Too many decisions

November 1, 2014 Saturday
Good morning!  Off to help with packing and sorting at Mom’s!  Have a great Saturday!!
8:50am Philip
Good morning, you too!
6:45pm Hope you had a great day.  It was beastly here – awful weather then dealing with Mom’s stuff… like being pecked to death by fleas!  So many decisions!  
“What is that?”
“What should we with it – trash? recycle? rummage sale?  Keep?”
“Who is keeping it?”
 Argh!  So ready for this part to be over!

6:48pm Philip
It sucks I know!
At least I didn’t end up bringing anything big home… just a tiny box of old photos.

Kris misses me

October 31, 2014 Friday
Kris: HI!  I want to get tested again for STDs…but can’t remember dates of when u and I did what…for accuracy of results around incubation periods. Could u call me when u get a chance? I’m counting on your penchant for recording “experiences”. 😉  Kris 11:02 AM

[Notice… it’s okay for him not to respond for days when I text but when he needs something I’m supposed to call right away?  During a work day?  Sorry… not doing that.  Ugh… I’m losing my cool.  *sigh]
Me: Hiya Kris. Happy Halloween! Your email with test results was dated April 10. 12:26 PM
Kris: Just want to talk about more recent stuff we did…dates, etc… even tho it may be low risk…u know me…little “paranoid” sometimes…going to be tested again shortly.  easier to talk about than text about…can I call u later tonite sometime? 1:16 PM
Kris: Was the last time I saw u…our “goodbye breakfast” on Sept 29? 1:42 PM
Me: Sorry…crazy day. Breakfast was Oct. 20. Leaving work now, going to the user car dealer to try to sell Mom’s car… will text when I get home and we can talk if you like. Mwah! 3:46 PM
Kris: k…is it safe to kiss thru texting? 😉 4:09 PM
Me: Home all evening. Call whenever. 6:12 PM
Kris: working (ugh!).  how late can I call…11:00 too late? 6:27 PM
Me: Who is this? The guy I know only works like this at the last minute on Saturdays! 6:52 PM
Kris: miracles happen…plus got a “hot date” tomorrow nite…thought I’d try to get it outta the way…not supposed to be talking to my former lover…just can’t seem to keep my own rules…which u certainly don’t give a flyin f about.  LOL 7:09 PM
Kris: and I didn’t mean that in any negative way…just that u and I have “different rules”.  after endless hours of talking about that you understand.  right? OMG.  I don’t know why I’m explaining. you KNOW me. 🙂 7:24 PM
Kris: btw…I miss u…but still have to do what I have to do. and all kidding aside, know u understand. which makes me miss u more.  life just sucks sometimes.  oh well… 7:50 PM

Bite you

October 31, 2014 Friday
Happy Friday!

8:41am Philip

You too!

Sold the car!  Done! Small dealer on the corner took it.

5:24pm Philip

Awesome!  Good job!

6:21pm Philip

[photo of Philip smiling with some strange Halloween costume hat on]
6:22pm Philip
I’m going to bite you some place good

Yikes! Happy Halloween!  
What is that thing?  
You getting trick or treaters?

6:53pm Philip

A spooky spider!  
Hundreds of kids!


Any good costumes?

7:01pm Philip

Lot of Elsa but yeah.  This is like the old days


What are you handing out?

We don’t get anyone here.  
But a neighbor’s dog is dressed like a racehorse with a jockey riding!

7:08pm Philip

Always chocolate – almond joy, snickers, butter finger, zagnut, mounds, kitkat, million dollar
Let the kid choose. 


Did your wife dress up?

7:10pm Philip

She’s a witch


ha ha.
But what is she dressed up as?

7:13pm Philip


No sale

October 30, 2014 Thursday

Good morning!  One week until Mom moves!  Whee! 

Have a great Thursday!

7:22pm Philip

How did the car go? You ready for the move?


Guy offered $3k.  Argh.  That’s not enough.  

Stopped at the Chrysler dealer – they said it’s too old – try a small used car place. I just emailed them.  I just want it gone!

We’ve barely started prepping for the move.  I can’t see how we can do it in a week.  But we’ll work all weekend and hope to get lots done!

Brain whir

October 29, 2014 Wednesday
Good morning kid!  Can’t sleep. Brain whirrrrr…Mom, work…eep.  
Hope you rock this Wednesday!

6:47am Philip

Ha!  Have a great one!

Got a guy coming to look at Mom’s car!  Pray!

Dinner out

October 28, 2014 Tuesday

5:39am Philip
Good morning. Another day, hope it’s s good one


Good morning kid! Heading back to work. Yippee.   My brain is buzzing with all I have to do for Mom.  At least we got it put off a week.  Have a terrific Tuesday!

