Meet #3 The Lawyer’s Annual Visit

Thursday, August 14, 2014 
From: Sassy
To: The Lawyer
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2014 7:49 AM
Subject: re: hey there
Good morning hot stuff!  

The sun has returned and I have this feeling it’s going to be a fantastic day!  
From: The Lawyer
To: Sassy
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2014 8:41 AM
Subject: hey there
I’m certainly looking forward to it, and to seeing you! 

I crossed my fingers that he would not back out.  I managed to get some work done, then left the office early at 3 pm and took the bus home.  It was such a perfect day – clear, 70s, not humid. 
I cleaned up a few more things… thank goodness the cleaners were here yesterday! 

Just as I was beginning to worry – he texted me! 
TEXT 4:01 pm from The Lawyer 
I’m almost there

TEXT 4:02 pm from Sassy
See you at the garage!
TEXT 4:03 pm from The Lawyer 
TEXT 4:08 pm from The Lawyer 
Missed it — going around block
I stood outside waiting for him.  Very quickly, he turned into the lot in a beautiful classic sports car.  He smiled and rolled down the passenger side window. I forget what an amazing smile he has… and that twinkle in his eyes!  So merry!  
He offered to go park on the street but I told him this was fine. I told him my space number and he pulled in. 
He got out and gave me a quick hug.  We walked to the elevator, and had a nice kiss alone in there. 
I showed him the first floor – gym, lobby, pool – then we went up to my condo.  I showed him around inside, offered him water or grapes or… he said he was fine. 

He was very nice to my cats.  They smooed all over him!  
We went into my bedroom, hugged and kissed, then sat on the bed and talked for about half an hour, catching up on each other’s lives – his kids, work, about my projects, about Hubby finding a nice woman.
I told him about seeing two guys this year from AM – much better than the bunch from the prior year!  I told him about Kris getting busted.  He told me he sees a college friend now and then.  
We started kissing… groping… undressing.  He has such a great body! 
He focused on me – exploring my body, touching, tasting.  He has great oral skills! He also likes to tease my ass, using my juices to get his finger wet then circling…mmmm. 
I returned the favor.  I got out my toys to show him.  He touched each one, fascinated.  I told him about how they had enhanced my sex life, how my last guy had said the combo of my mouth and the vibration was poetry!  
I chose the silver bullet to try out on him.  I used it and my mouth, and he said he agreed with my last guy, though it felt more like a symphony to him!  Hee!  He came hard and I swallowed gulp after gulp. Yum.  
He collapsed smiling.  He rested awhile, and we talked.  
He got that special smile and reached for the silver bullet vibe and the tiny black vibrating butt plug, using them together on me… whee!  I had a tingling orgasm.  Sooo good! 
I rolled over and we cuddled – his front to my back.  He played with my chest and my clit!  Yum. 
He said he was ready to go again, couldn’t wait anymore… I nodded and he pressed me onto my stomach, got behind me, grabbed my hips and went inside me with one quick push!  He gave me a great pounding doggie style!  Yowza.  I came hard while he filled a condom spurt after spurt!  
We cuddled together and talked about broken bones, 9/11, various lawyers we know.  He told me the story of meeting his wife at work!  I adore his stories!  
I marveled that he was working right there in the building next door most of the time I worked for the law firm.  We talked about where he goes out to lunch, many of the places I frequented!  He said he might have been in line behind me and admired my ass while I ordered a steak & cheese sub!  I told him I was quite the looker in those days… in a Harve Benard suit, silk blouse, high-heeled pumps, skinny, long dark hair… 
He played with various spots on my back.  Mmm… 
We finally looked at the clock – it was 7:05 pm!  He said he really had to go.  I asked if it had been okay to be here?  He said it was fine.  I asked if I should invite him again soon or leave him alone for a year.  He shrugged and said the stars had aligned this time, but it is tough and he needs to be careful.  I told him he could invite himself if he notices any time that would work.  
He asked if he could shower?  I waved him into my bathroom.  I checked my email – there’s a new baseball commissioner! 
I dressed and kissed him a bit more, then went down to the garage with him, and opened the door.  He waved with a big smile and headed off into the twilight. 

It was a lovely interlude.  It made me miss Kris.  It made me realize how deep Kris and I are into each other.  Or were.  *sigh  But this was light, fun and definitely fulfilled my physical needs without complications! 
From: Sassy
To: The Lawyer
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2014 7:58 PM
Subject: No more Dolphin
Thank you for a lovely afternoon!  
Went back to my computer and this popped up.  I have such fond memories of our first lunch there! 
Boston Burger Company May Be Moving into Dolphin Seafood Space in Cambridge
Boston Restaurant Talk
A burger restaurant that has locations in Somerville and Boston may be opening a third, with this one apparently being between Harvard Square and Central Square in Cambridge.

