Magical night

July 24, 2019 Wednesday

8:19 AM Sassy
Good morning! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

1:08 PM Sassy
Luscious lobster lunch at Belle Isle Seafood in Winthrop

Marina next door
Boston Skyline
View from the dock
Dining room – they’ve switched to table service
New bigger bar
View from our table
Shrimp Cocktail Boat – an unprecedented $7 for a dozen!
Stuffed clams side 
Lobster pie with butter, lemon, rice, coleslaw and a dinner roll

1:48 PM Sassy
Chocolate pop for dessert from Adriana’s Pastry & Cafe in Winthrop

The entrance
The patio
Pops at – cinnamon bun, chocolate blueberry 
and chocolate marble cake
My chocolate marble cake pop – had to get it to match my nails!

5:57 PM Phil

[strange gif of a clay cloud with a face and bunch of raindrops falling out of it]

5:57 PM Phil
Rained all day but still away from home! 

Had a good day. Heading back to the cigar bar.
5:58 PM Sassy
It was perfect here.

Went out for lobster pie

5:59 PM Phil
It’s only 75 though so not bad. 

Yummy! I’m having two for one pizza slices and beer

The one is a dollar and it looks great.

6:00 PM Sassy

6:03 PM Phil
Just cheese

And a Philly cheese steak loaded!

Fun little dive bar

6:25 PM Sassy
Oh man… that sounds so good

6:25 PM Phil
Owner is from up north – he orders everything from there. Looks amazing

6:31 PM Sassy
You in [redacted]?

6:33 PM Phil
Nope – [redacted] this time. 

6:34 PM Sassy
I don’t remember you being there before…

6:37 PM Phil
We have a couple offices here. I was here 2 years ago in my old job. 

It’s not a fancy town but it’s ok
6:37 PM Sassy
You staying near there?

6:47 PM Phil
[hotel name] next to the beach!

Had a cigar, drink and orgasm last night, repeating tonight

6:53 PM Sassy

I had 3 orgasms this morning. That may be a record!

6:54 PM Phil
Damn! Fabulous!

6:55 PM Sassy

[photo of my lower half lying in bed with a gold bullet vibrator sticking out between my legs,  You can also see the blue nail polish on my thumbnail]

You down there all week?

6:56 PM Phil
Oh damn! Is that gold one new? That’s hot as hell
Tonight is my last night
I’ll use that picture tonight and imagine my cock where the toy is

6:59 PM Sassy
Yes. I wore out the silver one’s batteries
That’s what I do…imagine your hard hot cock rubbing my clit

7:09 PM Phil
I like that hot, sensitive clit.

I’m going to spray cum all over my belly thinking about that

7:10 PM Sassy
Wish you could spray me… or fill me up!

7:32 PM Phil
I’d like to do both. Spray your face and tits and fill your hot pussy

7:36 PM Sassy
That sounds awesome!

7:42 PM Phil
Yes it does, my chest pressed to yours slipping on hot cum

7:43 PM Sassy
You may have to take me into the shower after that!
And play in there too!

7:47 PM Phil
Shower is fun!
Soap you up rinse you off, drop to my knees

7:48 PM Sassy
I’d reciprocate

8:06 PM Phil
And I would fill your mouth with cream

8:08 PM Sassy
Excellent. Yum.

8:10 PM Phil
Then let me taste it on your tongue

8:10 PM Sassy
Sure thing!

8:33 PM Phil
Nothing like tasting your cum on your woman’s tongue

[photo of a neon sign]

8:34 PM Sassy
Hey! Is that where you went?

8:35 PM Phil
That’s where I am

8:35 PM Sassy
Aha! That’s fun.

8:35 PM Phil
Great name!

8:38 PM Sassy
Hee. I looked at Yelp. Such a dive!

8:42 PM Phil
Yes it is


Been here forever

8:44 PM Sassy
Saw that. Wow!
There are photos of some big event with a HUGE crowd filling the street for blocks
8:46 PM Phil
I have no idea, cool area down here though

8:52 PM Phil
Just saw the pics. It’s not near as nice as they show

9:00 PM Phil
It looks like it’s been here forever.

It’s an institution
9:02 PM Sassy

9:03 PM Phil
I like your nails. Cool color

9:03 PM Sassy

They’ve lasted a long time.

9:04 PM Phil
They did a good job then. 

They look good against the gold
9:04 PM Sassy
Ha.  You’re picking up all the details!

9:05 PM Phil
Hee hee, I’m a horny old guy, what can I say

9:05 PM Sassy
I adore you! Wouldn’t want you to ever stop.

9:16 PM Phil
You always did make my cock jump

I jumped at the first opportunity to shove my tongue inside you followed in short order by my cock

You were barely in the door and your pants were on the floor

The fact that you didn’t expect it made it that much better

9:24 PM Sassy
What a magical night that was… we crammed in so much. Such sexy play, National Harbor, the Silhouettes, deep talking… such comfort and excitement for relative strangers!

[Click here to read about the 8 posts about our first visit together when we reconnected]

9:26 PM Phil
We weren’t strangers and we reacquainted well
The Greek place was my favorite and Legal.

9:27 PM Sassy
All good… mostly the conversations!

9:28 PM Phil
Yes ma’am

9:32 PM Sassy
Those were definitely the hottest days of my life!

Mmm mmm mmm

9:33 PM Phil
Loved doing it in your bed, I see your photos and know I was there

9:40 PM Sassy
That’s part of why I send them. ; )

9:42 PM Phil
I know and they make me cum like a fountain

9:43 PM Sassy

Gotta keep those pipes active!

9:43 PM Phil
Sitting on a leather couch in the lounge with a raging hard on
Love walking to the bar with an obvious tent
Now back to my room to get naked, break out the lube and jerk off looking at you
Thinking of blue nails wrapped around my throbbing cock

You could send me a picture of your glorious tits. Always gets my juices flowing

9:57 PM Sassy

[photo of my left breast with an erect nipple in my left hand, with the blue nail polish on the thumbnail]

Have fun kid!

10:09 PM Phil
There we go! Thank you!

Mmmmmmm, love your tits

Retirement Day 1

June 22, 2019 Saturday

6:33 AM Sassy
Retirement Day 1

7:19 AM Sassy
Happy Saturday!

11:44 AM Sassy
An apple a day makes retirement go okay!

[photo of a dark blue plate with a silver fork, half a small bacon quiche, English muffins with raspberry jam and 7 apple slices, with a glass of iced chai latte and a glass of orange juice]
12:40 PM Phil
Happy Saturday cutie. Happy retirement!

12:41 PM Sassy
Thank you kid! It’s been delightful so far!

