Beauty in the rain

April 26, 2018 Thursday

9:01 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!  Hugs!
10:22 AM Phil
Good morning!  Happy NFL Draft day!
10:26 AM Sassy
Thanks!  That wasn’t on my calendar.
10:39 AM Phil

10:48 AM Sassy
Beauty in the rain this morning

11:14 AM Sassy
Hee hee
10:02 PM Phil
Good night at the draft for the my team I think.
10:13 PM Phil
Night sweet girl


February 4, 2018 Sunday

7:52 AM Sassy
Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

I have a full day with

  • breakfast out, 
  • movie, 
  • project meeting and 
  • a party!! 

Hope you have fun plans!

8:25 PM Phil
Bought a hot tub last night!

Church, some work and then the game with healthy snacks.
Have a great day and go Eagles!

8:34 PM Sassy
Hot tub outside?

9:57 AM Phil

10:02 AM Sassy

10:05 AM Sassy
Brunch at Tatte in Cambridge

Mushroom tartine
lamb meatball shaksuka
My Croque Madame
10:13 PM Sassy
I’m at the Kendall Square Cinema watching “The Darkest Hour.”

12:01 PM Phil

Nothing like being outside soaking naked in the tub
12:47 PM Sassy
10:50 PM Phil
What a game!

Caffeine free

January 7, 2018 Sunday

8:08 AM Sassy
Good morning Phil!  -2 brrr….

8:26 AM Phil
Happy Sunday!  
Alexa is playing Michael Buble for me, it’s a balmy 8 degrees! 

I’m trying a caffeine free period. Jonesing for coffee but hot tea it is

10:46 AM Sassy
German breakfast and deli delights at Karl’s Sausage Kitchen in Peabody
Bavarian breakfast – pretzel, weisswurst and a scrambled egg
My American breakfast – soft rye toast, debriciner wurst, bacon, fried eggs
My orang juice and water in a glass stein
The shop filled with European goodies
My sister’s American breakfast – soft rye toast, debriciner wurst, bacon, fried eggs
Black forest cake in the bakery
The deli
Sausages in the deli
Salads and cheeses
A treat from the U.K.
12:27 PM Sassy
Had a wonderful German breakfast… thought of you.
2:19 PM Phil
Aww. Sitting outside watching football on the big TV.

2:37 PM Phil
Breakfast looks yummy!

10:51 PM Sassy

Had dinner at the Painted Burro in Somerville tonight – tried their shrimp & grits.  Yum!

Get off out here

November 2, 2017 Thursday

7:39 AM Phil
Good morning! Have a spectacular day!
7:40 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!  Mwah!
9:24 PM Phil
Hey there! Watching football
9:32 PM Sassy
Hiya!  I just put my niece to bed
Good game?
9:57 PM Phil
So far!
Watching the game and playing
9:58 PM Sassy
9:59 PM Phil
Yeah it is
9:59 PM Sassy
I’m trying to stay awake until I get to leave
You outside?
10:00 PM Phil
Yup! Watching football and stroking
10:05 PM Sassy
10:07 PM Phil
*drool smiley face
Was just thinking about enjoying you in your bed. I know I’m bad but…….
10:11 PM Sassy
I think of that a lot
Both the memory and planning next time!
10:13 PM Phil
That was hot!
Not sure you expected me to get naked
10:15 PM Sassy
I was hoping
10:15 PM Phil
I wanted your hot mouth, wanted to see and feel your tits and wanted to feel your tight pussy grip my cock.
10:16 PM Sassy
So good we got to do it all!
10:18 PM Phil
Made dinner much more enjoyable. Want to feel your mouth on my cock and balls, your tongue and fingers in my ass, some toy play, my fingers and tongue in your pussy and ass and the opportunity to fill your pussy with my cum. So hot
10:19 PM Sassy
That gets my insides revved up
10:22 PM Phil
I think you’d let me eat that tight ass. Would love to watch your reaction as my tongue slipped into your ass. Fucking that hot ass with my tongue. I’d let you slide your butt plug inside me, do me baby
10:27 PM Sassy
10:27 PM Phil
Maybe not but the thought sure makes me hard.
I’d like to be driving my cock balls deep
Drive careful
10:35 PM Phil
Enjoying this slippery pre-cum, makes my hand glide over my cock
10:41 PM Phil
Would also help it slip right inside your hot wet pussy
Just saying
10:46 PM Sassy
I’m crashing into bed.  
I’m sure to have sexy dreams thanks to you!
10:50 PM Phil
Hope so, I’m gonna get off out here thinking about you

Gateway Diner

September 24, 2017 Sunday

11:07 AM Phil
Good time?

