Immaculate inning

August 10, 2017 Thursday

12:18 AM Sassy
The Red Sox pitcher tonight got 3 men out on 9 pitches for an “immaculate inning!” Wow!!

8:36 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!  Hope you have a terrific Thursday?
8:38 AM Phil
Good morning! You too! The weekends almost here!
[photo of his feet up on his desk at work, with black slacks and wild colored argyle socks!
2:58 PM Sassy
Trying a new gazpacho from Flour Bakery – green grape, almond and watercress!  Tastes like summer.  (with a hibiscus herbal iced tea) 

8:39 PM Sassy
[photo of my smiling face out at a bbq restaurant with red booths]
8:40 PM Phil
Well howdy! Saw that yesterday, nice picture!
8:40 PM Sassy
Barbecue makes me smile, and you do too!
8:42 PM Phil

[A wild Disney Gif of a wiggling monter with 5 eyes]
8:43 PM Sassy
That’s a wacky gif!  Ha ha
You ready for football?
8:50 PM Phil
Absolutely! Gonna be a long season but still excited
8:53 PM Sassy

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