Coaster rolls

July 31, 2019 Wednesday

There was a guy I had fun with in early 2018 and then he ghosted.  He texted me out of the blue mid-July when I was sick, and pinged me on and off the rest of the month.  I am a believer in second chances, so I listened while I pondered whether to risk seeing him again.

July 13
* Coaster: Hi, remember me?
* Sassy: Yes indeed.

July 14
* Coaster: How are you doing? I hope well.
* Sassy: Super deluxe! I retired last month. You?
* Coaster: That’s awesome! Still working hard but good. Wish I had a reason why we didn’t continue!
* Sassy: Have a reason to continue now?
* Coaster: Sure do. How about you?

July 16
* Coaster: Well?
* Sassy: Sorry…have food poisoning and been a bit out of it.
* Coaster: Sorry to hear that, no joy in that, hope you’re better soon.

July 19
* Coaster: Are you doing ok?
* Sassy: Happy Friday! How’re you? Sadly still a mess. This was some bug! Thanks for asking. Hope you’re staying cool.
* Coaster: Sorry to hear that. Feel better!! I’m working out of town this weekend on a project, including some outdoor work! I’ll do my best.

July 20
* Coaster: Staying cool? Feeling any better?
* Sassy: Hiya! How’s work? It’s beastly hot here – 91 already! I am starting to feel better – stomach is behaving at last though lower down is still not. I am so worn out! Went out briefly to the Deluxe Town Diner for breakfast with my sister and her beau, but am very happy to be home again. Have you been having any fun?
* Coaster: I’m not leaving until later. Still here for another hour or so. Glad you at least got out a bit but sorry this has lasted so long. Wow! I’ll likely go walk around tonight looking for fun.

* Sassy: I haven’t made it out there in a long time. Any good places to eat? Is it worth a trip from here?
* Coaster: Come on out! I have a room.

July 25
* Coaster: Hi. Feeling better yet? Hopefully!

July 26
* Sassy: Hiya! I am finally feeling better, thank goodness. Hope you’re having a fantastic Friday!

July 27
* Coaster: Friday was good. On to Saturday! What’s up this morning?

July 31
* Coaster: Another week moving along. How are you doing?

Queen Victoria’s Shoes!

July 31, 2019 Wednesday

9:02 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip! 
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

4:24 PM Sassy
Queen Victoria’s shoes!

Video from Historic Royals Palaces Facebook page

[facebook url=”″ /]

Conservation of Queen Victoria’s silk shoes

7:43 PM Phil
Good evening! Hope your day was wonderful

Storm chasing

July 29, 2019 Monday
4:24 PM Sassy
Happy hour half-price treats at the Yard House in the Fenway
Carnivore pizza
Arnold Palmer (iced tea and lemonade mix) for me
Pineapple cider for Hubby
Deviled Eggs with bacon
Ahi tuna sashimi
Buffalo cauliflower
Moo shu egg rolls
Onion ring tower

5:31 PM Sassy
This is how storm chasing works, right?

Orleans Brunch

July 28, 2019 Sunday
11:33 AM Sassy
Brunch at Orleans Restaurant in Somerville with the family
Bloody Mary bar
My lobster roll and truffle fries with a side of bacon
Chorizo quesadilla
Loaded tater tots
Hash and eggs
Eggs Benedict
Granola with Greek yogurt

12:23 PM Sassy
Picking up groovy groceries at Pemberton Farms in Cambridge

6:44 PM Sassy
Greek dinner at Greek Corner in Cambridge – gyro time! 

Red Cross Gala

July 27, 2019 Saturday

8:17 AM Sassy
Good morning kid! Have a super Saturday!

8:41 AM Sassy
There was dancing!

From the Prince’s Palace of Monaco Facebook page

Friday, July 2019, 26, the 71th Gala of the Monegasque Red Cross was held in the presence of LL. AA. SS. Prince Albert II and Princess Charlène, at Sporting Monte-Carlo Star Hall.

Created in 1948 by Prince Louis II, the Monegasque Red Cross is now chaired by S.A.S. Prince Albert II.

In 2018, through 58 employees and nearly 600 volunteer members, the Monegasque Red Cross carried out projects for nearly 44.000 people in the humanitarian and social fields, the First aid, health and youth, thanks to donations from generous donors.

This year, the presentation of the evening and raffle of the 71th of the Monegasque Red Cross Gala was entrusted to Mrs. Karin Viard and Mr. Michel Drucker.

The music atmosphere was provided by country music group MamaDear, South African rock Prime Circle, the Lamarr Organ Trio and John Legend, an international-renowned American artist who won ten Grammy Award, 1 Golden Globe or an Academy Award.

During this evening, guests were also able to discover, in the hall of Sporting Monte-Carlo, the work of Marcello Lo Giudice, a gift of the Italian painter to the Monegasque Red Cross.