Terribly Guilty

From: SmoothGuy
To: Sassy
Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 6:10 PM
Subject: Re: Checking in
Hi there!
Hope your week is going well. Mine has been crazy busy at work, but should be easier tomorrow. 
I have been processing this and the bottom line is that I feel terribly guilty. Enough so that I know this is not the lifestyle for me. I have enjoyed our time chatting a lot, and Sunday was great. But, it’s time for me to stop this. 
I wish you well. You’re a very nice person and deserve all the best. 
From: Sassy
To: SmoothGuy
Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 6:54 PM
Subject: Re: Checking in
Hiya!  Thanks for letting me know.  I appreciate that more than I can say.  You are a super nice guy…you make the other guys look bad!   
I understand.  Remember I am here, if you ever need to talk.  I want you to be happy!  Let me know how you are doing now and then?  
Take care. 

Breaking the silence

I waited all day Saturday and into Sunday to hear from him… silence.  Argh!!!  Guys – if a lady sucks your cock, email her with thanks and say something nice RIGHT AWAY!  I mean… sitting in your car.  Or first thing when you get home.  DO NOT leave her to wonder.  I finally caved in and wrote to him. 
From: Sassy
To: SmoothGuy
Sent: Sunday, February 24, 2013 1:49 PM
Subject: Checking in
Hiya!  Hope you’re having an easy Sunday.  I am mired in the ever exciting laundry, plant watering and prepping for a project meeting.
Thank you for the iced tea, and the best breakfast I’ve had in a long time.  
Soooo…. are you freaking out?  Unimpressed? Overwhelmed?  Still processing?  Something else?  Give me a clue, please.  
 “There are silences harder to take back than words.
     from “By the Numbers” Poetry and Aphorisms
     by James Richardson, America Poet 
From: SmoothGuy
To: Sassy
Sent: Sunday, February 24, 2013 2:00 PM
Subject: Re: Checking in
Hey there.
I’m mostly processing.  As you know, a very enjoyable experience!  But, it’s the furthest I’ve gone, prior was just kissing.
So I’m processing if that’s what I want to be doing outside my marriage. Knowing me, I take several days to think things through. In any event, was very nice.
From: Sassy
To: SmoothGuy
Sent: Sunday, February 24, 2013 7:02 PM
Subject: Re: Checking in 
Thanks for the update!  Best of luck working through this… if I can help, let me know.  
It was great meeting you.  You are fun!

Meeting SmoothGuy

February 23, 2013 Saturday 
We started emailing in late November.  He favorited me on AM – I liked his profile, so I winked him and he wrote to me.  A couple of emails and we switched to an occasional Yahoo chat.  He was sweet, polite and amazed at the sexy topics I would talk about.  His AM profile says he is 47, 5’10”, 205 pounds but I guess much of that is fiction.   He was very secretive, careful to never give me any details that would identify him.
I was bad – complained about AM men I was meeting.  He promised not to treat me that way.  I did not believe him but it was very sweet to say so.  
Right after Christmas he told me he had a nice holiday and was going to opt out of the affair business.  I wished him well.  I offered to be his pal, just talk, let off steam.  No answer. 
A week later he was back, chatting, flirting… so we carried on through January and into February with brief late night chats.  I finally saw a photo of him at the end of January – a sweet smile, a little pudgy, a business suit in an office.  He asked about where we could meet, how it would work, saying he could not afford a hotel very often, where could we park, who would bring what… obviously nervous and trying to see things from every angle.  I answered his questions and tried to make him more comfortable. 
He finally, after three months, started pressing to meet.  He chose Feb. 16 but backed out.  I was pretty sure we’d never meet.  He seemed… too good to cheat, too nervous, not desperate enough.  I asked what he wanted to do and he focused on oral.. said he could not recall the last time he’d gotten to taste a woman or have her suck him… decades, he said.  I’ve heard that so many times… makes me wonder about women that they can’t do the one thing that would make their husband feel good.  
He rescheduled for Saturday, Feb. 23, saying he’d tell his wife and daughter he was going to a morning movie in Burlington, so he’d have a couple hours.  Of course, they decided to go with him.  But then last minute, they changed their minds and he asked if I could get there on short notice, by 9:30 am.  I couldn’t make that, but we agreed on 10:00 am.  I scrambled to shower and dress and send Hubby to clean up the car so I could sit in the back if I wanted.

