Kris misses me

October 31, 2014 Friday
Kris: HI!  I want to get tested again for STDs…but can’t remember dates of when u and I did what…for accuracy of results around incubation periods. Could u call me when u get a chance? I’m counting on your penchant for recording “experiences”. 😉  Kris 11:02 AM

[Notice… it’s okay for him not to respond for days when I text but when he needs something I’m supposed to call right away?  During a work day?  Sorry… not doing that.  Ugh… I’m losing my cool.  *sigh]
Me: Hiya Kris. Happy Halloween! Your email with test results was dated April 10. 12:26 PM
Kris: Just want to talk about more recent stuff we did…dates, etc… even tho it may be low risk…u know me…little “paranoid” sometimes…going to be tested again shortly.  easier to talk about than text about…can I call u later tonite sometime? 1:16 PM
Kris: Was the last time I saw u…our “goodbye breakfast” on Sept 29? 1:42 PM
Me: Sorry…crazy day. Breakfast was Oct. 20. Leaving work now, going to the user car dealer to try to sell Mom’s car… will text when I get home and we can talk if you like. Mwah! 3:46 PM
Kris: k…is it safe to kiss thru texting? 😉 4:09 PM
Me: Home all evening. Call whenever. 6:12 PM
Kris: working (ugh!).  how late can I call…11:00 too late? 6:27 PM
Me: Who is this? The guy I know only works like this at the last minute on Saturdays! 6:52 PM
Kris: miracles happen…plus got a “hot date” tomorrow nite…thought I’d try to get it outta the way…not supposed to be talking to my former lover…just can’t seem to keep my own rules…which u certainly don’t give a flyin f about.  LOL 7:09 PM
Kris: and I didn’t mean that in any negative way…just that u and I have “different rules”.  after endless hours of talking about that you understand.  right? OMG.  I don’t know why I’m explaining. you KNOW me. 🙂 7:24 PM
Kris: btw…I miss u…but still have to do what I have to do. and all kidding aside, know u understand. which makes me miss u more.  life just sucks sometimes.  oh well… 7:50 PM

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