© Photos: Eric Mathon / Prince Palace


5:26 PM Sassy
Big Papi is home!

Ortiz out of hospital following three surgeries

Former Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz has been released from Massachusetts General Hospital, the team confirmed Saturday.
A family source told ESPN’s Enrique Rojas that Ortiz was released Friday and will be assisted by full-time nurses and visited regularly by his personal physician.
“He will continue to undergo all the treatment and rehabilitation necessary to recuperate from his recent procedures,” the family source told Rojas.
Ortiz, 43, had been in the Boston hospital since June 10, one day after he was shot in the Dominican Republic.
5:47 PM Sassy

Superb supper at Sichuan Garden II in Woburn

The entrance
The dining room
Hot & sour soup
Shirley Temple
Classic mai tai
Fried Pork Dumplings
Pork fried rice
Pork in Peking plum sauce with scallions
Beef with spring onions

Bologna sandwich

July 26, 2019 Friday

11:28 AM Sassy
Hiya! Happy Friday kid! You get home?

1:29 PM Sassy
Lunch at home! I made it! Bologna, American Cheese, tomato and mayo!  

3:24 PM Phil
Happy Friday! Made it home and off on vacation!
3:25 PM Sassy
What’s the plan?
9:26 PM Phil
Picking up the boy
9:26 PM Sassy
Uh oh

9:53 PM Phil
Nah, it’s ok

9:54 PM Sassy
10:01 PM Sassy
Are you driving out there?
2:35 AM Phil
Yep! Stopped for the night. 3 hour drive in the AM

Beautiful Thursday

July 25, 2019 Thursday

6:31 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip! Have an excellent Thursday!

We’re heading out early to let the cleaners work, then Hubby has his physical. Whee!

7:25 AM Phil
Good morning! Good luck!

7:26 AM Sassy
Hope your travels are uneventful!

8:29 AM Sassy
A beautiful Thursday morning in Davis Square at Au Bon Pain 

Hanging out while Hubby goes to the dr for a check-up

Magical night

July 24, 2019 Wednesday

8:19 AM Sassy
Good morning! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

1:08 PM Sassy
Luscious lobster lunch at Belle Isle Seafood in Winthrop

Marina next door
Boston Skyline
View from the dock
Dining room – they’ve switched to table service
New bigger bar
View from our table
Shrimp Cocktail Boat – an unprecedented $7 for a dozen!
Stuffed clams side 
Lobster pie with butter, lemon, rice, coleslaw and a dinner roll

1:48 PM Sassy
Chocolate pop for dessert from Adriana’s Pastry & Cafe in Winthrop

The entrance
The patio
Pops at – cinnamon bun, chocolate blueberry 
and chocolate marble cake
My chocolate marble cake pop – had to get it to match my nails!

5:57 PM Phil

[strange gif of a clay cloud with a face and bunch of raindrops falling out of it]

5:57 PM Phil
Rained all day but still away from home! 

Had a good day. Heading back to the cigar bar.
5:58 PM Sassy
It was perfect here.

Went out for lobster pie

5:59 PM Phil
It’s only 75 though so not bad. 

Yummy! I’m having two for one pizza slices and beer

The one is a dollar and it looks great.

6:00 PM Sassy

6:03 PM Phil
Just cheese

And a Philly cheese steak loaded!

Fun little dive bar

6:25 PM Sassy
Oh man… that sounds so good

6:25 PM Phil
Owner is from up north – he orders everything from there. Looks amazing

6:31 PM Sassy
You in [redacted]?

6:33 PM Phil
Nope – [redacted] this time. 

6:34 PM Sassy
I don’t remember you being there before…

6:37 PM Phil
We have a couple offices here. I was here 2 years ago in my old job. 

It’s not a fancy town but it’s ok
6:37 PM Sassy
You staying near there?

6:47 PM Phil
[hotel name] next to the beach!

Had a cigar, drink and orgasm last night, repeating tonight

6:53 PM Sassy

I had 3 orgasms this morning. That may be a record!

6:54 PM Phil
Damn! Fabulous!

6:55 PM Sassy

[photo of my lower half lying in bed with a gold bullet vibrator sticking out between my legs,  You can also see the blue nail polish on my thumbnail]

You down there all week?

6:56 PM Phil
Oh damn! Is that gold one new? That’s hot as hell
Tonight is my last night
I’ll use that picture tonight and imagine my cock where the toy is

6:59 PM Sassy
Yes. I wore out the silver one’s batteries
That’s what I do…imagine your hard hot cock rubbing my clit

7:09 PM Phil
I like that hot, sensitive clit.

I’m going to spray cum all over my belly thinking about that

7:10 PM Sassy
Wish you could spray me… or fill me up!