On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 8:46 AM SmoothGuy wrote:
Good morning!  Looks good to go this morning! My daughter decided to sleep in.
Meet at the Panera around 9:30 still?  Please confirm – looking forward to meeting!
On Saturday, February 23, 2013 8:53 AM Sassy wrote:
Hiya!  Yay!  I’m running a little late getting started.  I’ll get there as fast as I can, but it’ll probably be 10 am.  Okay?
On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 8:58 AM SmoothGuy wrote:
Okay! I’ll be there at  10:00. Do you want to meet outside or should I get a table?
On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 9:00 AM Sassy wrote:
Outside is fine unless the rain starts.  Then go inside?
On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 9:16 AM SmoothGuy wrote:
Okay meet outside
On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 9:16 AM Sassy wrote:
Leaving now.  Hug you soon.  😉
On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 10:05 AM SmoothGuy wrote: 
I’m here. In middle of parking lot


I made it by 10:05 am!  He was standing outside, pacing.  We had a quick hug, then went in to Panera.  He reminds me of John Goodman in the old days, with a nice smile, average face and a big belly, like a cuddly teddy bear.  
John Goodman
He bought me an iced green tea.  Bravo!  We found a quiet booth at the back and talked.  He was dressed in a Patriots football sweatshirt, jeans and fancy sneakers, with longish straight light brown hair with streaks of gray.  I touched his hand, listened to him… he asked me about my AM experiences and talked a little about his.  He asked if I’d like to go somewhere to talk more privately in my car.  I followed him down back roads to the parking lot of the Hilton.  I thought he was pulling another fast one, but no… he had found a quiet spot in their back parking lot.  
We climbed into the back seat of my mini-van.  I had put the middle seats down, so we had lots of room.  He kissed me.  It was okay.  He unbuttoned my top and played with my chest, first over my bra and then he took my left breast out to suck on it.  He got on his knees, took off my pants and panties and licked me, fingering me as well.  He was pretty good at that… made appreciative noises.  He made me cum!  I told him so and he beamed, said he liked the way I taste.  His knees got sore, so I encouraged him to come back up to sit beside me and we kissed some more.  He was impressed I would kiss him after he’d gone down on me. 
I asked him what he wanted to do next.  He looked at me and smiled.  I asked if I could taste him and his eyes rolled and he said softly, “I’d like that.  It’s been so long,” with a deep sigh.  I sat at his feet and he helped me get his jeans and dark blue briefs down.  There was a wet spot in the front.  
He had a small cock, uncut, like nothing I had ever seen.  The skin came up and over to a little curl, and there was no getting the skin down to get to the crown.  I twisted and pumped, and he got a little bigger, then I sucked him in and licked him up and down… the skin still closed over the top – completely smooth!  A woman in chat told me there is a clinical name for this condition – phimosis.   It’s considered a birth defect that is fixed right away on babies today.  I was surprised that he didn’t warn me, or say anything at the time.  I thought I handled it well, going about pleasuring him without comment.  I wondered at his sensitivity… never being able to feel the head through the extra skin? 
photo from the internet (not him but very similar) 
I could taste pre-cum… very mildly salty.  I did my magic with my mouth and hands.  His head fell back and he moaned sweetly, breathing heavily.  He said, “If you do that, I am not going to last long at all.”  I nodded and deep-throated him and he moaned.  A very small bit of cum came out and I swallowed it easily.  I only realized he was done when he began to get soft.  I stayed down, talking with him while rubbing his legs and tummy.  
I asked him if he could give me a name to call him… didn’t have to real.  He joked that I could call him late for lunch.  So I never got a name.  Bad sign #1.  He seemed very tired, like some men get after finishing.  He said it usually takes him an hour to recover!  I told him I knew some tricks to speed that up. He told me he needed to get going.  That was bad sign #2 (leaving early) and a big hint that maybe it had not been so great for him, but he said it had been wonderful to cum in my mouth.  He had not reached that level with anyone else from AM.  Bad sign #3.  I tried not to think about it. 
We put our clothes back together and he helped me out of the back seat, gave me a quick hug, jumped in his car and was gone.  

Final prep to meet

February 22, 2013 Friday
11:36 PM SmoothGuy: Hey there hot stuff! You up?
11:37 PM SmoothGuy: Ping
11:40 PM Sassy: Hiya!
11:40 PM Sassy: You’re up late!
11:46 PM SmoothGuy: Hi I’m back
11:47 PM SmoothGuy: I guess pretty late for me. Had a nap!
11:48 PM SmoothGuy: Are you a night owl?
11:48 PM Sassy: Yes
11:49 PM SmoothGuy: I like to be sometimes. But pay for it the next day.
11:49 PM Sassy: I seem to need less sleep as I get older.
11:49 PM SmoothGuy: Usually thinking too much about sex  : )
11:50 PM Sassy: Oooh!
11:50 PM SmoothGuy: Yep.  Not a bad thing
11:52 PM Sassy: Mmmm….You type 3 letters and my brain takes off!
11:52 PM SmoothGuy: I may have to go soon. But wanted to say tomorrow morning is 50-50. My wife is not going to the morning movie. My daughter is ambivalent ….Don’t know if you are even free still , but want to bring the possibility up
11:53 PM Sassy: Could…
11:54 PM Sassy: You won’t know til you leave the house, right?
11:54 PM SmoothGuy: I won’t know until around 9:00
11:55 PM SmoothGuy: To be there around 9:30 to 9:45
11:55 PM Sassy: I’ll hang loose, give me a shout
11:55 PM SmoothGuy: Great! I will email you either way by 9:00, earlier if I can
11:56 PM Sassy: Sounds great!
11:56 PM SmoothGuy: Would be pretty cool to finally meet… And start off with a nice hug
11:57 PM Sassy: Oh yes!
11:59 PM SmoothGuy: Ditto!!
12:00 AM SmoothGuy: Do hear some people coming upstairs now, so need to sign off… Will email you in the AM
12:00 AM SmoothGuy: Night