11:11 AM Sassy
It was fine.

Talked to [3 people – names he’d know redacted] and about 40 others

11:16 AM Phil
Oh good, I’m glad. I like to go and chit chat.
Got to see people who are no longer here and I’m grateful for that

11:17 AM Sassy
They treated me like a celebrity or an interesting alien
[Woman’s name redacted] hugged me.  She was such a bitch in school!

11:18 AM Phil
I like her, always did. She rides a bike.

11:18 AM Sassy
It was just “meet in the hotel bar”

No speeches, no food, just standing around

[Name redacted] came from way out west with his wife, just retired after 30 yrs in the military

11:21 AM Phil
Nothing wrong with a bar thing, we did it a touch more formal but I’d actually prefer to mingle over drinks. When you do dinner, you just spend time with those folks. I liked the pre-dinner mingle best and several people came for that and skipped dinner. I was just happy to see everyone

11:22 AM Sassy
I made plans to see see people who live near me in MA

11:28 AM Phil
I remember all of those people. Interesting to see how life turned out for people and how they turned out. Many were the same as High School, same people, same smiles. The older I get, the more I care about family, a few close friends, old friends who impacted what I became, helping others and I find I just don’t give a rat’s ass about superficial people or famous people who don’t have a clue

11:29 AM Sassy
I talked with [name he’d know redacted]. He said your church chorus is mostly done since the leader died last year.

I was a good girl, went up to person after person, hugged, chatted even though it was tough to find any common ground.

11:33 AM Phil
That’s too bad. The leader I worked with is doing other things. That group included people of incredible faith, kids who enjoyed the music, kids hooking up, socially awkward kids who found a place, but it worked. It was a family and a highlight of my lifetime

Good girl

11:35 AM Sassy
My brain is so odd… knew so many people and others I swear I never heard of them.

Interesting to be around all people my age

11:40 AM Phil
Yeah it is.
I work with mostly young people and it is interesting to hear of their experiences

11:42 AM Sassy
Breakfast at the Gateway Diner in Albany

Hubby’s ham and cheese omelette 
with home fries and wheat toast 
My eggs over easy, wheat toast, home fries and bacon
Biscuit with sausage gravy
11:43 AM Sassy

Heading home down the highway.

Have a super Sunday watching guys kneel.

Fuck me later. : )

11:52 AM Phil
I’d fuck you any time.

I’m not watching anyone kneel. Those rich assholes can kiss my ass. I’m going to a friend’s house to enjoy good company and conversation.

This evening, I will have my cock in hand thinking about your tight hot pussy. Safe travels!

3:49 PM Sassy
Made it home! Pike was full and fast!

7:32 PM Phil
Oh good! Happy to hear.

7:42 PM Sassy
You have some fun?

8:41 PM Phil
I did

Great lunch with friends and a win for my team makes for a great day!

Stroking it

August 20, 2017 Sunday

9:54 PM Phil
how you doing ?
9:54 PM Sassy
Fine!  Was just thinking of you!
9:54 PM Phil
oh cool
9:55 PM Sassy
Facebook told me we’ve been friends for 7 years.  : ) 
9:55 PM Phil
good I hope
I like it