4:24 PM Phil

[photo of his hand holding a glass of Scotch and a cigar, with his feet up, outside]

Gorgeous day

4:25 PM Sassy
Here too!

[photo of the view off my balcony]

[photo of my smiling face and top of my light blue nightshirt]

4:34 PM Phil

4:37 PM Sassy

[photo of a silver bullet vibrator between my legs, some pubic hair and dark blue panties]

4:57 PM Phil

[photo of his naked legs outside]

Mmmm sweet wet pussy

Pull it out, show me

5:01 PM Sassy
Show what?

5:02 PM Phil
Whatever you like

[photo of his erect cock sticking out of his shorts, his naked leg]

5:02 PM Sassy

[photo of the tip of the silver bullet vibrator almost touching my erect left nipple]

5:04 PM Phil
There we go, yummy

Like to rub my dripping cock on that nipple

Slip it into your mouth

5:06 PM Sassy
I’d adore that!

5:06 PM Phil
Suck it while you work your clit

Swollen sensitive clit. Swollen sensitive cock

Good pair

5:07 PM Sassy

[photo of me licking the silver bullet vibrator]

5:08 PM Phil
There you go. Lick those sweet juices
So hot

[photo of his erect cock sticking out of his shorts and his legs, standing outside]

[another photo of his erect cock sticking out of his shorts and his legs standing outside]

Lick it babe, swallow this hard cock

5:11 PM Sassy
Give it to me
I’ll take good care of it

5:14 PM Phil
Lick it, suck it

VIDEO – 23 seconds of him stroking his cock standing outside with his dog wandering around at his feet

5:16 PM Sassy

5:16 PM Phil
Jerking off outside to your sweet pussy and delightful tits, imaging my cock in your mouth

Lick those drops of cum up

Sweet, just tasted

Play with that delightful pussy

Get it ready for my cock to pound it deep and hard

Spread those legs, let me get deep, grab my ass and pull me in

Let me make you cum, shifting up so I am rubbing your clit with each thrust

Want to hear you moan, feel you clench around my cock

And then roll over and let’s do it from behind, deeper, harder, ass spread wide in front of me

Take it Sass, deep and hard

First shots of cum inside. The rest all over your ass

[another photo of his erect cock sticking out of his shorts, and his legs, sitting outside]

[yet another photo of his erect cock sticking out of his shorts, and his legs, sitting outside]

So sweet, delicious drops of cum

5:27 PM Sassy
You know how to make me drip

5:27 PM Phil
I like to make you drip

You are not sharing
Show me
Let me see

My cock is flowing, delicious slippery pre cum

Coating my cock and balls, running down to my ass

Sweet smell of cum

5:32 PM Sassy

[photo of the silver bullet vibrator sticking between my legs, with a bit of pubic hair and dark blue panties and my legs, lying on the bed]

Think of your cock there

5:33 PM Phil
Yes, I’d tear those panties off and shove it deep

5:34 PM Sassy

[photo of my left breast, tummy and legs, lying on the bed]

5:34 PM Phil
There we go, love that view

Oh Yeah

Like to be between those legs

With my balls slapping your ass

5:36 PM Sassy
Want you there
Doing that

5:36 PM Phil
Fuck me Sass, give me your sweet tight pussy

My cock coated with your juices

Slick and red and slippery

Throbbing, long hard thrusts, your body rocking as my balls slap your ass, tits swaying

5:40 PM Sassy

5:44 PM Phil

[photo of his erect cock dripping pre-cum, and his legs, standing outside]

[photo of his open palm with cum all over it]

5:44 PM Sassy
Oh my
So hot

5:45 PM Phil

[photo of the view from his back deck]

Next door, no idea

5:47 PM Sassy

5:47 PM Phil
That was fun

5:47 PM Sassy
You are so fun!

5:48 PM Phil
Hope you got off sweet girl

5:48 PM Sassy
Oh yeah

5:48 PM Phil
Oh fabulous!

I’m going to have a cigar and scotch, pretty relaxed now

5:49 PM Sassy
I’m trying for round 2

5:50 PM Phil
Loved the pics

Oh Yeah? Send me more, I’ll slip down and start licking our juices up

Let me flick my tongue over you clit



Cum ran down between your legs, following with my tongue, you jumped when my tongue flicked over your ass

I like it, perhaps I should spend more time there

Flicking, probing, I feel the buzz

5:56 PM Sassy

[photo of two vibrators between my legs, a little pubic hair and dark blue panties]

Got 2 buzzing

5:58 PM Phil
That’s why I feel it, shift your hips, give me room.
Two toys and a tongue flicking across your ass
So hot
Cock rising to the occasion

5:59 PM Sassy
I’m so revved up

6:01 PM Phil
Would you like to be fucked?
Hands on your hips, rubbing just inside feeling the vibrations, waiting for you to tell me

6:03 PM Sassy
I want it so bad

6:03 PM Phil
What do you want so bad

6:05 PM Sassy
Your cock
Your hands
Your mouth

6:05 PM Phil
Ah there we go

6:05 PM Sassy
Your voice

6:05 PM Phil
So hot

6:05 PM Sassy
Your eyes

6:05 PM Phil
Looking into yours
Barely inside, wet, hot, waiting

6:07 PM Sassy
Looking at all of me

6:07 PM Phil

6:08 PM Sassy
Taking photos

6:08 PM Phil
Your hips rising, I’m teasing, waiting

Snapping pics

6:08 PM Sassy
Telling me how to pose for you
Put your hand on me

6:09 PM Phil
Mmmm, touch your pussy

6:09 PM Sassy
Put your cock between my breasts

6:10 PM Phil
Cup your tits

Slipping my cock between your tits

Squeeze them around my cock, snapping the pick, feels so good

6:10 PM Sassy
Oh yes

6:11 PM Phil
Fucking your tits

6:11 PM Sassy
A little video of me licking you

6:11 PM Phil
Ohh Yeah, stick that tongue out, lick it, click

Mmmm, take the head in your mouth

My cock in your mouth, video running

Very hot

6:13 PM Sassy
My eyes looking up
On fire

6:13 PM Phil
Yeah, look at me, take a little more
Damn, feel your tongue gliding over my cock
Suck it, suck my cock
Your sweet mouth full of cock
Balls on your chin

6:17 PM Sassy
Could watch it over and over

6:17 PM Phil
Laying next to you. Your hands glide over my cock
Fingers over my balls
A finger slipping up my ass, I moan, my cock gets harder
You are using pre cum for lube

6:21 PM Sassy
So hot

6:21 PM Phil
My hips thrusting
Your toys vibrating
You smile and tell me you have something for my ass

6:23 PM Sassy

6:23 PM Phil
My cock jumps

6:23 PM Sassy
Throbbing here

6:23 PM Phil
What do you have for my ass?

