Silly goat

March 29, 2018 Thursday
8:33 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!  Hope you have a particularly good Thursday!
My day was made by a package I thought was lost showing up!!
12:06 PM Phil
Happy Thursday! Happy to hear it!

2:15 PM Sassy
Woo hoo! Time for baseball!
5:46 PM Phil
6:29 PM Sassy
Be nice! May the best team win! 
Except not the Yankees. ; P
7:04 PM Phil
8:02 PM Phil
[Philip in his hot tub with naked shoulders and smile]
Enjoy the evening
8:03 PM Sassy
Thanks Mr Sexy
I was just looking at the cutest puppies… wondering if you wanted another one?  Friend’s mom rescued five of them from beside the highway in PR!  They are hoping to fly them here and get folks to adopt them.

[Photos of five sweet puppy faces]

9:40 PM Phil
What cuties!
11:40 PM Sassy
Have a silly goat drinking water – make sure the sound is on


It’s November

November 1, 2017 Wednesday

7:50 AM Sassy
Good morning!  Have a terrific Tuesday!!
Oops…it’s Wednesday.  Hope it’s good whatever day it is!
7:57 AM Phil
Ha! Thank God it’s not Tuesday!  Have a great day!
8:36 AM Sassy
It’s November too!  Wow.  Here’s to a great month.  : ) 

9:11 AM Phil
Where did the year go?
9:33 AM Sassy
Good question!  Family days, work, projects, fantasies of a handsome man…

12:09 AM Sassy

New Manager

October 22, 2017 Sunday

11:33 AM Sassy
Good morning kid! 
Out at the Thirsty Scholar Pub!  Eating a full Irish breakfast!

4:23 PM Sassy
Red Sox Name Alex Cora Manager

6:28 PM Sassy
Mexican dinner at Painted Burro in Davis Square Somerville

My street corn, shrimp taco and rice
Street cart chicken and rice
Chicken enchiladas
Chicken quesadilla and grilled shrimp

Throbbing inside

October 21, 2017 Saturday
8:45 PM Phil
Back home. 
Off to our hometown on Thursday. 
Hope you had a great day!
8:47 PM Sassy
Yay!  I’m vegging at home after a wacky day of 4 community project meetings in 4.5 hours earlier today.
It’s been a terrible week with work, projects and Hubby imploding in bad directions, but I hope the worst is over.
8:53 PM Phil
Oh boy! Thinking positive thoughts
9:00 PM Sassy
Thanks kid.
9:01 PM Phil
[Photo of him sitting in front of his fireplace at home toasting the camera with a scotch and cigar]
9:04 PM Sassy
Mmm…you drive all day?
9:08 PM Phil
Yup. Long day.
9:10 AM Sassy
Did the folks from our hometown get there?
9:17 PM Phil
Oh yeah, had a blast with them! My classmate is the same, she’s a hoot and her husband and I didn’t skip a beat
9:18 PM Sassy
A college gal who lives in Ft Lauderdale was there too.
9:23 PM Phil
[photo of trees and a tower]
This is the Tower of terror from our room. 
The lady with us said it looked like a giant erect cock
[Photo of fireworks over the water]
9:25 PM Phil
The view from our balcony last night while swigging champagne
9:27 PM Sassy
Wow!  That’s spectacular!
9:31 PM Phil
It was fabulous
9:40 PM Phil

[photo of a woman sucking a cock with cum dripping down]
9:59 PM Sassy
[image of a man sucking on a woman’s pussy]
sxylusty: “💦 ” What I want for my birthday.
10:03 PM Phil
[photo of his cock in his hand]
I like it!
10:07 PM Sassy
Oh my… talk about yummy!
10:13 PM Phil
Open up ;0 
10:18 PM Sassy
Would love to!
10:32 PM Phil
[photo of my right nipple and breast]
Think I’ll cum right here
10:33 PM Sassy
Yes please!
10:34 PM Phil
That nipple would look great all shiny and wet covered in cum
[photo of his cock in his hand with a bit of pre-cum on the tip]
10:39 PM Sassy
Oh yes…
And you could take a photo.  🙂 
10:40 PM Phil
Would love to have that pic
10:41 PM Sassy
There is one from someone else… did I share it?
It’s happened exactly once…
10:45 PM Phil
I saw that one, very hot. 
If I get the opportunity I’ll fuck those beautiful tits and cover them with cum