9:55 PM Sassy
You having fun?
9:56 PM Phil
I am
9:56 PM Sassy
At the beach?
9:56 PM Phil
At work off-site for a bit
9:56 PM Sassy
9:56 PM Phil
I was at the beach earlier
9:57 PM Sassy
SO glad Charlottesville was calmer yesterday than last weekend!
9:57 PM Phil
nothing yesterday which was great
9:57 PM Sassy
Ya, we had all the excitement on the Common.
9:57 PM Phil
you don’t need that either
9:58 PM Sassy
My sister went… said it went really well.
9:58 PM Phil
good, well behaved yankees
9:59 PM Sassy
Ha… we don’t like that term!  
The Red Sox did take 2 out of 3 games from them though!
9:59 PM Phil
10:00 PM Sassy
You been watching lots of football?
10:00 PM Phil
a little, pre season is tough
soon the regulars will play
10:01 PM Sassy
Wish you were here… Hubby’s out
10:01 PM Phil
you should be playing then
10:02 PM Sassy
I did earlier… found a good Tumblr, imagined you and me and BOOM!
10:02 PM Phil
10:02 PM Sassy
You down there all week?
10:03 PM Phil
10:03 PM Sassy
10:03 PM Phil
I’ll take it
10:03 PM Sassy
Lots of work though?
10:03 PM Phil
going to a class
10:04 PM Sassy
Ah… they’re teaching old salts new tricks?
10:04 PM Phil
10:04 PM Sassy
You teaching or learning?
10:04 PM Phil
learning I hope
10:05 PM Sassy
I’m running 4 conferences this week… praying to survive
10:05 PM Phil
Oh geez, good luck!
10:06 PM Sassy
I’m at the “whatever will be, will be” stage
10:06 PM Phil
only way to look at it once you have done all you can do
10:07 PM Sassy
How was the festival? How’s your pal?
10:07 PM Phil
good, hoping to drag him to our favorite bar one evening
10:07 PM Sassy
Who was that other guy around yesterday in the photos?
10:08 PM Phil
One of his friends
10:08 PM Sassy
Ah… hard to tell with the hat.
10:08 PM Phil
10:09 PM Sassy
Adored your shirt!  You were rocking it!
10:09 PM Phil
why thank you!
10:09 PM Sassy
Good beers?

10:10 PM Phil
oh yeah! it was great, no crowd
10:11 PM Sassy
I wonder if the shenanigans kept people away
10:11 PM Phil
that’s what the vendors said
half the crowd they expected which was good for us
10:12 PM Sassy
10:12 PM Phil
we are diehards
10:12 PM Sassy
Had you been to that one before?
10:12 PM Phil
first time, lots of new and different beers
10:13 PM Sassy
With all the focus on that area, probably safer than usual
10:14 PM Phil
kids were all going back to school so plenty of cops.  
Drove by the site where the young lady died, very sad
10:14 PM Sassy
Such a strange thing
10:14 PM Phil
no lie
10:15 PM Sassy
I had brunch with my sister and her beau.  
He’s starting 6 weeks of daily radiation this week.
10:15 PM Phil
oh yuck
10:15 PM Sassy
I tried to pass on the stuff that helped me.
Couldn’t tell him to get a married lover and think about it while in treatment!
10:16 PM Phil
I’m sure it helps to talk to someone who has been through it
10:16 PM Sassy
You naked?
10:16 PM Phil
I am
how did you know?
10:18 PM Sassy
Hee hee
Wild guess.  
And 7 years of paying attention!
10:19 PM Phil
you know me well’
10:20 PM Sassy
Always want to learn more…
10:20 PM Phil
that’s the fun part
10:22 PM Sassy
You gonna get to see the eclipse?
10:22 PM Phil
I’m sure we will get outside for a look
10:23 PM Sassy
Not sure if I will.  
A bunch of our friends have traveled all over to see it.
My niece and BIL are in Idaho in some backwoods cabin right in the path!
10:23 PM Phil
wow! dedicated but tis a very cool event
10:24 PM Sassy
People flew to Seattle, Columbia MO, Nebraska, TN, SC…
10:24 PM Phil
Will see what I see, but that’s pretty cool
10:25 PM Sassy
Nice to have something to focus on besides politics!
10:26 PM Phil
absolutely!  I’m going to go focus on the thought of you sucking my cock in an accessible bathroom, while I stroke it to a delightful orgasm
10:26 PM Sassy
Mmmm… I was thinking about that too!
10:26 PM Phil
Came buckets thinking about that the other day
sucking your tits in the stairwell, feeling your pussy in the parking area
10:27 PM Sassy
We were wild that day at the airport!
10:28 PM Phil
should have climbed in the bed of that truck
10:28 PM Sassy
Should have been wilder… sucked you right there
10:30 PM Phil
I wanted it so bad, Would have bent you over and fucked you right there
10:30 PM Sassy
Mmm… there’s a thought!
10:30 PM Phil
[photo of his lower body with a very erect cock]
10:31 PM Sassy
Here I am, wanting to lick the screen again!
Damn, you have the sexiest cock!
10:31 PM Phil
got a few ideas on what to do with it.
10:32 PM Sassy