6:24 PM Sassy
What do you want?

6:24 PM Phil
Your hand stroking my cock
Feels so good
Press something to my ass
I’m pressing back, moaning
My cock is jumping, juices flowing, you smile
You show me a toy and ask if this is what I want
I roll over and slip inside you, wet, hot
So warm, slippery

6:32 PM Sassy
Mmm hnmm

6:32 PM Phil
Your hips rise to meet me

6:36 PM Sassy
Oh yes…my body would go wild!

6:36 PM Phil
Not gonna last, so hard, throbbing, moving faster
You whisper fuck me Philip
You feel the first spurt, followed by others

6:39 PM Sassy
Do it! Fill me!

6:42 PM Phil
Oh Yeah, your body writhing, clenching, milking my cock

6:56 PM Phil
Gotta do dinner after I wash my hands

6:57 PM Sassy
What’s the menu?

6:57 PM Phil
Barbecue chicken, corn on the cob

6:57 PM Sassy
I’m getting thai food delivery

6:58 PM Phil
Fabulous! Fun afternoon!

6:58 PM Sassy
Oh yes
Thank you dear man

6:59 PM Phil
Thank you! Hot hot hot

Silver bullet vibe

June 13, 2019 Thursday

8:10 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!
Eat today please! And you can eat me later. ; )

12:42 PM Sassy
Indian buffet at The Maharaja!  

7:29 PM Phil
Remembered. You would be dessert

7:34 PM Sassy

8:11 PM Phil
Slide down the table and throw your legs over my shoulders.
Whipped cream is optional

8:12 PM Sassy
Oooh! You rascal! I adore rascals…
I just had chocolate cake… but you would taste better!

8:13 PM Phil
I can dip it in frosting

8:25 PM Sassy
No need… I like the creamy center.

8:43 PM Phil
No calories!

8:43 PM Sassy
Oh man… I want you. So much

8:46 PM Phil
Getting hard just thinking about it

10:25 PM Phil

[photo of his naked leg with a dog lying on his ankle]

Hanging with my buddy

10:26 PM Sassy

[photo of me lying on my bed showing my naked legs with a silver bullet vibrator lying on my purple nightshirt]

10:30 PM Phil


Whatcha gonna do with that?

Put it some place warm and wet

10:33 PM Sassy

[photo of a silver bullet vibrator stuck between my legs, with some pubic hair and a bit of white panties]

10:34 PM Phil

[photo of his erect cock in his hand]

Slip that in next to it

10:35 PM Sassy
Oh yes

10:35 PM Phil
Fuck that hot wet pussy

With this hard cock

Take it deep and hard

10:30 PM Phil
VIDEO – 10 seconds of him stroking his cock

Kneeling between your legs pressing into you, feeling the heat, feeling hot wet you are, sliding inside, tight and hot

10:41 PM Sassy
Yes please!

10:41 PM Phil
Snapping a pic as my cock slides inside

Balls deep, snapping as my cock slides out and then back in, harder, feeling the vibration

Feels amazing

Cock is shiny covered in your juices, getting harder

Balls slapping your ass

Faster, deeper, long hard strokes

The sound of naked bodies slapping together

Your tits bouncing with each thrust

Burying my cock deep inside you, feeling your pussy clench

Balls tightening, tingling

Want to fill you with cum

Can I cum inside you?

10:51 PM Sassy
Oh yes
I want it all

10:52 PM Phil
Oh yeah, take it babe

10:57 PM Phil
Fuck oh damn big hot load

10:58 PM Sassy

11:00 PM Phil

VIDEO – 10 seconds of him standing, stroking his cock and cumming all over a wood floor

11:01 PM Sassy
Wow! You are the hottest

11:01 PM Phil
You too. Night sweet girl

4 Vibes at once

June 2, 2019 Sunday

11:22 AM Sassy
Hope you’re having a most excellent Sunday!

I’m enjoying a quiet day. Hubby brought me breakfast from McD’s! Doing laundry and plant work. The balcony door is open!

6:19 PM Phil
I did, church. Cleaned the entire house because apparently I am the only person who knows how to use a vacuum, mop and dust cloth. Then time for a drive. Now grilling Cornish hens on the grill

[photo of his hand holding a glass of Scotch]

6:22 PM Phil
My plants are taking off

6:23 PM Sassy
Hiya kid!

6:23 PM Phil
Hey cutie

6:24 PM Sassy
I’m lying in bed figuring out how to use 3 vibes at once. ; )

6:25 PM Phil
Mmmmmm, love that visual.
Jerked off on the deck last  night thinking about you doing that

6:26 PM Sassy
Would like your tongue

6:27 PM Phil
On your clit or flicking in and out

I’ve got a long tongue

6:28 PM Sassy
Tongue on clit, fingers inside

6:29 PM Phil
Oooh, that’s an easy one!

6:29 PM Sassy

6:30 PM Phil
Like to feel you shiver as my tongue hits the right spot

6:32 PM Sassy

[photo of three vibrators between my legs, a bit of pubic hair and white panties with a purple and blue flowers pattern]

Bit of a 3 ring circus

6:33 PM Phil
Mmmmm, see a bit of pussy

That looks like a fun circus

One on your clit, one inside

Work that sweet pussy

6:36 PM Sassy
The white one on the top

Just stuck a 4th on my ass


6:36 PM Phil
Mmmmm, be happy to replace it with my tongue
Or this

6:38 PM Sassy
A little revved up tonight

6:38 PM Phil
[photo of his erect cock sticking out of his shorts while he’s standing outside]


6:39 PM Sassy

6:39 PM Phil
That’s so fucking hot

6:40 PM Sassy

[photo of four vibrators between my legs]

4! Whee!

6:40 PM Phil

That has to feel unreal

6:42 PM Sassy
Kinda crazy

6:43 PM Phil
Hot purple toy gently pressing into your ass, others making you quiver

Be fun to be managing those toys based on how you moved, how your hips thrust up or down

I have other nice toy that would fit in there somewhere

I’d let you use that purple toy on me

Be happy to lick those toys clean

Toes curling? Mmmmmmm

6:56 PM Sassy

You are so fun!