The meet roller coaster

From: SmoothGuy
To: Sassy 
Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 6:19 PM
Subject: Sunday smiles
Hope your week is going well. It’s been a little crazy at work so far, but is now expected to quiet down. Same at home, with no visitors expected for a while!
I still want to meet, and I’m sorry my schedule has been so tight.  Next best chance for me is this Saturday morning, though it’s iffy. I’m planning to head to a 9:45 AM movie in Burlington, the only problem is that some of my family may want to come! That would be awkward :-).
Any chance you might be free then? Please let me know when you can.
From: Sassy
To: SmoothGuy
Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 8:03 PM 
Hiya hot stuff, 
Thanks for thinking about meeting.  Saturday morning works for me.   Tell me what time and where?  I understand that it’s tentative.  We’ll need to keep an eye on the weather, too.  If it’s Saturday, it has to be snowing, right?  
From: SmoothGuy
To: Sassy
Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2013 11:00 PM
Subject: Re: Sunday smiles
Hi there!  
Saturday is not going to work :-(. 
My wife and daughter do want to hit the morning movie with me after all. Sorry it won’t work. Will try again. 
Hope your day was nice!
From: Sassy
To: SmoothGuy
Sent: Friday, Feb 22, 2013 12:04 AM
Thanks for the heads up.  I figured they would.  
Hugs with groping!

Planning to meet SmoothGuy

February 20, 2013 Wednesday
·       10:34 PM SmoothGuy: Hi there
·       10:34 PM SmoothGuy: Ping
·       10:36 PM Sassy: Hiya
·       10:36 PM SmoothGuy: Hi back!  About Saturday….
·       10:38 PM SmoothGuy: Tentative still, but I’m looking at 9:30 to 12:00 ish free
·       10:38 PM Sassy: Cool!
·       10:38 PM SmoothGuy: Burlington area, because that’s where the movie is
·       10:39 PM Sassy: That works
·       10:39 PM SmoothGuy: Tentative though…
·       10:39 PM Sassy: Sure
·       10:40 PM SmoothGuy: Need to go alone, but others may want to come …
·       10:40 PM SmoothGuy: Best I can do
·       10:41 PM Sassy: Of course
·       10:41 PM Sassy: If not, there are other times
·       10:41 PM Sassy: Don’t fret
·       10:43 PM SmoothGuy: Thanks. Just don’t want to set expectations that I can’t meet
·       10:43 PM Sassy: No expectations. Really. I know stuff happens.
·       10:43 PM Sassy: Just don’t stand me up… all I ask.
·       10:44 PM SmoothGuy: Do you want to meet at the movie theater? Or some place nearby for a breakfast type thing
·       10:44 PM SmoothGuy: Never stand you up
·       10:45 PM Sassy: Hmmm… whatever works for you.
·       10:45 PM Sassy: I looked around…
·       10:45 PM Sassy: there’s a Bickford’s, if you want to sit or a Panera for faster stuff
·       10:46 PM SmoothGuy: Panera sounds good.
·       10:47 PM Sassy: Do you know the strip mall with the Outback Steak House and Rouche Bros?
·       10:47 PM Sassy: Very close to 128
·       10:48 PM Sassy: Panera Bread 34 Cambridge Street Burlington, MA 01803 Just off exit 33A of Rte 128
·       10:48 PM SmoothGuy: I’m sure I can find it.
·       10:48 PM Sassy: If you’re looking at Outback, it’s on the left hand side
·       10:49 PM SmoothGuy: Thanks for the address. Your are pretty good with your hands : )
·       10:49 PM Sassy: Sure thing.
·       10:49 PM Sassy: Trying to make it less stressy
·       10:51 PM SmoothGuy: I’m sure you have many ways to relax me  < 3
·       10:51 PM Sassy: I hope so.
·       10:52 PM Sassy: But if I don’t, no worries, okay? Just be honest.  No harm, no foul.
·       10:53 PM SmoothGuy: Totally with you. This is suppose to be fun
·       10:53 PM Sassy: Yes.  Even if I don’t light your fire, we can talk.
·       10:53 PM SmoothGuy: And with consideration.
·       10:53 PM Sassy: We can laugh, eat a muffin
·       10:54 PM SmoothGuy: And kiss!!
·       10:54 PM Sassy: If you want…and grope.  : )
·       10:56 PM SmoothGuy: Nothing ever wrong with kissing and groping….
·       10:56 PM SmoothGuy: It’s how you see if a fire can start….
·       10:56 PM SmoothGuy: Worse case, just a lot of fun  : )
·       10:58 PM Sassy: Yes. If it doesn’t work, I make a good AM friend
·       10:59 PM Sassy: someone you can kibbitz about other gals with
·       11:00 PM SmoothGuy: You do at that
·       11:00 PM Sassy: I want you to be happy, even if it’s not with me
·       11:01 PM SmoothGuy: Looking forward to meeting
·       11:01 PM SmoothGuy: Thanks. You too
·       11:02 PM Sassy: I need a hug
·       11:03 PM SmoothGuy: I’m a good higher
·       11:05 PM Sassy: I bet
·       11:06 PM Sassy: When it’s been awhile… hugs are so… hot

