Meeting SmoothGuy

February 23, 2013 Saturday 
We started emailing in late November.  He favorited me on AM – I liked his profile, so I winked him and he wrote to me.  A couple of emails and we switched to an occasional Yahoo chat.  He was sweet, polite and amazed at the sexy topics I would talk about.  His AM profile says he is 47, 5’10”, 205 pounds but I guess much of that is fiction.   He was very secretive, careful to never give me any details that would identify him.
I was bad – complained about AM men I was meeting.  He promised not to treat me that way.  I did not believe him but it was very sweet to say so.  
Right after Christmas he told me he had a nice holiday and was going to opt out of the affair business.  I wished him well.  I offered to be his pal, just talk, let off steam.  No answer. 
A week later he was back, chatting, flirting… so we carried on through January and into February with brief late night chats.  I finally saw a photo of him at the end of January – a sweet smile, a little pudgy, a business suit in an office.  He asked about where we could meet, how it would work, saying he could not afford a hotel very often, where could we park, who would bring what… obviously nervous and trying to see things from every angle.  I answered his questions and tried to make him more comfortable. 
He finally, after three months, started pressing to meet.  He chose Feb. 16 but backed out.  I was pretty sure we’d never meet.  He seemed… too good to cheat, too nervous, not desperate enough.  I asked what he wanted to do and he focused on oral.. said he could not recall the last time he’d gotten to taste a woman or have her suck him… decades, he said.  I’ve heard that so many times… makes me wonder about women that they can’t do the one thing that would make their husband feel good.  
He rescheduled for Saturday, Feb. 23, saying he’d tell his wife and daughter he was going to a morning movie in Burlington, so he’d have a couple hours.  Of course, they decided to go with him.  But then last minute, they changed their minds and he asked if I could get there on short notice, by 9:30 am.  I couldn’t make that, but we agreed on 10:00 am.  I scrambled to shower and dress and send Hubby to clean up the car so I could sit in the back if I wanted.

On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 8:46 AM SmoothGuy wrote:
Good morning!  Looks good to go this morning! My daughter decided to sleep in.
Meet at the Panera around 9:30 still?  Please confirm – looking forward to meeting!
On Saturday, February 23, 2013 8:53 AM Sassy wrote:
Hiya!  Yay!  I’m running a little late getting started.  I’ll get there as fast as I can, but it’ll probably be 10 am.  Okay?
On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 8:58 AM SmoothGuy wrote:
Okay! I’ll be there at  10:00. Do you want to meet outside or should I get a table?
On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 9:00 AM Sassy wrote:
Outside is fine unless the rain starts.  Then go inside?
On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 9:16 AM SmoothGuy wrote:
Okay meet outside
On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 9:16 AM Sassy wrote:
Leaving now.  Hug you soon.  😉
On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 10:05 AM SmoothGuy wrote: 
I’m here. In middle of parking lot


I made it by 10:05 am!  He was standing outside, pacing.  We had a quick hug, then went in to Panera.  He reminds me of John Goodman in the old days, with a nice smile, average face and a big belly, like a cuddly teddy bear.  
John Goodman
He bought me an iced green tea.  Bravo!  We found a quiet booth at the back and talked.  He was dressed in a Patriots football sweatshirt, jeans and fancy sneakers, with longish straight light brown hair with streaks of gray.  I touched his hand, listened to him… he asked me about my AM experiences and talked a little about his.  He asked if I’d like to go somewhere to talk more privately in my car.  I followed him down back roads to the parking lot of the Hilton.  I thought he was pulling another fast one, but no… he had found a quiet spot in their back parking lot.  
We climbed into the back seat of my mini-van.  I had put the middle seats down, so we had lots of room.  He kissed me.  It was okay.  He unbuttoned my top and played with my chest, first over my bra and then he took my left breast out to suck on it.  He got on his knees, took off my pants and panties and licked me, fingering me as well.  He was pretty good at that… made appreciative noises.  He made me cum!  I told him so and he beamed, said he liked the way I taste.  His knees got sore, so I encouraged him to come back up to sit beside me and we kissed some more.  He was impressed I would kiss him after he’d gone down on me. 
I asked him what he wanted to do next.  He looked at me and smiled.  I asked if I could taste him and his eyes rolled and he said softly, “I’d like that.  It’s been so long,” with a deep sigh.  I sat at his feet and he helped me get his jeans and dark blue briefs down.  There was a wet spot in the front.  
He had a small cock, uncut, like nothing I had ever seen.  The skin came up and over to a little curl, and there was no getting the skin down to get to the crown.  I twisted and pumped, and he got a little bigger, then I sucked him in and licked him up and down… the skin still closed over the top – completely smooth!  A woman in chat told me there is a clinical name for this condition – phimosis.   It’s considered a birth defect that is fixed right away on babies today.  I was surprised that he didn’t warn me, or say anything at the time.  I thought I handled it well, going about pleasuring him without comment.  I wondered at his sensitivity… never being able to feel the head through the extra skin? 
photo from the internet (not him but very similar) 
I could taste pre-cum… very mildly salty.  I did my magic with my mouth and hands.  His head fell back and he moaned sweetly, breathing heavily.  He said, “If you do that, I am not going to last long at all.”  I nodded and deep-throated him and he moaned.  A very small bit of cum came out and I swallowed it easily.  I only realized he was done when he began to get soft.  I stayed down, talking with him while rubbing his legs and tummy.  
I asked him if he could give me a name to call him… didn’t have to real.  He joked that I could call him late for lunch.  So I never got a name.  Bad sign #1.  He seemed very tired, like some men get after finishing.  He said it usually takes him an hour to recover!  I told him I knew some tricks to speed that up. He told me he needed to get going.  That was bad sign #2 (leaving early) and a big hint that maybe it had not been so great for him, but he said it had been wonderful to cum in my mouth.  He had not reached that level with anyone else from AM.  Bad sign #3.  I tried not to think about it. 
We put our clothes back together and he helped me out of the back seat, gave me a quick hug, jumped in his car and was gone.  

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  1. Red Shoes says:

    Oh man…


  2. Kenny says:

    I finally understand your blog…

    Up to this point I thought it was just texting with friends, and occasional flirt…

    I hate it when the reality does not live up to my expectations/dreams.

    • Yay! Four pointers to “the best part”:
      1) Hit “The Start” above and read my first posts about being found by Philip after 35 years, and how we figured out if the old flames still burned… up through about Dec. 2010. The best days of my life! And I’ve been told… an excellent story.
      2) My wacky AM adventures are good for a tingle, too. Hit the “Meet” label on the right for those!
      3) Click “Erotica” above for my steaming hot fiction
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