6:57 PM Phil
Hope that was spectacular

6:57 PM Sassy
And patient with my wackiness

I’m back down to one on my clit

6:58 PM Phil
You could take one of those coated in your juices and slip it up my ass while you suck my cock

I love the wackiness

7:00 PM Sassy

[gif of a man rubbing a woman’s clit with his thumb while he shoves his cock in and out of her and she rubs his index finger]

7:01 PM Sassy
I’m thinking of your thumb on my clit while you pump in and out

7:02 PM Sassy
[gif of a woman kneeling in front of a naked man and licking his balls]

7:03 PM Sassy
Do those work?
They won’t let me open them…bleh

7:03 PM Phil
Mmmmm, fucking your sweet pussy

VIDEO – 23 seconds of him standing outside stroking his cock

Oh Yeah, they work

7:06 PM Sassy
Oh man…you are so hot!

7:07 PM Phil
You just do me

7:08 PM Sassy
[simple line drawing of a woman sitting on a man’s face]

7:08 PM Phil
Yeah, sit on my face, feed me your sweet pussy

That position lets you control where my tongue is

7:10 PM Sassy

7:10 PM Phil
I wouldn’t mind sliding my cock between your tits either

Into your mouth when lubrication is needed

Nothing like stroking outside

7:12 PM Sassy – Tumbex

I found this site called tumbex

7:14 PM Phil
Love those

7:14 PM Sassy
They found a way to access tumblr posts without having to log in and w/o the censors!

7:14 PM Phil
That’s pretty cool!

those are hot as hell

7:14 PM Sassy
I type into Google tumbex sexy [or whatever] and up come links

7:15 PM Phil
I think big tits and pull up a picture of you

7:17 PM Sassy

7:17 PM Phil
I’ve had your tits in my hands and mouth for over 40 years so they are special to me

As is the girl who comes with them

7:18 PM Sassy
I look at these sites looking for poses I can try.

You are so sweet to me.

7:18 PM Phil
Any pose is sexy as hell cause it’s you

[photo of two Cornish Game Hens on the grill]


7:19 PM Sassy

7:19 PM Phil
Cute little buggers

7:20 PM Sassy
What did you put on them?

7:20 PM Phil
Salt and pepper, fresh rosemary, onion and orange in the cavity

Cute little suckers. My Mom used to make them

7:21 PM Sassy
I’ve never had one

7:21 PM Phil
I’m going to go eat and then jerk off in the hot tub to photos of you

They are delicious!

7:21 PM Sassy

7:21 PM Phil

7:49 PM Phil
They were juicy, crispy and delightful

7:50 PM Sassy
Side dishes?

7:50 PM Phil
With roasted beets, turnips, carrots, onion and fennel. Healthy and delicious

Cheesecake for desert. Not as healthy

7:51 PM Sassy
With fruit?

7:51 PM Phil
Fresh blueberries

7:52 PM Sassy

7:52 PM Phil
My favorite is bread pudding with bourbon sauce


7:52 PM Sassy
We had Chinese at 5 PM so of course I’m starving

7:53 PM Phil
Chinese is so good but only lasts an hour.

7:53 PM Sassy
So odd

7:53 PM Phil
I know! WTF?!

7:53 PM Sassy
I had this new dish with shrimp, scallops and green beans sauteed

7:54 PM Phil
doesn’t matter what you eat either

7:54 PM Sassy
Called the Imperial couple. Heh

7:54 PM Phil
I have them make it all spicy
So good!

7:55 PM Sassy
This was spicy – right on the edge of too much but I tossed in lots of rice

7:55 PM Phil
Never too much for me, I like it Indian hot

7:55 PM Sassy
You’re hot all around

7:57 PM Phil
So easy to find in England and Canada, so hard to get here. We ate curry in Newquay and watched people cry. I was licking it up

You ain’t so bad yourself you hot sexy thing

7:57 PM Sassy
Ha! Charmer.

You inspire me

8:01 PM Phil
So much fun to read back and look at your photos. Last night, my cock was really flowing and I was coating my fingers and licking them clean and stroking some more till my fingers were again coated and finally shooting all over my chest and belly.

You inspire me

VIDEO – 25 seconds of him stroking sitting outside

8:11 PM Sassy
Mmm…so amazing to see you and hear you

8:13 PM Phil

[selfie of him smiling up at the camera]

The other half
A smile for you

8:14 PM Sassy
Awww…thanks! Melts me

8:15 PM Phil

love ya Sass

8:16 PM Sassy
I love you!

[selfie of my face and the top of a purple nightshirt]

8:16 PM Phil
Aww thank you. There’s my girl

8:17 PM Sassy

[another selfie of my face and the top of the purple nightshirt]

I made a turkey and cheese sandwich.

8:18 PM Phil
With that in mind, gonna jump in the hot tub

8:19 PM Sassy
Have a grand soak!

8:19 PM Phil
Sounds good too!
I bought amazing smoked Gouda and spicy bison sausage yesterday. It’s fabulous!

8:21 PM Sassy
Never heard of bison sausage! Will have to look out for that…

8:22 PM Phil
Local butchers made it, lean and delicious, like a summer sausage. They sounded like all of my relatives

8:22 PM Sassy

I found this recipe – looks worth a try

8:24 PM Phil
Does look good! I’m a Shawarma fan.
Best thing ever at 2:00am

8:26 PM Sassy
Oh, that sounds tasty!

8:28 PM Phil
Amazing! Many of them in Haifa and Tel Aviv.

8:30 PM Sassy
I’ve been reading military news and it boggles my mind
Hope you can stay out of the headlines!

8:36 PM Phil
I try!

8:37 PM Sassy
Seems like your current slot might be less at risk for that…

So sad about shooting! Did you know any of the people?

8:51 PM Sassy
15 more work days… so ready to be done!!!

8:57 PM Phil
Didn’t know anyone but been in that building dozens of times.
So sad.
Woo Hoo! Retirement coming up!

8:59 PM Sassy
Hope I’m better at staying out of the workforce than you are!

Did you see the photos of the new Star Wars land at DisneyLand?

The Millennium Falcon blew me away!

9:32 PM Phil
It’s spectacular. We got a pretty good look when we were there.

I suck at this retired thing

9:34 PM Sassy
Indeed! But that’s fine… whatever works, kid.

9:38 PM Phil
I still enjoy making a difference

9:39 PM Sassy
I am looking for ways to do that… who knows what?!

9:41 PM Phil
Good for you, many ways to be impactful.

10:49 PM Sassy
The Red Sox won one! Whee!

Find a bulge

May 26, 2019 Sunday

10:52 AM Sassy
Tried the venerable The Plough and Stars in Cambridge

Fun entrance tile
Irish breakfast – 2 fried eggs, Irish bacon, 2 bangers, 
black & white pudding, baked beans, grilled tomato, toast
Poached eggs with pork confit and Hollandaise sauce
and an English muffin
Cheddar grits

11:04 AM Sassy
Desserts at The Plough and Stars in Cambridge!