7:32 PM Phil
I’d like to do both. Spray your face and tits and fill your hot pussy

7:36 PM Sassy
That sounds awesome!

7:42 PM Phil
Yes it does, my chest pressed to yours slipping on hot cum

7:43 PM Sassy
You may have to take me into the shower after that!
And play in there too!

7:47 PM Phil
Shower is fun!
Soap you up rinse you off, drop to my knees

7:48 PM Sassy
I’d reciprocate

8:06 PM Phil
And I would fill your mouth with cream

8:08 PM Sassy
Excellent. Yum.

8:10 PM Phil
Then let me taste it on your tongue

8:10 PM Sassy
Sure thing!

8:33 PM Phil
Nothing like tasting your cum on your woman’s tongue

[photo of a neon sign]

8:34 PM Sassy
Hey! Is that where you went?

8:35 PM Phil
That’s where I am

8:35 PM Sassy
Aha! That’s fun.

8:35 PM Phil
Great name!

8:38 PM Sassy
Hee. I looked at Yelp. Such a dive!

8:42 PM Phil
Yes it is


Been here forever

8:44 PM Sassy
Saw that. Wow!
There are photos of some big event with a HUGE crowd filling the street for blocks
8:46 PM Phil
I have no idea, cool area down here though

8:52 PM Phil
Just saw the pics. It’s not near as nice as they show

9:00 PM Phil
It looks like it’s been here forever.

It’s an institution
9:02 PM Sassy

9:03 PM Phil
I like your nails. Cool color

9:03 PM Sassy

They’ve lasted a long time.

9:04 PM Phil
They did a good job then. 

They look good against the gold
9:04 PM Sassy
Ha.  You’re picking up all the details!

9:05 PM Phil
Hee hee, I’m a horny old guy, what can I say

9:05 PM Sassy
I adore you! Wouldn’t want you to ever stop.

9:16 PM Phil
You always did make my cock jump

I jumped at the first opportunity to shove my tongue inside you followed in short order by my cock

You were barely in the door and your pants were on the floor

The fact that you didn’t expect it made it that much better

9:24 PM Sassy
What a magical night that was… we crammed in so much. Such sexy play, National Harbor, the Silhouettes, deep talking… such comfort and excitement for relative strangers!

[Click here to read about the 8 posts about our first visit together when we reconnected]

9:26 PM Phil
We weren’t strangers and we reacquainted well
The Greek place was my favorite and Legal.

9:27 PM Sassy
All good… mostly the conversations!

9:28 PM Phil
Yes ma’am

9:32 PM Sassy
Those were definitely the hottest days of my life!

Mmm mmm mmm

9:33 PM Phil
Loved doing it in your bed, I see your photos and know I was there

9:40 PM Sassy
That’s part of why I send them. ; )

9:42 PM Phil
I know and they make me cum like a fountain

9:43 PM Sassy

Gotta keep those pipes active!

9:43 PM Phil
Sitting on a leather couch in the lounge with a raging hard on
Love walking to the bar with an obvious tent
Now back to my room to get naked, break out the lube and jerk off looking at you
Thinking of blue nails wrapped around my throbbing cock

You could send me a picture of your glorious tits. Always gets my juices flowing

9:57 PM Sassy

[photo of my left breast with an erect nipple in my left hand, with the blue nail polish on the thumbnail]

Have fun kid!

10:09 PM Phil
There we go! Thank you!

Mmmmmmm, love your tits

PF Chang’s Mocktails

July 23, 2019 Tuesday

8:40 AM Sassy
Good morning! Cool and raining. We’re going into Boston today. Whee!

8:54 AM Phil

[photo of his legs and feet, a cup of coffee in his hand, on a plane]

Good morning! Much better weather today. Heading off on a plane

9:22 AM Sassy

10:23 AM Sassy
What for?

11:04 AM Phil
Work trip

11:05 AM Sassy
Heading into the Downton Abbey Exhibit! I’ll post too many photos later. 🙂

2:54 PM Sassy

Marvelous mocktails and lunch at PF Changs in Park Square in Boston

The dining room 
Mural over the bar
Mocktails menu!  They are the best in the city! 
Strawberry cucumber limeade for me and
 a coconut mojito for Hubby
Hot and sour soup
Dynamite shrimp
Pork dumplings
Egg rolls
Lunch special combo – Fried Shrimp, Scallops and Beef stir fry
Coconut cooler mocktail
Banana spring rolls with coconut ice cream
Their decorative horse out front 
The sign out front

6:26 PM Phil

[Photo of a plate of raw oysters and a beer]

[photos of a plate of fried seafood]

Yummy! Yours looked good too

7:24 PM Sassy
Oh my! That looks tasty!

7:24 PM Phil
It was very good!