Playing with Philip

October 7, 2017 Saturday
2:59 PM Sassy
Hiya hot stuff!
10:34 PM Phil
Hey there sexy
10:35 PM Sassy
You’re up late.. watching TV?
10:36 PM Phil
10:38 PM Sassy
10:38 PM Phil

10:39 PM Sassy
Wish I was there
10:39 PM Phil
Me too, looking at your nipple
10:41 PM Sassy
Ha. I was just looking at your cock. ; ) 
10:42 PM Phil
[photo close-up of his cock]
10:43 PM Sassy
10:44 PM Phil
[photo close-up of his cock with pre-cum on the tip]
10:45 PM Sassy
Oh man…want to taste you
10:46 PM Phil
Would love to have you lick that up
Or perhaps rub it on your nipple and then I’ll lick it off
10:56 PM Sassy
10:59 PM Phil
Or slip between your tits as you you squeeze them together letting me fuck them till I cum all over them and then lick them clean as my cock slips into wetter and warmer places
10:59 PM Sassy
Oh yes
11:02 PM Phil
Damn, that’s a hot thought. I like to think perhaps it makes you a touch moist, makes your nipples perk up
11:05 PM Sassy
You know it does.  Tingling
11:05 PM Phil
I like to make you tingle and quiver
11:09 PM Sassy
Nobody does it better
11:09 PM Phil
Next time you are playing and in the mood send me a motivational pic
Awe that’s sweet
11:10 PM Sassy
Will do
11:14 PM Phil
You are hot as hell. Easy to get reved up with a girl who let me yank her pants off, slip my tongue inside her followed quickly by my cock.  Nice when same girl is sweet as can be, fun to go to dinner with, bright, and fun to be with
Gotta clean up, I seem to have made a mess. Nite Sass
11:17 PM Sassy
Sleep well dear man.
XXoo <3

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