Blueberry cheesecake 
with fresh strawberries and blueberries and whipped cream
Chocolate bundt cake 
with fresh strawberries and blueberries and whipped cream
3:34 PM Phil
Just my leg?
Taking a break during spring cleaning.
Changing the hot tub water and washing down the porch. Hope you are enjoying the day.
3:34 PM Sassy
I was thinking that my fingers would likely stray higher… hope to find a bulge!
4:11 PM Phil
There is a bulge there now
4:11 PM Sassy
Mmm… I’ll check it out, rub a bit.
4:20 PM Phil
Mmmm, I love rubbing, the bulge will grow.
4:22 PM Sassy
I have a new toy! The Lelo SONA. It’s sonic…sound waves instead of vibrations
4:41 PM Phil
How is that? That sounds amazing.
4:42 PM Sassy
I’m still figuring it out but when I hit that spot…ooo
4:44 PM Phil
Oh fuck that hot! 
Just read the reviews. Said it hits areas of your clit, no other toy does
4:44 PM Sassy
The silver bullet is still my favorite
4:44 PM Phil
Just sent my cock into overdrive
Damn girl
4:45 PM Sassy
You got me revved up, had to do something
4:45 PM Phil
[photo of his erect cock in his hand]
4:46 PM Sassy
Yeah I didn’t believe the hype on their site but a pal said his wife adores it so I took a chance
4:46 PM Phil
Me too
4:47 PM Sassy
Yum! I need to lick you!
4:47 PM Phil
Lick away baby. Out on the back porch
Rub that tasty pussy
4:48 PM Sassy
Crawl into my bed, put your knees on either side of my head, hold on to the headband and put that cock down my throat!
4:49 PM Phil
Mmmm, fuck your hot mouth
4:49 PM Sassy
I want you to
4:49 PM Phil
Take it deep, swallow my cock
4:50 PM Sassy
Ready to suck
4:50 PM Phil
Oh yeah, love your hot mouth
4:50 PM Sassy
And stroke those balls
4:51 PM Phil
You keep that up and you will be rewarded by hot cum shooting down your throat
4:52 PM Sassy
Mmm…that’s my goal! Adore feeling you spurt hot white cun into me
4:53 PM Phil
Suck it Sass, follow that up by shoving my cock inside your tight wet pussy and shooting a load deep inside you
4:54 PM Sassy
Play with my clit and I’ll explode too
4:55 PM Phil
Take it babe, down your throat, deep inside you, let me rub that hard clit
4:56 PM Sassy
Grab a tit too…triple treat!
4:56 PM Phil
We aren’t done till you have had an explosive orgasm. I’ll lick and suck your clit till you cum
You know my hands will be all over your magnificent tits, squeezing a nipple
Might even slide down and shove my tongue up your ass
I got a great view of your tight little hole and it was screaming for attention
4:59 PM Sassy
Oh my
4:59 PM Phil
Fingers rubbing your clit, seems like a good thing
Maybe a finger in your pussy and a finger in your ass
Fucking both
5:00 PM Sassy
I enjoy all your touches
5:01 PM Phil
And of course slipping between your tits and fucking that wonderful channel
Damn girl
Cum for me baby
Let me lick that toy clean
5:03 PM Sassy
It’s very wet and sticky
5:04 PM Phil
The way I like it
Wet sticky pussy juices, your juices, mmm mmm
5:04 PM Sassy
I just had that thing where every muscle twitched and pulsed
5:05 PM Phil
I love when you twitch and pulse
You did that on my cock when I exploded inside you
5:08 PM Sassy
You are a big help to make it happen
5:08 PM Phil
That makes me so happy! Send me a picture of your beautiful tits
5:08 PM Sassy
You stroking over there?
5:09 PM Phil
Oh god yes
5:10 PM Sassy
5:11 PM Phil
[1:26 min slow motion video of him stroking his cock]
Your nipples are hard, begging to be sucked
Took the nightshirt off, I love it
I like you naked
So happy I was able to help you get off! You have made me cum so many times and so wonderfully. When cum is hitting my chin, that’s a great orgasm
5:16 PM Sassy
I wish that was my hand
5:17 PM Phil
Thank you babe for the great shots and a wonderful afternoon distraction. Trust me, I wish it was your hand too!
5:17 PM Sassy
5:18 PM Phil
Can’t help but jerk off while you are playing and sharing
5:18 PM Sassy
Made my day!
5:18 PM Phil
Always a pleasure to cum with you, on you or in you
5:19 PM Sassy
Ha ha ha
5:20 PM Phil
It’s just special to me. Always has been.
5:21 PM Sassy
That video is wicked hot!
Thanks kid! I adore our play dates!
5:24 PM Phil
6:22 PM Phil
Still throbbing, looking at your pics. 
There is nothing on line more exciting than you. Thank you
9:26 PM Sassy

Late supper at The 99 in Somerville – chicken with chicken and chicken!

Gold fever wings with fresh carrots and blue cheese dressing 
Southwest chicken bowl for Hubby
Fried chicken with corn, mashed potatoes and gravy
10:49 PM Phil
At it again, looking at you
[photo of his erect cock in his hand]

Another new toy

March 23, 2019 Thursday

From: Sassy
To: Brett
Sent: Thu, May 23, 2019 at 12:32 PM
Subject: Spring sun

Hiya Brett! Hope you are getting to enjoy these beautiful spring days! I adore this cool clear weather. 

My boss is away on vacation and I am momentarily caught up so I am spending lunch thinking of you!

Has life been treating you well? I’ve been keeping busy with pre-retirement chores. I got my new computer last Sunday. We had a fun trip to Salem NH and rolled home with a Macbook Pro! I am poorer but happy to cross that task off the list. Hubby helped me figure out the migration assistant and easily transferred everything over from my work laptop! I’ve been spending my evenings clicking on everything, making sure it all works. Whee!

Our latest project got off to a good start. I laughed myself silly! It is amazingly lighthearted and entertaining. I so wish you could see it and laugh with me in the dark while I misbehave.

I got another new vibrator – it’s sonic! It’s from Lelo and called SONA.  It uses sound waves rather than vibrations and… oh my! That combined with thoughts of our last meet have been so so good.

Hope you have a wonderful long weekend!


Up your anticipation

May 19, 2019 Sunday

From: Floridian
To: Sassy
Sent: Sun, May 19, 2019 at 7:32 AM
Re: Re: Re: Voices

Morning, Sass,

To cut to the chase, I think I’ll have to beg off this evening. Whatever disappointment that may or may not bring, it’s probably far less than the disappointment that will happen when I bring far less than my best. What’s that time-honored chestnut, it’s not you, it’s me? In this instance it absolutely is.