7:53am Philip

I’ll bet! It will get there.  : )

Worked at Mom’s tonight… sorting, tossing, packing.  Dinner out at Jimmy’s Steer House

 Arancini rice balls with marinara sauce 
Baked stuffed scrod with spinach rice pilaf

Can’t change it

October 27, 2014 Monday
7:29am Philip
[photo of Philip smiling]

Morning! Have a great day!


Good morning handsome!

I’m off work today!  Wish you were here to start the morning off right!  
Have a marvelous Monday!

7:35am Philip



Can’t help thinking of you… a bit unkind but may be very true!

7:08pm Philip
You may be very right.  Not a psycho but lots of issues for sure. Amazing how you can fall so hard for someone who you know is so wrong. I can’t be with anyone doing drugs or an alcoholic. Grew up around family that both destroyed. Still got a cousin who is a horrible drunk, another pissed his life away over drugs, booze and gambling. Gonna buy me a bit of freedom with the bike. Love to ride. My heart is still so heavy over that girl. Coming to grips with the fact I can’t change it.

7:10pm Philip

Sit out and listen to tunes, sip scotch, enjoy a cigar alone. I’m ok with that

Just When I Needed You Most

Randy Vanwarmer – Just When I Needed You Most 
You packed in the morning, I stared out the window
And I struggled for something to say
You left in the rain without closing the door
I didn’t stand in your way.
Now I miss you more than I missed you before
And now where I’ll find comfort, God knows
‘Cause you left me just when I needed you most
Left me just when I needed you most.
Now most every morning, I stare out the window
And I think about where you might be
I’ve written you letters that I’d like to send
If you would just send one to me.
‘Cause I need you more than I needed before
And now where I’ll find comfort, God knows
‘Cause you left me just when I needed you most
Left me just when I needed you most.
You packed in the morning, I stared out the window
And I struggled for something to say
You left in the rain without closing the door
I didn’t stand in your way.
Now I love you more than I loved you before
And now where I’ll find comfort, God knows
‘Cause you left me just when I needed you most
Oh yeah, you left me just when I needed you most
You left me just when I needed you most

Makes me shiver

October 26, 2014 Sunday
5:24pm Philip
Good morning! How’s your weekend girl? I hope good!

5:32pm Philip

Another busy week coming up. Got some rest though which is good. Found my Harley.

[He posted a photo of the motorcycle.]


Hiya kid!  You watching the baseball?  That motorcycle looks perfect for you!

 Been a good anniversary weekend – drove up to Maine for dinner last night.  Did you see my lobster triple play photo?  Divine!  Tonight was Asian food… my sort of celebrating!  I had the perfect hot & sour soup, seafood scallion pancake and the Mongolian Lamb!  Oh… and shared this dessert. 

Fried banana and coconut ice cream @ All Seasons Table, Malden

8:40pm Philip

Looked amazing! Happy Anniversary! 
Bike is my team color – it’s gorgeous.


It’s funny… I do not like that color, but I saw it and went, “Oh yeah…” because I know it will make you smile every time.

8:43pm Philip


I am in a very frisky mood.  Watch out!

8:55pm Philip

Ha, you are always frisky

Ha ha.


Probably why you love me.

9:12pm Philip
One of many reasons

Awwww… you charmer.  Come over here and let me suck on you!

9:14pm Philip

Ha ha! Makes me shiver


Is that good?

9:17pm Philip
Oh yeah
I’m thinking you’d like to be licked..

9:24pm Philip

I’m always up for that


Maybe in front of a mirror…

9:27pm Philip

That’s fun, always cool to watch


Might use a toy…

9:33pm Philip

Even better


I want you to feel so good

9:35pm Philip

I like toys


Maybe you can show me more of what to do with them!

Damn newbie

October 25, 2014 Saturday
Good morning!   Cold 47 now but headed to the mid 60s!  
Here’s to a superb Saturday!

Finally heard from Tuesday guy.  He got caught by his wife. Damn newbies.

Breakfast! At home! 

 Blueberry pancakes and bacon! 

Stephen Hawking has joined Facebook!  Maybe that will make it a bit smarter and more interesting!

Mom wanted KFC for lunch so I took her there.

3:35pm Philip

Aw man!  Sorry Sass. 

Guess what I’m having for my anniversary dinner?

 Warren’s Lobster House, Kittery, Maine
 The Lobster “triple play” at Warren’s Lobster House 
in Kittery Maine – boiled claws, stuffed tail and popcorn lobster!
 Their famous pumpkin bread!  Soooo tasty! I brought a loaf home. 
The 60-item soup and salad bar!  I adore a salad bar with more than lettuce.