New toys

May 9, 2019 Thursday

From: Sassy
To: Brett
Sent: Thu, May 9, 2019 at 6:38 PM
Subject: Sunshine and Sassy

Good evening Brett! Hope you’ve had a few moments to enjoy the sunshine!

I am still basking in the glow of last week’s spectacular adventures. Memories sneak up on me and I find myself grinning and sighing… such a special evening. You continue to surprise and delight me.

Hope your week has rolled along well. I had a low key time, focusing on transition projects at work and keeping up with my community project tasks.

I’m working on a new estate plan, got a wonderful new lawyer through my employer’s legal plan. We met with her on Saturday. It will be good to have those documents updated.

Work is finally slowing down so I have time to do fun (NOT) chores like clean off my computer hard drive and change passwords on various websites to other people. Yippee. 43 days to go!

I managed to break my favorite toy last weekend so I got on Amazon and ordered 4 more! Heh. They arrived yesterday so I can have fun testing them out. Whee!

Have a wonderful weekend! Think of my chest sometimes!


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