I thought about tossing out some bullshit excuse like “something came up” or family obligations but figured we’ve been straight with each other so far, it would be a shame to change it. I spent most of the night thinking about it and came to the conclusion I’m pushing it for today.

Meeting you after spending the day in Boston would mean I’m still in my all-day clothes, with hat head, drained from gong in and out of Fenway and chasing sugared-up children. I thought about rushing through dinner to get out of there to meet you in time and trying to come up with an excuse as to why I had to run out and I hate lying. My preference is to withhold information so I’m not. And then, with this being my first foray into another woman, I thought about the guilt I’d put on myself having just left my family and concluded my head wouldn’t be as clear as I’d like.

All those factors convinced me that for this moment in time, I’d be a dud in both conversation and bed, both of which are important to me. I pride myself on maximum performance and can’t see that happening tonight. But only tonight. I still want to taste, touch, devour, and probe you inside and out. But I want to do it when you’re my focus without the peripheral crap. And since I went to sleep and woke up with these thoughts, I figure they’re here to take up residence for the day.

I hope this doesn’t make me come off as a neurotic jerk but I’d rather be straight than come up with a lie I may forget later. But I shall return and, with your blessing, eat you up. And down.



From: Sassy

To: Floridian
Sent: Sun, May 19, 2019 at 7:45 AM
Re: Voices
Good morning!

Thanks for the heads-up. I appreciate your explanation and I do understand. Sorry you had to angst over it. Have an excellent family day!

Don’t think about my chest…too much.


Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android
From: Floridian
To: Sassy
Sent: Sun, May 19, 2019 at 8:38 AM

Re: Re: Re: Re: Voices

I won’t say they were the biggest reasons — well, yes they are the biggest — for delaying sending the email but they certainly were high up the “things I would love to bury myself in if this happens tonight” list of items. They weighed heavily on my mind as I went to sleep and then woke up. So, yeah, “don’t think about my chest” is kind of an empty admonishment.


From: Sassy
To: Floridian
Sent: Sun, May 19, 2019 at 9:26 AM
Re: Re: Re: Re: Voices

Ha ha. .Oh Josh. Happy to hear I’ve given you something new and fun to think about. I attached a less demure photo to up your anticipation. Pondering if the fact that it’s naughty to touch me helps or not?

In a broader sense, is the risky dangerous part of touching me a thrill or a detriment? Maybe a mix of both. I hope you can notice the risks and adjust to minimize them, and revel in them but not get weighed down.

Your sense of humor is so subtle and sexy. I giggle at first but then stand back and read it again and marvel at your deft use of words to weave a web of delights!

I’m back in bed trying out a new toy. Have you played with any? I had no knowledge or experience until quite recently but have been experimenting with how they help me stay sane between meets and how they enhance interaction with a man. They also help me understand my body so I can guide a man to try slightly different techniques that give us both more pleasure! They taught me I’m a “clit gal” so stimulating that area produces quite a reaction! Maybe after we’ve explored each other we can expand in that direction.

What else would you like to know? I hope I can give you lots of info to ease and excite your mind.

Hugs with groping and a deep French kiss!


Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


From: The Floridian
To: Sassy
Sent: Sun, May 19, 2019 at 2:48 PM

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Voices

I probably should have known better than to open email from you at the Sox game next to my family. Thankfully, only I was paying attention. And you got my attention.

From: Sassy
To: Floridian
Sent: Sun, May 19, 2019 at 3:30 PM

Subject: A computer of my own

Hiya Josh!

Glad you liked the photo. Figured I’d give more substance to your fantasies.

I’m home from NH with my shiny Macbook Pro laptop! Much poorer but happy to cross that task off my list. My evening will be taken up by the migration assistant to get everything moved over from my old machine and wipe it before turning it in.

Hope the game is going well and your family enjoys it!

Ping me later if you feel like talking.


Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

From: Floridian
To: Sassy
Sent: Sun, May 19, 2019 at 9:20 PM

Re: A computer of my own

So of course I had second thoughts about my second thoughts, even before I saw what I was missing. I got back here and thought, “geez, I should have had the Sass meet me and take a shower and we’d soap each other up and I’d lose my hat head.” But I didn’t.

But it actually did work out for the best timing wise at least. The game was delayed an hour by rain so we didn’t get out of Fenway until just after 5, stopped for the obligatory JP Licks ice cream and by the time we got the car out fo the Pru, through traffic and back to their place, it was already 7. Then pizza, hanging out and by the time I got back here, it was near 9. So maybe I was prescient rather than circumspect. Yeah, that’s it.

Anyway, I’m back in my room but not much good. I’m jumping in the shower then sliding into bed with the Cubs-Nationals game onto lull me to sleep.

Did I tell you I want to lick your lower lips until your quivers turn to shakes? Yeah, that’s what I want to do.



From: Sassy

To: Floridian
Sent: Sun, May 19, 2019 at 9:56 PM
Subject: Showers

Josh! Thank you for writing after a long day! I hope you’re sleeping peacefully.

The second I heard there was an hour delay at Fenway, I knew you had been wise. I watched the game highlights and wondered what your family made of it – seemed like a good game! 

Not meeting today did not keep me from fantasizing about it. I’m smiling because our minds spin and land on the same spot – I was imagining a shower! And oral! My big question is whether you want
1. me to stop short so you can be inside another opening,
2. Swallow
3. Paint my face and or chest with hot white cum?

I was also imagining meeting you at first light or at Logan… but our time will come and we will cum and I hope we’ll have fun via email or phone or smoke signals until then. Anticipation is a fine thing!


Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


From: Floridian
To: Sassy
Sent: Sun, May 19, 2019 at 10:19 PM

Re: Showers

Geezus, I want you. Here. Now. 

Got any sick days? 
Option D, please, all of the above. Or stop just short, I’ll explode on myself and you can lick it off.
And it makes it, er , hard to transition to my day but, yes the baseball game was fun.  More on that later. 
And, yes, we will consummate. And consume.
From: Sassy

To: Floridian
Sent: Sun, May 19, 2019 at 11:22 PM
Re: Showers

Mmmm… Josh… still not sleeping? I had a lovely nap late afternoon, so I am awake later than usual.

I couldn’t get my old computer transferred to my new one – we don’t have the one cable we need. So Hubby volunteered to go to Micro Center tomorrow and I will try again. *sigh

Being wanted is so hot! Imagine a woman who wants you! Who says, “Yes.” Who does not just “let you” do things to her, but glories in it and does things to you and enjoys it! I will try my best to make it easy and fun. If all that is new, you are in for a treat (or 17).

