:23pm
A little mind numb at the moment. Tuesday or Wed will work for our Lobsta 
December 13 at 3:47pm
Hey, kid. Want to have dinner with me on Wednesday? 🙂
I can pick you up – what time and where? LOBSTER!
Phil December 13 at 4:35pm
Sure! I am done by 4:30.

December 13 at 7:00pm
Sitting in a project mtg. Have my publicity hat on… Not listening – thinking about lobster and you. 🙂 
Suddenly nervous… silly, I know…
Phil December 13 at 7:18pm
The lobster is the one who should be nervous.

Visit #2 Prep – Road chatter

Sunday start
Between Phil and You

Phil December 12 at 9:03am
Had a blast! Wineries were so much fun. On the road.  Heading to New England. Weather sucks.
December 12 at 9:16am
Good morning! I hope you have an easy drive. We’re under the same cloud – gray and wet. At least it’s warm! More cars than usual in the lot…
December 12 at 9:21am
Happy Football Day! Go team!
Phil December 12 at 10:00am
There we go! Go Bears! Hope they crush the Pats.

December 12 at 10:05am
December 12 at 11:00am
I wasn’t going to say it, but just for that… GO PATS! And besides… you want the Pats to win. You really do. Admit it. It will make the play-offs better, right?
December 12 at 12:03pm
I’m a bad country song today… gloom, despair and agony!
I feel fine, but there is a lot of crap going on. I almost feel bad because I don’t feel worse… weird.

  • It’s raining.
  • Dad took a turn for the worse – sisters plan big powwow with Mom to get more help or send him to the nursing home. *sigh*
  • And my cat isn’t eating. Tempting him with tuna.
  • And I have surgery in 10 days.
  • And a sweet man is going to be less than 90 minutes away but I can’t touch him. Arrrgh!

So I need distraction! I’ll drop all that at the door and talk FOOTBALL! LOBSTER! And may be a wench. Hee!  Thanks for being a bright spot in my day, Philip!
December 12 at 12:08pm
here’s a fun thing… lobster claw shaped silver bottle opener! Hee!
Phil December 12 at 12:16pm
On the mass turnpike

December 12 at 12:39pm
Keep going to [directions to my place] Hee! I WISH….
December 12 at 12:52pm
I just made breakfast! (Don’t faint!) 
Ham and cheese omelet…toast…OJ. YUM!
December 12 at 1:00pm
You listening to an early game?
Phil December 12 at 1:08pm
Pittsburg game just started. Foggy as hell. Gonna grab some coffee. Hope the game is on TV or I’ll have to find a bar

[Philip called and we talked for almost 2 hours as he drove.]

December 12 at 3:50pm
Great chatting! Thanks for calling. Hope you’re almost there, and the rain stops. Let me know you made it?

Have fun watching football! I hope they show up this week. 🙂
Find me online later if you want to chat or… something. I’ll be back from dinner after 8:30 pm…
December 12 at 9:01pm
Hey, kid! Settled in? Home again, full of enchiladas! Great (short) committee meeting. Needed 7 people and had… 7 people! Then off to Margarita’s again.
December 12 at 10:52pm
no brain… oddly sleepy… bed. sleep well, sweet Philip… hope the conference is easier than you thought.

Carol Sing

Saturday shenanigans
Between Phil and You
December 11 at 11:46am
Good morning! Gorgeous here! Hope you are seeing the same. Clear but MUCH warmer… 200% warmer than yesterday… already 42 degrees! Lots of cars in the lot, and trucks with odd names 

December 11 at 12:05pm
Woke up very early, from a very unusual hot dream about a shower and you. Stayed in bed awhile… running it over in my mind. Finally got up and wrote it all down. Mmmm… Now that it’s out of my head maybe I can get some work done! Have a great day!
December 11 at 4:39pm
Good day for you? Can’t believe it is dark already. Got lots done – laundry, de-cluttering, got dressed up to go out… wish you could feel this top… all dark blue and velvety and shiny gold, even a teensy bit of cleavage… might have to get it out again when you’re here. Off to Christmas carol!
December 11 at 10:02pm
Hope you had a fun evening. Caroling was amazing! 60 of us strolled the streets, ringing doorbells and singing, gorgeous harmonies. I sang for over an hour. Haven’t done that in years! Nice folks from all over. Great food – hot mulled cider, big vat of chicken veggie soup, brownies, cookies, fresh bread, meatballs… You would’ve liked it. 

Please take extra care driving… supposed to rain a lot Sunday. Sleep well, sweet man.

Holiday party

Thursday trinkets

Between Phil and You
December 9 at 8:24am
Good morning! Hope your day is off to a fabulous start! Another clear, cold day. Even colder… 21 now. Eep. Dump trucks in the lot today… their re-paving our street today. Have fun! Just keep thinking… It’s better than D.C.!
December 9 at 8:42am
What’s on your dance ticket today? I’ve got three things – got up early to pick up… cleaners here any minute to make my place shine. Woot! Lunch at noon with project folks – Three guys and two gals. Yes, I am match-making again. Then office holiday party in the afternoon – 100 people drop by for bubbly and treats. I’m off to buy 3 pounds of cocktail shrimp for that! Wish you could drop in to eat some… 🙂
December 9 at 1:39pm
Hey, kid! How goes? I’m full of gumbo and shrimp etouffee and lovin life! Hee! Had a rockin time with the project peeps. Woot!
December 9 at 5:04pm
Survived the office party! Only ate three cubes of swiss cheese and one red velvet cupcake… yum. Headed home to see what the cleaners have done. Hope you survived all the house stuff… I wish I could be helping you. *sigh* Maybe I am a little, in my cheery way? Or maybe you want to throw a flatscreen at me… 😉 Hope you can have a good evening.
December 9 at 10:09pm
Quiet evening, Hubby out. My internet isn’t working…suck. Place is super clean. Makes me want to de-clutter even more. Did some already. 