10:46 PMSassy
When you’re in our hometown, “go out for milk” and meet me somewhere? ; )
Something fun to think about, anyway…
10:48 PM Phil
That would be you milking me
10:49 PM Sassy
I want you. Argh…
Throbbing inside… ah… what you can make happen!
10:51 PM Phil
I like that
I love thinking about your pussy being wet and a finger slipping down to rub your clit
I’ll get up that way again and instead of me tasting you, you could taste me
A hot shower, lots of soap and rubbing and if you lick mine, I’ll lick yours
10:57 PM Sassy
10:59 PM Phil
You stick your tongue in my ass, I’ll stick mine in yours, you lick my cock, I’ll lick your pussy. I’d love to lay back and have you suck my cock as you slipped a finger or toy inside me. Oh man!
11:00 PM Sassy
You are full of good ideas tonight!
11:00 PM Phil
Your call where I cum
Then we can have lobster
11:02 PM Sassy
Everywhere.  🙂
You know what I like!
11:05 PM Phil
I know you like it when I shoot a big load in your tight pussy and I know you like it in your mouth, I know you would enjoy me coming on your tits
At least I think you liked feeling me shoot deep inside you
11:08 PM Sassy
You know it.
11:21 PM Sassy
Wow… what a baseball game!
11:36 PM Phil
Yeah, disappointed but Houston is a hell of a team
11:37 PM Sassy
Would be fun if they could pep up that city after all the hurricane mess.
11:37 PM Phil
Yeah, I’m rooting for them
11:37 PM Sassy
I feel bad for the TV folks though… those two markets are not baseball towns.
11:38 PM Phil
LA is
11:38 PM Sassy
There were seats available in both stadiums for the ACLS!
11:38 PM Phil
None avail in Yankee Stadium. Those were sell outs
11:38 PM Sassy
I meant LA and Houston
11:39 PM Phil
I know
11:39 PM Sassy
Ah well… hope there will be good baseball to watch!
11:39 PM Phil
The regular fans won’t be able to get seats for the series
Hope it’s a good series
11:40 PM Sassy
You heading to bed?
You must be beat!
11:40 PM Phil
I’m tired but I’d sleep better with a blow job ;P
11:40 PM Sassy
I hear ya
Hubby has been sticking to me like glue… no time to play alone this week.  Sigh
11:42 PM Phil
Aww, that sucks
11:43 PM Sassy
Might get a chance tomorrow… I’ll need it after teasing with you tonight!
Thinking about me licking you.
11:44 PM Phil
Hope I created a little distraction and moisture
If you get a chance, I’ll play too
11:46 PM Sassy
Will definitely keep you in mind, whether you are there or not.  ; )
11:47 PM Phil
nite babe, sweet dreams  XXoo
11:49 PM Sassy
Sleep well dear man

The Stormy Sex

October 13, 2017 Friday

5:13 AM Phil

[photo of his hand holding a KY lube container]
5:14 AM Sassy
Well well..happy Friday to you?
7:35 AM Phil
Happy Friday! 
Vacation starts this afternoon!
7:36 AM Sassy
Going away?
7:52 AM Phil
Driving South, stop here and there and end up at Disney with folks from high school!  Should be fun. It’s the Food and Wine festival
9:27 AM Sassy
Wow!  Sounds fun!
9:55 AM Phil
Be nice to get away a bit. It’s been years since we have been down there with friends. Makes it different and I drop life at the entrance and just completely relax
4:02 PM Sassy
Here’s a short little story about a storm… end your week… with a bang!

6:01 PM Sassy
Tried the new French bakery in Davis Square – Caramel. We had macarons!

8:31 PM Phil

I like that story!