And you want it all? So so good… I’m game to try! Never done the “lick it off” thing. Only done the “on me” thing once. My mentourage highly prefer to be inside up or down. Is it interesting or creepy reading about my sexy experiences? If it bugs you, I can stop.

Are you mostly a baseball guy or into the Celtics, Bruins, Revolution and Patriots too? I stick to baseball, figure skating (though much less these days) and a little Triple Crown horse racing. Oh, and sled dog racing! The Iditarod rocks! Dogs, majestic mountains and mushers! Whee!

You are so good to your family!  My parents are gone, so it’s just the “three sisters” now – my older sister is 9 years older, and my younger sister (who is 9 years younger). I have brunch with my older sister and her beau every weekend to solve the problems of the world, and my younger sister is my best friend and co-conspirator in the community project. They are both bookish, philosophical, brilliant women. I’m the “practical one” who can figure out where to have dinner and how to balance a checkbook etc. Do you have siblings?

Tomorrow I will be in the office… 32 days to go… and thinking of you. I wish you safe and uneventful travels!

Hugs with groping… while I slowly undress you. Good night J!


Getting to know a Floridian

May 18, 2019 Saturday

From: Floridian

To: Sassy
Sent: Sat, May 18, 2019 at 9:21 AM
Re: Voices

Good morning, Sass,

If you see typos in this, please attribute it to my iPad screen keyboard, which has an autocorrect mind of its own and I don’t always proof it thoroughly. I’d love to talk with you either Saturday or Sunday evening. Problem with the hotel room is the phone is on the desk, making lying down in bed and fantasizing difficult. I have no problem of you calling me on the cell phone if you wish. No one uses it or checks it besides me. It’s up to you. Or, hell, just eliminate the middle man and come here.

I wanted to send a message earlier but I wanted it to have a little more substance than the usual flirtations because of the content of your last response. Your bout with cancer registers with me. Two years ago, I had cancer surgery. Thankfully, things are fine but while it didn’t accelerate my sex drive and desire, it did speed up my retirement schedule. But I did it without plans, opening up my forays to Ashley.

Here’s some answers to your latest questions and I’m sure we’ll have more to chat about. Funny, when corresponding with other women, I withhold much, fog up a few details to ensure I can’t be found though never lying or misleading, but I have no qualms about opening up with you and baring myself. I don’t know why. Probably because I’d really like to see if something can occur. And yes, if my wife is gone, I absolutely can entertain you safely, and I do mean entertain.

For work, I did a variety of things when I was younger that sated my desire for drink, drugs, and danger. I was a bartender, construction worker, drug dealer, and commercial fisherman. But one night, I jumped over the bar to break up a fight, got a cue stick across my back and was laying at the bottom of a scrum thinking there has to be an easier way to make a living. So I went back to school and found a calmer career and taught others as well.  [career story redacted but it is really cool!]

I have no particular restaurant type. I like ‘em all. I’d have to say my choice for overall dining experience in Massachusetts is [redacted]. Incredibly eclectic menu and atmosphere.

But my favorite place to eat (besides the obvious involving you) is the late fall-early winter evening dinner train on the Cape Cod Scenic Railroad, especially during a light snow. It runs from Hyannis to the Canal and back, through marshes and along the coast. It’s magical, romantic, erotic, and the food is five star. I don’t know how people keep from making love on the tables before it’s over.

My music tastes run old school but somewhat diversified. [Details and a youtube video redacted]

I’m off to Boston to see my family [redacted details]. I’ll be back early evening. Let me know which phone you’d prefer and I’ll send you a number. Or, preferably, directions.


From: Sassy
To: Floridian
Sent: Sat, May 18, 2019 at 1:10 PM

Re: Voices

Hiya Josh,

What a beautiful day! Thank you for bringing the sunshine!! The WBZ weather guy said this is our first dry Saturday since March! Hope you had fun out and about with your descendants.

Okay. Not sure if this will send you running screaming toward me or away but here it is… unfiltered right back at you!

First: Meet
Directions, please? I am game. I may be doing something very special or incredibly stupid but I want to come see you. or see you and cum? ; ) Listen to you. Maybe touch you. Even taste you. Let’s figure it out? I need a safe start somewhere public. Later tonight? Tomorrow late afternoon or evening? I will cancel something. Or I can wait, if there is a better time in the months ahead? Speed can mean the brakes go on harshly too quickly.

Second: Why
Damn it… this email? It’s what I prosaically call a “holy shit” moment. It makes me WANT YOU. Which is usually a VERY BAD SIGN tm. Because the more I want a man, the less likely it is to happen. *sigh

And I am not only thinking of your body or talent using it, but your mind. I want to ask so many questions, to learn from your wide variety of experiences, to benefit from your adventures and have some more with you!

It makes me want to trust you… which can be a disaster. Dangerous. Ugh. How can I tell that you are not part of the evil in this world? I can’t. *sigh. Please don’t be an axe murderer!

Oh man… I adored this email! It sent my mind in so many directions.

I’ll start at the end. I listened to the video. My older sister’s beau is taking music lessons at a high level as part of his post-cancer “do what I’ve always meant to do” activities, so I’ve been listening to a lot of links he posts. But nothing like that song… I let Youtube take me on a trip through the genre for a long time and feel like I can breathe better than in ages for all the gasps of joy! Hah. I got lost in Wikipedia articles about the musician and more. Did you know he is touring? And he’ll be in Boston next month?

I usually get droll answers to the music questions but this was like an explosion in a fireworks factory! Ha! Thank you. It is on in the background as a I write all this.

A big portion of my music knowledge comes through being a serious figure skating fan years ago, and they skate to a lot of different genres, so I can see an athlete jumping and spinning to so many of the tunes. Here’s a 7-minute glimpse of the athleticism, musicality and downright sexuality of one of my favorite dance couples. I am rarely rendered speechless but I stared into the blue eyes of Peter Tchernyshev in a hotel hallway in Colorado Springs and he asked for directions…I had to point!

[HD] Naomi Lang and Peter Tchernyshev – 2002 Worlds FD – Parisienne Walkways

A wacky list of a man willing to take a risk. And then learning important lessons.  Will try not to fangirl too much, but I do adore what you do and how it makes our world better.  I adore sharing stories and I bet you know a million! *drool

I started posting photos about food when I was sick. People were like “How ARE you?” or “How are YOU?” all the time every day and I hated it. So I went out to dinner and took photos and posted them, so they could see me out and know I was “okay” and we could talk about the food and restaurants and I liked that a lot! When I got better I stopped for a bit and everyone was pestering me….”Are you okay? I miss knowing where you had dinner! Can you tell me where to go for brunch?” So I kept going. I consider doing more, perhaps even a food blog, in retirement… we’ll see.