Jump your bones

From: Sassy
To: SmoothGuy
Sent: Sunday, February 17, 2013 11:47 AM
Subject: Sunday smiles
Good morning!  I hope the snowing, blowing and cold is not cramping your Sunday style.  Here’s a 5 minute video that I adore.  Hope it makes you… smile.  
From: SmoothGuy
To: Sassy
Sent: Sunday, February 17, 2013 8:24 PM
Subject: re: Sunday smiles
Hi there!  
Thanks for the video! Watched it several times, makes me want to jump your bones!!
Wish I had some naked pictures of me to share with you. And vice versa – maybe down the road. For now, I’ll be happy enough with your cleavage and your pink panties. Though more is always better, if you’re comfortable enough …
Back to the family – have some extended ones visiting tonight.
Have a nice evening!
From: Sassy
To: SmoothGuy
Sent: Sunday, February 17, 2013 10:37 PM 
Made you want to jump me?  Ha ha… yay!  That’s the point!  So glad you liked it.  It takes a lot of courage for me to send them.  I giggle every time when she says, “Why are you stopping?!” and drool at the sounds… the slapping of bodies, her moaning… yum.  
I can take some photos of you if you like.  🙂   I will look through my stash… see what I can send.  I am much better at finding nice p0rn photos than I am at sharing my curvy self. 
Hope you had fun with the fam! 
From: SmoothGuy
To: Sassy
Sent: Monday, February 18, 2013 12:04 AM
Hi there!
Just a quick note before bed.
Hope your day was nice and you were thinking about getting jumped!
I appreciate you sending the sexy videos – and I enjoy them and that you are comfortable enough to do so. Anything that you want me to copy in real life or any you want to share as what you would do for me are great. I am a great note taker!!