8:42 PM Sassy
Delightful dinner at Joshua Tree in Davis Square Somerville

Cauliflower risotto – chicken and asparagus 
with wild mushroom and “riced” cauliflower
Hubby’s tuna crisps – Tuna Tartare, Avocado, Tomato, Onion 
and Lime in a Crispy Wonton Shell, with Sriracha Aioli
Banana peanut powder chocolate pudding perfection

8:31 PM Phil
I like that story!
8:43 PM Sassy
It helps me deal with thunderstorms.
8:45 PM Phil
Great way to deal!
Watching the Yankees
9:37 PM Phil
That finger in my ass gets me every time

What If London 2001

October 11, 2017 Wednesday
6:46 AM Phil
Good morning! Hope your day is good!
7:28 AM Sassy
Good morning hot stuff!  
Have a wonderful Wednesday! 
And don’t think about my boobs…too much.
4:58 PM Sassy
Ready for another story?  Here’s London 2001 to inspire you. 
6:09 PM Sassy
Terrific Thai food at Lemon Thai in Somerville
Steamed shrimp shumai

Thai iced tea
Thai rolls
Hubby’s spicy tom yum soup with chicken
Tom ka gai (chicken coconut soup)
Chicken satay

6:24 PM Phil
8:51 PM Phil
I’m going to get off in a bit thinking about cumming in your ass 🙂 
8:51 PM Sassy
Did you have fun with Your pal?
Glad you liked the story. 🙂 
8:52 PM Phil
Watching the Yankees with my pal on the porch with a hard on
8:52 PM Sassy
I keep reading them over, expecting them to be… eh… and they still are quite good!
You saw the Sox fired their manager?
8:53 PM Phil
Makes sense I guess.
8:53 PM Sassy
1 World Series, two AL Div champs in 5 years and… out the door?  I dunno…
8:54 PM Phil
That’s the business
8:54 PM Sassy
You two drinking scotch? Smoking?
8:54 PM Phil
We are
8:54 PM Sassy
Did you cook for him?
8:55 PM Phil
In a bit I’ll have my cock in hand
We went to the local place for wings
8:56 PM Sassy
Their off to a good start
I had to clear off my balcony, some inspector from the condo association is coming tomorrow.  Nowhere to put the stuff!
8:57 PM Phil
Soon I’ll be thinking about my tongue in your ass followed by a well lubed finger and then easing my cock in.
8:58 PM Sassy
Mmmm mmm mmm
8:59 PM Phil
Also thinking of you lubing a toy and fucking my ass as you suck my cock
8:59 PM Sassy
Would love to buzz your butt
My my… you are revved up!
9:14 PM Phil
You know that would drive me crazy. I’d be begging to cum
I’m filling your ass with cum later. Another big load for you
9:20 PM Sassy
Oh yeah?
9:22 PM Phil
Oh yeah, I want it, I’m dripping so ready,
9:42 PM Phil
[photo of his hand with a glass in it and his toes]
Looking at that toy in your pussy, yummy
9:44 PM Sassy
Mmm… toes.
Make sure your pal can’t see!
I thought about your cock while I did that!
9:55 PM Phil
My cock is throbbing
9:57 PM Sassy
I’m so glad.  🙂

10:00 PM Phil
I’m gonna cum all over
10:04 PM Sassy
Wish it was all over me!
10:07 PM Phil
I’d love to shoot all over your tits and face
Then lick it all off as I was slowly fucking you to a quivering orgasm
10:13 PM Sassy
Oh my…
10:19 PM Phil
Oh yes
Thinking of you sucking my cock, licking and stroking and then moving to my balls and then beneath them and finally to my ass, fingers, tongue and then swallowing my cock again
10:21 PM Sassy
That sounds like so much fun!
10:22 PM Phil
Cock throbbing, hard, beet red, pre-cum pouring
10:25 PM Sassy
Still outside?
10:28 PM Phil
Yup, stealthily grabbing my dick for a stroke
10:31 PM Sassy
So naughty!
And nice…
10:34 PM Phil
I’m imagining you saying I know you want my ass. Be gentle but let’s try. Fuck my ass Phil. I want to feel you fill my ass with your cum. Damn
10:35 PM Sassy
Sounds like something I’d say… except I’d call you Philip. : ) 
10:42 PM Phil
I like that you call me Philip
I know you have had a finger in your ass. Not sure anyone has slipped a tongue inside you or a cock.  I’d be just as happy to gently press against you there and cum all over your ass.
10:50 PM Phil
I’m not into pain in any way. I would let you fuck me with a toy, a strap on, finger, tongue but I would never do anything that caused you discomfort, ever.
10:51 PM Sassy
I trust you.  More than anyone else…
10:56 PM Phil
I want you to feel good and me to feel good. Fulfill fantasies, stretch boundaries but only if it feels good. Tonight in my mind, I’m fucking your ass, slowly then deeper and finally cumming so hard in your beautiful forbidden spot that you only gave to me.
10:58 PM Sassy
Mmm… that sounds fantastic!
It’s making me tingle
11:04 PM Phil
Show me your tits
One of my most persistent fantasies is to be filled with a toy, stretching my ass, pumping in and out.  By you
11:12 PM Sassy