Thinking of you… Lobster next week. Seems surreal that after all these months, it is going to happen… That you might sit in this chair, or be in my shower, or… Sleep well, sweet man.

Make My Dream Come True

Friday finding
Between Phil and You
December 10 at 7:28am
Good morning! Hope your day is off to a super start. Wicked cold here – 14 degrees! Arrgh! You’re driving, yes? I hope you have an uneventful trip North and a fabulous time with the family. Where are you headed exactly? Call in the afternoon? I’m off to MGH to meet the anesthesia team at 8:30 am. Hope to be done before lunch time and head to work, but who knows how long I will wait! heh. Stay safe, Philip.
December 10 at 11:32am
Hiya, kid! Rolling along? Easy time at MGH – quick EKG… chat with anesthesia nurse and done! Quick subway ride. Back at work. Nothing to do… again. Have a great day!
Phil December 10 at 11:32am
Cold here too. Some where in Pennsylvania and its freezing. Scenic drive enjoying it.

December 10 at 11:58am
Snow on the ground there?
Phil December 10 at 12:02pm
No snow but it’s grey and cold!

December 10 at 12:31pm
You eaten yet? Wish you were here… we’re having free lunch! So much food leftover from the holiday party… Crackers and cheese and fruit! Even grilled veggies and hummus. Yum!

December 10 at 12:59pm

I got a third email from Classmates this morning! A pal from our home town, [NAME]. Sweet kid. Remember him? He brought his male partner to reunion in ’97, so I think there are no worries about any romantic overtures from that direction! Phew.

December 10 at 2:42pm
It is officially boring here. Caught up on email, Facebook, LiveJournal, CNN, BBC, ESPN,… very quiet day all around. Which I suppose is good thing! Hope the miles are flying by for you.
December 10 at 3:43pm
Hey, kid. Worked on my projects. Might as well do something productive! Prepped for Sunday meeting.

December 10 at 5:00pm
Hope you’ve made it there or are close. Headed home for another quiet evening. Have a grand time!
December 10 at 11:38pm
Hey, kid. I hope you made it safely and are whooping it up with the family. Was there wine? Quiet night here. Hubby went to a party. I did more de-cluttering! Sleep well, sweet man.
December 11 at 12:25am
Quick question – did you want me to help driving? Pick me up Sunday morning, drop me at a hotel near the airport Sunday night? I need to buy a plane ticket this Sunday to get the 7 day deal…
December 11 at 12:57am
Very sweet and funny video about a guy who found the girl again…
What I want, you’ve got
But it might be hard to handle
Like the flame that burns the candle
The candle feeds the flame yeah yeah
What I got — full stock of thoughts
and dreams that scatter
And you pull them all together
And how I can’t explain oh yeah
Well well you (ooh ooh ooh ooh) you make my
dreams come true (you you) you
(you you)
Well well well you (ooh ooh ooh ooh) oh
yeah you make my dreams come true
(ooh oooh ooh ooh) hell yeah
On a night when bad dreams become a screamer
When they’re messin’ with a dreamer
I can laugh it in the face
Twist and shout my way out
And wrap yourself around me
‘Cause I ain’t the way you found me
And I’ll never be the same oh yeah
Well ’cause You (ooh ooh ooh ooh) hmmm hmm
you make my dreams come true (you
you you you) oh yeah
Well well well you (ooh ooh ooh ooh) ooh you
make my dreams come true (you
you you you) oh yeah
Listen to this
I’m down on my daydream
All that sleepwalk should be over by now
I know
Well you hell yeah you make my dreams come
true (you you you you) oh yeah
(you you)
I’ve been waiting for waiting for
you girl (ooh ooh ooh ooh)
Oh yeah you make my dreams come true (you you you you)
Me you me and you
I’ve been waiting for waiting for you girl
(ooh ooh ooh ooh) all my life
You make my dreams come true (you you) whoa (you you)
Whoa whoa I’ve been waiting for waiting for
waiting for waiting for waiting
for waiting for waiting for
(You make my dreams) ooh ooh ooh ooh
I’ve been waiting for you girl (you you you you)
(You make my dream you you you you)

Movie : 500 Days Of Summer 
Song Title : You Make My Dreams Artist : Hall & Oates

Cosmetic tweak

Wednesday waiting
Between Phil and You
December 8 at 9:23am
Good morning! Hope you are smiling this morning. Another cold, clear day here – 28 degrees. Quiet day in the lot. No work for me – downtown Boston for eyelid surgery @10:30 am. Hope it’s quick and easy. Have fun with the boxes!
Phil December 8 at 11:26am
Thanks. Working around the house, having a good time. Cold out but not too bad. Good luck with the surgery.

December 8 at 11:46am
Hiya! Enduring another hour plus wait…grrr. I sure know how to live it up on my day off! 🙂 There is a gorgeous view of city from up here.

December 8 at 2:09pm

Finally saw the doc, out in less than 20 minutes! Nothing to it… quick zap – heard a puff of air and done. Whee! Felt fine, so I came on in to work. Not sure why… nothing to do. *sigh*
December 8 at 4:01pm
Couldn’t think of anything to do, then had a great idea! Look at my 2009 calendar – what I was doing this time last year? I was… on vacation! At IKEA. Duh. Anything you want me to Google for you? Ideas for a “scenario” I can write? Hope you’re being more productive than I am! 🙂
December 8 at 10:01pm
Hey, kid. Hope you had a good day. Quiet evening here. Trying not to touch my eyelids! heh. Going to turn in early. Sleep well, sweet man.