Another spot to pleasure

·       10:25 PM SmoothGuy: Hi are you around?
·       10:25 PM SmoothGuy: Ping
·       10:34 PM SmoothGuy: Ping?
·       10:38 PM Sassy: Hiya!
·       10:38 PM SmoothGuy: Hey there
·       10:38 PM Sassy: Mwah!
·       10:40 PM SmoothGuy: For some reason I’ve been thinking about oral sex all day  : 0
·       10:40 PM Sassy: Hee hee
·       10:40 PM SmoothGuy: Well done.
·       10:41 PM Sassy: So sorry I make you think of sexy things.  ; )
·       10:41 PM Sassy: Maybe feel a little more alive than usual?
·       10:42 PM SmoothGuy: Felt very alive!
·       10:42 PM SmoothGuy: And hard now, again!
·       10:43 PM SmoothGuy: Hope can feel your lips around me one day
·       10:45 PM Sassy: me too… I adore making a man explode. That way.
·       10:47 PM SmoothGuy: Well, you certainly have me thinking about it quite often.
·       10:48 PM SmoothGuy: I just love making a woman shake and spasm with my mouth
·       10:48 PM SmoothGuy: Nothing better. Can almost taste it just typing.
·       10:49 PM Sassy: It’s so great when a man is into exploring “down there.”
·       10:49 PM SmoothGuy: A great pleasure in my book.
·       10:50 PM Sassy: Makes me lose my vocabulary!
·       10:50 PM SmoothGuy:  : )
·       10:51 PM SmoothGuy: To be very open, and a bit out there…..
·       10:52 PM SmoothGuy: I’d love to alternate and do a taste test with the vagina and the penis….  : )
·       10:52 PM Sassy: Heh. Lots of porn like that!
·       10:53 PM SmoothGuy: I’m sure there is. But, the real thing is such a turn on to think about
·       10:53 PM Sassy: Do you think about ass play?
·       10:53 PM SmoothGuy: ….and would be amazing to do.
·       10:54 PM SmoothGuy: Ass play in what sense?
·       10:54 PM Sassy: Someone putting things inside you
·       10:54 PM Sassy: tongue, finger, toys?
·       10:54 PM Sassy: going in and out, filling you?
·       10:55 PM Sassy: finding your p-spot?
·       10:55 PM SmoothGuy: Yes, that I do think about
·       10:55 PM Sassy: Cool
·       10:56 PM SmoothGuy: As long as it’s gentle
·       10:56 PM Sassy: sure
·       10:56 PM SmoothGuy: How about you?
·       10:56 PM Sassy: I did it once with someone who was not gentle…
·       10:56 PM Sassy: need to find someone who is better at it!
·       10:57 PM SmoothGuy: Ouch
·       10:57 PM Sassy: I have a box of toys I haven’t used… could see if any of them are enhancing…
·       10:57 PM SmoothGuy: Well, I’m willing to be led and taught in that regard
·       10:58 PM Sassy: We could explore together
·       10:58 PM SmoothGuy: That would be very nice to do together
·       10:59 PM SmoothGuy: Key is not being shy and communicating what feels good
·       10:59 PM Sassy: yes
·       11:01 PM SmoothGuy: Have you used your tongue with the ass play? Or received it ….
·       11:01 PM Sassy: Yes
·       11:01 PM SmoothGuy: Do tell …if that’s okay
·       11:03 PM Sassy: Tell what?
·       11:03 PM Sassy: I’m licking and sucking and keep going lower.  : )
·       11:04 PM Sassy: Usually put a finger up in there and wiggle, while sucking…
·       11:04 PM Sassy: Makes men says fun things like “I have never come so hard in my life.”  ; )
·       11:04 PM SmoothGuy: Must drive the guy crazy
·       11:05 PM Sassy: In a good way.
·       11:05 PM SmoothGuy: And have you received as well?
·       11:05 PM Sassy: Yes… fingers in both holes at once.
·       11:05 PM Sassy: licking on down…
·       11:06 PM Sassy: I get a little nervous about stuff from the ass getting higher up… causes big trouble… but most guys are careful…
·       11:06 PM Sassy: Geesh… I sound like such a trollop tonight!
·       11:07 PM SmoothGuy: Well, you may have to give me some tips, as I’m an ass virgin
·       11:07 PM SmoothGuy:  : )
·       11:08 PM Sassy: yum
·       11:08 PM Sassy: I’m not sure why it’s considered so naughty
·       11:09 PM Sassy: just another spot to pleasure
·       11:09 PM SmoothGuy: Do have to sign off soon  : (
·       11:09 PM Sassy: I do appreciate your popping in
·       11:09 PM Sassy: You make me smile
·       11:10 PM SmoothGuy: You make me smile!
·       11:10 PM SmoothGuy: I think the ass is taboo, which makes it naughty
·       11:11 PM Sassy: eh… just another spot to try
·       11:11 PM Sassy: I hope you have sexy dreams!
·       11:11 PM SmoothGuy: You too … Night
·       11:11 PM Sassy: Mwah!