[photo of my breasts from above, looking down inside my nightshirt]
This is what you see when you pull on my nightshirt and look inside
11:12 PM Phil
I want my tongue there licking and sucking
11:18 PM Sassy
I’d like that
11:29 PM Phil
Thank you baby for the pic
11:29 PM Sassy
You are most welcome.  
Sorry it’s kinda weird
11:30 PM Phil
It’s awesome!
I can’t wait to cum looking at it
11:34 PM Sassy
oooh… 3 more outs.
11:34 PM Phil
Can’t wait to lube up my cock and play
Yanks looking good
11:34 PM Sassy
CC did it up
11:34 PM Phil
He was smoking
11:35 PM Sassy
I have ESPN open… keeping an eye on them
11:36 PM Phil
When it’s over, straddle me and fuck me, ride my cock
Slow and easy, lean forward so my cock is hitting your clit
11:39 PM Sassy
Some cowgirl action?
11:41 PM Phil
Oooh, that’s so hot, great view of your ass
11:42 PM Sassy
Ride, Cowgirl! 

11:44 PM Phil
Oh yeah but I’d take you over her every day
11:45 PM Sassy
She reminds me of teenage me… scrawny with long dark hair and big bewbs
11:46 PM Phil
You had spectacular tits and that amazing ass at that age
Just as hot now cause it’s you
11:48 PM Sassy
The Yankees did it!
11:54 PM Phil
Yankees win!
Now do me
11:56 PM Sassy
Slide you inside and bounce on you?
11:57 PM Phil
[photo of his furry tummy, erect cock and legs lying in beg]
11:57 PM Sassy
Wow!  You are so HOT
Gonna sink down… then arch up
11:57 PM Phil
You missed a call from Phil.
October 11, 2017 11:57 pm
Call Again

[He tried again in 1 minute and we had a sexy talk until he came!]

Best Day of My Life

October 8, 2017 Sunday

8:33AM Phil
Good morning Sass. Hope you enjoy a relaxed and beautiful day.
8:34 AM Sassy
Good morning kid!  Xxoo

2:25 PM Sassy
Best breakfast in ages at Sichuan Garden in Woburn

Hot & sour soup
Hubby’s spicy pork, beef with onions and pork fried rice
Pork dumplings
2:29 PM Sassy
Mother Nature left a bit of color on our elevator rug

5:31 PM Phil
Went to church, came home $60k broker.  I’m staying home from now on but at least my football team won!
5:32 PM Sassy
Wait a minute… $60K WTF?
5:33 PM Phil
[Photo of his front lawn and home with a new car sitting in the driveway]
5:34 PM Sassy
What the heck is that?
5:32 PM Phil
[Name of a big car] Was time for the lady to get a car
We got 15k knocked off the price cause my brother in law worked for that company. Thank Goodness!
5:36 PM Sassy
They have lovely cars for $35-30K… why does she need a monster gas guzzler?
5:37 PM Phil
We cart the dogs around, tow a trailer occasionally and she has always favored a bigger car. That thing gets almost 28 miles to a gallon so not so bad.
I have a nice 28k ride and a $37k Harley so I can’t bitch too much
5:39 PM Sassy
[photo of a church group from about 1967]

Recognize any of these folks?
5:40 PM Phil
Oh my lord!
5:41 PM Sassy
I was able to name them all except the guy in the back left
Sis bought a “mystery weekend” package and it ended up being to Saratoga Springs.  Heh.  She couldn’t resist swooping over to the old hometown.
5:44 PM Phil
Wow!  Is that Susan’s dad? I love this! Dorothy, your mom and dad all sooooo young! What a cool picture!
5:45 PM Sassy
Yup – her mom and her dad.  The names are all there in my Dad’s best printing.
5:45 PM Phil
Thanks for sharing! This is fun!
5:45 PM Sassy
50 years ago.
5:45 PM Phil
5:46 PM Sassy
She ran into Nancy G and Roger B
5:46 PM Phil
Almost time for Yankee Baseball!
5:46 PM Sassy
Said the church looks nice – they replaced the floor in the hall and closed in the office
She said the parsonage looks unloved.

