Friday, September 2

TGIF!  Good morning!  62 sunny, only going to 72.  Love it.  Off to work with Dunkin Donuts to mark summer interns last day of work.  Gonna eat a Boston cream.  Whee!  Have a spectacular long weekend!  

Great Chinese dinner – very authentic place!  

Cheese rolls (similar to crab rangoon) and duck sauce

Ma po fish and tofu with white rice

Shanghai soup

Yu shiang pork with steamed bread

Beef dumplings with ginger soy sauce

Got that yearning thing going on… oh, the fun I see when I close my eyes. 

Off to dream land.  Sleep well, sweet man.

1:05am Phil
Nice day, nice nite. Had fun. Nite girl.

September start


Thursday, September 1

Good morning!  Another gorgeous day!  Racing with work and project stuff.  One week to go until one of our big events!  Happy September! 

Mom made me dinner.  Alone at home.  Thinking of lobster.  Hope you got your drink.  Sleep well, sweet man.

11:07pm Phil
Got my drink, what a friggin day

The Rudder

Wednesday, August 31

8:08am Phil
Morning.  Lot going on at work, makes it a little frustrating. Ah well. Weather has been nice, rain over the weekend I think. Looking forward to the start of Football season. Have a great day!

Good morning!  Beautiful here, 71. 
Thinking of lobster.  And you.

8:12am Phil
Ready for some lobster.  That’s going to be a busy and frustrating conference. Looking forward to seeing you. Hopefully my team will have just won and the patriots lost.

What does frustrating mean?  Wasting your time?  Not getting done like you want? 

I am sending you some of my patented B’s Best Breaths.  Take them and think of lobster and my breasts and life will easier. 


Gotta shower… ping me anytime if you need an ear.  Or a breast… 

8:29am Phil

LOL! Just some personnel issues that are taking a great
deal of every bodies time to resolve. We will get them
figured out. Working in the yard over the weekend. Good for me.
Off to work.  Whee!  Big wet smootch to you! 

I have all this crap to do at the office but none of it has to be done today, and I don’t feel like starting it.  I’d rather think about meeting you at the Yankees/Sox game tonight and misbehaving in the stands. 

Hope your day is going better than you thought.  I am going out for a walk, see if that will clear my head.

Did you eat or was it just beer?

3:58pm Phil
great bike ride, actually ended up stopping to eat – the root beer   marinated beef tips, fabulous. 18 miles on the bike at 14 miles per hour. 
Good ride
Dinner in Gloucester w/ sis @ The Rudder. Strolled thru the artists colony – incredible seafood, beautiful ocean scenery, fun restaurant on the harbor.  Appetizer of grilled shrimp skewers with chorizo over garlic polenta, creamy clam chowder and a divine seafood risotto!  And she paid!  Thought of you as I passed the oyster bar.  Sleep well, sweet man.

Five Guys

Tuesday, August 30

Good morning! 63 beautiful.  Ready to welcome the Yankees to Fenway tonight!  Have a trouble-free Tuesday!

9:30am Phil
Going to ride roller coasters! Always fun!
Lets go Yankees!
Gorgeous day!  Hope you had same.  So you never said what you want if the Yankees win the A.L. East… bet still on?  I was thinking maybe you in Red Sox attire on FB but maybe you have a better idea.

Tried Five Guys burgers and fries for the first time.  They just opened here.  It’s tasty but expensive.  

Henna hand

Monday August 29, 2011

Monday mooring
Good morning!  Beautiful 63 here, off to the office.  Have a marvelous Monday Philip!

8:20am Phil
You too.  Looks like a spectacular day!

The weatherman on the radio said, “No more rain this month!”  Loving it…

Up late proof reading.  I hate proof reading! 

Got a henna tattoo at the beach.  Something about henna design on my hand… makes random people talk to me!  I want to see what it would look like on parts of your body, the pattern moving and changing as it moves… don’t mind me, after midnight, punchy… sweet dreams, kid. 

Hurricane Irene

Sunday, August 28

Breakfast at Kitchen Cravings again!  Adore that place!

Lobster and eggs!  What a way to start the day!

A “Unicycle” Wheel – french toasted cinnamon swirl Danish.  Divine!

The kitsch of the Kitchen Cravings dining room

Good morning!  Heard anything from your peeps in Irene’s path?  Hope all well.  We’re headed home from NH in the rain.  Wanted to ride it out but Hubby wants to go home.  

Made it home easily. Lots of rain but nothing extraordinary.

9:29am Phil
Everything is fine. Lot of rain and wind but no damage. Thank God. Rather be prepared and have it be nothing. You all make out ok?

So glad to hear good news!  No problems so far here, at the grocery.  Worst of the storm is west of here.

NH Idyll

Here’s what we did on our summer vacation.  All 24 hours of it… Heh.

Breakfast at the amazing Kitchen Cravings in Gilford, NH near the airport.

Lobster eggs benedict and bacon!

Unique women’s room decor

A cruise on Lake Winnepesaukee

Weir’s Beach Shops

Saturday, August 27, 2011

1:36 pm I’m on a ship!

Dinner @ Patrick’s Pub

Clam Chowder

Caesar salad

Lazy man’s lobster