Fantasy Fun

From: Sassy 
To: SmoothGuy
Sent: Sunday, February 10, 2013 2:27 pm
Subject: Snowy Day
Hiya!  Hope you weathered the storm in style and don’t have too much shoveling to do.  
Thinking of what we could do if you were marooned here… mmmm… glad you liked that positions web site! 
From: SmoothGuy
To: Sassy
Sent: Sunday, February 10, 2013 3:15 pm 
Subject: Re: Snowy Sunday
We made it through with all the power on, so all was good. Thanks for asking.  Sounds like you’re okay. 
Yes, I’ve been studying the positions. Would like to try most of the oral and doggy ones!
Have a nice day!
·       10:29 PM SmoothGuy: Ping
·        10:30 PM SmoothGuy: Ping
·        10:30 PM Sassy: Hiya!
·        10:30 PM SmoothGuy: Hi!
·        10:31 PM SmoothGuy: Been behaving today?
·        10:31 PM Sassy: Mostly
·        10:31 PM Sassy: You?
·        10:31 PM SmoothGuy: Too much looking at sex sites!
·        10:32 PM SmoothGuy: Am very horny. 
·        10:32 PM Sassy: Oh! How lovely. 
·        10:33 PM Sassy: any links to share?
·        10:33 PM SmoothGuy: So, wanted to ask – what’s your most favorite fantasy that you want to come true?
·        10:33 PM SmoothGuy: No limits
·        10:34 PM Sassy: Hmmm… been so long… I am stuck on simple things right now
·        10:34 PM Sassy: Still want to feel cum on my chest
·        10:34 PM Sassy: You?
·        10:35 PM SmoothGuy: To cum on your chest 
·        10:35 PM SmoothGuy: Actually…..
·        10:36 PM SmoothGuy: To stand next to a bed or chair with you sitting there …
·        10:36 PM SmoothGuy: You undo my belt…
·        10:36 PM SmoothGuy: Pull down my pants…
·        10:36 PM Sassy: I know how to do that.
·        10:36 PM SmoothGuy: Slide down my boxers.
·        10:37 PM SmoothGuy: Take me full and work your magic until I moan and explode
·        10:37 PM Sassy: when was the last time someone did that?
·        10:38 PM SmoothGuy: Decades 
·        10:39 PM Sassy: Hunh. I like doing that.
·        10:39 PM Sassy: adore tasting you…
·        10:39 PM Sassy: teasing you
·        10:39 PM Sassy: edging you over and over
·        10:39 PM Sassy: your hands in my hair
·        10:40 PM SmoothGuy: But what are we going to do on our second date? 
·        10:41 PM Sassy: Tackle your 2nd fantasy
·        10:41 PM Sassy: But I might have to work on the first one again… practice makes perfect
·        10:41 PM Sassy: You know I’m going to swallow, right?
·        10:41 PM Sassy: my throat closing around you…
·        10:42 PM Sassy: Geesh… every time I get frightened a guy is going to mention something kinky I can’t do, he says BJ and I am so relieved!
·        10:42 PM Sassy: I consider that a part of normal, every day play…
·        10:43 PM SmoothGuy: Well we are pretty predictable!!!
·        10:43 PM SmoothGuy: Want to play with you every day, then 
·        10:44 PM Sassy: I am astonished at all the women who won’t do it…
·        10:44 PM Sassy: makes me look so yummy so easily!
·        10:44 PM SmoothGuy: Let’s get back to you. You must have other fantasies
·        10:45 PM Sassy: shower stuff
·        10:46 PM SmoothGuy: Go on with the shower stuff…
·        10:46 PM Sassy: wet skin on skin
·        10:47 PM Sassy: lathering
·        10:47 PM Sassy: rinsing
·        10:47 PM SmoothGuy: Soaping up… From behind?
·        10:48 PM Sassy: pressed against the shower wall
·        10:48 PM SmoothGuy: Slipping my hand in and out?
·        10:48 PM Sassy: being teased with a hard cock
·        10:48 PM SmoothGuy: From behind or in front?
·        10:48 PM Sassy: it starts in the front
·        10:49 PM Sassy: watching you play
·        10:49 PM Sassy: watching me play
·        10:49 PM SmoothGuy: Then….
·        10:49 PM SmoothGuy: Go on …
·        10:49 PM Sassy: mmmf
·        10:50 PM Sassy: being pulled onto a cock
·        10:50 PM Sassy: from behind
·        10:50 PM Sassy: and pounded
·        10:50 PM Sassy: deep
·        10:50 PM Sassy: water pounding… man pounding
·        10:50 PM SmoothGuy: Are you bent over
·        10:51 PM Sassy: yes
·        10:51 PM Sassy: ass in his hands
·        10:51 PM Sassy: gripping, pulling
·        10:51 PM SmoothGuy: Love to massage your ass while thrusting
·        10:52 PM Sassy: maybe press a hand around, under… find that clit
·        10:52 PM SmoothGuy: Breathing hard, btw
·        10:52 PM Sassy: now?
·        10:52 PM SmoothGuy: Oh yeah, now
·        10:53 PM SmoothGuy: Guess yours is my fantasy too!
·        10:53 PM Sassy: touching?
·        10:53 PM SmoothGuy: But what about our third date now? 
·        10:53 PM Sassy: How convenient!
·        10:54 PM SmoothGuy: Good chemistry!
·        10:54 PM Sassy: you marking my chest
·        10:54 PM Sassy: with your teeth
·        10:54 PM SmoothGuy: Very nice. I made guttural sounds just now!
·        10:55 PM Sassy: my hands on your hair… talking very dirty to you
·        10:55 PM SmoothGuy: Still love your breast picture, btw.
·        10:56 PM SmoothGuy: While I’m being brazen tonight, any other pics to share?
·        10:56 PM SmoothGuy: For sexual purposes only 
·        11:00 PM Sassy: sent [sent belly button and neon pink panties]
·        11:03 PM SmoothGuy: Thanks. Like pink. Very nice and my imagination is running wild 
·        11:03 PM Sassy: Which direction?
·        11:03 PM SmoothGuy: You know… Slowly taking them off…