Thought you’d get a kick out of that photo.
Is Mrs. S still alive?  I think the rest are dead except one.
5:50 PM Phil
I drive by every time we are in town. Parsonage does not look like it did
5:54 PM Sassy
The last time I was there they had cut down the trees that sheltered the house and dug up all the lily of the valley around the porch… it looked so bare and sad.
6:12 PM Phil
Just looks worn out now like the town
6:13 PM Sassy
I was struck by how the towns around where we grew up have gotten developed and nothing in our hometown.  I wondered why.
6:14 PM Phil
Yeah, strange how it worked out
I still love to go visit but it’s a shell of what it was. Used to be a hopping little town
6:16 PM Sassy
I can’t remember when I went last… sometime in the 90s
Yankees gonna do something better tonight?
Woohoo!  The Red Sox won one!
6:48 PM Phil
I hope so, my boy is such a fan
6:49 PM Sassy
Would be more fun to play the Yankees than Cleveland…

If both of us can pull out 3 wins!
7:06 PM Phil
That would be the series to watch!

7:07 PM Sassy
Drove through Kelly’s Roast Beef for supper.  Their fried shrimp are so crispy and good! 
8:20 PM Sassy
Here’s a catchy tune and a cute doggie!  Made me smile.  Hope it does it for you too!

American Authors – Best Day Of My Life (Dog Version)

8:23 PM Phil 
Love it!
9:54 PM Sassy
[plaque of “I think it’s important to realize you miss something, but not want it back.” 
 Paulo Coelho]

I think you get this…
10:02 PM Phil
Oh yeah. I get that one big time
10:57 PM Phil
Yankees Win!!!!
10:57 PM Sassy
Yay!  Such a pitching duel!  Wow!
10:58 PM Phil
What a game!

Stroking it

August 20, 2017 Sunday

9:54 PM Phil
how you doing ?
9:54 PM Sassy
Fine!  Was just thinking of you!
9:54 PM Phil
oh cool
9:55 PM Sassy
Facebook told me we’ve been friends for 7 years.  : ) 
9:55 PM Phil
good I hope
I like it

9:55 PM Sassy
You having fun?
9:56 PM Phil
I am
9:56 PM Sassy
At the beach?
9:56 PM Phil
At work off-site for a bit
9:56 PM Sassy
9:56 PM Phil
I was at the beach earlier
9:57 PM Sassy
SO glad Charlottesville was calmer yesterday than last weekend!
9:57 PM Phil
nothing yesterday which was great
9:57 PM Sassy
Ya, we had all the excitement on the Common.
9:57 PM Phil
you don’t need that either
9:58 PM Sassy
My sister went… said it went really well.
9:58 PM Phil
good, well behaved yankees
9:59 PM Sassy
Ha… we don’t like that term!  
The Red Sox did take 2 out of 3 games from them though!
9:59 PM Phil
10:00 PM Sassy
You been watching lots of football?
10:00 PM Phil
a little, pre season is tough
soon the regulars will play
10:01 PM Sassy
Wish you were here… Hubby’s out
10:01 PM Phil
you should be playing then
10:02 PM Sassy
I did earlier… found a good Tumblr, imagined you and me and BOOM!
10:02 PM Phil
10:02 PM Sassy
You down there all week?
10:03 PM Phil
10:03 PM Sassy
10:03 PM Phil
I’ll take it
10:03 PM Sassy
Lots of work though?
10:03 PM Phil
going to a class
10:04 PM Sassy
Ah… they’re teaching old salts new tricks?
10:04 PM Phil
10:04 PM Sassy
You teaching or learning?
10:04 PM Phil
learning I hope
10:05 PM Sassy
I’m running 4 conferences this week… praying to survive
10:05 PM Phil
Oh geez, good luck!
10:06 PM Sassy
I’m at the “whatever will be, will be” stage
10:06 PM Phil
only way to look at it once you have done all you can do
10:07 PM Sassy
How was the festival? How’s your pal?
10:07 PM Phil
good, hoping to drag him to our favorite bar one evening
10:07 PM Sassy
Who was that other guy around yesterday in the photos?
10:08 PM Phil
One of his friends
10:08 PM Sassy
Ah… hard to tell with the hat.
10:08 PM Phil
10:09 PM Sassy
Adored your shirt!  You were rocking it!
10:09 PM Phil
why thank you!
10:09 PM Sassy
Good beers?