[photo of my breasts, peering down inside my nightshirt]
10:33 PM Phil
mmmmm, I like those!
10:35 PM Sassy
An idea on what to do
10:35 PM Phil
would love to slide my cock there
10:36 PM Sassy
I could squeeze them around you.  Make a tunnel

10:37 PM Phil
[photo of his lower body sitting in a chair naked with a very erect cock]
10:37 PM Sassy
I’d have to lick it, you know
10:37 PM Phil
would love to fuck them, cum all over them and then lick and suck them cleab
10:39 PM Sassy

[photo close-up of my hard left nipple]
10:40 PM Phil
ohhh yeah
let me suck that nipple
10:41 PM Sassy
Yes please
10:41 PM Phil
10:42 PM Sassy
Mmm mmm mmm!
Gonna ride that so hard
Be your very own cowgirl!
10:44 PM Phil
10:45 PM Sassy
Bounce up and down
Take you deep
10:45 PM Phil
mmmmm, hell yeah
10:45 PM Sassy
In and out
10:46 PM Phil
look what you did
[Video of him jerking off and cumming]
10:47 PM Sassy
Oh my
That is so so so HOT!
Listening… seeing… makes me so wet!
10:47 PM Phil
all you sweet girl
10:48 PM Sassy
So happy to help.  ; )
10:49 PM Phil
thank you, bed time for me, class starts early and I need to be bright eyed
10:50 PM Sassy
Me too.  Sleep well kid
Sweet sexy dreams!
10:50 PM Phil
sweet dreams!  Good luck tomorrow and this week!
10:50 PM Sassy
Thank you!  Need all the good vibes!

Immaculate inning

August 10, 2017 Thursday

12:18 AM Sassy
The Red Sox pitcher tonight got 3 men out on 9 pitches for an “immaculate inning!” Wow!!

8:36 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!  Hope you have a terrific Thursday?
8:38 AM Phil
Good morning! You too! The weekends almost here!
[photo of his feet up on his desk at work, with black slacks and wild colored argyle socks!
2:58 PM Sassy
Trying a new gazpacho from Flour Bakery – green grape, almond and watercress!  Tastes like summer.  (with a hibiscus herbal iced tea) 

8:39 PM Sassy
[photo of my smiling face out at a bbq restaurant with red booths]
8:40 PM Phil
Well howdy! Saw that yesterday, nice picture!
8:40 PM Sassy
Barbecue makes me smile, and you do too!
8:42 PM Phil

[A wild Disney Gif of a wiggling monter with 5 eyes]
8:43 PM Sassy
That’s a wacky gif!  Ha ha
You ready for football?
8:50 PM Phil
Absolutely! Gonna be a long season but still excited
8:53 PM Sassy

Bucket list item crossed off

January 29, 2017 Sunday

12:45 PM Sassy
Brunch!  Eggs Oscar with crab meat and asparagus on potato pancakes and Hollandaise, with fresh fruit cup and an English muffin and a side of bacon at S&S Deli in Cambridge

8:14 PM Phil
Hope you had a great day!
8:14 PM Sassy
8:18 PM Phil
Hey cutie
8:19 PM Sassy
Did your chili win?
8:20 PM Phil
Nah but had a great time
8:20 PM Sassy
Buy any new wine?
8:21 PM Phil
Found a great place. Not much though
Watching the pro bowl
8:22 PM Sassy
What are the teams called this year?
8:22 PM Phil
AFC and NFC, back to the old way
8:23 PM Sassy
Phew.  Anyone from your team there?
8:23 PM Phil
1 but no Patriots 😛
8:24 PM Sassy
Good game?
8:25 PM Phil
No score yet
Great goal line stand just now
8:29 PM Sassy
You inside?
8:29 PM Phil
Yeah, puppy and I in the basement
[photo of his feet and a football game on a large TV screen]
8:38 PM Sassy
Mmm… toes.
8:40 PM Phil
Ha! Be necked before I know it
8:44 PM Sassy
What else do you have on?
8:46 PM Phil
[photo looking down his body showing a sweatshirt and sweatpants and one blue sock, with a large bulge showing through his sweatpants]
8:54 PM Sassy
[photo of my chest covered in a mauve nightshirt with little flowers on it]