Men tell me their restaurants ideas and most of the time I nod… I could do that. With yours, I want to make reservations right now! Ha. How can you be so… I think there’s a Spanish word something like sympatico? Argh.

I am so sorry you had to learn the lessons of cancer treatment and have it send you off on a different track, but if it brings you to me and that’s a good thing? Hooray!! My dad had similar issues in his 40s and lived another 47 years, so I will hope the same for you! I want to know more about this adventure and any super powers you acquired, but hope there will be time for that later. You got me hoping… *sigh

I have to run to my next thing… and this has gotten long again and I told you way too much so I will stop now.

Anonymity: Thank you for being so open and know I protect you. I was in a “chat room for cheaters” on IRC so I have heard every story on how affairs can so south. Remind me to tell you about the bank robber.

As open as I am, I want to stay anonymous, except perhaps in person after a long while. Not to protect myself from you exactly, though there is always a bit of that, but to keep your wife or family from ever finding me. I hope you can cope with that. And my ”real name” only sends me spiraling into the part of my life that is business and chores and responsibilities and married… let me escape most of that as Sassy!

Hugs with groping and an ear nibble… for a start!


From: Floridian
To: Sassy
Sent: Sat, May 18, 2019 at 9:50 PM

Re: Re: Voices

Hi, Sass,
Your better angels whisper in your ear? No problem. You take things as quickly or as slowly as you think you need to. (Then once you arrive, I’ll be very, very slow.) You call me or don’t whenever you the spirit moves you. But do not stop writing. It stirs me.
PS— I cannot believe I let the typo go to you on the name of my favorite song! I hate my iPad at times. I can’t imagine what I typed so the beast inside my tablet changed it.  It’s not like I haven’t listened to this album and song for four decades, bought it at least seven times in varying media, not to mention given countless copies as gifts to friends. That’s embarrassing.


From: Sassy

To: Floridian
Sent: Sat, May 18, 2019 at 10:01 PM
Re: Voices

When can I see you tomorrow?



From: Floridian
To: Sassy
Sent: Sat, May 18, 2019 at 10:11 PM

Re: Re: Voices

I’m going to the Sox game tomorrow so if things hold form, my family will get antsy and bored about the fifth inning, leave the game around 3. By the time we get out of Boston and back to their place, it will be around 4:30. I’ll hang with them for a bit to see other family, likely have a quick dinner with them. Did you need to know all that? No, I was just time-factoring as I typed so figure I’ll be free around 7, to be safe. Would you like me to come to you, you come to me, or meet safely in between? You draw the map.
Of course, technically “tomorrow” begins at midnight.
From: Sassy
To: Floridian 
Sent: Sat, May 18, 2019 at 10:13 PM

Re: Voices

Hiya Josh,

Glad you are stirred! (Not shaken.)

I feel like I missed an email… or you did… or something. Send me your phone number and we can figure it out.

I am definitely in a full speed ahead mode!

I have to be in Salem NH tomorrow noon, but hope to home in time to see you in the evening, if that works? Tell me when and where. A Starbucks? An Olive Garden? A Mall food court?

Aww… don’t be embarrassed. I knew it was auto-correct. 🙂


From: Floridian
To: Sassy
Sent: Sat, May 18, 2019 at 10:17 PM

Re: Re: Voices

[phone number redacted]

From: Sassy
To: Floridian 
Sent: Sat, May 18, 2019 at 10:21 PM

Re: Voices

Hiya! I like following along while you time-factor. 🙂 Please help the Sox win tomorrow?

I am thinking to go down (see what I did there?) your way, so there is the option of the hotel if the stars align? 7 pm or so sounds fine. Or whenever. Ping me when you know you can be ready in about an hour?

Do you want to talk tonight? Hear my sultry voice? I can call now if that works?


From: Floridian
To: Sassy
Sent: Sat, May 18, 2019 at 10:41 PM

Re: Re: Voices

Whatever you’d like, Sass. I’m just sitting here watching the Sox and refreshing my browser waiting for your emails. But I’ll warn you, hearing my voice may prompt you to jump in the car tonight. Or so I dream.

I called his cellphone using my Google Voice line.  I was lying on my bed and he was on the hotel bed.  We had a stellar first talk, like we were old friends catching up instead of nervous new acquaintances!  He has a super sexy voice.  I was also surprised how charming he was, considering this was his first rodeo.  We mostly stayed on sharing stories and favorites, but it got quite sexy toward the end and he let me take him over the edge.  Always so hot to hear a man cum!  
As with most men, he got quite sleepy after cresting the summit, so I said good night and sent him off to sleep with a smile. 
I grabbed one of my toys and went back over our conversation until I soared! 
From: Sassy
To: Floridian 
Sent: Sat, May 18, 2019 at 11:31 PM

Re: Voices

Terrific to talk with you. Sleep well J.

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New toys

May 9, 2019 Thursday

From: Sassy
To: Brett
Sent: Thu, May 9, 2019 at 6:38 PM
Subject: Sunshine and Sassy

Good evening Brett! Hope you’ve had a few moments to enjoy the sunshine!

I am still basking in the glow of last week’s spectacular adventures. Memories sneak up on me and I find myself grinning and sighing… such a special evening. You continue to surprise and delight me.

Hope your week has rolled along well. I had a low key time, focusing on transition projects at work and keeping up with my community project tasks.

I’m working on a new estate plan, got a wonderful new lawyer through my employer’s legal plan. We met with her on Saturday. It will be good to have those documents updated.

Work is finally slowing down so I have time to do fun (NOT) chores like clean off my computer hard drive and change passwords on various websites to other people. Yippee. 43 days to go!

I managed to break my favorite toy last weekend so I got on Amazon and ordered 4 more! Heh. They arrived yesterday so I can have fun testing them out. Whee!

Have a wonderful weekend! Think of my chest sometimes!


Feel good

April 26, 2019 Friday

From: Sassy
To: Greg
Sent: Fri, Apr 26, 2019 at 7:27 PM
Re: No more PF Chang’s

Hiya G!

Ha! Hope my chest inspires you to help yourself feel good!

I am celebrating 56 days left until retirement! Whee! I do hope to cause lots of trouble on my Sassy side. I do still have my sweet cats – they turned 10 this month!

I don’t have much to report – been keeping busy with Tumblr and my toys. After a month of silence, I heard from the guy yesterday. He wants to see me next week in the evening – have not done that before. Maybe after that I’ll have a good story to tell?