10:10 PM Phil
oh yeah! it was great, no crowd
10:11 PM Sassy
I wonder if the shenanigans kept people away
10:11 PM Phil
that’s what the vendors said
half the crowd they expected which was good for us
10:12 PM Sassy
10:12 PM Phil
we are diehards
10:12 PM Sassy
Had you been to that one before?
10:12 PM Phil
first time, lots of new and different beers
10:13 PM Sassy
With all the focus on that area, probably safer than usual
10:14 PM Phil
kids were all going back to school so plenty of cops.  
Drove by the site where the young lady died, very sad
10:14 PM Sassy
Such a strange thing
10:14 PM Phil
no lie
10:15 PM Sassy
I had brunch with my sister and her beau.  
He’s starting 6 weeks of daily radiation this week.
10:15 PM Phil
oh yuck
10:15 PM Sassy
I tried to pass on the stuff that helped me.
Couldn’t tell him to get a married lover and think about it while in treatment!
10:16 PM Phil
I’m sure it helps to talk to someone who has been through it
10:16 PM Sassy
You naked?
10:16 PM Phil
I am
how did you know?
10:18 PM Sassy
Hee hee
Wild guess.  
And 7 years of paying attention!
10:19 PM Phil
you know me well’
10:20 PM Sassy
Always want to learn more…
10:20 PM Phil
that’s the fun part
10:22 PM Sassy
You gonna get to see the eclipse?
10:22 PM Phil
I’m sure we will get outside for a look
10:23 PM Sassy
Not sure if I will.  
A bunch of our friends have traveled all over to see it.
My niece and BIL are in Idaho in some backwoods cabin right in the path!
10:23 PM Phil
wow! dedicated but tis a very cool event
10:24 PM Sassy
People flew to Seattle, Columbia MO, Nebraska, TN, SC…
10:24 PM Phil
Will see what I see, but that’s pretty cool
10:25 PM Sassy
Nice to have something to focus on besides politics!
10:26 PM Phil
absolutely!  I’m going to go focus on the thought of you sucking my cock in an accessible bathroom, while I stroke it to a delightful orgasm
10:26 PM Sassy
Mmmm… I was thinking about that too!
10:26 PM Phil
Came buckets thinking about that the other day
sucking your tits in the stairwell, feeling your pussy in the parking area
10:27 PM Sassy
We were wild that day at the airport!
10:28 PM Phil
should have climbed in the bed of that truck
10:28 PM Sassy
Should have been wilder… sucked you right there
10:30 PM Phil
I wanted it so bad, Would have bent you over and fucked you right there
10:30 PM Sassy
Mmm… there’s a thought!
10:30 PM Phil
[photo of his lower body with a very erect cock]
10:31 PM Sassy
Here I am, wanting to lick the screen again!
Damn, you have the sexiest cock!
10:31 PM Phil
got a few ideas on what to do with it.
10:32 PM Sassy

[photo of my breasts, peering down inside my nightshirt]
10:33 PM Phil
mmmmm, I like those!
10:35 PM Sassy
An idea on what to do
10:35 PM Phil
would love to slide my cock there
10:36 PM Sassy
I could squeeze them around you.  Make a tunnel

10:37 PM Phil
[photo of his lower body sitting in a chair naked with a very erect cock]
10:37 PM Sassy
I’d have to lick it, you know
10:37 PM Phil
would love to fuck them, cum all over them and then lick and suck them cleab
10:39 PM Sassy