·        11:03 PM SmoothGuy: With my mouth…
·        11:03 PM Sassy: ooh!
·        11:04 PM SmoothGuy: After kissing through them for several minutes…
·        11:04 PM SmoothGuy: And enjoying the wonderful smells and tastes…
·        11:05 PM Sassy: mmmmm
·        11:05 PM SmoothGuy: Then getting to the warm essence
·        11:05 PM Sassy: is this something you don’t usually get to do either?
·        11:05 PM SmoothGuy: But enough about our first date  
·        11:05 PM Sassy: Hee!
·        11:06 PM Sassy: You are so good.
·        11:06 PM SmoothGuy: Not in my memory
·        11:07 PM SmoothGuy: You’re pretty amazing
·        11:07 PM SmoothGuy: So, typical guy question …
·        11:07 PM Sassy: Another thing I think of as an every time thing!
·        11:07 PM Sassy: Yes?
·        11:08 PM SmoothGuy: Any fantasies with threesomes? And be honest, as I will
·        11:09 PM Sassy: Some… MFM
·        11:09 PM Sassy: Or MMFM
·        11:10 PM Sassy: I did FMMF one time
·        11:10 PM Sassy: You?
·        11:13 PM SmoothGuy: Have had a fantasy about MFM for some time. But never have made any effort there.
·        11:13 PM SmoothGuy: But it turns me on
·        11:14 PM Sassy: both working on F or all on each other?
·        11:14 PM SmoothGuy: Not as much as FMF but it’s there
·        11:15 PM Sassy: you like to watch or do?
·        11:15 PM SmoothGuy: All on each other. Mostly scared about disease or may have already tried
·        11:15 PM SmoothGuy: With the mm part
·        11:16 PM Sassy: why do men seem more scary?
·        11:16 PM SmoothGuy: Do and watch
·        11:16 PM Sassy: I want to hear you talk about this… watch your face
·        11:16 PM Sassy: hear the details of what you imagine
·        11:17 PM SmoothGuy: Mostly scary because i think stds would be more prevalent
·        11:17 PM Sassy: hunh
·        11:18 PM SmoothGuy: Very interested in playing with the other guy and you back and forth
·        11:18 PM Sassy: cool
·        11:18 PM Sassy: nice when a guy is not hung up on “ewww man cooties!’
·        11:18 PM SmoothGuy: Cool
·        11:18 PM SmoothGuy: Nope. Sex is good.
·        11:19 PM Sassy: Do you think about watching your wife with other men?
·        11:19 PM Sassy: Many of the bi-curious men I know, do
·        11:19 PM SmoothGuy: Always wondered about the sensation of sucking a cock
·        11:19 PM SmoothGuy: Sure, used to
·        11:19 PM Sassy: I would think a guy might now how to please another man…
·        11:20 PM Sassy: I assume she would not join in this party.
·        11:20 PM SmoothGuy: But now the other way
·        11:20 PM SmoothGuy: No not at all
·        11:21 PM SmoothGuy: Would need a man friend or couple friend of yours
·        11:21 PM Sassy: tricky
·        11:21 PM SmoothGuy: I would imagine. But a powerful fantasy.
·        11:22 PM Sassy: Sure…
·        11:30 PM SmoothGuy: So, ever any female fantasies for you?
·        11:30 PM Sassy: I had a girl crush
·        11:30 PM Sassy: tried…but just… I dunno… I’m so het
·        11:30 PM Sassy: but that was a long time ago.
·        11:31 PM SmoothGuy: Ah, but do you have an interest now?
·        11:31 PM Sassy: but I try not to exclude by gender
·        11:31 PM Sassy: if the right person turns me on, I hope I could follow through now
·        11:31 PM SmoothGuy: Is that a yes?
·        11:32 PM Sassy: Sure
·        11:33 PM SmoothGuy: So, maybe down the road, say we become a couple, then possibly swing with another couple. Not that I’m not way ahead of myself or anything
·        11:33 PM Sassy: mostly a “if it feels good, do it” person
·        11:33 PM Sassy: Heh… you do get way ahead. it’s rather cute.
·        11:34 PM Sassy: swinging often mean just switching..
·        11:34 PM Sassy: foursome would be better
·        11:34 PM SmoothGuy: Or just with another guy added to be as direct and true fantasy like as possible
·        11:34 PM Sassy: in my mind
·        11:35 PM Sassy: or another woman… both of us working on you?
·        11:35 PM Sassy: ah the possibilities…
·        11:35 PM Sassy: It unusual for you to express this?
·        11:35 PM SmoothGuy: But first, us…. Plenty of fantasies there
·        11:36 PM SmoothGuy: Yes, unusual, but you seem to be so open sexually and not hung up at all
·        11:36 PM Sassy: Yup
·        11:37 PM Sassy: I adore listening… poking around in your head… knowing what turns you on…
·        11:37 PM SmoothGuy: Two woman? Every guys dream
·        11:37 PM Sassy: Heh
·        11:37 PM SmoothGuy: But, totally honest, a mfm would be my ultimate fantasy
·        11:38 PM SmoothGuy: With me taking turns on pleasuring you both orally
·        11:39 PM Sassy: very hot
·        11:39 PM SmoothGuy: Hope not too strange for you
·        11:39 PM Sassy: not at all
·        11:39 PM Sassy: I read a whole blog where the guy talked about it a lot
·        11:39 PM SmoothGuy: Nice to hear….second date kind of stuff 
·        11:40 PMSmoothGuy: We only live once
·        11:40 PM Sassy: yup
·        11:40 PM Sassy: Glad you are branching out
·        11:41 PM SmoothGuy: Glad you are open to listening
·        11:41 PM Sassy: No harm in it…
·        11:41 PM SmoothGuy: And maybe helping make it come true
·        11:42 PM SmoothGuy: Time to hit the bed. Plus my battery is about out. Night.