Best Day of My Life

October 8, 2017 Sunday

8:33AM Phil
Good morning Sass. Hope you enjoy a relaxed and beautiful day.
8:34 AM Sassy
Good morning kid!  Xxoo

2:25 PM Sassy
Best breakfast in ages at Sichuan Garden in Woburn

Hot & sour soup
Hubby’s spicy pork, beef with onions and pork fried rice
Pork dumplings
2:29 PM Sassy
Mother Nature left a bit of color on our elevator rug

5:31 PM Phil
Went to church, came home $60k broker.  I’m staying home from now on but at least my football team won!
5:32 PM Sassy
Wait a minute… $60K WTF?
5:33 PM Phil
[Photo of his front lawn and home with a new car sitting in the driveway]
5:34 PM Sassy
What the heck is that?
5:32 PM Phil
[Name of a big car] Was time for the lady to get a car
We got 15k knocked off the price cause my brother in law worked for that company. Thank Goodness!
5:36 PM Sassy
They have lovely cars for $35-30K… why does she need a monster gas guzzler?
5:37 PM Phil
We cart the dogs around, tow a trailer occasionally and she has always favored a bigger car. That thing gets almost 28 miles to a gallon so not so bad.
I have a nice 28k ride and a $37k Harley so I can’t bitch too much
5:39 PM Sassy
[photo of a church group from about 1967]

Recognize any of these folks?
5:40 PM Phil
Oh my lord!
5:41 PM Sassy
I was able to name them all except the guy in the back left
Sis bought a “mystery weekend” package and it ended up being to Saratoga Springs.  Heh.  She couldn’t resist swooping over to the old hometown.
5:44 PM Phil
Wow!  Is that Susan’s dad? I love this! Dorothy, your mom and dad all sooooo young! What a cool picture!
5:45 PM Sassy
Yup – her mom and her dad.  The names are all there in my Dad’s best printing.
5:45 PM Phil
Thanks for sharing! This is fun!
5:45 PM Sassy
50 years ago.
5:45 PM Phil
5:46 PM Sassy
She ran into Nancy G and Roger B
5:46 PM Phil
Almost time for Yankee Baseball!
5:46 PM Sassy
Said the church looks nice – they replaced the floor in the hall and closed in the office
She said the parsonage looks unloved.

Thought you’d get a kick out of that photo.
Is Mrs. S still alive?  I think the rest are dead except one.
5:50 PM Phil
I drive by every time we are in town. Parsonage does not look like it did
5:54 PM Sassy
The last time I was there they had cut down the trees that sheltered the house and dug up all the lily of the valley around the porch… it looked so bare and sad.
6:12 PM Phil
Just looks worn out now like the town
6:13 PM Sassy
I was struck by how the towns around where we grew up have gotten developed and nothing in our hometown.  I wondered why.
6:14 PM Phil
Yeah, strange how it worked out
I still love to go visit but it’s a shell of what it was. Used to be a hopping little town
6:16 PM Sassy
I can’t remember when I went last… sometime in the 90s
Yankees gonna do something better tonight?
Woohoo!  The Red Sox won one!
6:48 PM Phil
I hope so, my boy is such a fan
6:49 PM Sassy
Would be more fun to play the Yankees than Cleveland…

If both of us can pull out 3 wins!
7:06 PM Phil
That would be the series to watch!

7:07 PM Sassy
Drove through Kelly’s Roast Beef for supper.  Their fried shrimp are so crispy and good! 
8:20 PM Sassy
Here’s a catchy tune and a cute doggie!  Made me smile.  Hope it does it for you too!

American Authors – Best Day Of My Life (Dog Version)

8:23 PM Phil 
Love it!
9:54 PM Sassy
[plaque of “I think it’s important to realize you miss something, but not want it back.” 
 Paulo Coelho]

I think you get this…
10:02 PM Phil
Oh yeah. I get that one big time
10:57 PM Phil
Yankees Win!!!!
10:57 PM Sassy
Yay!  Such a pitching duel!  Wow!
10:58 PM Phil
What a game!

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