[photo close-up of my hard left nipple]
10:40 PM Phil
ohhh yeah
let me suck that nipple
10:41 PM Sassy
Yes please
10:41 PM Phil
10:42 PM Sassy
Mmm mmm mmm!
Gonna ride that so hard
Be your very own cowgirl!
10:44 PM Phil
10:45 PM Sassy
Bounce up and down
Take you deep
10:45 PM Phil
mmmmm, hell yeah
10:45 PM Sassy
In and out
10:46 PM Phil
look what you did
[Video of him jerking off and cumming]
10:47 PM Sassy
Oh my
That is so so so HOT!
Listening… seeing… makes me so wet!
10:47 PM Phil
all you sweet girl
10:48 PM Sassy
So happy to help.  ; )
10:49 PM Phil
thank you, bed time for me, class starts early and I need to be bright eyed
10:50 PM Sassy
Me too.  Sleep well kid
Sweet sexy dreams!
10:50 PM Phil
sweet dreams!  Good luck tomorrow and this week!
10:50 PM Sassy
Thank you!  Need all the good vibes!

Immaculate inning

August 10, 2017 Thursday

12:18 AM Sassy
The Red Sox pitcher tonight got 3 men out on 9 pitches for an “immaculate inning!” Wow!!

8:36 AM Sassy
Good morning Philip!  Hope you have a terrific Thursday?
8:38 AM Phil
Good morning! You too! The weekends almost here!
[photo of his feet up on his desk at work, with black slacks and wild colored argyle socks!
2:58 PM Sassy
Trying a new gazpacho from Flour Bakery – green grape, almond and watercress!  Tastes like summer.  (with a hibiscus herbal iced tea) 

8:39 PM Sassy
[photo of my smiling face out at a bbq restaurant with red booths]
8:40 PM Phil
Well howdy! Saw that yesterday, nice picture!
8:40 PM Sassy
Barbecue makes me smile, and you do too!
8:42 PM Phil

[A wild Disney Gif of a wiggling monter with 5 eyes]
8:43 PM Sassy
That’s a wacky gif!  Ha ha
You ready for football?
8:50 PM Phil
Absolutely! Gonna be a long season but still excited
8:53 PM Sassy

Walk off walk

July 15, 2017 Saturday
12:33 AM Sassy
What a night for the Red Sox! They rallied in the bottom of the 9th to beat the Yankees on a…wait for it…walk off walk! That’s right…the Yankees fancy pitcher walked in the winning run. That puts the Yankees into 3rd place in the division. Whee! Wonderful start to the 2nd half!

I’ve never seen this happen! Turns out It’s rare. Last time the Sox did it was 17 years ago. And the last time against the Yankees was in the 1950’s by a guy named Ted Williams! I can’t imagine how tough it is not to swing with the bases loaded, to be patient and let the balls happen.

8:11 AM Sassy

Good morning kid!
8:12 AM Phil
Good morning pretty lady!
8:13 AM Sassy
Still hot weather?
8:13 AM Phil
[photo of him smiling at the gym in a t-shirt]
I’m sweating, humid out
8:14 AM Sassy
Oh!  Hello hot man!

Photo of the USS Constitution

8:33 AM Sassy
She’s heading back to the water!

8:55 AM Phil
Where she belongs!
8:59 AM Sassy
Hubby plays this video game called Fallout 4.  It’s set in post-nuclear war Boston.  The USS Constipated ended up on top of a building after some explosion and the game has the people working to get it back into the water!
9:00 AM Phil
9:00 AM Sassy
Wow…bad auto-correct there.  Hee hee
9:01 AM Phil
That was funny!
9:02 AM Sassy
Must be because I’ve been thinking of Hubby’s colonoscopy all week.  Bleh!
9:04 AM Phil
That test sucks
9:05 AM Sassy
The prep is the worst.  Hope they can find a new way to do it soon.
9:07 AM Phil
That slimy, nasty gunk is terrible even mixed with tequila
9:07 AM Sassy
You didn’t!

9:07 AM Phil
I did
Better than apple juice
9:08 AM Sassy
Hubby has a tiny stomach due to his surgery years ago, so getting that all down was a challenge.
So glad that’s over.
9:08 AM Phil
Yep! Making bacon wrapped jalapeños for supper stuffed with goat cheese, some with crab, some with salmon and then some nice fresh caprese de buffalo
9:30 AM Sassy
Sounds delicious!  I adore caprese.  
I actually made it last week for the BBQ