8:55 PM Phil
[photo looking down his body with his cock and balls out of his sweatpants]
8:55 PM Sassy
Oh my…
8:56 PM Phil
I’m sorry. So inappropriate
8:57 PM Sassy
8:57 PM Phil
8:58 PM Sassy
You make my insides tingle!
You know you never have to be sorry with me.  
9:04 PM Phil
Just thought those fabulous tits should have something between them
9:05 PM Sassy
That would be fun!
[photo of my chest from above with cum all over the left breast and in my cleavage, with a man’s legs and feet in the upper corner]

I finally crossed this off my bucket list.
9:08 PM Phil
Damn babe, that’s hot as hell!
9:08 PM Sassy
Wish it had been you..
9:09 PM Phil
me too, I would have licked it off
9:09 PM Sassy
Mmm… no one has done that yet.
He handed me his towel.
9:13 PM Phil
That’s not the way to do it. 
I’d spread it over both tits and nipples and them lick and suck them clean as my fingers roamed south. No towels
9:13 PM Sassy
Mmmm… that sounds like a wonderful idea!
9:14 PM Phil
Stopping to kiss you so we could share
9:14 PM Sassy
Oh!  Yes…
9:15 PM Phil
Taste my cum on my tongue
Taste our cum on my tongue
Even better
I definitely liked tasting my cum on your tongue
9:23 PM Sassy
That was wicked sexy
Ultimate sharing!
9:26 PM Phil
I’m not shy about my cum.  If I expect you to take it your mouth, I should have issue tasting it either. Us mixed together, even better
Glad you thought it was hot too
9:30 PM Sassy
We are so good together.
9:34 PM Phil
Makes a difference when there are genuine feelings and emotions. Also two very uninhibited people really into each other. I wanted it to be intense, hot, render, romantic all at once
9:36 PM Sassy
I marvel at how well we did… with all the possibilities for problems
9:42 PM Phil
Problems?  Wanted you since high school, we don’t look like we did back then but it’s still us. I remember kissing you then, remember holding your ass in my hands remember tasting the powder on your nipple, remember the first kiss, first taste of your tongue, tasting you loving you. No problems
9:43 PM Sassy
You have been such a fantastic addition to my life!
I’d better stop or both your heads will be swollen.  
9:46 PM Phil
Ha!  The little one has been swollen. 😛

I am very happy to have you in my life as well! You have been my sounding board, confidant, lover, friend. Thank you. And you have helped me to many happy endings which I also appreciate
9:50 PM Sassy
9:51 PM Phil
You didn’t know about the happy endings?
9:51 PM Sassy
I know.  It makes me so happy to hear it!
9:52 PM Phil
9:53 PM Sassy
You inspire me a lot too.
9:54 PM Phil
I’m glad, so sexy, so hot
9:54 PM Sassy
You found the Sassy Girl in me and set her free to wander around the sexy universe.
Find things to send to a man far away… learn things to try on him!
9:55 PM Phil
Love see your toys, listen, watch.
Mmmmm, it was brief but remember your hand on my cock at the airport, your nipple in mouth, my fingers inside you and then licking them clean
10:00 PM Sassy
I was thinking of that today while I played.  There’s been a lot of coverage about people at Logan today… always reminds me of you
We were so bad
10:03 PM Phil
Rubbing your ass, grinding my cock against you, my hands on your tits and that was in the terminal! Loved it!
[photo of his naked lower body with his erect cock]
Speaking of bad
10:05 PM Sassy
That’s the best sight I’ve seen today!
I could lean over and
10:06 PM Phil
Wish you were getting a closer view
10:08 PM Sassy
Me too…
10:13 PM Phil
Would love to ease my cock inside you slowly moving as you hit your clit with a toy. Building up speed, hard and fast, then slow and easy building and backing off until be both explode, your cum coating my cock and balls, mine shooting deep inside you.
10:23 PM Phil
Loved cumming inside you, so hot, sweet, tight, wet pussy
10:24 PM Sassy